When Starting Computer Asks Press F1

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The battery may need to be replaced. Is time resetting? If the computer asks you to press F1, then the BIOS settings have gone wrong after shutting down or rebooting. This may be due to a dead battery or, for example, due to unsuccessful acceleration. What message does the computer write?

For example, the message “A: Drive Error Press F1 to Resume” can be removed by setting the “Standart CMOS Features” parameter from “A driver (1.44)” to “Not Instaled”.


Writes Press F1 to Resume (writes nothing about the error). Time does not go astray.

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In any case, this is not normal. This is a symptom of a dying motherboard. Still, to begin to change the battery, it is not expensive, but exclude the potential reason. Or try to find “Halt On” BIOS options, set it to “All, But Keyboard”. So you can determine whether the problem is in the keyboard or not. An extreme case, set to “No Errors”, this is not recommended.

The motherboard has nothing to do with it: you don’t have to crap any crap, uv. Smart Tronics! And the battery has nothing to do with it, if time does not go astray! Do not give advice if you are not in the subject. The problem is solved as follows: BIOS. we find the following parameters: Full logo, Small logo and Floppy (there may be several of these floppy) and set the value to Disabled! We reboot the system and there are no more problems with F1!

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There are different situations. Perhaps in this particular case your advice will help. Thanks ;)!


Guru. Thanks! It helped! Only the names of the count were, to put it mildly, different. But if you use them as keywords, you can find the similarity of the graph =) In principle, which I did.

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Thank you. There was a problem with the input of F1. I went into the BIOS did as it was written everything turned out

handsome thank you) helped)) I still have a problem with 3 disks I can not put Windows 7, it gives an error from one and does not see the others)) but it does not see through the BIOS, I looked at the net they say you can’t put 7k right now, but the other disk sees and says that installation is not possible. there is not enough space and the disks are empty and through the BIOS it sees ge


There may be a problem with the drive or poor quality drives. Try to make a bootable flash drive https://smartronix.ru/kak-sdelat-sozdat-zagruzochnuyu-fleshku-windows-7
It is better to disconnect disks and leave any one on which OS installation will be made
You can install 7 on the installed XP, but it is recommended that you perform full disk formatting from the Windows7 setup menu


thanks. only your advice helped get away from f1.

It helped me too, but after a night, the clock got lost again. As I understand it, we must now change the battery. Thanks for the help.

It helped me too, but, after a night, I lost again.


Yeah thanks dear # 128578;


Hot. But a little bit wrong. BIOS-Boot-Boot Setting Configuration-Walt For “F1” If Error, set Disabled and the problem is solved. At least with CPU Fan Error. And mother and battery are especially advanced fantasies.


Skill asks me to press f1 F2 and it’s always, but Skill time, it’s time, help please


Replace the battery on the motherboard, reset the bios settings, specify the hard drive first in the download, exit with saving the settings.

Respect, Guru, your advice helped


And if time goes astray?


Check and replace bios battery, check windows regional settings


If time goes astray? Windows 7


Thank you very much for the help, according to your explanations, I managed to remove this damned F1 the first time, there would be more such people who can explain the solution of the problem in a nutshell

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asks F1, writes. CMOS checksum Defaults loaded


Press F1, you will get to bios settings, then exit with saving. Turn off the PC correctly and turn on, the message should not appear

in part, you’re right, but it will not solve the problem, but only hide the message about it, the problem will not disappear


I’m tired of pressing the F1 clock all the time and everything else is normal, the battery is replaced and everything also comes on when turning on F1. Then I read what happened below CPI ERROR! HOW TO BE HELP!


The problem is resolved. When I removed the fan, I changed the thermal grease. After assembly, the fan plug was put on the wrong connector. There is one with 3 and 4 legs and then rearranged to another connector. Turned off and on the computer, and after that pressing F1 was NOT REQUIRED. THANKS.


When I turn on the computer, it also asks for F1, I click on the texts and asks to restart, and all the time the same thing, what could be? Help.

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Have you tried remedies in the comments? Maybe the battery just got hooked.

There was such a problem, I decided to clean the contacts of the memory cards (I cleaned it with an ordinary eraser)


A message is displayed on which you can understand the reason. Usually this is due to a change in the amount of RAM or problems with the processor cooler speed.

When Starting Computer Asks Press F1


When I turn on the computer, it pops up, press f1 and the time gets lost what should I do7 Well, and after another time the card is recognized. please help me


Replace BIOS Battery


Personally, this is how I dealt with this problem, went into bios. boot and the top line there off section f1 of something there? and the whole screen disappeared loading normally


Changed the mouse, when rebooting, asks to press F1, where exactly to go in the BIOS to disable? Please tell me, thanks in advance

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Specify, on the screen, where you want to press F1, the clarifying information is displayed, what is written there?


PS2 Mouse not found

Press F1 toResume


Andrey, go to bios and in the Error section on the first tab, set “No Error”


I didn’t find such a tab there for some reason.


Provide screenshots of the bios menu windows, it will be easier to help.


My Flopppy (40) error was displayed; I removed it this way:
went into BIOS and set disabled floppy line


I have almost the same problem: the request to enter F1 is resolved quickly. I set disabled floppy in the BIOS, but just turn off the computer from the network, the same problem appears again, although the battery has just been installed in the BIOS. What does it mean?


Describe exactly which inscription is displayed for F1 or post a link to a screenshot of the problem.


I have bios AO5 2008goda. at boot, asks to press F1.F2.F5. I press F1 and the download goes on normally. what is written above, I did not find in my BIOS. help me please.


The window shows the reason why you are asked to press F

Please tell me, I replaced the battery, turned on the computer, tuned the BIOS, pressed F10 and the whole computer went into standby mode, the screen is black and no action.


After turning on the PC, bios settings saved?

Help someone in the subject.
after installing the SSD on asus eee pc 1015, it turns on this error when turned on.
error screen by reference: https://content.onliner.by/forum/401810/800Ч800/90f0733314822bbf20771a0779f2612d.jpeg


Try updating the BIOS, if a new version is available, reset the parameters to the factory ones, check the parameters relating to the hard disk, maybe there is a choice of type hdd, controller