How to connect a set-top box to a computer

The Sony PlayStation 4 game console is leading the market today. If you decide to purchase it, then you probably will not lose. But you will also need a TV, so that there is something to connect the console to. But unnecessary expenses can be eliminated, because the PS4 can be connected to a laptop and a regular monitor.

Connect your PS4 to a laptop or monitor using an HDMI cable

A standard HDMI cable for connecting to a TV is already available on the PS4. Many monitors allow it to be connected, but this can not always be said about laptops. The fact is that, even if the laptop has an HDMI connector, it is usually configured to output an image rather than receiving it.

But if the device is equipped with HDMI-in, then just follow these steps:

    Connect the HDMI cable to the corresponding connector on the back of the PS4.

How to connect a set-top box to a computer

To understand whether the HDMI connector accepts a signal, you should familiarize yourself with the specification of the equipment on the official website or in the documentation.

Connecting a monitor is the same. It is worth noting that it can output sound if it has built-in speakers. Otherwise, you will also need to connect the sound device directly to the console. In addition, the monitor may have a VGA connector, instead of HDMI.

In this case, do the following:

    Connect the VGA / HDMI adapter to the monitor.

Connect to a laptop or computer via Remote Play

If you cannot connect the PS4 via HDMI, you can use the program to transfer the image. In this case, you will get a high-quality picture, but it will be broadcast with a slight delay. This can be a problem when playing dynamic games. To set up a remote play broadcast, do the following:

  1. Download and install the PS4 Remote Play program on your computer. You can easily find it on the Web. The program is free.
  2. Launch the app. The initial program settings window will open in it.
  3. Log in using your account. If there is no account, then it must be created.

Connecting a gamepad from a PS4 to a computer

You can use the controller from the Playstation 4, even if you play it on a monitor or laptop. To do this, do the following:

  1. Install the Input Mapper program and run it. Choose a wireless connection method (you can also use a wired one, then further settings are not required).
  2. Hold the back (share) button on the controller until it starts flashing.
  3. Go to the computer’s Bluetooth connections section and select a gamepad.

With this connection method, all the features of the gamepad will work, including tracking the position of the controller and vibration.

Possible connection problems

Sometimes the connection cannot be established, even if you do everything according to the instructions. Usually one of the following reasons is the cause of this:

  • The HDMI connector is aimed only at the output. In most laptops this connector can not receive a signal. In this case, the image will not go to the laptop;
  • The image via Remote Play slows down or ripples. A computer or laptop cannot handle image processing. In this case, it is worth using a more powerful hardware;
  • No sound. HDMI cable does not transmit it. Use other methods of outputting sound from the console, such as headphones.
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If you have a good monitor, you can get a lot of fun playing it on the Playstation 4. Convenience and entertainment can enhance immersion, provide a richer gaming experience. And with the help of this article, you can easily connect the console to a monitor or laptop.

You bought an Android TV set-top box and want to connect and check it soon. Before proceeding directly to this lesson, it is necessary to study the apparatus in more detail. Next, we consider in more detail the standard connectors that the devices are equipped with.

Set-top box sockets and ports

Analogue (sound and). Such outputs are very rare. They are superseded by HDMI. They are useful for connecting the device to an old model that does not have a digital interface. To configure the connection, cables “tulips” (wires with RCA connectors) are used.

USB It is known to many users. They are equipped with all modern telephones. It can be found on players, cameras and other gadgets. There are several USB options. The most popular version is USB 3.0. Compared with the predecessor of USB 2.0, it transmits a signal faster and better.

Outputs for audio. As mentioned in the article above, HDMI is capable of transmitting both audio and. This is all you need to use the TV box. But manufacturers still equip the models with audio outputs, optical or coaxial. Sometimes there are both. They are referred to as Optical or SPDIF. If it comes to coaxial output, then Coaxial.

LAN It is used so that the user can connect the set-top box to the worldwide network using a wire. This option is more reliable than a wireless connection. The signal is clearer and without interruption. Type RJ-45 is found on TV boxes often.

Card Reader. Special slot for reading SD and SDHC cards. A card is shown next to it, so finding it on the device is easy.

Nutrition. The port is required for all consoles, regardless of model. The power adapter is connected to it. It has a round shape, and therefore it is difficult to confuse with others. On the market you can find options that receive electricity using the USB port: mini-USB or micro-USB.

Now you know more about modern TV set-top boxes based on Android and why they are needed. In addition to the article, the devices are equipped with wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Do not forget to read the instructions in detail after purchase.

How to connect an Android TV set-top box to a modern TV?

We start work with the easiest and simplest case, which takes only a few seconds. The market offers customers a huge assortment of modern TVs. In this article, by this designation we mean the presence of an HDMI interface. First you need to find on the TV a connector with this designation. It is placed on the side or back.

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On all set-top boxes, regardless of model, it is located behind. You can not do without an HDMI wire, you will find it in the kit. Connect the cable by connecting two devices and connect the power adapter to the box.

Did not notice the image on the screen? Do not worry right away. For the picture to appear, you must select the display mode in the TV settings. If you have multiple ports, you must select the one to which the box is connected. Now you can pick up the remote control and control the device remotely.

How to connect a TV set-top box to an old TV

Some users use a set-top box in order to maximize the use of an old TV, extending its life.

The question arises: how to properly connect these devices to each other?

Old TVs do not have an HDMI output, so you need to choose the option of a TV set-top box, which has analog outputs: white and red jack. Audio; yellow. signal. The TV must have appropriate connectors. For the image you will need cords “tulips”, at the end of each of three plugs.

A variety of signal converters are available for sale. A widespread model is HDMI2AV. Its price is about five hundred rubles. The box connects to it, using an HDMI cable and a TV, through a 3RCA-3RCA cable. Based on the above information, the choice of connections is huge.

Are you sure you did everything right, but the image did not appear? The problem may be a malfunction of the equipment, cables, adapter or adapters. If the warranty is not baked, the gadget will be replaced or repaired for free. Repairs must be carried out by a qualified technician. Without proper knowledge and skills, you can not repair the device.

How to connect a TV set-top box to a monitor

Initially, when specialists developed Android TV boxes, they were created specifically for TVs. After a while, taking into account consumer demand and the development of technology, devices began to be actively connected to monitors. If you are using a monitor model with an HDMI connector, then there should be no problem. The procedure is the same as when working with a TV.

If the monitor is far from new, then the situation becomes more complicated. You will need these connectors: VGA and DVI. Just connecting the cable and getting the image will fail. Additional work needs to be done.

To achieve the expected result, you need a special adapter. A more common form is: HDMI – DVI, as well as HDMI – VGA. On one side of the adapter is an electrical HDMI connector, on the other VGA or DVI. Depending on what you need. One end is attached to the console, and the other to the monitor.

If you did everything correctly, it is not a fact that an image will appear. Perhaps the problem may be a poor quality wire or copy protection. HDCP.

These are far from all connection techniques, but almost all involve the use of a converter. Before starting, check the condition of the connectors and cables, as well as the equipment used.

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June 8, 2018

If you think what to choose. The built-in SmartTV system or an external “smart” set-top box, then give preference to the latter option. Why?

The fact is that this gadget, namely the digital set-top box, has a wider range of functions and settings. The Smart TV set-top box will allow you to watch online movies and TV shows, surf the Internet, chat on Skype and social networks, play your favorite games. All from the screen of your TV. And now, the purchase is complete. Now it remains to configure. How to quickly set up Internet access on a TV set-top box? Read below.

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Modern models of TV set-top boxes are compact multifunctional devices that can turn a regular TV into a convenient gadget for use. Purchase Smart tv box easily replace a satellite dish. In this article, we consider what is necessary to connect to the network and what sequence of actions.

Connect android consoles via Wi-Fi

Wireless technology has so tightly entered our lives that now in almost every apartment you can find a Wi-Fi router. It is with the help of this device that it is most convenient to connect the Smart TV set-top box to the Internet. To do this, follow a simple procedure:

  1. After connecting the device to the TV, go to the TV Box settings menu using the mouse or remote control;
  2. Find the “Wi-Fi” menu item. By default, this feature is disabled. To enable it, drag the slider to the active mode.
  3. After a few seconds of searching, the device displays a list of available wireless networks. In this list, select your Wi-Fi network.
  4. Enter the password that was set when creating your Wi-Fi access point and press the confirmation button.
  5. If your router is configured correctly, connecting to the access point will take a matter of seconds.

What is the advantage of this method? Connecting your Android set-top box to the Internet via Wi-Fi will allow you to place your TV in any corner of your house or apartment, within the reach of the router signal. So you will not be tied to the length of the cable. The main advantage is to connect other gadgets in parallel with the TV.

Connecting a set-top box via an Internet cable

Another way to connect android tv box to a global network is the use of an Ethernet cable.

  1. Locate the RJ-45 type connector (marked on the figure) on the TV-box housing and connect the cable to it;
  2. Go to the menu and activate the slider opposite the “Ethernet” item.
  3. After a few seconds of auto-tuning, the Internet connection in most cases is established automatically;
  4. If the connection is not successful, configure it manually. To do this, in Ethernet, enter the same settings that you use when connecting your computer to the World Wide Web. The only difference is in the IP address input field, add or subtract one from the last digit.

This method of connection allows the console to maximize the capabilities of the Internet cable, without sharing the speed of information transfer between several devices. However, in practice, this type of connection is less convenient than wireless. And all because you have to allocate a separate line for connecting an Android TV set-top box or constantly switch the cable between several devices. Therefore, for greater convenience, it is worth taking care of buying a router in advance.

Turn your TV into a multimedia entertainment center and enjoy all the advantages of modern TV-boxes.