How To Make Hard Reset On Huawei

Welcome to! Want to know how to hard reset on your Huawei Ascend P7? Sometimes tablets and phones running the Android operating system fail. If you are the owner of an android gadget and decide to reset the Huawei Ascend P7 settings to return your smartphone to the factory settings, then you have come to the right address. Often it is necessary to reset the settings due to an application error or if a virus infected the operating system (for example, resetting the settings can help if a virus has entered the Android banner that blocks the screen). Perhaps a similar situation has occurred with your gadget or you just want to delete all the information from the internal memory of your phone.

Various factors can cause a system crash. This may be a general clutter of the system due to the frequent reinstallation of applications and the installation of a large number of programs and games on the internal memory and memory card. Or, which, in general, is quite rare without outside interference, this may be an internal OS error. In addition to problems with the operating system, the Huawei Ascend P7 may not turn on at all. If the device slows down, freezes or is unstable, then a hard reset can also help. But what exactly reboots and what happens on the phone? Here it is worth explaining that there are two types of factory reset on tablets and smartphones for Android. You can reset the Huawei Ascend P7 software and hardware. And these methods have differences.

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On some firmware with a soft reset, you can select the desired removal options. In this case, all information is deleted from the memory card and internal memory of the operating system. When a hardware reset is made through a special menu of Android System Recovery, there are no such options, so SMS messages, phone contacts, applications and games can be saved. Nevertheless, before making a software or hardware reset of Android to the factory settings, we still recommend that you make a backup of important data for you if possible and save it. As a result of the reset, the following data will most likely disappear: installed applications and games, Google account and all data associated with other accounts, your personal data (contacts, SMS messages, notes on the calendar), data on the system and application settings.

If you want to reset the settings on your Huawei Ascend P7 phone to return the old device firmware, then you are forced to disappoint. Neither hardware nor software reset will help to return the old firmware. It can only be restored by manually flashing the gadget. Next, we will look at both of the ways to reset settings on the Huawei Ascend P7 smartphone and start with a simpler method. software reboot of the system.

How to reset Huawei Ascend P7 settings from Android

If your phone boots up, it’s easier to do a soft reset to the factory settings than to do a hardware reset of the system. To perform a software reset, you need to enter the menu of your smartphone.

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After you get to the device menu, find the settings shortcut and click on it.

In the settings you need to find the menu item ‘Accounts’ or the option ‘Personal data’ (depending on the gadget firmware). And then select the menu item ‘Restore and reset’ or another name which may be ‘Backup and reset’.

How to Make Hard Reset On Huawei

Next you need to find the menu item ‘Reset Settings’ (it may also be called ‘Reset Data’). As can be seen from the explanation in the picture below, all parameters will be reset and all data on the device will be deleted.

By going to the data reset menu item, you can reset the Huawei Ascend P7 to the factory settings for Android.

After clicking on the reset button of the device, Android will ask for confirmation ‘Delete all personal data and downloaded applications? It will be impossible to restore them ’to completely reset the operating system.

By clicking on ‘Delete All’ (or on ‘Erase All’) you will begin the process of resetting your Huawei Ascend P7 phone. This completes the description of the software reboot of the system and proceed to the hard reset hard reset.

How to Hard reset Hard reset

If your phone does not turn on and does not start, then the reason may be a software failure of the Android OS, and not a hardware malfunction of the device. It is for this that the developers have implemented a hardware reset, which can be launched by pressing the buttons on the Huawei Ascend P7. To reset the settings without going into the system, you must turn off the device. Here are some ways to reset, try to do:

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1) To enter the reset, hold down the volume up button (or volume down key) and the power button. Or we do the same thing, but after pressing the power button, we continue to hold the volume key. 2) The second option is similar to the first, you need to press and hold the decrease and increase the volume, and after that just press the power key of the device. 3) The third option to start the recovery menu. we hold down three keys at the same time: the main screen button, volume up, and the power key. 4) The last option. Press the power button and hold for 1-2 seconds, then hold down the volume up and down buttons and the power key, and hold until the recovery menu appears.

After that, the device will either simply reboot and reset automatically, or the recovery menu will appear. As soon as you get to the recovery menu, you need to select Wipe data / Factory reset using the volume up and down keys, click on it and agree to delete the settings on the phone. We hope you manage to enter the recovery menu and reset the settings on Android. If you have a question, or you are unable to reset to factory settings on the Huawei Ascend P7 yourself, ask a question in the comments.