How To Restore iPhone From Icloud Backup

How To Restore iPhone From Icloud Backup

The need to restore iPhone data from a backup occurs if its owner, say, expects to solve the problem of fast power consumption of the gadget by completely resetting the settings. It will “get” information from the backup upon completion of the procedure. Also, the recovery function allows you to quickly transfer all information from one smartphone to another. The user will have less problems when changing an old iPhone to a more advanced model.

It’s said how to create a backup copy here. This article will teach you how to recover information.

Restore from backup through Aityuns

When deciding on the recovery method, you need to consider how the backup was created. Using the program iTunes to create a backup gives the owner of the iPhone more freedom, because in Aytuns You can create two copies at the same time: one will be stored on the PC drive, the second. In the “cloud storage”. Which copy to apply, the user decides for himself, however, backup from the “cloud” allows you to restore information only when setting up your gadget for the first time.

Before restoring a backup on iPhone, turn off the “Find iPhone“By walking on the gadget along the path”Settings”-“iCloud“.

If the toggle switch remains activated, iTunes will display an error.

Once the function is turned off, restore iPhone through Aytuns So:

Step 1. Connect the device with a USB cable to the PC and open the program iTunes.

Step 2. Go to the device control menu. Click on the button with the image of the smartphone in the upper panel.

Step 3. In the block “Backups»See when the last backup was created and whether it was created at all.

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According to our example, the latest backup is dated September 26. In field “Last copy”Nothing is said about backups in iCloud. That means there are no copies in the cloud at all. You will be convinced of this if in the field “Automatically create copies”Rearrange the point with”This computer” on the “iCloud”.

Step 4. Click on the button “Restore from copy”.

There is another way to perform this step. Exit the gadget control menu to the main menu Aytuns and right click on your device. A menu will appear where you should select “Restore from backup.”.

Step 5. Select the copy that suits you in a special window.

Pay attention to the iTunes warning: the program will recover data, but not the device firmware itself.

Step 6. After choosing a backup, click “Restore”.

A window for calculating the duration of the procedure will appear.

Duration depends on 3 factors:

  • Pc power
  • Device model;
  • Copy weight.

Step 7. Wait for the recovery procedure to complete. The smartphone will reboot, after which you will have to set up geolocation, iCloud, iMessage, Face Time. However, the main thing will be done: the information that you wanted to return, you will find on your gadget!

Iphone backups are compatible. You can easily download a copy made from another to one smartphone.

How to restore iPhone from iCloud backup?

Restore from backup iCloud It is possible only with the help of the setup assistant and with a reliable Wi-Fi connection. It will be possible to contact the assistant only during the initial setup of the smartphone, so you will have to take a desperate step. Reset the settings.

Act upon recovery through iCloud need so:

Step 1. Check if there are any backups created in the “cloud”. Follow the path “Settings”-“iCloud“-“Storage and copies”And scroll down to the end. You will find the date of the last backup.

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In our example, ready-made copies in the “cloud” were found, alas, were not.

Step 2. If the finished copies in iCloud still there, proceed to the reset: follow the path “Settings”-“The main”-“Reset”And select”Erase content and settings”.

Step 3. Enter the restriction password if it was set when creating the backup.

Step 4. Confirm that you really want to delete all content. Click “Erase iPhone“.

Step 5. Wait until the data deletion procedure is completed. The progress of this procedure is displayed by a bar located on the device screen below the Apple logo.

Step 6. Quickly configure the device for the first time. Select a language, region, activate / deactivate geolocation services, connect your smartphone to an available Wi-Fi network. Stop at the “iPhone setup”.

Step 7. Select “Recover from iCloud Copy”.

Step 8. On the next screen, enter your Apple ID and password.

Step 9. Agree to the terms and conditions iCloud, as well as Apple’s privacy policy. Double-click “To accept”.

Step 10. Create and set a new password of restrictions. You will have to complete this step if you are recovering data from a backup with an activated password. Further, the device will offer to configure Touch ID. Feel free to skip this step: you can do this kind of setup at any time.

As soon as you complete all the settings, the iPhone will reboot and the download bar will appear on the dark screen again. When the bar is full, the device will turn on, and you can make sure that all the data included in the backup is returned to the smartphone’s memory.

How to recover data from iTools backup?

This article said that alternative software can be used to create backup copies. Itools, which pleases not only with its simplicity, but also with its stability (if compared with iTunes) Clarify how to restore information from a backup iTools:

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Step 1. Run the program iTools and connect the smartphone to the PC.

Step 2. Go from the section “Device”To the section”Toolbox”.

Step 3. In the block “Data management“Select”Super restore”.

Step 4. Select the backup from which you want to recover data.

In field “Size”You will see how much the backups” weigh “; based on weight, you can assume what data includes backups.

Copies weighing 18 KB contain only a telephone directory, and copies weighing in megabytes contain multimedia files.

After choosing a backup, click “Next”.

Step 5. Determine what type of data you want to recover.

We want to restore the phone numbers, so we leave a checkmark just opposite “Contacts”.

Next, click the “Restoring”, Located in the lower right corner. So you start the recovery process. The progress of the process is reflected in percent in the line where the data type is indicated.

Step 6. When the process is completed (100%), click on the “Restore complete”(“Recovery completed»).

In the memory of your smartphone you will find numbers that were stored in the backup iTools.

How to restore iPhone from backup:. Conclusion

When Apple developers assure that, only using iTunes, information on iPhone can be recovered fully, they “cheat”. Itunes it doesn’t allow you to return media content:s, music, films. All this will have to be downloaded and downloaded to the device again after recovery through a media combine.

For this reason, Apple users are encouraged to create an additional copy in the program. Itools. It can include all the data that Aityuns refused to save to backup.