How To Turn On Flashlight On Huawei

How to turn flashlight on or off on Huawei and Honor phones? Modern devices are equipped with many useful features. In the 21st century, the phone is used not only as a means of communication. it is a laptop computer, tablet and even a TV. In addition, there are many useful, albeit at first glance, nondescript functions. For example, a built-in flashlight. A mobile phone is always at hand, so you can use additional light in any situation. Huawei and Honor devices have this feature. Activate the option with a light keystroke. Brief instructions will help you quickly learn how to turn it on.

. How to turn on the flashlight on Huawei?

Using the option is easy. On any Android, the light works from the flash of the camera. It is possible to bring a function to work as follows:

  • Via the Android desktop
  • when the screen is locked;
  • using the control panel.
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A big advantage is the adjustment of the light to your needs. Set the necessary parameters and turn on the flashlight with one click of a button.

With locked screen

A simple way, which is to turn on from the locked screen. To do this, follow these recommendations:

  1. press the lock button, and wait for the screen saver to appear on the locked screen;
  2. swipe up from the bottom, and expect the appearance of a “quick menu”;
  3. from the list, select the icon, and click on it.

Notification bar

The notification panel opens with easy movement on the screen of the smartphone. Unlock the mobile phone and swipe down from the display. In the menu that opens, select the desired icon and click on it. The option is automatically enabled.

From the desktop

In order to use the function directly from the desktop, you need:

  1. go to the mobile menu;
  2. Find the flashlight icon in the list;
  3. drag the icon to the desktop.
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Now with one click the option is connected. No need to look for a function and waste time. Click on the icon and highlight your path or look for fallen keys.

How to turn on the flashlight when calling on Huawei?

Faced the question “How to turn on the flashlight to call Honor?”. Use brief instructions. The flash notification function will help you not to miss a call, even in vibration mode. For this:

  1. open the “Settings” Honor or Huawei;
  2. look in the list for the section “Accessibility”;
  3. in “Hearing”, check “On” next to “Notify by flash”.

How to turn off the flashlight on the Honor phone?

You can disable the option on the Honor device using the “Menu” or “Control Panel”. Regardless of the model, the principle is the same. Just like they turned it on, so turn off. Click on the icon and the light disappears. Turn the phone over and see if it is turned off.

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Why does the flashlight not work on the Honor and Huawei phones?

Doesn’t flashlight work on Honor? There may be several reasons:

  • Firstly, a malfunction in the phone. Restart your phone and try turning it on again.
  • Secondly, the camera and flash could be damaged if dropped. Check if the whole smartphone. Place the camera in the light and see if there are any chips. Is the camera loose? So the blow fell on her.
How to Turn On Flashlight On Huawei

If the problem is not solved on your own, then contact the service center. Perhaps the device is under warranty and it will be possible to replace it. In the repair explain the situation and tell how the phone fell. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to find the cause of the breakdown.