Enough Lee 64 GB On Iphone 11

Enough Lee 64 GB On Iphone 11

In iPhone 7, Apple abandoned the 16-gigabyte model, as users complained about the lack of flash memory.

As it turned out, 32 GB is also small. Users are again unhappy with the small amount of memory.

PhoneArena reporters conducted a survey among their readers. Among the answer options were 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB of flash memory.

42.59% of users thought that 64 GB of memory on a smartphone is enough for comfortable use. Unfortunately, Apple does not offer such an iPhone 7 model.

If you are constantly running out of space, we offer instructions on how to fix this in 3 minutes.

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      In most cases, for shkolota.

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      @ Dmitry Skvortsov, yes, I’m thinking now, if there were iPhones in my school years, mine would have been pumped up with all the whistles and farts on the very dynamics, there would not be 256 GB. And now 32 GB is never filled.

      In most cases, you keep everything you need in the “clouds”, the place is “eaten up” by a bunch of photos, or music, in most cases these are still photos ands.

      @Evgeniy Kiselev, exactly
      I don’t want to play on the phone when there is an iPad, the same applies to editing and other things
      Therefore, 16 gig is enough for everything, including maps, hotel reservations and instant messengers)

      @Rulon Oboev, it would be ideal of course 128 GB, but 16 in modern realities will also not be enough, because The OS of phones is growing and with each version more and more. so I believe that 32 should be enough for everything.

      @Evgeniy Kiselev, each has its own tasks) while 5s suits me, it does not break, and does everything that I need from it) will die. I will upgrade and in terms of location. too

      @Evgeniy Kiselev, I think it depends on what place an iPhone takes in the life of a given user. If this is the main device (I can imagine people, more often schoolchildren or students, whose iPhone generally replaces computers and iPads, I think it’s a very real scenario), then of course they will often miss their memory. And when there are many different devices for different tasks, then the minimum memory is enough for everything, I have at least the latest scheme.

      @Evgeniy Kiselev, one facebook with instagram eat 1.5 gigabytes

      @toivan, you can do without both CUSTOMERS by viewing them through the browser) the battery will also be saved, otherwise the fb application eats it with an appetite in the background

      @Rulon Oboev, Facebook doesn’t make sense on Facebook.
      this is a very subtle perversion.

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      @toivan, why is it quite a common perversion for office plankton, from experience)

      and by the way, I had in mind the iPhone browser, not the computer

      @Rulon Oboev, well then, okay

      @Rulon Oboev, but what, in the instagram in the browser on the phone, you can upload photos?

      @Rulon Oboev, by the way, the Facebook application is still evil, which you need to constantly monitor as if not corrupted after each update. Recently updated an iPhone, forgot to turn off background refresh, so in a couple of weeks, two gigs of traffic were consumed in the background. After a separate messenger came out, in general I think why I need a Facebook client on the phone, I put it simply by inertia, probably.

      @Maksim_ok, I know, but I do not want to reinstall it all the time

      @Evgeniy Kiselev, you don’t have enough space in the oblast like that)

      @ Dmitry Skvortsov, you need to correctly distribute your Wishlist))) yes, regional oblast))

      @Evgeniy Kiselev, so the pictures are also in the cloud

      what you need to be an idiot to “be unhappy” 32GB. need more. buy more, bought 32 because of greed or stupidity. the fool himself.

      11 GB free of 32

      32 is the norm. But 16 is really small. I recently changed my SE to 64

      If you take a lot of pictures and shoot on iPhone 7, then 128 is optimal.

      @ FiLunder_7, I agree. more than 128 I don’t know at all who takes

      for example, I really want to look at these mysterious people who take Plus 256.
      why is it you?
      and do you exist?

      @toivan, It seems to me that they are taken by two types of people: really, who takes photos or takess. there are all kinds of bloggers. And those who stupidly buy the most expensive.

      If you want to store the originals of the entire photo archive, then maybe 128 GB or more is needed. If I use the storage optimization from Apple, then 32 GB is enough for me personally.

      There is a drawback in optimization, of course, it sometimes dulls even on good Internet and you need to wait for the photo to load for a long time, it’s a pity that Apple will not improve the quality of the “optimized” photos so that they can be viewed normally without an increase (and if you need to increase it, then pump up the original).

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      But I’m not a gamer, I have one or two games on an iPhone and don’t use them, now they eat games a lot, so if you play games, then, probably, the optimum is 64 GB.

      Hamsters are always not enough.

      iPhone 6S Plus 64 GB
      5 GB music so far
      Photos for a couple of months. 500 MB (I didn’t upload previous photos to the iPhone, and in general I take a few photos)
      Different maps, navigators, Vatsapps and other programs approximately. 7 GB
      I play a little, but sometimes in Asphalt 8. and it alone weighs 1.8 GB
      Another couple of three simple games will pull a total of 700 MB.
      5-6 movies totaling 12 GB
      Total taken a little more than 27 GB. Free 31.7 GB

      In terms of programs and games, it is unlikely that anything will change significantly, but I’ll probably throw in the music, I also want to take more movies with me so as not to bother with frequent copying.
      The volume of Photo-will grow, the cache of cards and Vatsapp too (I don’t like to clean often. I store the photos in Vatsapp and are not copied to the media library)
      With 32 Gigovoy model would be all. And so there is where to turn around.

      Previously, it also seemed to me that the bulk of the people 32 would be enough.
      But the example of a friend who switched from 5 GB 16 GB to SE 64 GB made me doubt it.
      At 5-ke free space was constantly at zeros.
      At SE, the first time about 16 she was busy. After returning from a two-week vacation, photos ands were added by another 20 GB 🙂
      Sorry for a lot of letters

      I looked at my own, 8 gigs are busy.
      With a fool and a terabyte is not enough.