Gets Warm iPad Pro 11

Hello! After a recent firmware update on my iPhone 5s, it started to get very hot and its battery was dying right before our eyes. Although I did not do anything supernatural and reprehensible. I just used it as usual. A browser, books, some toys, watch football. In general, everything is what the phone itself is intended for. Looking ahead, I’ll say that the problem was successfully solved (although I had to spend a certain amount of time), but how. I will tell you about this today.

Although. In the beginning it is necessary to indicate one point. You need to understand that while charging any iPhone or iPad heats up, this is normal, as it should be, it makes no sense to panic about this. Especially heating will be felt at that moment, if with the connected charger you will use the device. In this case, if there is no cover, it will be really hot. But I repeat. This is the norm, it remains to accept this fact “as is”.

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How to find out if the gadget’s temperature is normal or not? Personally, I check it like this:

Gets Warm iPad Pro 11

You need to download some game that is quite demanding on resources. If during the game (10-15 minutes) the phone is just warm, then everything is “ok”! If not, then read on.

However, if you notice that in addition to heating, the battery “runs away” (quickly runs out) (here it’s quickly discharged), this is clearly the case with the phone and you need to do something. And you can do this:

  1. The first option (it’s the simplest one) is to reset all content and device settings (do not forget about the backup and its subsequent restoration). Find out where they (copies) are located here. By the way, it was this method that suited me. After such manipulations, my iPhone 5s stopped warming up and began to behave quite adequately.
  2. Does reset not help? Do a flashing even if the software on the device is the newest and there are no updates. Just install the latest software again. After turning on, to complete the picture, try not to immediately restore the device from the copy, but to configure it as new. Observe the behavior on a “clean” device.
  3. Go over the settings. Geolocation, the Internet (especially mobile and especially in the area of ​​unstable reception) can also have a strong effect on the heating of a smartphone or tablet.
  4. If your device is iPhone 5, then pay attention to this page. In short, Apple has a battery replacement program that includes iPhones 5 sold between September 2012 and January 2013. In order to find out if your device is suitable, enter its serial number.
  5. And the last option. Damaged “guts” of the gadget. There is no way out. Straight to the service center. Why so categorically? The fact is that the problem can be not only in the battery, but also in the motherboard, charging controller, etc. You won’t determine “by eye”, it is better to trust professionals.
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If it happened that the iPhone warmed up and did not turn on, then here is a useful instruction on how to fix this misunderstanding.

As a result, I want to repeat. Heating, which is not accompanied by any associated problems (loss of charge, for example), is the price paid for the thickness of the phone and the materials from which it is made, and is absolutely normal.