How to open the lid of a Sony Xperia

How to remove the cover of Sony Xperia video

Smartphones Sony Xperia (Sony Xperia) are rightfully very popular among fans of Sony. In addition to the well-known name, this is facilitated by a large number of advantages, such as the unique and interesting design of the devices, high-quality materials used for the manufacture of the case, powerful filling, the use of the best components and many others.

The owner may need to remove the back cover of a Sony Xperia smartphone for a variety of reasons, whether it is installing or replacing a SIM card, replacing a battery, installing a memory card, performing a Hard Reset or replacing the back cover itself. In any case, you can’t do without opening the lid of your smartphone.

In fact, the Xperia. it is a generic brand of Sony smartphones, under which many completely different mobile devices are produced from 2012 to the present. Sony Xperia phone case designs sometimes differ significantly from each other, so if you need to remove the back cover from your Sony Xperia phone, first of all, you need to clarify the model name of your smartphone. Below are the ways to open the lids of the most popular models released under the Sony Xperia brand.

Please note that all operations for disassembling a mobile device should be carried out very carefully, as there is a risk of damage to phone parts and, as a result, loss of warranty. All actions you perform at your own peril and risk. In order to better understand the process of removing the back cover, there is a video for almost every smartphone model, which shows the sequence of steps required to open the cover and further disassemble the mobile device. These videos are best watched in HD with full screen view to ensure no detail is missed.

Tool. If the description says that it is necessary to use a tool, then as such it is advisable to use metal or plastic spatulas (shovels) specially designed for this type of work, but in their absence, in some cases, you can use what is at hand, for example, a knife blade or a plastic pick.

For quick navigation through the article, select the model of your smartphone:

How to remove the back cover from Sony Xperia Active

We unscrew the cover of the headset connector, as well as the cover of the system connector. Now, if you pull the caps up with one hand (the movement is similar to peeling off a film from the display surface), holding the phone with the other hand, the back cover will be removed.

You can see more details on removing the back cover of the Sony Xperia Active smartphone in this video. From it you will also learn how to completely disassemble the Sony Xperia Active.

How to remove the back cover from Sony Xperia mini and mini pro

There is a special recess on the left side edge of the phone for easy removal of the cover. Holding the smartphone with one hand, with the thumbnail or index finger of the other hand, snap off the back panel at the location of the indicated recess.

The video below shows how to open the cover of Sony Xperia mini and mini pro phones and disassemble them completely.

How to remove back cover from Sony Xperia Z, Z Ultra, Z1, Z1 compact, Z2, Z3, Z3 compact, Z3 (Z3 plus)

The cover in these phone models is glued to the body of the mobile device, so it may need to be removed only when the device is repaired. To remove it, you need to soften the glue by heating the back panel around the perimeter with a construction or soldering hair dryer at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. At home, you can try to get by with an ordinary hair dryer operating in maximum heating mode. Next, pry off the lid with a tool around the entire perimeter and it will be removed.

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Video of opening the back cover and complete disassembly of the Sony Xperia Z smartphone

Video of opening the back cover and complete disassembly of the smartphone Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Video of opening the back cover and complete disassembly of the Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone

Video of opening the back cover and complete disassembly of the smartphone Sony Xperia Z1 compact

Video of opening the back cover and complete disassembly of the Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone

Video of opening the back cover and complete disassembly of the Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone

Video of opening the back cover and complete disassembly of the smartphone Sony Xperia Z3 compact

Video of opening the back cover and complete disassembly of the smartphone Sony Xperia Z3 (Z3 plus)

The second way to bypass the pattern in a Sony phone while preserving your data

In Sony Xperia, it is easy to get around to remove the pattern with a code. To do this, the first step is to select an emergency call.

Then we type the code. ### (works on all Sony Xperia). after that the service menu will appear, in which select Service tests.

Then we find / select NFC. NFC Diag Test, we wait until the test is over and click on the “Home” button

�� Sony Xperia L1 G3312 Teardown Take apart Tutorial

You should now be on the desktop of your Sony phone. There is no point in describing what to do next.

NOTE: on some Sony Xperia Z, if the code above may not work, then try another. ###, after that the phone will reboot.

open, sony, xperia

Exceptions in our life are common. they are also possible here. Therefore, if the method did not turn out to be effective, we go further.

proven ways to remove the pattern on a sony phone

I forgot the drawing of the pattern on my Sony Xperia phone and I don’t know what to do. about 15,000 people a month knock on the Internet with such a question.

open, sony, xperia

Usually the problem of unlocking comes down to one thing. there is no universal recipe for unlocking sony xperia or ericsson phones, as there are a lot of models.

For example, Sony Xperia z3, z1 compact, st23i, Sony m2, m5, c5303, m2 d2303, e1, c3, Sony Ericsson, Xperia mini, Sony aqua, zr, sony c1905, c2005, 1905, sony lt25i, c2105, 6603, z2 d6503, m4, xperia e5, sony xperia e4 and so on.

Therefore, I will give here three ways at once. In most cases all three will do, but on some models only one is possible.

NOTE: you can remove the unlock pattern, you can lose personal data, save and restore.

The option with the loss of data, we can say the most common, besides, if you are faced with the question of what is more important than a Sony Xperia phone or data, then I am sure that you choose a phone, because you will not have access to data without unlocking the pattern.

ATTENTION: everything that will be described below applies to Sony phones running on Android.

All other devices, like the old Ericsson, are not acceptable without operating systems, however, they do not have a graphic key either.

The first way to unlock the pattern in your Sony phone if you forgot it. without losing data

After you have read this section, go to this page, there is a link to go to a special Google service (I’ll move it here later. I don’t want to be distracted now).

However, there is a lot of useful information with pictures about removing the pattern on Android.

For the method described here, you need: have an Internet connected to your phone and remember the password for entering your Gmail email.

In the absence of the Internet. the problem is easily fixable. here are three options for connecting Sony to the Internet, even when it is locked with a graphic key (in most cases, the Internet is already there and nothing needs to be done).

If you don’t remember your Gmail login details, they are also restored. By the way, I started something wrong, the method on the link above is applicable to unlocking via a computer, but if you haven’t forgotten the credentials, you can remove the pattern directly in the Sony Xperia phone or another of this manufacturer.

To do this, we type the wrong pattern 5 times. Next, you will see something like this button “Lost model?” Smatphone press the “Home” button or forgot, after clicking on “Home” (it is possible that you will get a slightly different message).

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Now you will need to enter your email address and password. Then click “Login”, after which you can change the pattern, and then turn it off altogether, if desired.

The third way to unlock your Sony Xperia pattern with data sweat

Sony Xperia, like any electronic device equipped with software, we are not immune to failure, one of which is to forget the pattern.

Fortunately, Android comes with a recovery menu where we can restore the phone to its original state.

This is a very simple process, although it may seem scary to some. do not be afraid, even if the black screen with text does not scare you, I have used it at least dozens of times and all are successful.

It goes without saying that all data stored on your phone will be lost once the process is complete. In order to start, you must completely turn off the device.

open, sony, xperia

Hold down the combination of buttons to start. In most cases, these are buttons: on / off Increase volume or decrease top.

Each model can have its own combinations. If it doesn’t work, see the article on how to reset on Android phones.

Then, after you enter the menu, you have three steps. The first is to select the item with the voice buttons: Wipe data / Factory reset “.

Then press the power button, move to another menu. confirmations “No” and “Yes”. Choose “Yes”

You are now ready to reboot your Sony phone and, after a few tweaks, start using it as if nothing had happened.

Therefore, we select and press (the power button) on the line. Reboot system now.

a short summary is a step-by-step way to make it all even clearer.

  • Turn off the device completely
  • Get to the recovery menu
  • Select the option “Wipe data / Factory reset” (navigate with the volume buttons and select with the on / off button)
  • Select the “Yes” option (as you did before)
  • Select “Reboot Now”
  • Done

As you can see, this is a very simple process that may seem laborious only at first glance.

Just a few steps and your Sony Xperia phone is “ready for battle” again. Success.

How to disassemble a Sony Xperia phone?

Sony mobile phones have always enjoyed a reputation for reliable Japanese electronics. The same can be said for smartphones. However, even the most reliable gadget can break over time.

At you can see in detail how to disassemble a smartphone to identify / eliminate various kinds of problems.

How to open �� �� the back cover (back housing) Sony Xperia C3 D2502, D2503, D2505, D2533

Initially, you should warn that without special tools it will not work to disassemble a smartphone from Sony. To perform the procedure correctly, you will need the following:

  • thin tweezers;
  • hex screwdriver;
  • suction cup (an ordinary rubber suction cup can be taken from any toy);
  • hair dryer for heating the glue;
  • shoulder blades.

Open the back cover with a spudger or spudger. If you feel the lid won’t budge, do not use brute force. Carefully without overheating the device as a whole, warm up the problem area.

The adhesive will loosen and the lid can be gently removed with a suction cup. We now have direct access to the screws that can be easily removed with a screwdriver.

It is highly recommended to put all screws in a place where they will not get lost.

Removing the frame and removing the battery

Now, with the power of tweezers or a screwdriver, you need to very carefully disconnect the speaker connector. Without this, further analysis is impossible in principle.

How to Open Sony Xperia Z1 Back Cover and Replace it

We take out the battery, then remove the two antenna cables (RF). The motherboard can be removed from the smartphone after removing the special mounts. In most cases, the breakdown of the smartphone is located on it.

But if for some reason the selfie camera fails, you can replace it too. Using tweezers and a soldering iron, it can be replaced with a working one, if it is already available. The camera must be from exactly the same smartphone model.

If the problem lies in the failure of one of the microcircuits that are located on the motherboard, you should not try to fix the smartphone yourself. This requires not only a technological tool, but also a lot of experience.

  • An article that will tell you about the available methods for testing a powerful LED in a domestic environment.
  • Recommendations for choosing a good keyboard for your computer.

The video will show the repair of the Sony Xperia Z smartphone. one of the most popular models today:

How to remove a Sony laptop keyboard

After that, you can safely proceed to unscrewing the screws, but I decided to remove the keyboard just in case. To do this, you need to pry it around the perimeter with a scalpel or knife, unhooking the latches.

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Then lift the keyboard, but without fanaticism and without shouting “urrraaa” with raising the object of conquest upward. The keyboard is attached to the motherboard of a Sony Vaio sve151g17v laptop with a ribbon cable. So you need to take it off. To do this, pull the retainer up and pull out the cable.

After the victorious rise of the keyboard, I freed two more connectors, although all this to clean the fan can be omitted. But if you are going to remove the motherboard, then be sure to do.

We can already see the dusty impeller of the cooling fan of the processor and video chip of the Sony Vaio laptop.

Sony Vaio laptop disassembly

Actually, why did I decide to take it apart? It’s simple. it began to freeze and slow down. then I realized that cleaning the cooling system could not be avoided. Well, let’s start. First, remove the battery and unscrew the screws securing the covers of the RAM and hard drive.

Removing the VGP-BPS26 4000 mAh battery. I must say that she still pleases with a couple of hours of offline video viewing. When he was still young, this time boldly approached 4 o’clock. Eh, years, years. But in general, over 4 years the result is impressive.

Next, you need to remove the hard drive. To do this, you need to unscrew one small screw and move it to the left, if you look like in the photo.

How to remove the cooling system of a Sony Vaio sve151 laptop

To remove the Sony Vaio sve151 air cooling system, you need to carefully unscrew the screws that secure it. What does neat mean? Just unscrew all the screws crosswise half a turn. you definitely won’t be mistaken and do not chip the processor or video chip case. Remember to unplug the fan power connector.

This is how the motherboard should look like with the cooler removed.

All this dust on the motherboard must be removed with compressed air, a tissue or a brush.

How to replace thermal grease in a Sony Vaio laptop

Now let’s get down to repairs. let’s update the thermal paste on the video chip and laptop processor. Wipe the old paste with a napkin moistened with alcohol.

After that, we apply no less thermal paste to the center of the mirror surface of the chip.

There are recommendations for smearing the thermal paste with a thin layer using a credit card. This can also be done But for some time now I stopped suffering from this, relying on the freshness and fluidity of thermal paste under the pressure of the radiator. As practice shows, this method works well even with scratched radiators.

I use thermal paste KPT-8 in a branded tube made according to GOST.

According to the manufacturer, its thermal conductivity is about 1 W / m deg. It seems to be a good indicator, although overclockers write here. that foreign pastes will be better.

How to clean a Sony laptop cooler

This is what the cooling system looks like taken from a Sony Vaio sve151 laptop. Dried thermal grease and dust are visible on the fan.

In another perspective, the reason for the processor overheating is clearly visible. a radiator clogged with fine dust

The distance between the radiator lamellas is very small and therefore the dust is well coked.

Remove the fan by unscrewing three screws for easy cleaning.

I decided to wash the radiator with a cooling tube under running water with a brush and soapy water. Everything cleared up very well. True, I had to wait until the water dries up. I put it on the battery.

With a fan, I had to go out onto the balcony and in the fresh air scatter all the accumulated dust with a brush. Here’s how it turned out in the end.

Sony Vaio laptop disassembly, cleaning and repair

I wish all readers good health! Today I will show you how to disassemble, clean and repair a Sony Vaio sve151g17v laptop yourself. I’ll tell you a secret. this is my home laptop, so today we are cleaning and fixing our faithful friend and just handsome Vaio from Sony. To be honest. in modern Vaio, only the name remains from the progenitors: nowadays it is a China assembly and a case made of thin plastic. It’s good that at least there are no children’s sores in the form of chips and buttons falling off. In spite of everything, he has been serving faithfully for 4 years already.

For 4 years of operation, the laptop has never understood and today will be its first time. Meet. Sony Vaio sve151g17v laptop repair in white case.