How to Add Music to Inshot On iPhone

The functionality of the application is quite extensive. The main task is to shoot interesting, entertaining clips that will interest users. Bloggers define their target audience, which provides views. The duration of the clip in Tick Tok is only 15 seconds. Thanks to the presence of filters and effects, it is easy to diversify any. In addition, it is possible to overlay your favorite track or other soundtrack. Download free special effects and use in the public domain.

Features of using music in Tik Tok in 2020

“Tick Tok” has a second name among users and is considered to be “musical Twitter.” Not surprisingly, the main content elements are smalls with audio tracks. Users share them with subscribers. Using the available features, account holders shoots. Use the selected music or overlay audio on the finished. Absolutely alls are available for editing and cropping. You can also insert a filter, effect or sound.

How to Add Music to Inshot On iPhone

In 2020, the application acquired more new options and features. Install the platform on your gadget and actively use it every day. Grow your account to receive advertising requests. Previously, it was easy enough to add tracks from the internal memory of the smartphone. It was necessary to click on the “Add” button and select a song from the library. In the public domain were popular tracks at the moment. Now this function has stopped working. This is due to persistent copyright infringement of the songs. Now a different technique is in effect.

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How to add your music from the Android phone and iPhone in Tick Tok?

It is possible to add your song to Tick Tok in the new update only on some accounts. Follow the short steps to activate the option on Android or iPhone:

How to upload your music to Tick Tok via InShot?

For those who do not have the right smartphone model, we recommend using a different method.

  • You will need to download InShot and enable it on your device.
  • Next, activate the editor and click on the “Create new” button.
  • Select the desired from the gallery and add it here.
  • Deactivate the sound gradually.
  • Open the tab “Music”, select the desired song and click on the item “Use”.
  • Now set the duration of the audio, determine the beginning and end.
  • We save the result and upload it to the gadget.
  • After that, run through the platform, draw up a description and write hashtags.
  • The final stage is clicking the “Publish” button.
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Thus, there are currently no ways to add files from your own library. Users turn to third-party services for help. Bloggers are hoping for new updates and changes in conditions. However, now we have to be content only with what we have.