How to remove the cover from the phone

Many modern mobile devices are now manufactured with a single case. As a rule, this is done in order to maximize the protection of component parts from penetration from outside by moisture, dust, and also dirt. In addition, it is less likely to damage the case, which, due to its integrity, becomes more durable and reliable.

But sometimes the user needs for some reason to disassemble the smartphone, opening the back cover. Most often this is done in order to check parts, as well as change components, such as a battery. But many users are starting to spin the Honor mobile device in search of some way to open the back cover, but to no avail. Nevertheless, even independently you can successfully disassemble your Honor smartphone without any troubles.

Preparing to open the lid

Before you begin any mechanical process to work with your Honor mobile device, you must turn off the power. This is done so that there are no accidental button presses, as well as for a more safe shutdown.

The back panel of the Honor smartphone is fixed to a hot glue specially designed for this purpose. Therefore, before directly disassembling the phone, it is extremely advisable to use a hairdryer, warming the entire case for maximum heating. In this case, the user should monitor the process, not being distracted by external stimuli. It is important not to allow overheating, since in this case, it is possible to damage the elements of the mobile device.

It should be borne in mind that hot glue will be needed after the preparatory stage. After all the manipulations with the mobile device, you will have to fix the back cover again, for this it will be necessary to generously coat the panel with hot glue, and then firmly press the cover for a few seconds, with some effort.

You can disassemble a Honor mobile device at home. It is not necessary to have any special tools.

To independently open the back cover of a Honor smartphone, you will need the following devices:

  • A small screwdriver to remove the screws on the device;
  • A special suction cup, where at the end there is a ring with which you can lift the lid of the smartphone;
  • Plastic card, if there is no special pick for repairing a mobile device.

Once the necessary tools are found, you can proceed to the direct disassembly of the Honor mobile device.

Opening the back cover of the smartphone

The algorithm for analyzing the entire body of the Honor mobile device will look like this:

  • Turn off the power of the smartphone by pressing the special key, wait until the device is completely turned off.
  • Pull out the SIM card slot.
  • Preheat the device body with a hairdryer.
  • Fix the suction cup with the ring on the back cover of the phone, after which the pick (if it is absent, use a thin plastic card) to separate the back panel from the smartphone case.
  • Completely remove the cover, which is held on a special glue.
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After carrying out all the necessary procedures, it will be necessary to replace the glue on the back cover of the device for the most reliable fastening, and then put the panel in its place, with some effort, fixing it.

Smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei have gained sufficient popularity among consumers. The main advantages users called cost with a combination of sufficient power and functionality. But, modern flagships have a more complex design, which raises the question. How to open the back cover of a Honor or Huawei phone.

How to remove the cover from the phone

What are the back covers made of?

The manufacturer is not limited to one design. So, the back panel may be:

  • Glass / ceramic.
  • Plastic / metal.
  • Leather.

Regardless of the material, the removal instructions will be identical.

Smartphones companies with and without removable cover. List

Smartphones that allow you to remove the cover:

  • 7A PRO.
  • P20 PRO
  • P30 Lite
  • P8 Lite 2017.
  • Y9 2018.

All other modern devices do not provide this function. These include:

  • 8 Lite.
  • P Smart Z.
  • 8 C.
  • Y6 Prime 2018.
  • 6C Pro.
  • 9/9 Lite.
  • P30 Pro.
  • P smart.
  • Nova 3.
  • P9 eva l19.
  • 6a.
  • 7a.
  • View 20.
  • Y6 2020.
  • 10/10 Lite.

Necessary tools

Dismantling the device is carried out by different tools. To remove the back cover from a Huawei or Honor phone, use:

  • Phillips screwdriver or Pentalobe (0.8).
  • Cup suction cup.
  • A card or any plate with thin, pointed edges.
  • Thermo hair dryer.
  • A paper clip, key or needle to get a SIM card.

How to open the cover on a Honor or Huawei phone

Depending on the smartphone model, the removal procedure may vary. Next, we will study in detail the procedure.

Method 1: with a plastic key

The first method involves using a small screwdriver and any card. Take the phone face down and near the USB input, unscrew the two small bolts at the edges.

Then remove the SIM card slot.

Carefully insert a card or any plastic tool with a pointed and flat end.

If you have any questions or have complaints. Please let us know

Carefully slide it along the seam on the case, and then disconnect the panel.

Method 2: using a suction cup

The second option requires a special suction cup and a card. The procedure under consideration is easy and involves a number of actions:

  1. Use a hairdryer and warm up the back panel.
  2. Firmly attach the suction cup to the panel.
  3. Gently pull it towards you.
  4. Insert a thin plastic object into the gap that appeared during the use of this tool.
  5. Run them all over the seam and carefully detach the cover.

If there is a fingerprint, carefully disconnect the cable with the auxiliary tool.

How to open the phone on older models

If you need to replace the back cover of Honor or Huawei on an old phone model, released no later than 2014, then the above instructions will not work. Previously, the manufacturer provided for a removable cover that allowed for battery replacement.

The panel has a special protrusion that you need to pry for removal.

Replacing and installing a new cover on Honor or Huawei

Follow the same algorithm of actions that is presented in the article above. When finished disassembling the device, reconnect the new panel. Do not forget to reconnect the loop from the fingerprint, if available.

Installing a new back cover

As already mentioned, the replacement process is no different from disassembly. The main thing is caution and accuracy, because with a built-in finger sensor you can easily damage a fragile loop.

The Xiaomi brand has become a symbol of quality at an affordable price, but one cannot exclude the possibility that one day you will need to repair a mobile device from this manufacturer. This can be done in two ways: to give the gadget to the masters so that they open the back cover and carry out the necessary repair measures, or learn how to open the back cover on the phone yourself, saving a lot of money. Also, this information will help all those curious people who love to delve into the phones, checking whether everything in the “filling” matches the parameters declared by the manufacturer.

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After reading our article, you will be sure that it is not difficult to remove the back cover of Xiaomi. Over, this can be done by each user, subject to the availability of suitable equipment. Our material will help, first of all, for those with phones of the fourth Redmi series. Redmi 4x, Xiaomi Redmi 4a, Xiaomi Redmi 4 pro, etc. But given that Xiaomi makes telephone equipment according to a similar assembly pattern, the instruction may be useful for owners of smartphones of other models.


Before you begin, be sure to turn off the phone and make sure that the SIM card tray is removed. Many miss this point, and the tray then significantly complicates their disassembly of the smartphone.

You need to arm yourself with a special spatula for working with mobile devices and a screwdriver. This is the minimum set of equipment without which it is almost impossible to remove the back cover.

  1. We take a spatula and pry off the latches with which the lid is attached to the smartphone. This must be done carefully, but with considerable effort, because the assembly is done in good faith. You will not find gaps and backlashes here. It’s best to start acting from any corner of the case. There it is easiest to pry off the cover. Move smoothly from one corner to another, and you will succeed. Immediately focus your attention on the fact that the cover can only be pulled off with a sharp object that will not damage the device.
  2. Open the cover. It is important to do this very slowly, because a touchscreen cable is attached to it. Smoothly disconnect the loop. Now the cover can be removed and continue to work with the smartphone.
  3. Xiaomi’s open phone looks typical. At the top of the chipset, protected by a special metal plate, next to it are the camera modules. Below you will see the battery. All elements can be removed if desired.
  1. If you want the device to be fully open (for example, if you are interested in what the chipset looks like, or if you need to remove the battery), then you have to unscrew the bolts around the perimeter of the gadget. There are a lot of them, so please be patient. There is an important note regarding the removed bolts: the upper ones are slightly longer than the lower ones. Therefore, it is better to distribute them in different places so as not to get confused during subsequent assembly.
  2. When the access panel is removed, you can disconnect the battery cable. In principle, the disassembly ends here, if you are, of course, not an expert, and your work does not include any work with the chipset.

Having opened the phone and having carried out the events you need, do not forget to assemble the gadget. This is done in an elementary way: just follow the same steps in reverse order. If you correctly figured out how to remove the back panel on Xiaomi’s mobile device and acted very carefully, then we have no doubt that everything will turn out as it should and that the phone will not be threatened with a breakdown due to your actions.

The back panels of newer models of Huawei Honor are made, as a rule, of glass. For example, the glass cover is closed behind Honor 10, Honor 9, Honor 9 Lite, Honor 8. Smartphones look very stylish, but, as practice has shown, the glass panel is fragile beauty.

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The tools you need to open the Honor phone cover

  1. Screwdrivers:
  1. “Pentalobe” 0.8 (asterisk);
  2. Ph00 Phillips screwdriver;
  • Mounting blade;
  • Cup suction cup;
  • A plate with sharp edges of the type “mediator”;
  • Hot air gun;
  • Clip for removing the tray for the SIM card.
  • How to remove the back cover of the Huawei Honor 8 phone

    • Degree of difficulty: medium
    • Number of operations: 5
    • Required time: 20. 25 minutes

    Operation 1

    The back cover and bumper are glued, so to remove the cover, you must act correctly. It will require preheating around the perimeter of the enclosure for 5 minutes or so. If heating of the adhesive layer is insufficient or uneven, the glass cover may crack upon opening.

    Heat should be supplied using a hot air gun, which should be kept above the smartphone’s body at a distance of about 9-10 cm.

    Make sure that the heat is evenly distributed on the outer edge of the device.

    Operation 2

    Be careful not to damage the orange cable when disconnecting the back panel.

    Using a plastic keyless mounting pad, carefully raise the corner of the rear glass panel.

    Slowly draw the sharp edge of the blade along the contour of the glass panel to break the adhesive bond.

    In order to make it easier to open the back cover and separate it from the rest of the case, you can use additional plastic tools (blades and spatulas, etc.).

    After removing glue, carefully remove the cover.

    Operation 3

    Take a PH00 Phillips screwdriver and remove, remove the 3.5 mm D screw (circled in red in the photo).

    Using a mounting paddle or spatula, carefully lift the small metal tab that was held in place by the screw.

    Carefully lift and disconnect the orange ribbon cable that attaches to the rear panel.

    If you also need to dismantle the metal frame that is inside the case, perform operations 4 and 5.

    Operation 4

    Using a PH00 Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the eight silver D 3.5 mm screws (circled in red circles in the photo).

    Also use a PH00 screwdriver to remove the six black D 4.0 mm screws (circled in orange in the photo).

    Using a PH00 screwdriver, unscrew one silver D 3.0 mm screw (circled in a yellow circle in the photo).

    With the pointed end of the PH00 screwdriver, carefully clean the white stickers. This is a warranty seal, there are still screws under them (pictured are circled in green circles).

    Using a PH00 screwdriver, unscrew the two black D 4.0 mm screws (circled in green circles in the photo).

    Operation 5

    Gently pry the metal frame with the mounting blade and slowly slide the blade around the perimeter of the case.

    To separate the inner frame from the body, you can use additional plastic tools. Blades and spatulas.

    Gently pull the metal frame up to remove it from the phone.