How to Change Channels on a Samsung TV

during auto-tuning, the channels are numbered in the order of placement according to the frequency range, I need to change the order I can’t figure out how to do this, either by menu or by instructions, please, or give a link if the topic has already been raised model LE26B350F1Whttp: // com / consumer / tele. returnurl =

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To sort the programs you need: 1. Select the program you want to transfer 2. Press the CH button. List3. Press the Tools4 button. Select Sort. 5. Move the selected program to the desired position 6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the next channel.

Thanks! Everything worked out right away. Well there is no word “sorting”, so you need to move the brains. We can read.

Thanks from me too.

Samsung AV1 wrote: To sort the programs you need: 1. Select the program you want to transfer 2. Press the CH button. List3. Press the Tools4 button. Select Sort. 5. Move the selected program to the desired position 6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the next channel. 4 sorting item is not there. UE40C6510

I don’t have an item (sorting).

anpel wrote: Samsung AV1 wrote: To sort the programs you need: 1. Select the program you want to transfer 2. Press the CH button. List3. Press the Tools4 button. Select Sort. 5. Move the selected program to the desired position 6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the next channel. 4 sorting it is not there. UE40C6510 I confirm, there is none. UE32C5100QW

UE32C6000RWTanzi with tambourines Select the channel you want to move1.Menu2.Channels / Channel Manager / Enter3.In the menu that appears / Sort4. Move “up down” to the channel you need 5. Enter

Thank you, I did it! True telly UE32C5000WX!

What about the LE40C550?

But is it easier to do this? I have only 40 channels, but I’m tired of doing this, with advice to everyone. after auto-tuning, immediately rename from the first channel, as Do you want to. For example, if you want the NTV channel to be on the first button, for example, first find it in the list and then everything as described above. If you do not from the first channel, the rest of the channels (which) are already renumbered will fail (for example, channel 4 will already be 5 or 6)

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How to rearrange channels in the right order? UE40EH5300W
there is no sorting in TOOLS,
on the menu. channels. no channel manager and sorting

I can’t find anywhere else either “SORTING”. rave. how to do

if this is not possible, say so, at least I won’t be tormented

U tex u Kogo Netu Slov SORTIROVKA. Punkt Izm.Nomer kanala

when changing the channel number, it does not move but is superimposed on the one that needs to be moved to another digit.

So, did anyone find a way to rearrange digital channels on the Samung?

You enter the Smart hub, select the channel icon. then you point the frame at the channel you want to transfer, press the tools button, select Change channel number and drive in the number where you want to transfer

Thank you)))) I suffered for two years. provided that I have tricolor TV

Everything worked out right away, thanks 🙂

Excellent. finally figured it out. ))) THANKS

Thank you so much! Everything works.

Thank you very much 🙂 Everything turned out without problems

Thank you, good man! Everything changes precisely through the Smarthab!

Here! Here! And then sorting, sorting. And after all, I saw before that in smart this is done, but it flew out of my head. Thanks. Andrew well done.

Thanks Andrew. You have the best answer!

Respect, everything worked out)

And from me a HUGE thank you

Thank you very much. It is simply brilliant. I already wanted to throw the telly)))

Many thanks. Thank you straight. That’s where they put it)))

Thank you so much, it worked out. URAAA.

Finally resolved the issue thanks to Andrew. All the advice before this is complete nonsense. Not for the specified TV model. Thanks!

Yes, I immediately got List-Tools-changing the channel number.

Here. Found it. Hope it helps.
I did a sort:

Why throw a link if people write that they have neither sorting nor channel manager. Although you go through the menu, at least press the necessary buttons on the remote control, if these items do not exist (sorting and channel manager) they do not appear. apparently done otherwise. Who can tell the thread how to do this TV UE40ES6307U.

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on a link gives an error 404

And it helped me, just what was needed) Thanks to the young lady)

Remote Button “smart hub” below, select the application “channel”, then on the right in the corner there is a barely noticeable menu next to the antenna, just editing channels. Press, select the channel with a daw, edit. Just do not touch the channel, otherwise it drops out of the list, it is better to block it.
Awful analog setting of course. I agree.

Thanks Emil, the surest clue

It turned out not quite right for me, but the initial hint helped. Then he acted by the method of a scientific poke. On the UE32ES6500 clicked “smart hab” (color button in the center of the remote), selected the application “channel”, marked the channel with a daw, found a badge at the bottom of the screen “instruments” and pressed the TOOLS button on the remote (it also has the tools icon) and a window opened. The window displayed: Change Favorites, change channel numbers, sort, lock, delete, and something else. Chose “change channels“, set the necessary number to the channel, clicked “OK” and the channels swapped. Sorting here is dreary, either by number or by name. On Philips, it’s easier for me, there I raised the channel up or down the list and that’s it.

Tell me how on Philips set up sorting

Thank you very much, your exact instructions helped me a lot.

how to sort channels on lcd tv samsung 48j6300

And on ue48ju7000u TV, someone tell me how to sort the channels? And then the Koreans are smart, it’s not clear why, for siemens, it seems they are chasing))
Or can you configure it manually, just what you need?
Thank you in advance

I go to the channel manager, click “the choice” on the desired channel, a checkmark appears. Then button “TOOLS” on the remote, then “rev. channel numbers”, then move to the right place and input.

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Blyayayayaya. Finally thanks bro

ChanSort program is a channel list editor on the computer.
Editing channels in Samsung, LG, Toshiba and Panasonic TVs,
Step by step look here isok_kanalov_s_pomoshhju_chansort / 2015-12-12-76

than a menu than Samsung, I have not yet met.
In my opinion, the best thing I use for sorting channels is
This is the program ChannelListPCEditor.
Yandex to help you.

Tell me, with what program can I edit the channel list on the ue49k5500?
I also have a Samsung ue6400, but the same program does not work and the list from that TV 5500 does not perceive
Samsung Channel Editor

Antenna-channel manager-enter-tools-change the channel number-enter. Down and top select which channel number you want to put-enter

Everything is very simple. Press first “house “on the remote control (Menu). Choose: Live TV. Channel list. Edit And that’s it! Start with channel 1. And go in order! Otherwise, the channels will not move as they wanted. In general, we found a picture with the desired channel and move it to 1 channel. Then they found the next channel and put it on channel 2.

Thank you Natalia! Not quite so, but walked along your path. happened.

Natalya Thank you very much, 27 years old seems not so old, but for a long time I tried to set up channel sorting myself, but alas, I had to search the Internet until I came across your prompt. THANKS AGAIN

Thanks for the advice! Everything turned out, but in order for the Edit window to become active, I HAD TO REMOVE ALL ANALOGUE CHANNELS! AND AFTER THIS, ALL HAD TO SET UP AGAIN AND BECAME THE AVAILABLE MENU Edit. Samsung TV UE32K5550BU

There is a ScanSort program. We copy the channels from the TV to the USB flash drive, sort them on the computer, save and copy them back to the TV.

precisely, it is called ChanSort

How to edit TV channels after auto-tuning, if the TV does not have such a function, but there is a channel export function. As I understand it, editing happens through the comp. In which program?