iPad Disabled Icloud

Sometimes a situation may arise when, during authorization in the Apple ID account, a message may appear on account lockout: “Your Apple ID is locked for security reasons.“. This is due to security reasons for the user’s personal data, and we will describe in detail the reason for the restriction of access later in the article.

iPad Disabled Icloud

Reasons for the message “Your Apple ID is locked for security reasons”

To begin with, it is important to know that the message about blocking Apple ID appears after the incorrect password is entered during authorization or the system receives incorrect answers to security questions. That is, the culprit of access restrictions may be not only the owner of the iPhone or iPad, overshot a few times when dialing an access code or having forgotten data for input, but also an unauthorized user trying to find a password to your Apple ID account.

If mistakes are made during answers to security questions, then a notification about this situation will come to the “soap”, but if the password is entered incorrectly, the system will simply block the account. If an attacker tries to gain access, then in order to achieve his goal he needs to know the email address and code. It happens that unscrupulous relatives, friends or lovers try to get into the account.

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After a series of unsuccessful attempts to log in, access to your Apple ID account will be closed.

How to unlock Apple ID

First of all, make sure that you remember your Apple ID password exactly.

1. Go to Settings. iTunes Store and App Store and click on To come in. If at the top of the page you see someone’s account, click on it and select the option Log off. Enter your details (Apple ID and password) from the account (Apple ID is an email address).

2. If you entered Apple ID correctly, then the following message will appear.

3. Press the button Unlock account.

4. Choose unlock option. “Unlock via Email” or “Answer security questions”.

In the option discussed below, we used the unlock “Unlock via Email”. Apple sent an email with a link to unlock Apple ID.

After receiving the letter, you must click on the link “Reset Password or Unlock Apple ID”.

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After that, a site will open where you need to enter a new password for the account.

All the same can be done on a Mac or Windows computer on this page of the Apple site.

In more detail about the process of unlocking Apple ID we talked about in this article.

To prevent such troubles, you must first enable a two-step verification to enter your account. This step can protect against other undesirable situations (unfortunately, the function is not available in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan).

You can enable two-step verification on the same site by clicking on the link button Tune in section 2-step verification.