How To Install Apps On Ipad 1

Instructions: how to install the program on the iPhone via ipa file

How To Install Apps On Ipad 1

Many owners of Apple mobile devices who jailbreak iPhone hack the system to extend the functionality of the gadget and install tweaks from Cydia. But jailbreak also allows you to install jailbroken apps. In this article, we will analyze in detail how to install ipa files on the iPhone.

First of all, to install ipa files, you need to jailbreak.


The iTools application, unlike the iFunBox, has a modern interface. But in all other respects the utilities are similar.

  1. Download and install iTools.
  2. Download ipa file.
  3. Connect iPhone to PC.
  4. Open iTools.
  5. Go to the Applications tab.
  6. Switch to iPhone item.
  7. Click the Install button.
  8. Specify the path to the ipa file.
  9. Wait for the installation to complete.

Installing ipa applications using iTunes

The easiest and most acceptable method for installing ipa without jailbreak for most iPhone users is using iTunes.

To do this, you will need:

  1. Download and install the latest iTunes.
  2. Download the required application or game as an ipa file.
  3. Open the file in iTunes (double click on the file). The program will be added to iTunes. Itunes Programs.
  4. Connect iPhone to Computer.
  5. In iTunes go to iTunes iPhone Programs.
  6. Undo apps that need to be transferred to iPhone.
  7. Click Sync.

How to download AppSync

  1. Launch Cydia.
  2. Open the Repositories tab.
  3. Click Edit Add.
  4. Add the following repositories: http://cydia.Angelxwind.Net/ and http://repo.Hackyouriphone.Org.
  5. Confirm adding.
  6. Search for the AppSync extension for the desired iOS version.
  7. Install tweak.

You will need to restart your iPhone after installing AppSync.


A distinctive feature of iFunBox is its high speed. However, the application does not have a beautiful interface. Developers focused on functionality.

To install the program using iFunBox you need:

  1. Download and install the iFunBox manager.
  2. Download the required program.
  3. Connect smartphone or tablet to PC.
  4. Open iFunBox and click Manage Application Data. Install app (.Ipa).
  5. Specify the path to the ipa-file of the program.
  6. To install the program.

There is one nuance in iFunBox.

Developers do not recommend installing applications larger than 1 GB. After installing the game, it may crash after the initial splash screen.

Installing ipa using third-party utilities

Today there are several programs that replace iTunes. Almost all of them allow you to install applications on the iPhone. The most popular utilities are iFunBox and iTools.

Smart TV: How to Download Apps for LG Smart TV?

Smart TV applications are free to download for all devices, unless otherwise specified on the page of the widget itself. The procedure is approximately the same as for Samsung, but there are some differences:

  1. Find the Smart button on the remote control, if it is absent, then click on Home;
  2. Use the arrows to scroll through the list to LG Store;
  3. In the catalog, select Applications from the menu;
  1. Select the item you are interested in and open the page;
  2. Similar to Samsung, programs are installed and launched.

In most cases, it is convenient to use one account to download and install programs for both a smartphone, tablet, and TV. In the future, if the device is replaced or a second TV is purchased, when entering the profile, you can immediately get the same applications.

For the most part, the applications are free and help to somewhat develop the functionality of the TV, launch various special broadcasts, use services like YouTube, NetFlix and others. There are also games, they are simple in design and quality, but they look impressive on a huge screen.

Apps for Smart TV Samsung TV

We will discuss how to install applications on Smart TV in the next instruction, but it should be noted in advance that a Wi-Fi connection is required to download the program. It is configured using a characteristic window in the connections menu.

  1. On the remote control, press the button in the center, it has a characteristic Google color;
  2. After going to the Smart TV menu, select the Samsung Apps item;
  1. We log in if you have not previously completed it;
  2. Next, a window with widgets for the TV will open, on the right there are categories and a search form;
  3. We select the required program, navigation through the entire menu is done using the arrows on the remote control or a connected mouse. After selecting a widget, go to its page;
  4. The page contains basic information about the application, its weight, function, benefits, screenshots, etc. If it suits you, then click on Download;
  5. After the procedure, the Install button will appear;
  1. Next, a notification about successful installation will open.

How to install and enter the Play Market on Smart TV?

If you have your own account (at least gmail mail), you can immediately enter it, otherwise you will have to register. The procedure is similar to most other authorizations and includes:

  1. Click on the Register button;
  2. You must confirm your agreement with the terms;
  3. Specify your E-mail address and password, you need to repeat it twice, check the box next to Agree. The password must contain a set of numbers and letters, otherwise the system will not accept it;
  1. Go to the mail that was specified earlier and confirm the end of registration;
  2. Now return to the initial Login window and enter the data for authorization, if you wish, you can specify additional information.

Now access to the Play Market has been established and you can start installing the necessary applications.

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How to download apps to Smart TV?

Smart TV apps perform the most versatile functions and thereby expand the functionality of the TV. Among the applications there are games, special programs for broadcasting TV channels, an archive of television broadcasting, some Internet publications also broadcast in the TV sphere. Thanks to the proliferation of cloud storage, the TV doesn’t even have to store large amounts of bytes.

It is important to note that in order to fully use the TV as a gaming platform, you need to purchase a special Magic Remote separately. It is quite difficult to implement control without it, since few games do without using the remote control.

Installing and configuring the IPTVPORTAL (R-line) application

Important! The IPTVPORTAL application works on Samsung Smart TVs since 2012 (E, F, H, J, K series in the TV article is a letter after inches, for example UE40H6203 is H series).

For LG netCast TVs: version 4.0 / 4.5; for all LG webOS except TVs with webOS 3.0 OS from 2016 release.

On all devices running on the FOXXUM platform: Sharp, Toshiba, Haier, Hisense, Blaupunkt, Orion, Metz, Medion, etc.

Android TVs with Android OS 4.0 and higher Philips, Sony, Mystery, etc.

How to download the IPTVPORTAL (R-line) application to the TV

If you still have questions on the topic How to download applications on Smart TV?, You can ask them in the comments

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How to install apps and games on iPhone and iPad

Many of my co-workers (under my guidance) have recently acquired brand new iPhones. All of them, of course, are happy with the purchase, only some of them did not understand what kind of device they got into their hands. Therefore, they use the iPhone the old fashioned way only to call and write SMS. Install at least some bullshit-casual game, hands do not reach (or mind is not enough).

There are several methods and ways to install programs on the iPhone. But we will only consider the main.

The first one without which we cannot move beyond Apple ID. This is an account with which you can do a bunch of different things from installing apps to keeping track of your lost iPhone and other Apple devices.

So if you still don’t have an Apple ID, register urgently. The complete guide can be found here.

.Ipa files

Applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are not devoid of material appearance and can be distributed in the form of files with the.Ipa extension.

The.Ipa file is actually a ZIP compressed folder that contains the executable and resource files. The folder is structured in a special way for automatic recognition in iTunes and the App Store. To access the insides of the ipa file, you can rename its extension to zip and then unpack.

I had a case when it was necessary to add some maps to the iGO application. To do this, I renamed the ipa file to zip and unpacked it.

Then I copied the map files to the appropriate folder inside the unpacked archive and zipped everything back. Renamed zip to ipa and recorded on iPhone. Everything worked like a clock. Igo pulled up the maps and did not notice the substitution.

Installing applications from the App Store

To do this, your iOS device has a standard application called the App Store. Below is a step by step guide:

STEP 1 Turn on the iPhone (iPad / iPod) and launch the standard App Store application.

STEP 2 At the bottom of the screen there is a menu for quick search of applications (Featured Top Charts Near Me). If you know exactly what you came for, it is better to use the Search. As you enter the name of the application or its developer, you will be presented with matching results.

STEP 3 After choosing an application, pay attention to the terms of its distribution (for money or for free).

STEP 5 Next, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. After that, wait until the download and installation of the application is completed. It’s all! Look for a freshly installed app on your phone / tablet home screen.

What if I have a Jailbrake?

If your iPhone has been jailbroken (the procedure for opening access to the file system), you can still install applications from the AppStore, as described above.

In addition, jailbreak gives you the ability to install jailbroken applications that can be downloaded from numerous torrent sites.

I will not write how to download from torrent sites. I will only say one thing, downloading applications from torrent sites you should be interested in only one single file with the.Ipa extension. Read what to do with it in the instructions below.

STEP 1 Launch iTunes on your computer. We connect your iOS device with a cable.

STEP 2 If there is no Applications item in the Library (left column), activate it in the settings (in the top menu of iTunes Settings). After that, click on the Programs item in the Media Library.

STEP 3 Go to Finder and find the downloaded.Ipa file with your application in the Downloads folder. Run it with a double click.

STEP 4 You will be automatically transferred back to iTunes where the icon of the new application will appear. Now drag this icon from the right side of the screen to the left and release the button above the name of your device. Wait for the copy to finish.

It’s all! I’m sure many thought it would be much more difficult. Sorry, not this time! Any of Apple’s gadgets is built with the idea of ​​convenience and ease of use. Therefore, there can be nothing military here.

Today you learned how to install applications on your iPhone or iPad, which means that the day was not in vain.

We have a bunch of interesting articles and lessons in the plans. Don’t miss new issues, sign up for e-mail delivery using the form below (no spam guaranteed).

How to install old version of App Store apps on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

1. Download Charles utility for Windows, OS X or Linux from the developer’s official site. The program is paid, but the first 30 days are provided without the need to make a payment.

2. Close the browser window.

3. Install and run Charles.

4. Grant privileges to the program by clicking the Grant Priveleges button and then Install.

5. Open iTunes, find the application of interest and click on the download button.

6. In the Structure tab of the left side menu of the Charles program, find the line and select it.

7. Right-click on this line and select the Enable SSL Proxying menu item.

8. Return to iTunes, stop downloading the application and delete it by pressing the Delete key.

9. In the iTunes search, enter the name of the application of interest again, and by going to its page, you will thereby update the content.

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10. Click the Upload button again.

11. In the Structure tab of the left side menu of the Charles program, find the new line and expand its contents.

12. Right-click on the buyProduct file and select Export.

13. Save the file as XML Summary file (.Xml).

14. Right-click on the saved file in the.Xml format and select Open in program in the context menu → TextEdit (any text editor will work for this procedure).

15. Scroll down the code until you find the line softwareVersionExternalIdentifiers, below which is the text in the following format:

These are all possible versions of applications, from the oldest to the latest.

16. Copy the version number.

17. Go back Charles and right click on buyProduct and click Edit.

18. At the bottom, select the Text view and at the top of the text find the following line:

19. Under it, between the keys XXXX, replace the value with the one copied from TextEdit.

20. At the bottom, click the Execute button.

21. Charles will create a new buyProduct file in the branch (at the very bottom of the wa folder).

22. Go to the Response tab and select XML Text as the view.

23. Find the line in the code with the name of the application and its version.

ATTENTION! If the version of the application does not suit you, then using the brute-force method, repeat steps 16-23, substituting other values ​​into the XXXX key.

24. Right click on buyProduct and activate Breakpoints.

25. Switch to iTunes, refresh the page with the application and download it again.

26. A new Charles window with Breakpoints will be displayed.

27. Go to the Edit Request tab and click on XML Text.

28. In line XXXX, paste your version of the application that you copied in paragraph 16.

29. At the bottom, click the Execute button.

30. A new Charles window with Breakpoints will open in which click the Execute button again.

31. Wait for the end of the process of downloading the application in iTunes.

32. Go to the My Programs tab and find the downloaded offer.

33. Click on it with the right mouse button and click Details.

34. As you can see, in our case we downloaded SoundCloud version 3.9.1 while the current version is 3.15.0.

34. Connect iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to Mac or PC.

35. Synchronize the application or simply drag it to the icon with the device.

How to install an old version of any application on an iPhone or iPad 2 ways

Well, you have updated your favorite application to the most recent up-to-date version, but the developers made a mistake and the program began to work worse, or completely cut its functionality (for example, deleting the Audio recordings section from the Vkontakte application). Don’t be upset, there is a way to downgrade App Store apps.

How to install old version of App Store apps on iPhone and iPad with jailbreak without a computer

1. Install the iFile file manager in Cydia, thanks to which you can access all the directories of the drive.

2. Run iFile and go to / private / var / mobile / Containers / Bundle / Application /. Here you will see a list of all installed apps on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, but unfortunately with strange names. So you will have to look for the application at random, opening each folder and looking at the name XXX.App, where XXX is the name of the application.

By the way, in order not to follow this long path (/ private / var / mobile / Containers / Bundle / Application /) every time, add the folder to your bookmarks. To do this:

A) on the bottom panel, tap on the icon with shortcuts / bookmarks;

B) go to the Bookmarks tab;

C) click on the plus sign in the lower right corner of the display;

D) if necessary, change the name of the bookmark, for example, All applications and click Create.

3. Find the required application, the version of which you want to rollback.

4. Open the iTunesMetadata.Plist file and click Text Editor.

5. Scroll down the page until you see the format text:

The numbers refer to the version of the program. Copy any of the versions. In the future, you will also have to sort them out at random.

6. Install the free App Admin jailbreak tweak from the Cydia BigBoss repository.

7. Open the App Store and find the application of interest.

8. Regardless of whether it is installed or not, click the Load / Open button.

9. In the pop-up message, select Downgrade.

10. Once in the Known Versions section, you can select one of the old versions available in the list, and if there is no exact version, then click the plus sign in the upper right corner and paste the code copied in the seventh paragraph.

11. Wait for the installation to finish (downloading the application can be very slow. Don’t worry, this is normal).

As you can see, we installed the old version of the Vkontakte application, which also had an Audio Recordings section.

In the App Store, next to the application, of course, there will be an Update inscription, after clicking on which you will receive the latest version.

How to install an application on an iPhone via iTunes

Itunes is a popular computer program that allows you to organize work on your computer with all the available arsenal of Apple devices. One of the features of the program is downloading applications and then installing it on the device. This process will be considered by us in more detail.

How to download the app via iTunes

First of all, let’s look at how the applications of interest are loaded into iTunes. To do this, launch iTunes, open the Applications section in the upper left pane of the window, and then go to the App Store tab.

Apps downloaded from iTunes will appear in the My Programs tab. Now you can go directly to the process of copying the application to the device.

How to Transfer an App from iTunes to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

1. Connect your gadget to iTunes using a USB cable or Wi-Fi sync. When the device is detected in the program, in the upper left area of ​​the window, click on the miniature device icon to go to the device control menu.

2. In the left pane of the window, go to the Applications tab. The selected section will be displayed on the screen, which can be visually divided into two parts: the list of all applications will be visible on the left, and the desktops of your device will be displayed on the right.

3. In the list of all applications, find the program that you want to copy to your gadget. Opposite it is the Install button, which must be selected.

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4. After a moment, the application will be displayed on one of the desktops of your device. If necessary, you can immediately move it to the desired folder or any desktop.

5. It remains to start synchronization in iTunes. To do this, click on the Apply button in the lower right corner, and then, if necessary, in the same area, click on the Synchronize button that appears.

Once the sync is complete, the app will be on your Apple gadget.

If you still have questions related to how to install applications through iTunes on iPhone, ask your questions in the comments.

How to install apps on iPhone

Iphone is famous primarily for its unique mobile operating system iOS. Hundreds of thousands of applications that run only under her control make the iPhone so desirable and attractive. How to install applications on the iPhone with this question, we will figure it out today in all the smallest details.

Installing applications on the iPhone is possible in two ways: via a PC using iTunes or by means of the iPhone itself via Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G. Let’s take a closer look at both options.

How to install the application on iPhone via the App Store:

1. Launch the App Store

How to install apps on iPhone

2. We register or indicate existing Apple ID data

3. Select the required application

How to install apps on iPhone

4. Click Free or the amount at which the application is estimated to download / purchase

5. We are waiting for the end of the download of the application

How to install apps on iPhone

Ways to Install Apps from App Store on iPhone or iPad

  1. Directly from the iPhone;
  2. From a computer via iTunes;
  3. From a computer via file managers (iFunBox, iTools).

3 ways to install applications from the App Store (games and programs) on the iPhone or iPad: via iTunes, directly from the iPhone and via the iFunBox file manager

Sooner or later, every owner of an iOS device, be it iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, is faced with the need to install an application from the App Store on their own. It can be a game (paid, free, shareware) or a program, there is no difference in the installation method.

Today we will share with you, dear readers, the working methods of installing applications on an iPhone or iPad.

To begin with, it is worth noting that the device itself is not enough to install applications from the App Store, you must first create an Apple ID account, you can do this right during the application installation process.

To install applications from the App Store, we need:

  • Any iOS device, it can be an iPhone or iPad (iPod Touch is losing its relevance);
  • Apple ID account;
  • Active internet connection;
  • Itunes installed on a PC (Windows) or Mac (when installing games or programs through iTunes). [Download iTunes];
  • File manager: iFunBox, iTools or any other.

Installing games and programs on iPhone or iPad via iTunes

This method allows you to install applications from the App Store using a computer, it can be a Windows-based PC or Mac, all steps are identical. The method is slightly more complicated than the previous one, but it also has a number of advantages:

  • All applications downloaded from the App Store are saved on the hard drive of the computer and can be installed on the iPhone and iPad even if there is no Internet connection;
  • When restoring an iPhone or updating the firmware, all previously installed programs and games can be installed in a few clicks without downloading from the Apple server, and this is faster and cheaper (if you have an unlimited Internet connection);
  • At any time, you can transfer all purchases from the App Store (free, shareware and paid applications) to your computer.

A situation may arise when you downloaded a game or application directly from the iPhone (without a computer), it is installed in the device’s memory, but it is not in iTunes (in the Applications menu). In this case, when reflashing the iPhone, all of them will be deleted from the device’s memory. Do not worry, all applications that were previously installed on your iPhone can be restored, namely, transfer them to your computer through iTunes. Apple calls this process Transferring Purchases from iPhone.

How to transfer applications from the App Store (games, programs) from iPhone to computer

You can get applications installed on the iPhone in the form of separate ipa files on the hard drive of a PC or Mac in two ways:

  1. Automatically when syncing iPhone to computer via iTunes;
  2. Manually, without connecting the device to a computer.

When you sync your iPhone with your computer via iTunes, all games and applications installed in the device’s memory from the App Store are automatically downloaded to your PC or Mac’s hard drive and become available in the Applications menu in iTunes, no additional action is required.

When syncing a restored or updated iPhone with a computer (with a clean iOS), you can choose at any time which applications from iTunes can be installed in the memory of the iOS device.

The second method does not require synchronizing the iPhone with the computer, the transfer of purchases from the App Store is carried out without connecting the iPhone-computer.

  1. Launch iTunes on Mac or Windows-PC (no difference).
  • Authorize your computer in iTunes.
  • On Mac: from the main iTunes menu File. Devices select Transfer purchases from iPhone your device name.

In Windows: press Alt, go to File in the menu that appears. Devices and select Transfer purchases from

After the end of the process, all available for your Apple ID (purchased free applications from the App Store with authorization under your Apple ID) can be installed on the iPhone and iPad without an Internet connection.

As you noticed, in order to transfer all purchases from the iTunes Store to your computer, you must first authorize it in iTunes.

How to install application on iphone?

Having bought a new phone or tablet, you need to install applications on them. Only having the necessary applications on the gadget can you feel confident and be in the forefront of Internet users. Some gadget sellers install applications on them using their Apple ID, without giving a password to it. Having received such a gadget for use, you will not be able to receive updates to installed applications, as well as install new ones. Therefore, we offer a simple instruction on how to install applications on iphone, ipod and ipod touch and how to do it yourself and for free.