How To Connect Camera To Tv Via Usb

The “symbiosis” of television and cameras of various types is not new in our time. Smart technologies, non-stop and on-line surveillance are already inconceivable to implement without this-tv union. Depending on the modification of both devices, both the degree of complexity and, in general, the ability to connect, and most importantly, proper functioning, are determined.

How to Connect Camera to TV Via Usb

Naturally, specialized cameras for smart TVs will reproduce sound and picture at the same time, without any additional manipulations when connected to each other. You just need to follow the instructions and follow some rules for the purchase of equipment.

To clarify the issue with the other types of “seeing” devices, it is worth taking the three most popular varieties (web, surveillance, car) and see if they will work if you make a connection.


Now almost everyone is familiar with such a device, because its main function is to transfer the image to a computer, and no communication without it, for example, via Skype no longer seems to be complete. However, it becomes interesting whether it is possible to connect the webcam not to a PC, but to a TV directly? In explicit form, this is unrealistic.

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But still, a device with a USB interface can be connected to a TV device with an analog signal only through an “intermediary”. a stationary system unit. In addition, you will still need special adapter cables with suitable connectors, so look carefully at what exactly are on all three components of the circuit. HDMI, VGA, DVI, SVideo, etc.

Knowing the preliminary details, you can easily make the configuration work by following the guide:

  1. Through adapters connects the computer and the TV, and also debugs the screen resolution for a PC monitor.
  2. Then it connects to the system unit via the USB connector of the webcam. And also the position of the television “eyes” is selected so that the viewing angle is maximized, USB extenders of various sizes usually become assistants in this matter.
  3. At the end, the drivers are installed from the supplied disk and the remaining parameters are configured through the “Devices” menu.

Camera “home” or surveillance

For the purpose of high-quality connection and debugging of equipment for surveillance, it is enough that the TV model has an RCA connector (“tulip”). And the hint itself is laid in the color of the connecting cable, which consists of yellow, red and black (or white) colors, where each of them has its purpose.

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So, in common use systems, colors indicate certain functions:

  • yellow. broadcast;
  • red. stereo / mono signal transmission to the left channel;
  • black / white. transmission of a similar signal to the right channel.

In the concept of analog surveillance, the last two cables are designed to “feed” the equipment itself. That is, when connecting this type of device, often having only two cables. for and power supply (sound is optional in this case), an additional 12 V power source (block) is included in the circuit.

If a real-time picture appears on the TV screen after selecting a specially designed AV channel and turning on a household camera (or applying power for surveillance), then you can be sure that everything is done correctly.

Rear View Camera (Car)

It is not surprising that now even in the car there are the same TV screens and “seeing” devices that register what is happening around. And, of course, the beneficial effect of both in combination with each other is undeniable, but how to connect a rear view camera if there is no certain experience? This is done quite easily, by analogy with previous installations:

  • red is connected to the signal wire of the reversing light, and black / white is grounded in the same place;
  • the yellow eyeliner is combined with the output of the camera and the input of the monoblock, if there is no specially designed connector for the latter, then the one marked with the inscription IN will certainly fit.
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At the moment, rear view cameras with transmission via a wireless network are available. In such circumstances, the connection is even easier. You only need to insert the transmitter and receiver into the corresponding connectors of the camera output and monitor input. And then to check the operation, turn on the reverse gear on the car and if there are no problems, a picture will appear on the screen.