How Much Ram In Iphone 7

21st century: technologies are developing steadily, the volume of applications, multimedia and other data is growing, which means that more internal memory is needed to store them.

From rumors, long before the official announcement, it was known that Apple was finally abandoning the 16-gigabyte iPhone. With the release of iPhone 7, the minimum memory capacity is 32 GB. In early autumn, rumors were confirmed, now the officially announced 32 GB iPhone dominates the market.

Is 32 GB of memory enough?

If your morning begins with constant messages with warnings about the almost full memory of your iPhone with 16 GB, then ask yourself if you have enough 32 GB?

In the seventh, a new “Memories” function appeared, which is available in the Photos application, and the new Messages application is full of various stickers and photos. Do not forget about downloading playlists from Apple Music, for offline listening to your favorite tracks, downloadings to YouTubeRed, as well as recording 4K and photos in high resolution.

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And this is not all that will eat precious megabytes of memory in the new iPhone 7.

But, if now you do not fill 16 GB of memory, then, from now on, the standard 32 GB will suffice with your head.

If you can hardly refuse your favorite 16 GB and do not understand what to do with 32 GB of memory, then the continuation of the article must shock you. After all, next we will talk about 128 GB and 256 GB of RAM iPhone 7.

128 GB. where to go

Previously, this amount of memory seemed like a luxury, because it is eight times larger than the standard 16 GB! But in the modern world, this is just enough space to store 4K, high-quality photos and a music library. With such an amount of RAM, you can forever forget about eternal thoughts about what needs to be left and what needs to be removed.

With 128 GB of memory, you don’t have to worry about running out of memory.

256 GB. for the most demanding

If your phone is your connection with the outside world and part-time work computer, and you are not a fan of cloud storage of information, then this amount is for you.

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256 GB can store documents, photos, films,s, songs, applications and games, while leaving a large amount of space in reserve.

When choosing an iPhone 7, keep in mind that Apple does not provide for the use of memory cards. So, the initially selected amount of RAM will be the only maximum available option from the date of purchase. Choose carefully, because the price difference between them is 100. It is this money that solves the main problem of the headache of the owners of all gadgets. managing the place to store the necessary information.

The cost of 1 GB of memory

We suggest you find out the cost of 1 GB of memory in each of the iPhone 7 models to evaluate your financial capabilities, before choosing a future device:

Also, you should remember about a few more points, before the final choice of the volume of the drive:

  • The operating system also takes up space, for example, iOS 10 will take about 1.5 GB on your device;
  • 12-megapixel cameras not only make high-quality photos ands, but can also take up a lot of free space with their content: hourly will take about 12 GB, photos can reach 3 MB, and panoramic pictures at all. 50 MB;
  • Favorite movies downloaded from iTunes in HD format will take about 6 GB each, and hundreds of audio recordings, at least 1-2 GB;
  • Applications, including games, require a lot of free space, for example, the weight of complex 3D has long exceeded 1 GB;
  • If you get a lot of attachments from WhatsApp’a or Viber’a, then you should not forget that they also take up a lot of space than it seems at first glance.
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The most profitable option was the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models with a 256-gigabyte drive, but their cost is quite high. Yes, and it is unlikely that someone really needs so much RAM in the phone.

The choice of drive volume is up to you. So, well assess your needs, opportunities and desires, before finally giving your preference to one of the possible options for volume.

For your iPhone 7, the memory has become much larger and this is not the end!