iPhone 7 Activation Failure Requires Update

Entering DFU Mode on iPhone 7

  • Insert the cable into the gadget.
  • Hold Home and Power until you see a black screen.
  • Release the Power key and hold Home for 15 seconds.

The transition to DFU will not appear on the phone in any way, but in iTunes it is identified by the following message.

iphone, activation, failure, requires, update

Full recovery with pre-downloaded firmware via iTunes

In some cases, it is required to load a previously downloaded firmware file into the phone’s memory. For example, this is needed for downgrade on old devices, installing the old version of the operating system instead of the automatically installed one. Or to explore the capabilities of a beta version of an officially unreleased OS version.

Attention! Downloading firmware from third-party resources requires caution. Under the guise of software, faulty or viral builds may be offered, entailing serious problems for the user. Use trusted resources, trustworthy and existing on the Internet for at least 5 years.

To download the previously downloaded firmware to your phone, go to iTunes and select Restore with the Shift key pressed for computers on a Windows platform or Option on Macs. In the window that appears, find the downloaded firmware file and confirm the selection with the left mouse button and the Open button. When you press the Restore button, highlighted in blue, the process of installing the firmware into the phone will start.

Iphone 7 Recovery

If you have problems with the iPhone firmware, you should update the system or perform a factory reset. Actions are described below in order of decreasing severity of consequences of their use. An untrained user should use the standard methods of flashing, restoring or updating.

How to fix the unable to activate error on the iPhone 7!

Actions on the software, intended for experienced users, are carried out solely at your responsibility, but in some cases they allow you to avoid expensive repairs in an official service.

Updating iPhone via iTunes

Updating an iPhone over the air over Wi-Fi takes a significant amount of time. Some problems with the system upgrading its version are not solved. In this case, you need to completely overwrite the system image in the device memory. This will require the use of a computer and a USB cable.

At the first stage, if possible, fully charge the smartphone battery and turn it off. For a guaranteed recovery process, the minimum connection to the charger is at least 5 minutes. You cannot disconnect the USB cable or the phone itself while working in DFU mode.

Backing up your device

Pay attention to the section Backups. It is individual for each device running iOs and tied to iCloud. If a software problem happened recently, restore iPhone from the latest available copy. If you decide to do a data reset, first create a backup in the cloud storage.

Attention! Any actions with modifying the software on a phone with a Jailbreak installed, which is essentially jailbroken, can lead to an “eternal Apple”. a state when the device goes to reboot in a loop. You can check for a jailbreak by the presence of such an icon on the Desktop.

Full iPhone Recovery via iTunes

The method is suitable if you need to fix a failure that cannot be fixed by an update. In the action menu above the iPhone in the iTunes menu, select Restore iPhone.

The program will select the latest firmware and completely replace the phone software with it. Contacts, photos and videos are synchronized with the cloud storage after logging in with the user’s Apple ID.

This recovery method is suitable if the user transfers the phone to another person for permanent use. In this case, it will be useful to disconnect the gadget from the global search system. This is done in the settings, item Find iPhone.

When a new user activates the gadget with their Apple ID, their personal data is synchronized and the phone is completely under their control. The phone search function will be controlled by it.

Complete replacement of software version on iPhone 7 via DFU mode

Attention! DFU is a mode for advanced users. The above shows that its use is not required for typical phone software operations. The use of DFU is recommended if updating / restoring in normal mode did not help with a USB cable connection to a computer or laptop running iTunes.

Preparing to update via iTunes

  • We connect the USB cable to the phone and PC / laptop, press the power button on the smartphone to turn on.
  • On a computer running Windows or iOs, launch iTunes. We are waiting for the installation of the necessary drivers so that the phone becomes visible in the program.
  • If iTunes saw the phone, it will be displayed in the list with the current software version and serial number.

All possible ways to activate iPhone

Information for beginners and curious.

First of all, the iPhone is a mobile phone with which you can make and receive calls over the cellular network (GSM), as well as send SMS and USSD requests. And only then, this is a smartphone with all the functions that follow from its definition.

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In order for your iPhone to register with the operator’s cellular network, it must be activated.

How to Activate iPhone with iTunes

Click on “Connect to iTunes”.

Wait while the program recognizes your device and contacts Apple’s activation server. Upon activation, you will see a message: “Congratulations, iPhone is unlocked.”.

As you may have noticed, in all the described methods, in the iPhone, first of all, you need to insert a SIM card. Question: is it possible to activate it without a SIM card?

Activating iPhone over Wi-Fi

Connect iPhone to Wi-Fi with Internet access (required).

It may also happen that the mobile Internet is not connected and there is no wireless Wi-Fi network at hand. In this case, the iPhone can be activated using iTunes (your computer must be connected to the Internet).

How to activate iPhone without a SIM card

As you can see, in order to activate an “unlocked” iPhone, you only need to connect it to the Internet, the rest of the device will be done by itself. In most cases, there are no problems with this, but if you have an exceptional case, write in the comments, we will try to help you.

When to activate iPhone

You need to reactivate your iPhone / iPad every time after:

For reference: After resetting all settings, you do not need to reactivate iPhone.

In order to activate the iPhone, it must be connected to the Internet to communicate with the Apple activation server.

How to activate iPhone

  • Use cellular
  • Wi-Fi
  • Via iTunes

What is iPhone Activation

Hardware problems

The worst reason is that the modem is faulty, which is responsible for the activation. Only contacting the service center will help here, since it is not impossible to solve this problem on your own, but simply dangerous. After such a repair, you can finally break the device.

Internet connection problems

Lack of Internet connection may cause iPhone activation to fail.

Note! In addition to traditional networks, some wireless Wi-Fi are capable of blocking attempts by the gadget to activate.

  • some gadgets from Apple can only work with a SIM card of a certain cellular operator. Such devices are usually called contract or gilded. You can find out if this is so on specialized sites (for example, at IMEI.info);
  • some devices may display an “Activation Failed” message due to the fact that they could simply freeze;
  • a possible reason can also be the performed procedure of updating the firmware version to the latest version or restoring;
  • there are iPhones on which the beta version of the firmware is installed. Such a gadget cannot be activated because it is not registered with Apple.

What does it mean if iPhone activation lock is set

IPhone Activation Lock is a method to protect your device if it is lost or stolen. Such a device cannot be used, since the iPhone is not activated, which means that it is impossible to work with it until a special password is entered.

This mode is enabled if the iPhone owner has enabled the Find My Device option in Find My. From this time on, the phone number will be displayed on the screen of the gadget, which should be used to call the person who found the device.

Note! The “Activation lock” option also allows you to remotely erase all data from the phone’s memory, so that unlocked people will not be able to use the owner’s personal data even when unlocking.

Reasons for activation failure on iPhone

Failure to activate the iPhone does not occur out of the blue, it is preceded by some actions of the user himself. Although there are cases of breakdown of the device itself. Below is a description of why iPhone cannot activate.

Restart iPhone

You can try hard restarting your iPhone. To do this, you need to hold down the shutdown button and the “Home” key for a few seconds until the device turns off. After that, you need to turn it on and try again to go through the activation.

Important! On those smartphones that do not have such a key, the “Volume Down” button is used.

What to do if iPhone activation fails

Every problem has a solution. Some of the proposed methods will require certain actions from their owner, but if you follow the instructions carefully, you will be able to activate the iPhone.

SIM card problems

The most commonplace reason why an iPhone 4 activation error occurs is the incorrect operation of the installed SIM card. Perhaps it is simply not inserted correctly or is completely out of order and needs to be replaced.

IPhones use microSIM format

Internet connection problems

The next reason implies an unstable internet connection. In other words, it is not possible to contact the server that should receive information from your smartphone. Check the stability of the mobile network. It is recommended to connect to Wi-Fi to solve the problem.

What to do if iPhone 4 / 4s / 5 / 5s / 6 / 6s / 7 / X activation fails

If the service notifies you about technical server problems, then the only way out is to wait for the servers to work again.

If activation is blocked, then the previous user did not change accounts and did not delete data from his iCloud. The presented security measure was developed in case of smartphone theft. To unlock a gadget, you need to specify the ID and code associated with the old account (previous owner). It is also necessary to erase the account, replacing it with a new one.

The second solution to block activation involves a call to AppleCare, where specialists will help with the question if the user can prove that the Iphone belongs to him.

SIM card not supported

IPhone activation can fail if the gadget cannot detect the installed SIM card. Check if it is the correct size and is correctly inserted into the connector.


In some situations, a reboot or reset may help. IPhones reboot when you hold down the Home and Screen off buttons.

Activation lock is set

Sometimes, using marketplaces for private ads, for example, Avito, there may be problems with activation. This means that the previous owner of the gadget did not change the account. Contact him to resolve the issue.

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If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Update required

Sometimes an error can occur due to an old firmware version. After Iphone activation fails, update is required. It is required to timely install patches released by developers. Check the settings for new updates. If this malfunction does not allow you to download the update, then you can try to activate the system through iTunes.


Iphone activation error after factory reset? When Apple released the updated iOS 11 firmware, it made some changes to its smartphone repair policy. If the phone has undergone repair work, during which defective parts were replaced, then it is important that purely original components are installed in it.

The use of “left” components will definitely block the device after you reset the settings. At the same time, it will not be possible to activate the system.

GADGETS123 TIPS. Fix iPhone 7 & 7 plus unable to active Shut down FREE FIX SOLUTION

It should be noted that older versions of the operating system are not affected by this factor. That is, you can safely reset the parameters without fear that the mobile phone will turn into a “brick”. The policy presented has been changed for iOS 11 and 12 only. Refurbished phones should therefore be avoided.

Thus, the company decided to add additional security measures. When the user has reset the settings when the device boots up, the system sends the component information to the Apple Technical Center. If the security system detects non-original parts in the phone that are not in the official database of the company, it will automatically block it.

The solution to the problem is to contact the service under warranty.

IPhone hardware issues

Failure to activate the Iphone cellular network may occur due to hardware malfunctions. As an example, we can give a situation when a smartphone cannot find a SIM card, and even if it is available, it is in search of a cellular network. The lock cannot be removed without connection. It is required to diagnose the smartphone in the service.

iPhone on iOS 11 and iOS 12 won’t activate after factory reset

This text is an update to the article after the release of iOS 11.

We have already discussed this situation in the comments, but for those who are too lazy to read, here is a short excerpt from all this.

Since the release of iOS 11, Apple has changed its policy regarding unofficial iPhone repairs. If non-original components were installed in the device, then after the procedure for resetting the settings and content, you can get a “brick”. it will be impossible to activate the phone.

Who is at risk? Devices (running iOS 11 and iOS 12) that:

  • Have ever been repaired (with replacement parts. Nand-memory, modem, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module) in unauthorized service centers.
  • They are the so-called “handicraft restored” iPhones (smartphones assembled by someone who and where). unscrupulous sellers very often sell them under the guise of new.

During the power-on phase (after a factory reset and content reset or a firmware restore), the iPhone sends data about the components installed inside it to Apple servers. If this information does not match the base of the “Apple” company, then the activation of the device is blocked.

So, what exactly is this to do now??

  • If there is a guarantee. use it.
  • Some unofficial service centers may try to solve this problem with special equipment. But, as a rule, no one gives any guarantees. even if the activation failure can be “bypassed” now, then in the future everything can happen again.

Here is such a sad story. However, it is not at all necessary that the error occurs precisely because of this.

IPhone Activation Failed. Server Unavailable or Worse?

Hey! It doesn’t matter what you did in order to get the activation failed error. We reset the content and settings, flashed it, performed an update, recovered. any of these actions leads to the fact that the device must be reactivated. Yes, yes, yes, you will have to go through exactly the same procedure again as when you first turned on the gadget. And here one very large and large ambush can await us.

iPhone or iPad can easily warn you that activation is impossible, because: “Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. Try connecting your iPhone to iTunes to activate, or try again in a few minutes. If the problem persists, contact Support Apple: Apple.com/us/support “.

It would seem that everything is very logical. The server is unavailable, Apple has problems, we wait until the failure passes and we swear at the company. However, not everything is so simple.

And in general, if you are faced with such a message, then I will have two news for you, good and bad. And we’ll probably start with a bad one.

IPhone Activation Failed. Everything Is Very Bad

Why does the title say that everything is very bad?

Because, it is quite possible that the modem in the device “died”.

Indirectly, this can be confirmed by the fact that by connecting the gadget to a computer and iTunes, absolutely nothing happens. no activation or something even remotely similar to it.

There is another way to test this terrible guess.

On the welcome screen, click on the “letter i in a circle” icon.

After clicking, on a normal and working iPhone, the serial number of the device should appear. If IMEI does not appear, but only standards are written, etc. then I have bad news, the modem in your iPhone or iPad has ordered a long life. Naturally, with such a malfunction, the device cannot be activated. What to do?

  • Contact the service, the repair price is not very high (relative to the cost of the device), but they undertake such a repair of the unit and no one gives guarantees.
  • You can try to put it in the freezer (at your own peril and risk!), There is a possibility that the contacts will get “right” at least for a while, and it will turn out to activate.
  • Warm up with a hairdryer (also at your own peril and risk!). the effect is similar to freezing (it may or may not appear).

It must be understood that the last two points are, of course, a fierce “collective farm” and they should be carried out very carefully. But it helps some. By the way, updating the firmware on such gadgets is useless, during this operation you will get an error.

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All that is described above is not your case? Is IMEI displayed and is the modem OK? Moving on to the next item!

iPhone failed to activate. the server is to blame or.

In fact, failure can occur for a variety of reasons. And the right decision would be to check everything in order, let’s go!

  • Check if the SIM card is inserted and is it working? The advice is of course very obvious, but everything can happen.
  • Make sure you have internet access again.
  • Apple servers are unavailable. how to check their status at the moment? This often happens on the days when new versions of iOS are released. Many people around the world are trying to get a new firmware as quickly as possible and the servers simply cannot withstand such an influx of people. In that case, you just need to wait.
  • Use a different internet connection. Some Wi-Fi networks can be configured to block access to Apple servers.
  • Use iTunes to activate (be sure to update it to the latest version!)
  • Hard reset your iPhone or iPad. Hold down the Home and Power buttons. do not release them until the iPhone turns off.

By the way, the Activation Error may also be caused by the fact that a beta version of the firmware was installed on the iPhone, and the device was not registered in the developer program. In this case, the error text will be like this:

This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program.

In this case, you need to go to the Apple developer portal (developer.Apple.com) and register the gadget.

As you can see, the reason that the iPhone refuses to activate and crashes can be a variety of situations:

  • From commonplace. lack of Internet, unavailability of servers, “bugs” in iOS.
  • To very difficult ones. a breakdown of the modem and the newly minted “iOS 11 syndrome”.

And if the first ones are solved quite simply (wait, change the SIM-card, etc.), then the second (“iron” problems) are corrected only with the participation of a competent service center specialist. But I, as usual, sincerely hope that this is not your case.

What is the reason for the failure

The most common are two specific “iPhone” activation failure problems. The first is the hardware, both the device itself and the Apple servers.

IPhone activation failed: what to do?

A frightening screen for users with an activation error message can appear for a number of reasons. Regardless of what exactly led to the “breakdown”, the user should know that the further scenario will require, if not repair in the service, then exactly rollback of the system and a number of other manipulations. Unfortunately, the more “killed” the model of the smartphone, the less chances that the failed activation of the “iPhone” can be fixed. It is important not only to conduct an external examination of the phone, but also to restore the picture prior to the breakdown. This will help you understand why the activation of the “iPhone” failed at all, as well as how to behave further. It is likely that it will be necessary not only to roll back (return to the previous version) the changes made to the smartphone, but also to clean the device itself. However, it will be fair to say that there are still chances of restoring the smartphone.

Several other reasons for iPhone activation failure

The activation procedure itself “iPhone” can be terminated for a number of other reasons, independent of the software. Before going to the service center, you should first carry out a few simple manipulations with the device: check for the presence of a SIM card in the slot, rearrange it, and then try to activate the device again. It is also recommended to change the internet channel. It is possible that the next update of the device is too “heavy” or the data packet transmission channel is busy with another gadget. Another option is to activate your device through iTunes. If this does not help, then the service will offer to restore the data, after which the device will automatically return to the previous state.

How to fix it

Hardware failure in the activation of “iPhone” can be eliminated either in a licensed service center for a rather tangible amount, or with artisanal technologies.

Also, the reason for the failure to activate the “iPhone” may be a short circuit in the contacts of the board where the modem is located. In some cases, a sharp change in temperature can help when the smartphone is sharply cooled or, on the contrary, heated. However, it is worth carrying out such manipulations at your own peril and risk.

Why activation is needed

Before thinking about the question of what to do if the activation of the “iPhone” fails, some angry users will blame the developers from Apple Inc. for the imperfection of the device. Many adherents of the “Apple” more than once seriously criticized the activation procedure as ineffective and problematic.

Software glitch

In the event of a software failure, we are talking about installing suspicious software or the shell as a whole. In this case, saving the entire smartphone, as well as fragments of the system and user data, is possible only by rolling back all changes in the gadget to the previous version.

Modem malfunction

If the problem is hardware in nature, but Apple’s servers are fine, then the problem is in the device. If “iPhone” writes about a failed operation, but the other device is updated without problems, then the matter is most likely in the processing of data from a specific device. It is quite simple to check this, just select the item with the letter “i” circled in a circle, after which it will become clear whether the device is capable of receiving data. This item also shows the serial number of the device. If this is not the case, then the matter is almost 100% in the smartphone modem.