iPad 2 iCloud Bypass

Using the doulCi service

If you cannot get into the system interface, because you found an activation lock only after a factory reset, then you will have to use another method. bypass using the doulCi service. Open the hosts file on a computer with iTunes installed. Insert one of the lines into it:

ipad, icloud, bypass

Then connect iPad to computer in DFU mode.

You can read in detail about the input / output of the DFU mode here.

When a device tries to connect to Apple servers to verify activation, an entry in the hosts file will redirect it to the hacker server. On doulCi servers, the activation request will be processed, after which the lock will be removed, and you can go to the iOS home screen.

This method cannot be used for iPhones and iPads with a SIM card, since after such a bypass they will remain with the functionality of the iPod: you can listen to music and watch videos on them, but the devices will not connect to the mobile network. Nothing will happen to an iPad without GSM, it will work the same way as it did before it was locked.

Another disadvantage is that the owners of the doulCi servers receive information about the device, including the serial number and other individual identifiers, as well as access to personal information. So before using this method, think carefully and clean the cloud storage of information that no one else should see.

Hello everyone! There are just a huge number of instructions on the Internet about Activation Lock and how to bypass this “disgrace”. This is a plus. The downside is different. in some articles (for the sake of justice, it is worth noting that far from all) such nonsense is written that you are simply amazed. Some unimaginable combinations, special programs and other tin are invented, which only takes time. the benefits of all this are exactly “zero point zero tenths”.

Perhaps that is why, in our group with you and in my mail, questions continue to come from the series “activation lock on the iPhone, what should I do now?” or “I gave the money, they promised to unblock it, but the person took the money and disappeared. what to do?” etc.

And what should you do when you are often asked about the same thing? That’s right. write detailed instructions.

Let’s deal with this problem once and for all. it will be easier for you (no need to strain and write to someone) and me (gave a link to the article and everyone felt good).

So, the whole truth about Activation Lock on iPhone is here. Go!

How activation lock works

Activation Lock on iPad appeared with the release of iOS 7. The function is enabled when you set up “Find iPhone” and allows you to block the device associated with Apple ID. With the lock enabled, you will have to enter your Apple ID password every time:

  • turning off “Find iPhone” in the settings;
  • Sign out of iCloud
  • erasing information and reactivating.

Activation Lock essentially turns iPad into a brick. If you forget the password or do not know it, the device is completely locked. You will not be able to unlock the system on the iPad, even if you reflash it 2 times, nothing will change. When reactivated, the system will require a password from the Apple ID, and if you do not enter it, the tablet will not turn on.

Apple has made this protection to keep users’ personal data safe from unauthorized access, but the feature can be dangerous for the rightful owner. If you don’t remember your password, you won’t be able to sign out of iCloud, turn off Find My iPhone, and activate your device after a factory reset and content reset or flashing.

How to bypass Activation Lock

If we talk about the iPhone, then there are only two ways:

  • Enter the correct Apple ID pair and password.
  • Unlocking via technical support.

There are no other common options. You cannot somehow cleverly reflash, update, roll back the firmware, make a Hard Reset, etc.

iPad 2 Free One Click iCloud Bypass On iOS 9.3.5 (A1395. A1396. A1397) | No Jailbreak iRemove tool

Remember! All blocking takes place on Apple servers. only technical support staff and other special employees from Apple can remove it.

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You ask: “But the guys on the Internet say that they will send some tricky firmware (for only 500-600 rubles!) And everything will be fine!”.

How To iPad 2 iCloud Bypass Untethered Full Tutorial A1395 / A1396 / A1397 All variant

It will be good. But not for you, but for them. They will receive 550 rubles and will be happy. You will get nothing and you will be upset.

However, not always everything is so categorical. After all, there is


  • Disable Find My iPhone in Settings.
  • Unlink iPad from Apple ID.

In both cases, knowledge of the Apple ID password is required, so a vicious circle is obtained. You cannot remove the lock if the function is activated, but you can disable it only if you know the password. But we constantly forget passwords, what if the honestly purchased device is blocked? Which workaround should I use? Maybe the lock will be removed at the service center? Let’s figure out what to do to get an unlocked iPad back.

Contacting the service center or calling Support will definitely not help: specialists will immediately tell you that there is no way to regain access to a locked device, except how to find out / remember the password from Apple ID.

Blocking bypass

If you can’t remove the lock, let’s try to bypass it. Ben Schlabs, an employee of Security Research Labs, wrote about a 100% working method. It has been quoted a huge number of times, confirming that the method really works. You can’t call it simple, but you can try. The conditions are as follows: you do not know either the lock code or the Apple ID with a password. nothing.

  • Using Control Center on the lock screen, activate Airplane Mode or remove the SIM card from the slot to disconnect the network connection. This will give you time to guess your password.
  • Choose a four-digit password (10,000 options) or take a fingerprint of the previous owner, if possible.
  • After unlocking the screen, go to Settings. iCloud. Account. Write down the data that is hammered into the field “Apple /
  • Go to iCloud settings on iPad and delete the old account by entering the new password. The “Find” function will be disabled, and with it the activation lock will be removed.
  • Reset settings and content, then set up your device as new with different Apple ID details.

The instructions may well be used by cybercriminals, but if you know the method, you will be able to defend against them in case the iPad is lost or stolen.

What it is?

Activation Lock is Apple’s server-level iPhone activation lock. In a slightly more understandable language, this very thing prevents you from turning on and fully using the iPhone.

Blocking occurs in two ways:

Until you enter the correct (the one that was at the time the lock was turned on) Apple ID and password on the device, you will not be able to use the iPhone. Generally not. No way. Even for a second. Even just to look.

Painfully? Very much (especially if the phone belongs to you). But such is the protection of Apple from unauthorized use of the iPhone by another person. when buying an iPhone, we agree to this rule.

And it’s good if you know this very pair (Apple ID and password). you entered the data and started using the device. And if not? This is where we come to

Activation lock status

A very important point, without the study of which the entire further procedure in some cases will be useless. So, activation blocking can be of three types. the device has a status:

  • OFF. no blocking. Activation possible using any Apple ID.
  • CLEAN. the device can be activated only after unlinking from the previous account.
  • LOST. the device is erased (LOST AND ERASED), lost or stolen (LOST OR STOLEN), is on the operator’s blacklist (BLACKLISTED).

How do you know what status your iPhone has? There are several options:

  • In appearance. For example, on the screen of the device, you can see the inscription “This device was lost and erased.” Everything is clear here. this iPhone has a LOST sign and, most likely, goes for spare parts.
  • Through special checker sites. I will not give a list of them here (many of them constantly disappear and appear. you cannot keep track of all of them). Unfortunately, there are practically no free ones. they ask for money for information. True, not very much. usually 2-3.

Why know all this at all? In order to understand. is it worth “bothering” and wasting your time on unlocking.

  • If the device has the CLEAN status, there are chances of unlocking.
  • If the device has the LOST status, there is practically no chance. In this case, you just have to have reinforced concrete arguments for removing Activation Lock. which, unfortunately, are almost always lacking.

Services that offer blocking bypass

Indeed, on the Internet you can find services and sites that offer (for a fee) to unlock your iPhone. Should I use them or not? It’s up to you to decide. I, for my part, will give some simple tips.

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If you decide to use such services, then:

And yes, it is worth remembering that all these services work in the same way. they seek unlocking through support. So you can do it yourself.

iPad mini 2 iCloud unlock the iron way. Unlocking iPhone and Bypassing iCloud Activation Lock. Myths and Reality

A year ago, I shared how to bypass iCloud lock on all iPad Cellular tablets. Now it’s time to talk about a way to bypass iCloud on iPad Air 2 Cellular A1567.

For updated and simplified iCloud bypass methods on previous iPad models, see How to unlock iCloud locked Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini Retina, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 with 3G. In an article on Habrhabr How to unlock an iPad 3G locked in iCloud, I talked about the principle of this method.

Digging deeper

Users who had an unlocked iPad Air 2 A1567 started looking for the cause. And this is what the iPad logs showed (only part of the log is shown):

Jun 10 19:43:29 iPad-mac wifiFirmwareLoader: Going to discover services \ ^ J Jun 10 19:43:29 iPad-mac wifiFirmwareLoader: Waiting for firmware to load \ ^ J Jun 10 19:43:29 iPad-mac wifiFirmwareLoader : full path firmwareName is /usr/share/firmware/WI-FI/C-4350s-C2/rieslinga.trx\^J Jun 10 19:43:29 iPad-mac wifiFirmwareLoader: Error: Could not Open file / usr / share /firmware/WI-FI/C-4350s-C2/P-rieslinga_M-STEL_V-um-3.1.txt (No such file or directory) \ ^ J Jun 10 19:43:29 iPad-mac wifiFirmwareLoader: wifiFirmwareLoaderThread exiting with 1 \ ^ J Jun 10 19:43:29 iPad-mac wifiFirmwareLoader: Shutting down \ ^ J

It turned out that for the first time the firmware lacks some drivers and software for WI-FI and Bluetooth. It was necessary to add or change these files.

Unfortunately, I have never had Apple devices and I do not understand the structure and operation of iOS and jailbrake. Therefore, I threw information to everyone I got, and they began to think together on a solution.

The biggest problem was that without a network, the jailbrake installation process would freeze for most by 30%. The rest could not access the file system. But it was decided.

ICloud and Apple ID concepts

Apple ID is a unique user account number that is associated with the owner’s phone.

One identifier can be used on several Apple gadgets at once.

Apple ID holders get access to all related services and features from the developer. For example, iCloud cloud storage.

This service is also logged in using a unique identifier.

What is the iCloud unlocking process?

The bootrom exploit was recently discovered. It can be used for a variety of purposes, even to jailbreak the latest iOS versions available. There is already a jailbreak tool checkra1n for this. It can be used to bypass iCloud using command line.

The service is temporarily out of service

Dear visitors! The service described in this article does not work due to temporary technical difficulties. Perhaps this service will be provided later. Realizing that you need to activate your phone as soon as possible, we suggest leaving your data and we will definitely contact you as soon as we get such an opportunity.

How to Remove iCloud Lock from iPhone iPad? Bypass Apple ID activation lock in Kiev

The Apple-Service service center specialists will be able to activate your iPhone or iPad within 24 hours. In this case, the device must be left at the service center and the very next day you will be able to use it.

Remove Apple ID iCloud Activation Lock from iPad or iPhone

Starting with the IOS7 operating system, the concept of security has changed significantly. Now you can link your iPhone or iPad to your account. Burglars will not be able to use your device. Of course, this is very convenient. But what about those who received an iPhone as a gift or took a used one? cheaper? An unsolvable issue may occur when updating the firmware or restoring. the device cannot be activated. In this case, there is an inscription: “This iPhone is currently linked to an Apple ID (xxx@gmail.com). Sign in with the Apple ID that was used to set up this iPhone ”

How to Bypass Apple ID Lock (Activation Lock)

For activation, special hardware and software are used. We do not send requests to Apple or brute force a password. We just do the activation of the device without Apple’s involvement. Formally, this phone or tablet is listed as not activated.

Limited activation (Operator network will not work) can be done for the following Apple devices: iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPhone 5 iPhone 5S iPhone 5C iPhone 6 iPad 2 with 3G The new iPad 3 retina with 3G iPad 4 with 3G iPad 5 air with 3G

These devices will be fully functional, but you don’t even need to insert a SIM card into them. the net will not be caught. Today they can only be activated in this way. Nevertheless, it is better than a completely non-working phone.

Full activation can be done for the following Apple devices: iPad 2 WI-FI The new iPad 3 retina WI-FI iPad 4 WI-FI iPad 5 air WI-FI iPod Touch All generations. iPhone 4 CDMA

How to Untie iCloud Find My iPhone Activation Lock in iOS 7

It is not yet possible to make a full-fledged decoupling from AppleID. This means that if you try to flash the device in the future, you will not be able to activate it again. Specialists of the Apple-Service Service Center can only bypass the Activation of the device tied to iCloud to AppleID.

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Finally, we remind you that if you have a device for a long time and you do not use it, do not forget that you need to charge it periodically, as long-term battery discharge leads to the fact that it may swell or the iPhone or iPad will stop charging.

Required tools and drivers

A WARNING! The iCloud bypass process on your iOS device can erase all of your data. All described operations you perform at your own peril and risk. If you want to keep your data, please make a backup before starting. The battery must be charged at least 50% before starting.

Bypass iCloud Lock in Apple iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi

A WARNING! You can bypass iCloud Activation Lock temporarily (!), Which means that it works until you do a full Apple iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi reset or update iOS via cable (Wi-Fi off). If you are planning to restore the firmware or update it, always remember to check if the new version of iOS supports jailbreak, because without it you will be left with the original iCloud account and will block the iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi.!

  • To start the procedure, you first need to jailbreak Apple iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi using Checkra1n, if not, use our guides (Windows OS / macOS).
  • Turn off all antivirus software or add iCloud bypass ikey to the list of exclusions.
  • Download, unzip and enable with administrator rights iCloud_bypass_tool_ikey_X7_BETA7_ [HardReset.info].
  • Once launched, the software detects that you have all the necessary tools and drivers installed to bypass iCloud, and if not. will download and run the installer for the user.
  • You just need to click the install button in the new window and the button after lunch in the 3uTools program.
  • After launching 3uTools, just click the install drivers button. to install everything necessary for the procedure.
  • After the installation is complete, just close 3uTools and click “I have completed the installation” in the iKey application window.
  • Turn on iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi, connect to a Wi-Fi network and show it on the screen with the iCloud lock question.
  • Then connect your Apple iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi using a USB cable to your computer and wait until the software reads information from your iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi.
  • After successfully reading all the information, the program selects the best service option for your Apple iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi.
  • What does the name of the service operation mean??
  • BYPASS GSM. If the iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi does not have a MEID number, it is usually possible to completely unlock the iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi as if it never had an iCloud lock.
  • BYPASS MEID. iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi with MEID number can only bypass iCloud lock, but will never receive GSM signal and cannot call / send SMS. Only services that work from a Wi-Fi network work.
  • BYPASSING MDM. Apple iPad Mini 2 Enterprise Lock Wi-Fi can be unlocked using this software.
  • CARRIER BYPASS. carrier activation lock similar to GSM service, but supports MEID Apple iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi.
  • To complete the next step, you first need to accept that you understand what can be unlocked in your iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi. read again what the service operation means, or check it by the IMEI number.

Check Which iCloud Your Apple iPad Mini 2 Supports Wi-Fi Bypass

  • To start the iCloud Bypass procedure, you must have purchased access to the iCloud Bypass Tool iKey Authorization Server for your iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi Serial / IMEI Number. The serial number can be seen in the iCloud Bypass Tool app after Apple iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi connection using a USB cable or pressing the i button on the iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi locked screen.
  • The next step is to press the tour start button. to start the bypass procedure. iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi will reboot several times and then greet the creator again, for example, install a new iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi.
  • Use the following button to bypass the creator, but this time no questions about the iCloud login and password.
  • Then you can add your own Apple ID and use the device without any lock.
  • If iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi is after
  • Within the GSM BYPASS service, you can use any SIM card and all network services.
  • The MEID BYPASS service process can only work with a service that can be used on a Wi-Fi network.
  • Great work, Apple iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi without iCloud lock.
  • A WARNING! You can bypass iCloud Activation Lock temporarily (!), Which means that it works until you do a full Apple iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi reset or update iOS via cable (Wi-Fi off). If you are planning to restore the firmware or update it, always remember to check if the new version of iOS supports jailbreak, because without it you will be left with the original iCloud account and will block the iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi.!

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