Honor 20 Have Lee Ik Port

How to enable the IR port on Honor and Huawei. this question cannot be called common, since few users are aware of the existence of such a function. And those who learn about the function are not interested in using it, the analogues on the smartphone allow you to do without it. But in reality, it can bring great benefits, you just need to understand the features of its use.

Honor 20 Have Lee Ik Port

What is infrared and how does it work?

To get answers to all available questions and understand the features of using the function, it is recommended to study the infrared port overview. In modern phones, it does not perform the functions that the owners of old gadgets are used to. Now, the mentioned sensor is used not for file transfer, but for controlling household appliances and electronics. That is, now it replaces the familiar remote control.

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Which Honor and Huawei smartphones have an infrared port?

Before you figure out how to enable the infrared port on Honor and Huawei, you need to make sure that it is present on the smartphone. To do this, it is recommended to read the instructions describing the main characteristics of the device, which was included with the telephone equipment. But usually the sensor is built into the following models:

  • Honor 3, 6, 7C, 8 Pro, 9 (including lite), 10 (including View);
  • Huawei Mate 9 and 20, P9 Plus.

The full list may be wider, detailed information should be clarified before buying a gadget.

Where to find and how to configure the infrared port on Honor and Huawei?

To use the new function of the phone and use it as a remote control, just activate the sensor and select the control mode for household appliances (set the value of the various buttons and the appearance of the remote control). In addition, sometimes you need to install a special application to use the service.

Where is?

First of all, smartphone owners need to activate the sensor. To do this, you will need:

  1. enter the phone settings;
  2. find the tools section;
  3. Find the item “virtual remote control” among the available tools (the exact name depends on the model);
  4. turn it on by clicking the appropriate button.
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Then you should proceed to preparing the device for work and controlling the equipment.

How to enable IR port on Huawei?

After clicking on the item with the mention of the remote control, the direct inclusion and configuration of the service begins:

  1. First of all, a person must choose the type of device that he will control (TV, air conditioning, set-top box, vacuum cleaner and other equipment);
  2. then you need to refine the model;
  3. and select the buttons that will be present on the remote (the user is offered the default option, which can be changed and configured manually);
  4. The last step is to save the selected parameters.

Third-party IR applications

  • Android TV Remote Control;
  • Peel Smart Remote;
  • SURE Universal Remote.

Why does the IR port not work on Honor and Huawei?

Sometimes the described service gives unexpected failures and stops working. In such cases, users should think about the causes of what happened and try to eliminate them. As a result, everything will be restored automatically and the smartphone owners will again have the opportunity to control household appliances and use the convenient function.

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The main causes of malfunctions are usually on the surface:

  • phone malfunction;
  • Incorrect settings of the sensor and remote control buttons;
  • interference that interferes with communication with the electronics;
  • the lack of the desired application or the need to update the program and software of the device.

Other sources of malfunctions are much less common and are usually associated with serious damage to smartphones.

What to do?

The solution to each of the mentioned problems is obvious:

  1. restart the phone to fix the failure;
  2. remove interference and objects that interfere with the contact;
  3. set up the control panel again;
  4. install one of the mentioned applications and check if it needs an update.

Additionally, you should make sure that other applications do not conflict with the remote control, interfering with its operation. Such programs should be turned off.