How To Make Invitations On A Computer

The practically limitless possibilities of Word allow using it to create not only dry documents or complex tables, but also to dilute them with graphics, beautiful text labels and other elements. Based on such tools, you can easily create an invitation using only the word.

The fastest and most convenient way to make, on the one hand, a simple, but on the other, high-quality invitation is to use the templates that are in the program. To do this, go to the tab “File“And open the item”Create“. Then enter “Invitation“. In this case, the Internet on the device must be turned on. By clicking on the template you like, you can read a brief description and download it for further work.

Text previously entered in the templates is used solely for examples. You can simply rewrite it, change the design settings, choose a different font, and so on. The same applies to graphics that may be present on these templates.

How to Make Invitations on a Computer

The number of templates for creating invitations is large enough, so there is an option for any event and purpose.

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But if you still need to create something truly unique, then you can use the full potential of Word.

The next option is just one of many that are possible to create a high-quality and attractive invitation to the Word.

First of all, it’s worth creating an empty document by going to “FileÀ àCreate“. Then we go to the tab “Design“. There you can put a substrate. A simple but very attractive tool. They use either their own images or those found using Bing. You can also fill the page with solid text or a gradient. And finally, add borders. In the settings, you just need to choose the style, thickness and color of the borders.

Next, you can work on the design of the invitation itself. Add a welcome banner to the top of the page. To do this, either find your own image or on the “Insert“Click”Images from the Internet“, And then enter the desired query in the search field. The same can be repeated at the bottom of the page. After that, there is work with the text.

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For our purposes, modern WordArt styles are perfect. They can be found on the tab “Insert” In chapter “Text“. Click on the icon of the letter “A»And choose your favorite style. Less important text can be entered just like that, changing only the color, style or font.

Using many other tools, you can write text in several columns, add a table, leave empty space for filling in the name by hand, and much more.

There is a certain set of templates for creating invitations in older versions of Word. The above instructions are relevant for the latest versions of the program. But most of the actions with similar success are performed in Word 2003. The only thing is that it is not recommended to use old WordArt styles. They are significantly outdated and will spoil the entire design of the document.