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Homemade iPhone Bumper

The first way

Consider a few tutorials on how to make a paper phone for your little one. As a first example, let’s make a 3D model of iPhone 4. To make such a toy you will need:

  • Screen template (you can choose any that you like)
  • Corrugated board
  • Black and white duct tape
  • Glue and scissors

Second way

There is another way to make a toy Apple product, this time we will try to make an iPhone 5. In principle, there is probably no simpler option, as you can see by watching the instructions and the video below. In order to do this, we need only a sheet of thick A4 paper, a color printer, scissors, a little perseverance, attention and diligence.

The process of making an iPhone 5 out of paper

  • Download the model as shown in the photo.
  • We print on thick paper.
  • Carefully cut out the part and bend along the bending lines.
  • To make the smartphone more dense, you can insert a rectangle cut to size inside.
  • iPhone 5 paper ready!

In addition to the phone itself, be it an iPhone 4 or 5, you can make additional accessories out of paper, for example, a docking station on which the child will store his device.

A paper docking station is made very quickly and easily; you only need thick paper and a stationery knife to make it. The process takes about 10 minutes, and consists of working with a clerical knife and bending along the cut lines.

For complete clarity, we suggest you watch the different manufacturing options on the video.

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Cut out 3 rectangles from corrugated cardboard about 7.5×13.8 cm in size (in accordance with the size of a real iPhone 4). Round off their corners. We glue all the rectangles, neatly stacking them on top of each other, this way we will get the phone case.

We glue the front and back “panels” of the case with strips of white electrical tape. If there is none, you can take white glossy paper, cut rectangles out of it and stick them on a cardboard base. We carefully cut off excess paper or electrical tape along the edges of the future phone. We glue the ends of the case with strips of black electrical tape.

We print the screen template we like on plain paper and cut it out. We glue the screen on the front panel of the case, draw a button under it. Cover the front of the case with transparent tape. That’s all the iPhone 4 for your child is ready.

User reviews

  • Anton: How many devices can be connected to the cabinet? “
  • Spirit: Everything works. But the main question I had in the ruut. “
  • Ruslan: How much does it cost to connect for a year? You need to pay for two phones. “

Why you need to monitor children?

We would like to immediately draw your attention to one fact. with the help of the Reptilicus tracking program, you can control the child’s phone if it is on the Android operating system. If the child has an iPhone, then it is impossible to install the program on him. Here comes a bug to help. You can read about how to control a child using an iPhone mobile phone in the article: “Wiretapping an iPhone phone. a bug: online tracking”.

Let’s first figure out what control over the phone is for and why it is so important.

Firstly, the phone is constantly with the child and this is a real opportunity to learn literally everything about him. The functions of geolocation, recording of telephone conversations and recording of ambient sound are especially useful, when you can send a command from the office at any time and hear what is happening around the phone. Or set the recording of the environment for certain periods of time and the program will start recording the environment itself.

Secondly, the overwhelming majority of children, after grades 2-3, independently go to sports sections and additional classes. Parents simply cannot take them by the hand, as they work, and grandparents, unfortunately, often live separately and are more involved in vegetable gardens than grandchildren. And therefore, such control is the calmed nerves of the parents, that everything is fine with the child.

DIY. How to make a realistic looking ‘iPhone 12′ in under 10 mins

Or, on the contrary, control of a child is timely help in a difficult situation, it is control over the Internet, it is blocking sites and much more, from which I would like to protect the child, protect him or at least block access during school or extra classes.

And thirdly, than constantly calling and annoying with questions: “Where are you now?”, “Have you gone to English?”, “Are you doing your homework at home or are you hanging out on the street again?” It is better to install a tracking program and monitor the location of the child on the phone that he always carries with him.

How to control a child’s phone

What is the best way to monitor a child’s phone from my phone so that the child is always supervised? What do you need to do for this? Reliable tracking software, proven over the years, will help you always know where your child is and what he is doing on his gadget.

What Reptilicus Tracking Software Can Do

Controlling children through an Android phone with a tracking program means:

  • see the 24/7 location of the child’s phone;
  • the ability to remotely turn on the recording of the environment and know what the child is talking about near the phone;
  • know with whom and what the child is talking about on the phone;
  • know with whom and what the correspondence is going on in social networks and messengers;
  • know what games the child plays on his device;
  • know what applications are installed;
  • the ability to selectively block Internet sites;
  • the ability to block the Internet for a selected time;
  • the ability to remotely take photos from cameras;
  • the ability to remotely lock the phone;
  • receive screenshots (screenshots) for a set period;
  • and much more.
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All these functions will also help with the loss or theft of a child’s phone. If the phone is stolen, you can track its location on the map. Enable remote sound recording and hear thieves’ conversations. If the SIM card is thrown away, then after (sooner or later) it is inserted and connected to the Internet, you will receive data on where and when the SIM card was changed.

What needs to be done for this?

Now about how to control a child through an Android phone. To do this, you need to do the following steps:

Register on the site. download the tracking program for free on the child’s phone. install the program according to the manual. view the received data in the office.

The best way to control a child’s phone from your phone is to enter the office through the website and enter your username and password into the windows to enter the office. You can also enter the office from a computer, tablet, laptop, Android phone and iPhone. From anywhere in the world without any binding.

If you have a device based on Android, then install the mobile version of the “Client” cabinet on your phone. Client. installed only on Android. this is a convenient account that you will have on your phone and which you can enter without having to enter your username and password each time.

Block unwanted sites on the internet

You can also protect your child from unwanted sites on the Internet in the Safari browser. for this to work properly, you need to remove other Internet surfing applications and restrict the installation of software from the App Store. There is a built-in filter for adult sites, as well as a whitelist of resources that you can fill in yourself. For example, you want your child to be able to visit only a few specific pages on the Internet. you just need to add them to this menu after selecting the appropriate item. This is not a panacea, but it will reduce the risk of getting to an unwanted site.

How to do it: open the “Settings”, go to the “Screen Time” section, expand the “Content and Privacy” menu, select the “Content Restrictions” item, define the necessary parameters for the “Web Content” section of the menu.

Hide unwanted results from Siri output

Another unobvious source of inappropriate content is the Siri voice assistant. You can ask him to find almost any information on the Internet, which may not always be 100% censorship. For example, it may use inappropriate vocabulary.

How to do it: open Settings, go to Screen Time, expand the Content and Privacy menu, select Content Restrictions, define the required options for the Siri menu section.

Select applications without restrictions

Screen Time can also be used to set applications that can be used even when Idle mode or limits are active. It can be either “Phone”, “Messages” or FaceTime, so that the child can call or write to the parents, or any other software.

How to do it: open “Settings”, go to the “Screen Time” section, expand the “Always Allowed” menu. here you will be able to select software and contacts that you can use without restrictions.

Add restrictions for communication

It is also important to control who the child communicates with and when. Limits can be set for Phone, Messages, FaceTime, and so on. There are two reasons to use this. On the one hand, a child can abuse conversations with friends, which will definitely distract him from home and school issues. On the other hand, there are enough cybercriminals on the network today who can use calls and messages to obtain illegal benefits. There are scammers who organize reset calls from paid numbers. if you call back to such numbers, an impressive amount will immediately be debited from the account.

How to do it: open “Settings”, go to the “Screen Time” section, expand the “Communication Restrictions” menu. here you can choose who you can communicate with even when the iPhone is put into “Rest” mode.

Prevent the use of built-in applications

You have the ability to restrict the use of most built-in applications. for example, prohibit opening the Safari browser, taking pictures with the “Camera” or listening to podcasts in the application of the same name. The latter has enough conversations on adult topics that are not suitable for the child.

How to do it: open the “Settings”, go to the “Screen Time” section, expand the “Content and Privacy” menu, select the “Allowed Applications” item. determine the required software.

Prevent access to inappropriate content

You have the ability to restrict not only the entire application, but also the content that the child consumes using them. This applies to music, movies, podcasts, books, and so on. For example, it is possible to turn off songs from Apple Music that use profanity.

What you need to make an iPhone?

1) Computer (laptop) and Internet access.

2) Printer (preferably with a color cartridge).

3) Xerox office paper. If you have photo paper, even better.

4) Stationery knife or craft knife, nail scissors.

6) PVA glue (if available, it is best to use a glue stick).

How to beautifully decorate a finished iPhone?

In order to decorate a finished iPhone out of paper, you will need:

1) Take a piece of thin plastic (a transparent piece of a notebook or book cover) and circle the iPhone model on it. A piece of such a film, glued to the finished product, will make your gadget more believable and shiny. The film should be strong and tough, but not very thick.

2) Cut the cover film straight along the marked lines. If you get a little less coverage, don’t worry, the film on a real iPhone looks the same.

3) Next, you need to make a round cut with a clerical knife or nail scissors for the Home button at the bottom of the screen.

4) Use double-sided tape to glue the film to the finished iPhone model. Due to the fact that the film is overflowing, the tape will not be visible.

How to set up iOS devices for kids

A Few Tips for Making a Paper iPhone

To simplify the solution to the question of how to make an iPhone out of paper, you need to use some tips:

How to make an iPhone out of paper? Scheme, instruction

If you do not know how to make an iPhone out of paper, then use some simple recommendations, and in a few minutes you will have a homemade device in your hands. With it you can:

Where to find and how to print an iPhone template?

In order to make an iPhone with your own hands out of paper and at the same time get the most believable look of it, you will need to follow a few simple steps:

1) Search for a template that suits you or the iPhone you like. To do this, you need to choose a device that you or your child will like and that is suitable for the purposes that are in front of you.

2) Printout of the selected template on a high quality laser printer. You should print the iPhone paper template of the selected model on a high-quality printer and use glossy photo paper best. Of course, you can use both regular xerox paper and a regular printer, it’s just that the image quality will turn out to be less realistic.

How to assemble a paper iPhone?

A template with a believable screen is ready, but how to make an iPhone out of paper? For this you need:

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1) Take a sheet of hard cardboard and use a template to draw the shape of the existing model in order to make the iPhone more believable, durable, durable and with more weight.

If you want to make your gadget sturdier and more durable, use a piece of plywood for the base.

2) Next, you need to cut the cardboard base neatly and evenly along the mowing line so that the paper glued on top does not deform.

Based on the thickness of the cardboard you are using and the thickness of the iPhone of the desired model, you need to use 2, 3 or 4 of these parts, after gluing them together.

3) Take a cardboard base and place the front of the iPhone template on top and the back on the bottom. With a little glue or using a glue stick, glue the paper template to the cardboard backing.

4) There were additional flaps on the paper template, use them to glue the remaining parts of the iPhone. To do this, the valves need to be slipped under the bottom of the part and fastened well in these places.

Some ready-made templates have slots for inserting flaps for better fixation of the model.

What you need to do face painting with your own hands

To create beautiful drawings, you need three components: paints, brushes, imagination. And a little bit of patience.

Glitters are used as an addition to paints. It is they who add spectacularity to the images of princesses, butterflies and fairy fairies.

The most interesting thing is that you can make your own paint for face painting. All the ingredients for her can be found in any home.

So, for the preparation of face painting you will need:

Mix all ingredients until smooth. Then add a drop of dye and stir. If you need a brighter color, add more paint. When you get the desired color, you can start drawing.

To make face painting with your own hands, you need to prepare not only paints, but also tools. The final result largely depends on them. To make your drawings beautiful, prepare:

  • sponges of different sizes for applying tone;
  • brushes of different sizes for painting. It is better if they are made from natural materials;
  • a thin, pointed brush for contours and fine details;
  • thick flat brushes.

In addition, to gently apply face painting at home, prepare a sheet or large tissue to cover your child’s clothes. You will also need a hoop to remove hair from your face while drawing. Do not do without napkins (both dry and wet).

Place a larger mirror in front of your child. He will enjoy watching the process of his reincarnation.

How to properly make face painting on your face with your own hands

The application of face painting has its own rules, and if these are drawings on the face of children, additional recommendations should be followed. We’ve collected the most important tips for kids’ face art.

  • You can not do face painting for children under 3 years old. Their skin is still too delicate even for the safest colors.
  • Test for allergies on a small area of ​​skin before applying the pattern. If after a few minutes there is no reaction, you can continue to do makeup. But if the skin turns red, rinse the paint thoroughly with water and do not apply makeup.
  • You can not do face painting if there are scratches, wounds or pimples on the face, manifestations of a skin disease.

Before starting drawing, move the kids over the face with a dry brush. let them get used to the sensations. If the child is afraid of tickling. limit yourself to small patterns that are quickly performed (stars, flowers).

When preparing to do face painting at home, select and print several drawings so that children have plenty to choose from. When you put on makeup, be sure to talk to your child about the character he is transforming into. We offer you to watch video tutorials on creating simple but effective drawings here.

After all the preparations, it’s time to learn how to draw face painting. This is done in several stages:

  • Applying tone. The base of the drawing should be flat and smooth, so it is convenient to use a sponge. Soak it in water, squeeze it well and rub it against the paint. It is better to apply the tone of the picture in a circular motion. straight strokes will be noticeable after drying. You need to tint the entire face up to the mowing line of hair growth: lower and upper eyelids, corners of the eyes.

If the drawing is simple (butterfly, superhero mask), then you can do without full tone. You will need to tint only the part of the face on which you will work.

  • Drawing elements of face painting. Hold the brush like a pencil to clearly and accurately mark the line and line. Dampen the brush and dip in the paint in a circular motion. When drawing face painting with your own hands, hold the brush at a right angle to the child’s face.

If you need to apply one coat of paint on top of another, wait until the previous one is completely dry.

How to make face painting for children with your own hands: all the secrets of creating a picture on the face

Have you decided to do face painting for children with your own hands? Why not? It’s actually not that difficult if you prepare and practice a little. Are you ready to make a bright face painting at home? We will reveal the secrets of successful face art!

Face painting is a great addition to any holiday, allowing children to transform into their favorite characters. This is a good solution for a masquerade or just entertainment for a fun group of guys. We wrote in more detail about face painting at the children’s party here.

DIY face painting for children: ideas of drawings on the face

For inspiration and consolidation of the information obtained in the previous paragraphs of the article, we propose to analyze an example of a simple face painting at home. This drawing “Butterfly” is an ideal option for decorating a girl’s face for a beginner face art master.

To make such face painting at home, you will need:

  • Paints (red, yellow, green and blue);
  • Black outline;
  • Two tassels;
  • Sequins;
  • Water.

How to make Butterfly face painting? First, we make the upper wing: we dip a wide brush in yellow paint and draw a semicircle over the left eye (along the mowing line of the eyebrows). We draw a red line above it. To soften the borders, they can be shaded with a damp wide brush.

We continue to apply face painting. How to draw the lower wing? We draw two wide mowing lines under the eye. green and blue. This is the basis of the drawing. We make wavy contours with a thin brush moistened with black paint.

On the other side of the face, we repeat all the stages of drawing. It remains to add a butterfly body and complete the image with glitters.!

face art ideas for kids can be found here.

We wish you beautiful drawings and good mood!

How to set up your iPhone to be kid-friendly

Toy phone for dolls

By carefully following the advice of our article, you will learn how to make a phone for dolls out of paper. However, a smartphone is made by hand for dolls in the same way as for children. You just need to take smaller sizes. If you made a mistake and did not zoom in when printing a template for the desired iPhone model, then you just get a model for playing with dolls.

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The process of making a smartphone designed for baby dolls can be simplified. For manufacturing you will need:

  • Thick cardboard from under large boxes, hollow inside (corrugated cardboard);
  • Electrical tape (preferably white and black);
  • Scotch;
  • Glue;
  • Scissors;
  • Marker;
  • Printed screen template.

First you need to cut 3 rectangular parts from corrugated cardboard. You can check the size of the iPhone model you need on the Internet. For example, if you need a 3D model of iPhone 4, the dimensions of the rectangles will be 7.5 × 13.8 cm. You need to round the corners of the parts, and then glue them all together.

Then you need to glue the phone case with electrical tape. After that, glue the ends of the case with electrical tape of a different color. The most commonly used color of the phone case is white on the back and front and black on the sides.

The finishing touch will be the installation of the toy craft screen. The printed screen template, pre-cut, must be glued to the front of the layout. To make the screen shine like real glass, you need to glue the screen with tape. With a black marker, draw a round button on the phone case in the center under the screen.

Choosing a template

In order to prepare a template, you need to find and download a scan of the iPhone model we need on the Internet. There are many options: iPhone S, 5, 6, 7. It is best to print on glossy photo paper, but if there is none, then the printout can be done on plain paper.

Tip: if you do not have a color printer at home, then you need to download the template to a USB flash drive and just print it in any photo studio.

What template you find on the Internet determines what the resulting phone will be like. Good templates are one hundred percent similar to the original, and there are special cutouts in the side details in their printouts. Thanks to this, in the process of folding and gluing them together, you get a good copy of the iPhone. Most often, in the iPhone printouts offered on different sites, you just need to apply scaling so that the phone turns out to be the same size as the real one.

How to make a paper phone with your own hands

How to make a prototype of a newfangled iPhone from improvised means, for example, from available paper, cardboard? A similar question can arise in several cases. Often, children, observing adults, imitate them in everything. Including they really want to press the buttons of your phone, pretend that they are calling someone and talking. Giving your child your gadget for playing, you can say goodbye to him, because the kid can accidentally drop it, break it, fill it with water. Therefore, making a smartphone out of paper for a child is the most correct decision that will allow both the child to please and the equipment to keep safe and sound.

Making a toy iPhone

In order to make an Apple brand cell phone, you will need:

  • pre-prepared phone template;
  • scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • ruler;
  • thick cardboard;
  • glue;
  • simple pencil;
  • lining material inside the phone.

Step-by-step instruction

First you need to cut out the template printed on paper clearly along the lines. You need to know that you do not need to cut the parts (back wall, screen, side parts) separately from each other. Everything is cut out in one piece and then gently bent along the fold lines. After the template is cut, you need to place it on a clean, hard surface of a table or cutting board. A utility knife cuts narrow, straight cuts in the side flaps, which will be used to fasten the iPhone model. To do this evenly, it is better to use a ruler. Put a ruler along the future cut and draw a straight line with a knife.

Advice: if you do not have a clerical knife, then use a regular blade such as “Rapier” and the like. It is very difficult to use scissors to cut narrow long holes in the side parts of the phone model. If you make the slots wider or uneven, the phone will not look very neat after assembling it. It is necessary to work with the blade very carefully, you do not need to entrust this work to the child.

We make a detail that will be inside the iPhone. Draw a pencil around the front of the iPhone template on thick cardboard. Cut out, slightly rounded corners, like a real iPhone. This blank will make the inner side of the screen more rigid.

To add the weights of the paper phone model, you need another blank. The material for lining the inside of the phone can be a denser, heavier cardboard. For example, from the lid of a shoe box. You can also use corrugated cardboard, an old waste mouse pad. Cut out the detail by tracing the back wall of the iPhone with a simple pencil according to the selected template. We cut it out with scissors and glue it to the part obtained from thick cardboard in the previous step.

Now you need to bend the mowing line of the fold of the printed and cut template at right angles, thereby obtaining a mock-up of the phone. The previously obtained part is glued into the interior, which makes the “filling” of thick cardboard heavier and stiffer. The side flaps are rolled up and inserted into the slots of the side lugs. The sides of the phone are also smeared with glue from the inside. It remains to hold the glued surfaces a little so that the glue seizes, and the technological toy is ready.

Origami paper stand

Full adult imitation doesn’t end with just playing with the paper phone. Caring parents can continue this theme and, together with their child, make a stand for his paper iPhone, toy headphones, a case, and a charger. Making a phone stand is as easy as shelling pears. This will require thick cardboard, a pencil or pen and scissors. On the cardboard, you need to draw a diagram according to which you will need to make cuts and folds. Such schemes are quite easy to find on the Internet. You can also turn on your imagination and, if you have free time, together with your child, decide how to make a phone stand out of paper using the origami technique.

A modular origami phone stand is made of many identical parts (modules). You can make any three-dimensional figure out of the modules, including a phone stand. Modules are folded from paper, then one module is inserted into another, and if necessary, fastened with glue. The ability to use paper of different colors will make such an accessory original, unique.

Making a model of a realistic iPhone out of paper and a stand for it is an opportunity to develop a child’s creative abilities and have fun with him. After reading our detailed instructions, even a child will know how to make an iPhone 6 out of paper. In the time of modern technologies, it will be quite interesting for school-age children to perform an analogue of a telephone popular among young people in labor lessons. Such 3d models can also be used as props in theatrical performances, for pranking friends, or as a gift. After all, the made case of a mobile device can be filled with banknotes or small sweets. It all depends on the idea of ​​the author.