Where the iPhone serial number is on the box

What iPhone, iPod, iPad serial number means

The serial number of iPhone, iPad and other Apple products is a unique combination of numbers and letters that encapsulates certain information about the device: its model, place of manufacture, date of manufacture and more.

There are several ways to find out the serial number of your device. The easiest way is to look in the settings of your iPhone or iPad. To do this launch the app “Settings” and go to “Basic” “About this device”, where in the general list look for the cherished “Serial Number” line.

If you have the box from the mobile device lying around, take a look at it. Look for the serial number on the sticker on the back of the box.

If for some reason the box is not saved and the device screen does not work, use iTunes. To do this, you must connect your device to your computer, launch iTunes on your PC, and go to “Review.

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You can also have the serial number engraved on the device itself. However, you can only find this information for iPad and iPod Touch.

Where you can find the serial number on your iPhone?

Finding the serial number is easy. To do this, you need:

  • Go to Settings;
  • Go to the About section;
  • There is a Serial Number line where the serial number of your iPhone is located.

Also the serial number is on the box of your smartphone.

How to check iPhone serial number

The serial number can be found in the following places:

under Settings, Basic, About This Device.

The iPhone serial number can have a “0” and never an “O” in it.

To check, you need to enter the alphanumeric code into the corresponding line on the page https://checkcoverage.Apple.com/en/ru/the company’s official website.

Enter the code from the picture and press “Continue.

You can find out the serial number of your device:

whether or not this iPhone is an original Apple product;

The exact model marking. At a glance, an inexperienced user may not be able to identify the iPhone 6 or 6s in front of him.

If the IMEI and serial number are clear, you can proceed to further examination of the item. At the slightest discrepancy, stop the inspection and go home, or to the police, if desired. You can check the authenticity and status of iPhone at the AppleLab service center. Schedule an appointment with a potential seller in our service center and conduct an inspection with the assistance of service professionals.

How to know the IMEI of an iPad or iPhone

iPhones are very popular devices on the market of digital gadgets. And this demand plays into the hands of swindlers, who often sell fake or stolen handsets. So before you buy a device out of hand you need to get some knowledge to identify a fake and to clarify additional information on the phone being sold. How to know the IMEI of your iPhone and what the serial number can tell us? About this and much more we will talk in this review.

What is IMEI and what is it for

IMEI is the digital identifier of the mobile equipment. It is present on all mobile devices such as phones, smartphones, tablets, minicomputers and modems. In most cases the IMEI consists of 15 digits, where the manufacturer, model code and the six-digit serial number are encoded. IMEI number is used to identify the phone in cellular networks. it’s transmitted when you first turn it on.

It is also used by intelligence agencies and operators to track mobile devices, such as stolen phones. In addition, some mobile network operators use it to lock mobile devices remotely. If it was practiced in our country too, the number of phone thefts would decrease noticeably. the phone blocked at the network level becomes a useless toy.

IMEI code is assigned to each cell phone and smartphone. And to protect users from buying devices with a fake IMEI, manufacturers protect these codes by preventing them from being changed. over, substitution of this identification code (number) is punishable by law in some countries.

Finding out the IMEI of your iPhone

Many users are wondering how to find out the IMEI of their iPhone? There are several ways to find out this identification number. The first way is the most common. we can find out the IMEI by dialing #06#. IMEI will appear on the screen of your smartphone right after you dial this command. By the way, it works on almost all cell phones and smartphones, as well as on some tablets.

Are there any other ways to find out iPhone IMEI? Absolutely. just look at the back of your smartphone. If you have an iPhone 5 and above, then you can easily access the IMEI of your device. If you are the proud owner of an older version of your smartphone, take out the SIM-card slot and you will see the IMEI of your phone. Subsequently, the IMEI disappeared from here, moving to a more correct place.

By checking if the IMEI on the box matches the IMEI on your smartphone, you will complete the first step of checking your smartphone before you buy. both numbers should match. The same IMEI number should appear on the iPhone screen after you dial #06#.

IMEI matching is done with iTunes. application that is very popular among “Apple” users. it reads the IMEI number from the smartphone memory and displays it on the screen of your computer. The IMEI is displayed on the main “Overview” tab, which shows technical information about the connected device. Here you will see the two most important values. the serial number and the IMEI. Naturally, the IMEI code and serial number must match the data on the packaging of the device.

The last way to find out the IMEI on your iPhone is to look in the device settings. Now let’s take our iPhone and go to Settings. Basic. About This Device. Here you will see all the technical information about your device. In the general list you will find the IMEI itself, which you will need to compare with other data.

Can we know IMEI from iPhone serial number? Despite the fact that serial number and IMEI are unique data, they are practically unrelated to each other.

How to know the IMEI of iPad

Now we know how to check IMEI of iPhone. But how do we find out the IMEI on iPad? Tablets iPad cannot make calls, so don’t count on the #06# command. To find out IMEI on iPad you should use:

  • iTunes application. go to the “Overview” tab and get the data you need;
  • The back cover of the tablet. that is where the IMEI number is imprinted;
  • The packaging. the IMEI is imprinted on it in the form of a 15-digit number and a barcode;
  • With the device itself. go to “Settings. Basic. About this device” and find out the IMEI of your tablet.

You also need to check IMEI from various sources.

What you can find out from an iPhone serial number

In addition to the IMEI, every iPad and iPhone has a serial number. It’s a very informative indicator that encrypts the manufacture date, memory size, model, individual identifier and manufacturer’s code. What you can find out with an iPhone or iPad serial number? A lot of things:

If you want to buy an iPhone from a private individual or a thrift store, ask the seller to show you the serial number, go to the Apple website from another device, and check the serial number on the device you are buying. If everything is fine with your smartphone/tablet, the seller will be happy to give you the requested information for verification. If he gets visibly nervous, you should run away. it is very likely he is trying to “stick” you with a fake one.

Note that if you enter the serial number and find out that Apple’s site does not give you any information about the device you are checking, then you are dealing with a clear fake product.

How to find out the date of manufacture of the iPhone from the serial number

To find out the release date of your particular iPhone, you need to know its serial number. There are various ways to find out that number. For example, the serial number is always found on the back of the box.

You can also find out the serial number in the iPhone settings. To do this, you need to open the settings and go to “Basic. About this device”. Here you will find all the technical information about the device, including the serial number of your iPhone.

The serial number encrypts information about the year and week of manufacture of that particular device. You can decipher this information by yourself or with the help of online services.

Online services for determining the date of manufacture

First, let’s consider a simpler option using online services. There are many online services, enabling you to decipher the serial number and get the information about iPhone release date. You can find such sites with the help of Google by searching for “iPhone serial number info.

For instance, you can use https://sndeep.info/en. Follow link, choose “Apple”, enter your serial number and press “Verify” button.

It opens a page with detailed information about your iPhone. Here you can find out the model name and specifications, as well as the year and week of manufacture of your iPhone.

You can also get this information using other services. For example, you can use:

Detecting release date manually

You can also get the issue date from the serial number manually, if you wish. You will need the following tables and information about the structure of the serial number.

Prior to 2012, Apple’s serial numbers were 11 characters long. In these serial numbers, the third character from the left represents the last digit of the year, and the 4th and 5th characters represent the corresponding week of that year.

Later, the length was extended to 12 characters, which may include numbers and letters (except the letter O). In these serial numbers, the 4th character represents the year and half year of issue, according to the table below.

Year First half of the year Second half of the year
2010, 2020 С D
2011, 2021 F G
2012, 2022 H J
2013, 2023 K L
2014, 2024 M N
2015, 2025 P Q
2016, 2026 R S
2017, 2027 T V
2018, 2028 W X
2019, 2029 Y Z

A 5 character designates the week of production according to the table below.

Symbol Production week number Symbol Production week number
1 half year (January-June) 2nd half of the year (July-December) 1 half year (January-June) 2nd half of the year (July-December)
1 1 27 J 15 41
2 2 28 K 16 42
3 3 29 L 17 43
4 4 30 M 18 44
5 5 31 N 19 45
6 6 32 P 20 46
7 7 33 Q 21 47
8 8 34 R 22 48
9 9 35 T 23 49
С 10 36 V 24 50
D 11 37 W 25 51
F 12 38 X 26 52
G 13 39 Y 53
H 14 40

iPhone serial number. where to look up

You may need to check the iPhone by serial number if it is stolen, lost or repaired, but we do not always retain the documents. Then you have to look for the 11 cherished numbers in another way, because only they will tell you where the phone was assembled, the date and the legality of the device.

? Checking iPhone serial number

What information can be found on this page?

You can be sure the iPhone is indeed original. If Apple’s verification service recognizes an iPhone, then it is 100% original.

Exact iPhone model is detected. Very often in the secondary market some scammers try to sell iPhone 6 as iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 as iPhone 8, etc. д. Count on inexperienced buyers. The Apple website will tell you exactly what model of iPhone you have in your hands.

Checks warranty status. Apple Service gives you an accurate answer to the question, whether your iPhone is covered by warranty. Unscrupulous sellers often lie about the warranty. They say that the official warranty on the smartphone is still valid, although in fact it is not. A quick check through Apple’s website and you’ll know everything.

A confirmed date of purchase is checked. And just as importantly, the service allows you to make sure that the iPhone was purchased officially and is not stolen. This is a very important point, since the confirmed date of purchase will allow you to contact Apple support with any questions.

The serial number may not match if the device is a “Frankenstein

When the device is assembled from parts of other gadgets, the model information may be different. So one device can be identified by its chassis, another by its box, and a third by its motherboard and system number.

This is also not good and means that all sorts of problems and breakdowns can occur with the device in the future.