Glass Replacement On Xiaomi Redmi 4

Advanced diagnostic, soldering and software equipment, precision instruments for repairing Xiaomi phones, modern technical equipment for flashing Xiaomi smartphones, the availability of our own warehouse with an assortment of relevant components and experienced craftsmen allow Multiservice service center in Kiev to repair Xiaomi smartphones in 1-3 days, regardless of the complexity of the breakdown. Need specialist help in repairing Xiaomi phones? Ask a consultant questions and get expert help on repairing Xiaomi phones completely free of charge.

Operational repair of Xiaomi phones in 1 day

High speed repair of Xiaomi mobile phones in Kiev is achieved through a well-coordinated work process, the availability of original spare parts and the experience of the masters of the Xiaomi phone service center In case of complex Xiaomi failures, when it is necessary to replace a rare Xiaomi part, the service center ensures its delivery in 1-2 days, due to established partnerships with trusted suppliers of spare parts for Xiaomi phones.

Types of repair for Xiaomi mobile phones

  • Replacing the display, matrix, touch panel, touchscreen, sensor, glass, Xiaomi smartphone screen
  • Finding rare spare parts for Xiaomi phone repair
  • Replacing system connectors: audio output, USB port, charging socket, Xiaomi phone SIM-slot
  • Replacing the microphone and speakers, restoring sound, eliminating extraneous noise of the Xiaomi phone
  • Software recovery, firmware installation, Russification of Xiaomi phones
  • Xiaomi smartphone software setup: installing Android services
Glass Replacement On Xiaomi Redmi 4
  • Unlocking your phone after misuse of your Xiaomi phone
  • Replacing the body, middle part, frame, back cover of Xiaomi phone
  • Solving network problems, Wi-Fi
  • Drying, cleaning and repairing after getting liquid and dusting your Xiaomi phone
  • Xiaomi phone diagnostics for potential defects.

Replacing the glass (sensor), separate from the screen of the Xiaomi phone:

The most asked question is whether the screen repair (sensor replacement) of the Xiaomi phone is necessary or the replacement of the screen of the Xiaomi phone.

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This question will be answered professionally by the masters of our Xiaomi phone repair service center after a short Xiaomi diagnosis. As a result of the diagnosis of the Xiaomi phone, the master of the Xiaomi smartphone repair service center will determine whether replacing the Xiaomi touch screen, or replacing the case glass of the Xiaomi phone, or whether it is necessary to replace the display module of the Xiaomi phone assembly. By repairing a Xiaomi phone screen, we mean separating a broken Xiaomi touch glass or a cracked Xiaomi phone case glass (lamination of the display module) with a further replacement of the Xiaomi phone screen glass with a new one, using OSA technology.

Symptoms in which it is possible to repair and replace a broken sensor (glass) of a Xiaomi phone:

Symptoms in which it is necessary to replace the Xiaomi phone screen assembly:

Xiaomi phone firmware

Modern Xiaomi smartphones. quite complex and productive devices, sometimes comparable to personal computers. Xiaomi phones are running powerful software that sometimes crashes for various reasons. This can be either the impact of viruses or incorrect user actions, or manufacturer’s flaws. A software malfunction causes the phone and Xiaomi to freeze or even turn off the Xiaomi smartphone completely. Of. For the many protections provided by the manufacturers of the Xiaomi smartphone, it is not always possible to repair the Xiaomi phone by conventional firmware. With a non-professional approach, there is a high probability of exacerbating the malfunction and bringing the Xiaomi phone to a state “bricks”. Here specialized repair programs come to the rescue, but the cost of a license for them is quite high. Therefore, they are not available to the ordinary user for single use. We are pleased to inform you that we have a number of professional repair programs for restoring and flashing Xiaomi phones, and the masters of our Xiaomi phone repair service center have vast experience in programmatically recovering Xiaomi phones.

How to repair Xiaomi cell phones

A positive result and high quality repair of Xiaomi phones comes out only after professional intervention. Attempts to repair the Xiaomi phone yourself will lead to negative consequences, as a result of which you may need to buy a new Xiaomi phone.

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In the event of an obvious breakdown, the Multiservice service center wizard will fix the Xiaomi phone problem within 1-2 days. If the Xiaomi phone stops turning on for no apparent reason, does not charge, reboots, switches itself off spontaneously or freezes, you should find the reason for this “behavior”. Service center engineers will diagnose the Xiaomi phone, identify the cause of the failure of the Xiaomi phone, determine the type of repair of the Xiaomi smartphone, coordinate it with the client and announce the cost of repairing the Xiaomi phone. The for the repair work of Multiservice in Kiev can be found in the price list.

for repairing Xiaomi phones and smartphones in Multiservice

Multiservice masters will advise the client, explaining the situation in an accessible manner, talking about the reason for the failure of the Xiaomi phone and options for eliminating it. Users who first encountered a smartphone of this brand will receive support in the form of consultation on the operation of the Xiaomi smartphone, configure the Xiaomi phone and install the necessary applications for the client.

If you have problems with your Xiaomi smartphone, you need to repair the Xiaomi mobile phone, do not rush to buy a new gadget. Entrust the restoration of mobile to the masters of Xiaomi.engineers Multiservice. This will save you money, time and nerves.

Our Xiaomi Phone Repair Service Centers are located:

Service Center Multiservic Troyeshchina repairs Xiaomi phone and is located between the street. Theodore Dreiser and st. Honore de Balzac, 70 meters away from the Alexander Saburov light rail stop. Within walking distance from the service center for repairing Xiaomi phones are the streets of Radunsk, Saburov, Mayakovsky, Liskovsky and Marina Tsvetaeva. You can also get to the service center by minibus and public transport from the streets of Nikolai Zakrevsky, Miloslavskaya and Troeschinsky market. It is also easy to get to a service center to repair a Xiaomi phone from the Raduzhny, Voskresenka, Lesnoy, Perova, Rusanovsky Gardens and Miloslavichi massifs.

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Service Center Multiservice. Poznyaki is engaged in repairing Xiaomi phones in the immediate vicinity of the main busy highways of the Kharkiv, Poznyaki and Osokorki districts, between Grigorenko Ave. and ul. Dragomonova is repairing a Xiaomi phone in the vicinity of Anna Akhmatova, Urlovskaya, Zdolbunovskaya, Revudskogo, Kharkiv highway, Dnieper embankment, Elizaveta Chavdar, Boris Gmyri and Bazhan Avenue

In the immediate vicinity of the Service Center is the AUCHAN shopping center. Free shuttle taxis AUCHAN can significantly save on transport customers who will travel to Mulmiservice. Poznyaki metro Kharkovsky, Osokorki, Slavutich, Darnitsa, Poznyaki, Vyrlitsa, Borispolskaya, Red Farm and also Bortnichi.

Multiservic Service Center Leningradskaya Square is repairing a Xiaomi phone on Darnitsa, near Comfort Town LCD, Sobornosti and Mira Prospekt, in the Bereznyaki, Rusanovka, Sotsgorod, Staraya Darnitsa and Novaya Darnitsa districts, the nearest metro stations are Levoberezhnaya, Darnitsa, Chernigovskaya, Lesnaya.

Also, the Multiservice Service Center carries out urgent repairs of Xiaomi phones received from the following areas and metro stations: Obolon, Minsk, Heroes of the Dnieper, Petrovka, Vinogradar, Podil, Syrets, Dorogozhichi, Akademgorodok, Svyatoshin, Zhytomyr, Nivki, Beresteyskaya, Shuliavka, Lukyanovka, Polytechnic Institute (KPI), Taras Shevchenko, Kontraktova Ploshchad, Pobedy Ploshchad, Postal Square, Petropavlovskaya Boshchagovka, Sofievskaya Borshchagovka, Nikolskaya Borshchagovka, Gnata Yury, Heroes of Sevastopol, Yuzhnaya Borshchagovka, Ring Road, Zhulyany, Solome nka, Industrialny, Chekolovsky Boulevard, Lobanovsky Prospekt, Sovki, Vozdukhoflotsky Prospect, Karavaevy Dachi, Shevchenko Square, Odessa Square, Teremki, Goloseevo, Hippodrome, Exhibition Center, Goloseevsky Prospect, Vasilkovskaya, Goloseevskaya, Demukovzal, Central Prospekt, Prospekt, Central, Capital Highway, Vydubychi, Lybedskaya, Friendship of Peoples, Pechersk, Palace of Ukraine, Protasov Yar, Olympic, Pechersk, Klovskaya, Arsenalnaya, Vokzalnaya, University, Railway Station, Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, Bolshaya Zhytomyr, Khreschatyk, Bessarabian market, Maidan, Golden Gate, Lipki.