How to Connect a Phone to a Smart Set-Top Box

We’ll tell you how to turn your regular TV into a Smart TV by connecting a set-top box to it.

How to Connect a Phone to a Smart Set-Top Box

I want Smart TV, but I don’t want to buy a new TV instead of a smart LCD panel? Not a problem: just connect a smart set-top box to your TV. In this article we will tell you how to make Smart TV from a regular TV. And here we have a good selection of smart consoles for 2019. choose the taste and wallet.

How does a smart set-top box for a TV?

Smart consoles are designed for one purpose: to make smart TV out of a simple TV. To do this, they all allow you to connect your old TV box to the Internet. They are divided into three types:

    Smartphone dongle. This is a mini-device that resembles a regular USB flash drive with a USB or HDMI connector. It supports one of the technologies for connecting a smartphone to a TV (Miracast, DLNA, Airplay). here in this article we talked in detail how to connect a smartphone to a TV. The principle of its work is that it broadcasts on the TV screen the content that you find on your smartphone. through a special application or by duplicating the screen.

How to connect a smart set-top box to a TV?

Connecting the console should not cause difficulties even for inexperienced users. After all, just connect the box to the TV with a cable. To do this, do the following:

  1. Turn off the power of both devices. If the set-top box does not have its own plug in the outlet, then turn off only the TV. It is better to pull out the plug from the socket in general for reliability. The HDMI interface through which the set-top box is connected to the TV often burns out if you connect two devices, each of which has its own power source.
  2. Take the supplied HDMI cable and insert it with one end into the corresponding connector on the set-top box, and the other into the HDMI connector on the TV. If the set-top box is connected via USB, insert the USB cable.
  3. What to do if the TV is old and does not have HDMI? You can purchase an HDMI-AV converter. Such a box costs about 1.5 thousand rubles, but even if you bought your box in the 90s, you can make a smart TV from a TV. In this case, you first need to connect the converter to the TV with the help of “tulips”, and then connect the prefix through it with an HDMI cable. The converter looks something like this: View on Yulmart
  4. Turn on both devices.
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After that, you can begin to configure the console.

How to set up a smart set-top box for a TV?

Setting up a smart TV set-top box mainly consists in connecting it to the Internet. There are two ways to do this:

Via wifi

The advantage of this method is that it is supported by literally all set-top boxes of smart TV, as it is the standard. The connection procedure may vary for different devices, but is generally similar. To connect via Wi-Fi, do the following:

  1. Enter the console menu in any way possible. For example, by pressing the Menu button on the remote control.
  2. In any way available on your console’s menu, go to network settings and turn on the wireless network. For example, move the Wi-Fi activation slider, or select the type of connection (wireless) using the remote control buttons.
  3. After a while, a list of available Wi-Fi networks appears. Select yours using, for example, the left-right or up-down buttons on the remote control and press OK (button Connect) to connect to it.
  4. Next is necessary enter network password. we hope you have it. Quite an annoying procedure, if you use the remote control: you need to “run” with the “up-down” and “left-right” buttons on the on-screen keyboard, typing letters. By the way, for the most nervous: many smart TV set-top boxes with a USB input are compatible with a regular computer mouse. You can connect it to the console and the setup process will be more fun.
  5. Click Connect (“OK”, “Finish”, your option), and the set-top box will connect to your wireless network. After that, you can start working with it.
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Via Ethernet

A number of consoles support cable connection. Thus, they can be connected to the router via a local network with a regular piece of RJ-45 cable. And this is a good way, because we will never get tired of repeating: no wireless connection can be more stable than a wired one. With the cable, you will have a guarantee that the picture on the TV will not be interrupted or, for example, lag behind the sound.

To connect via wire, if supported by your set-top box, do the following:

  1. Insert the LAN cable with one end into the port on the console, the other into one of the ports on the router. Of course, it is better that they are located close to each other. read our material on how to properly install the router.
  2. In any way, go to the console menu and find the network settings. For example, you might have a menu item Network. Network Settings.
  3. Choose network type. Cable (Wired connection, your option).
  4. Click Connect (OK, Done, your option).
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No password is required. As you can see, using a cable to turn an ordinary TV into a smart TV is much easier.

However. this is only the beginning, then it’s up to you. How you will turn your TV into “smart”. the choice is yours. Whether you connect it to a smartphone, as we recommend, install applications and games through the menu of the console itself, or will you watch online TV through the built-in browser. there can be no universal instruction.

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