Can I Increase Memory On iPhone

Can I Increase Memory On iPhone

We get rid of the “Out of memory on device” notification.

Whatever iPhone or iPad you buy, sooner or later the place for pictures, music or movies ends. This is happening always unexpected. you are going on a trip or on vacation, your suitcases are packed, and at the last moment you remember that you need to grab the last season of the series on the road.

And then a bummer. No place. What to do? You can of course frantically copy pictures to a computer, delete programs and toys, risking being late for an airplane or train. And you can fill everything you need on a Leef iBridge 3 flash drive and safely go on the road.

Five reasons for Leaf iBridge

1. File Transfer: You can quickly transfer your entire personal media library, including photos,s and documents to Leef iBridge 3 and free up valuable gigabytes on your iOS device anytime, anywhere.

2. Backup: for greater safety, you can copy a whole phone book from iPhone with one click.

3. Shooting photos ands: You can records and save photos directly to flash memory. Thus, even if you do not have free space on the iPhone, shooting a few hours of continuous is not a problem.

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4. Information storage: Now you can carry music, movies, TV shows, audio books and thousands of books with you without taking up space on your iPhone and iPad. When necessary. stick in Leef iBridge 3 and watch, listen, read.

5. Security and privacy: All information on a flash drive can be password protected using TouchID or a 4-digit pin code. And it works, even if you connect Leef iBridge 3 to the computer. Without a password, access to information cannot be obtained.

Real flash drive for iPhone

If you are still enviously looking at Android gadgets with the ability to connect flash drives, I have great news for you: your iPhone also knows how.

Well, if you everywhere have the Internet for copying information to cloud storage. And if not? If you urgently need to free up the device’s memory, but you don’t want to delete photos ands?

It’s good when all the documents you have downloaded to the memory of your mobile device, and if you’re at an important meeting and need to quickly transfer the file from your laptop to your iGadget or vice versa, but the laptop is someone else’s, and not even a MacBook?

In all cases when there is not enough memory on the iGadget or you need to transfer files from your computer to an iOS device and vice versa, Leef iBridge 3 helps out. real flash drive, specially created for iPhones and iPads.

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Why three?

A unique external drive for mobile “apple” technology has been improved and improved several times. And if the previous versions had their drawbacks, then the third time Leef iBridge 3 is almost perfect.

Obvious advantages:

  • Miniature size (a lot of space will not take)
  • Material of manufacture (Zinc alloy, lightweight and durable)
  • Hi-Speed ​​USB 3.1 (any files are copied instantly)
  • Data Protection Function (A flash drive can be password protected with a fingerprint or pin code)
  • Convenient rubber cover (can be worn on a key ring)
  • Charging an iOS device with a connected Leaf iBridge 3 via dad-mom USB cable

When you connect the flash drive for the first time, the iOS device will offer to download a special file management application from the App Store. Through this application, you can juggle files, open and edit texts, watch PDF documents,s and photos.

The application works with all popular formats:

  • –
  • Audio.-.wav.aac.aif.aiff.caf.m4a.mp3
  • Images –.jpg.tiff.gif.png
  • Documents.doc and.docx (Microsoft Word) ;. htm and.html (web pages) ;. key (Keynote) ;. numbers (Numbers) ;. pages (Pages) ;. pdf (Adobe Acrobat) ;. ppt and.pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint) ;. txt (text) ;. rtf (rich text format) ;. vcf (contact information) ;. xls and.xlsx (Microsoft Excel) ;. ics
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Also, all data on a Leef iBridge 3 flash drive can be synchronized with cloud storage directly through the application. Technological from all sides. not a single byte of information is lost.

It is just a musthave. No options

I have my previous generation Leef iBridge flash drive, which I have been using for the second year now. In conjunction with the Apple tablet, she helped me more than once on business trips. she showed films, helped to exchange files on working with other people’s computers and never failed.

The new Leef iBridge 3 has become lighter, more compact and faster. She became stylish, and I see no reason not to update my flash drive. I sincerely recommend this accessory to all owners of Apple technology who have at least once encountered a lack of free memory on their favorite iGadget, as well as to all travelers, those who often travel by train, plane and bus.

Depending on the needs, a Leef iBridge 3 iOS flash drive can be purchased with a memory capacity of 32 GB (6,990 rubles), 64 GB (10,990 rubles), 128 GB (15,990 rubles) and 256 GB (34,990 rubles). )

And it will be useful acquisition: the moment will surely come when you think “it’s good that I bought it.”