How to Disable Subscription On TV

Wink service is a platform created by Rostelecom for watching films, TV shows and television. The range of available content directly depends on the type of user subscription. Everyone knows what needs to be done to activate a subscription, but sometimes it can be difficult to disconnect. This problem is especially relevant in the context of the fact that by default the service activates automatic renewal of a subscription. If you do not disable this feature, then the money will be withdrawn from your card every month, even if you are not already using the service.

Step-by-step instructions for disabling subscriptions on PCs and laptops

Deactivation is carried out in accordance with a simple algorithm:

  1. Open the site wink.Rt.Ru.
  2. On the main page of the portal, select the “Subscriptions” section.

How to Disable Subscription On TV

Wink Home

  1. Open the “Subscription Composition” section that you plan to disable.
  2. Click on the “Unsubscribe” button.

Personal Account Interface

  1. When automatic renewal is deactivated, a notification will appear in the upper right corner with the text “Auto renew is disabled. The service is available until (date). ”

Auto Renewal Disable Notification

This completes the process. When the subscription ends, you will need to renew it manually.

Deactivate auto-renewal on Smart TVs from Samsung and LG

Follow the simple instructions:

  1. Go to the “My” section in the main menu.

Wink App Interface on Smart TV

  1. Click on the “Subscription Management” tab.
  2. Open the Subscriptions menu.

Personal account in the application

  1. Click on “Subscription Details” next to the package for which you want to deactivate automatic renewal.
  2. Click on “Unsubscribe.”

Subscriptions and packages in the Wink app

  1. Confirm your decision.

Immediately after disabling auto-renew, a notification will appear on the TV screen stating that the operation completed successfully.

Wink auto-renewal algorithm for Android TV consoles and TVs

Instructions for deactivating automatic renewal:

  1. Go to the Play Market app.
  2. Go to the main menu by clicking on the three bars on the left side of the screen.

Play Market Interface

  1. Open the Subscriptions menu.

Go to “Subscriptions”

  1. Select a TV package or subscription.

List of packages and subscriptions

  1. Click on Unsubscribe.
  1. Indicate the reason for disabling automatic renewal of subscription and click on “Continue”.
  2. Agree to the transaction by clicking on “Unsubscribe.”

Traditionally, a notification about the successful completion of the operation will appear on the screen.

What to do if the Play Market does not open?

On some TVs, a crash is observed. The branded market of the Android operating system does not start. The problem is solved quite easily, log in to your account on the Google Play Market website, and then follow the instructions:

  1. Switch to the “My Subscriptions” tab.
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Google Play Market Site

  1. Click on “Configure” next to the subscription whose auto-renewal you want to deactivate.
  1. Select Unsubscribe.
  2. Confirm the operation by clicking “Unsubscribe” again.

A notification on the screen indicates the correct deactivation of the automatic renewal of the subscription.

Turn off auto-renewal on iOS devices

Stick to a simple algorithm:

  1. Log in to the Apple branded market.
  2. Click on the avatar of your account.

Personal Account Interface

  1. Switch to the Manage Subscriptions tab.

List of active subscriptions

  1. Choose your subscription.
  1. Click on “Unsubscribe.”
  2. In the new dialog box, select Confirm.

If you did everything correctly, the subscription status will change.


Now you know how to disable Wink on a TV or any other device. Auto-renew is deactivated in just a few steps. There is nothing complicated about this. Just follow the instructions.

Ivi is one of the most popular online movie theaters. One of the attractive aspects of the service is that most of the content in it is available to all users for free, moreover, you do not need to register to watch a movie online. All projects are available at ivi.Ru. But some content is only available to you for a paid subscription. After its design, all ivi content is available to you without restrictions. But few people know how to turn off this subscription on the TV. In this article you will find the answer to this question.

Online cinema ivi.Ru

  1. Subscribe to ivi.Ru
  2. How to unsubscribe ivi on TV
  3. Pros of the online cinema ivi.Ru

Subscribe to ivi.Ru

For all users who get to ivi.Ru service, it offers more than 60 thousand new licensed programs, films, cartoons, programs for adults and children. All this content is free, but with ad impressions. For everyone, a separate ivi catalog is offered in which you can view content without ads.

Subscription for users is divided into two types.

  1. In Evie plus you are invited to more than a thousand different series, films for 30 days you can watch any content from this package. It is available for 400 rubles to everyone. Alls from this package are marked with a blue pen icon.
  2. The second paid package is called “Blockbusters ivi”. A collection of the best films from around the world, including domestic paintings. To watch one of these films you need to pay from 100 rubles for each. Such films have a special distinguishing mark of a blue star.

How to unsubscribe ivi on TV

Disabling the automatic subscription to ivi on TV is very simple.

Click “My ivi” in the app. Click “Manage ivi”.

Select “Manage ivi” Next, click “Disable ivi”.

Click “Disconnect ivi” in the Confirm application that you disconnect the subscription by clicking “Disconnect”.

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Click “Disable” to confirm

When the shutdown is successful, you will see an information window on the screen. Read this block of information and click “Back”. If you do not have an account and have lost access to the TV where a paid subscription was connected, contact the support service on the service and they will certainly help you.

Pros of the online cinema ivi.Ru

The service has significant advantages over its competitors, let’s consider them:

  • The site was created by a large group of people who worked hard on the design of the service. All categories are conveniently and conveniently arranged, there is a convenient and quick search on the content. Ivi.Ru is a Russian service, it is also to some extent an advantage, there are no problems with the translation.
  • Although there is advertising in the free use case, it does not interfere with viewing and navigation.
  • In a free account you have access to a large database of licensed films, cartoons and TV shows.
  • Convenient, intuitive interface.

It is also worth mentioning about the shortcomings, because they also have:

  • When developing the player, programmers clearly cheated. Inconvenient rewind, step rewind in as much as 10 minutes. If you missed a couple of frames, you have to re-review about 9 minutes of the already seen plot.
  • You can watch all the most interesting films only when you subscribe.
  • Android and iOS device users often complain that the ivi application crashes frequently. Apparently the company overpaid programmers.

Subscribing to Megogo is popular with customers. But in some cases there is a need to turn it off. Consider how to do it right.

  1. What is Megogo?
  2. How to unsubscribe from Megogo service
  3. Findings

What is Megogo?

In Eastern Europe, the CIS countries are proposing the use of Service. As part of the service is provided use of personal offer:

  • Free viewing with advertising. Available in 15 countries of the former Soviet Union;
  • Purchase opportunity piece purchase of new TV;
  • When using the prepaid system, the client gets the opportunity use a subscription in the direction of “Cinema and TV”.

About a year ago, a study was conducted according to which the subscription audience is at least 55 million people. The general director of the company is Vladimir Borovik.

By accessing the subscription service, the client has the opportunity to choose about 80 thousand units. There are documentaries, films, cartoons and series. There are interesting programs: live broadcasts, cultural events and blogs, shows.

Megogo collaborates in its work with lots of studios. Among the most famous:

  • FOX;
  • Warner Brothers;
  • Paramount Pictures.

All content provided by the company is legal. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the safety of providing the service. After the service is activated, the client is given the opportunity to watch programs on any device, the main thing is that it supports smart tv function.

To make it convenient for the customer to serve, a special library consisting of interactive channels has been created. Total than 400 channels available.

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MEGOGO LIVE. A section that is widely used by users. Here the opportunity of online broadcasting, unique content of its own production is realized. In addition to copyright programs, there are dance and sports shows.

The company management takes a strong social position. Thus, cinema, media, Internet shows are organized. A special project called “Watch as you hear” has been developed, which provides people with hearing impairments with the ability to watch channels.

How to disable the Call Hold service on Megaphone is written here

Officially the service was launched in 2011, immediately in 15 countries. For now Megogo is distinguished by the following:

  • Over 21,000 hours of content. It includes 3500 films, 800 series, cartoons for children 700 series for adults as well 200 entertainment programs and concerts;
  • The ability to use the application based on the platforms iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android;
  • Better watch entertainment on phone models LG, Sony, Samaung, Panasonic;
  • Among the studios with which the company works it is fashionable to highlight Soyuzmultfilm, Kievnauchfilm, Carmen, film studio named after Dovzhenko;
  • Advertising have but she very short.

How to unsubscribe from Megogo service

Payment for the provision of the service is possible in any way. If you have a question about how to disable the subscription to Megogo, you can use the prescribed algorithm. If money is debited for a subscription, you must:

  • Go to megogo.Ru, after scrolling to the end. Indicated below number 8 800 100 49 07. Calling a number is free. The specialist will need to explain the reason for the shutdown, the employee will do everything on his own;
  • Take advantage Megogo official website. As a rule, they use this method if the TV is not available. Subscription required enter login and password, received earlier, after to unsubscribe.

Remember that the first month service is free. After 30 days money will be charged. Therefore, it is important to know how to untie a card on Megogo to avoid writing off personal funds.


  • Provided to all customers who want to see quality content;
  • Large selection of channels, programs. Each client will find everything that he likes best. Playback is in high quality;
  • During the first 30 days the company provides an opportunity to watch everything is free. Thus, in the future, the subscriber has the opportunity to independently determine whether he needs it or not.

If you do not know how to unsubscribe from the application, then feel free to call the hotline. You can find it on the official website.

on the topic “CAUTION MEGOGO (AUTO PAYMENT is turned on by default when you first pay for services with a credit card)”: