WhatsApp audio recording is not heard iPhone. Clean cache (for Android)

WhatsApp audio recording is not heard iPhone

Messenger subscribers of WhatsApp are not limited to text messaging. For many service subscribers, it is important to communicate in real time through audio and video calls. Problems with sound deprive users of this opportunity. The material given below will help to solve the problems that arise when transmitting sound to VOTSAP. What to do when when calling through WhatsApp they don’t hear me further.

The cause of most problems is the wrong sound setting. If the interlocutors do not hear each other, to eliminate the malfunction, you should start with checking elementary parameters.

After connecting with the interlocutor on the application screen, a symbol of the microphone is included at the bottom. The crossed out icon means blocking. To restore the sound, just press the icon once. After connecting the microphone, the interlocutor will hear the conversation. Such a problem is quite common-users disconnect the sound accompaniment of audio or call video because of an inattentive attitude.

A user, to which the sound does not reach, should check the settings of its own smartphone. Volume buttons are on the sides of the mobile phone case. By pressing the upper key, the user increases the volume. Most often, the sound support of WhatsApp calls is blocked due to the negligence of the user. In the absence of voice acting, first of all, you should check the sound level on the smartphone.

Another reason leading to blocking sounds is incorrect work of headphones. Sometimes the user forgets about the connected headset and tries to communicate using built.in microphone and dynamics. The opposite situation is possible when the subscriber of WotSAP tries to communicate through the headphones in the absence of a correct connection. In this case, it is recommended to test the work of the headphones by going to other programs.

So, before saying that WhatsApp creates problems when transmitting sound, the user must make sure that he correctly set up the work of a smartphone and accessories.

Setting up the parameters of the smartphone

If one of the interlocutors does not hear the other when calling according to VOTSAP, the cause of the error may be an incorrect installation of application parameters.

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With the initial installation of the program, the system asks user with permission to access the main phone resources, including speakers and microphone. The user who refused to give appropriate permission or later canceled access will not be able to use the functionality of the application in full.

The following algorithm will help to configure the work of a microphone for the iPhone:

For Android devices, the steps sequence are slightly different:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the “Appendix” unit.
  • Find the WhatsApp programs among the list of Messenger name.
  • Press the “Resolution” item.
  • Set the necessary tolerances.

After adjusting the parameters of the gadget, it is recommended to make a trial call to make sure of the proper operation of the application.

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Provide the necessary permits

If you cannot record messages or they stop while recording, you should check if WhatsApp has the necessary resolution. So, to record sound, you need permission to use a microphone on your phone.

Let’s see how to turn it on android and iPhone.

Fix the problem with the voice recording in Android

Open “Settings” on your phone and go to “Applications and Notifications” or “Appendices” or “Application Manager”.

In the “All applications” section, find WhatsApp. Click on it.

Step 3: Click “Resolution”. Then on the next screen, if there is a switch next to the microphone, make sure it is turned on. If you just see a “microphone”, click on it, and then click “Allow”.

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Step 4: Reload the phone.

Solve the problem with the voice recording in the iPhone

Open the “settings” on your iPhone. Scroll down and click on WhatsApp.

How To Fix WhatsApp Voice Message Problem.

Step 2: Turn on the switch next to the microphone. If it is turned on, turn it off, and then turn it on again.

Reload the iPhone.

Disconnect third.party recording applications

Any application except WhatsApp, which can use the microphone when recording voice messages, must be disconnected at the same time. WhatsApp cannot record voice notes if your phone has an actively different application, for example, the application for recording calls or recording screen.

We suggest turning them off for a while. Then try to send voice notes. If the problem is not fixed, try to remove such applications. Then look if you can create voice notes.

IPhone settings editing

Before the application will be installed on the iPhone, the messenger needs to be checked for compatibility with programs using voice control. To gain access to the microphone in VOTSAP, it is recommended to turn off the activation with a voice through the iPhone settings (section “Sound Parameters”).

Installation installation

In the absence of sound in WhatsApp, it is recommended to check that the application is allowed to access such an option. For this you need:

  • Open the settings menu;
  • select from the list of programs VOTSAP;
  • press the “microphone” button;
  • set the flag in the inclusive position, after which the icon will change the color to green.

A similar problem may arise for owners of devices on the Android platform. The sequence of actions to turn on the microphone through settings may differ for different smartphone models.

How to update the operating system

To update the version of the OS, which is used on the device, you need:

In order to avoid repeating the unpleasant situation with the microphone lock, the user must enable automatic OS and application on the device.

This material contains tips to set up the correct operation of the negotiation device for the WhatsApp program. Having taken these recommendations for note, the messenger subscriber will be able to solve the majority of emerging problems with sound. To establish the functioning of the application and use the convenient option for audio and video communications without restrictions, listen to a voice message, speak on a microphone when calling, video call, when recording. And also configure the sound when it turns off, does not hear when talking and successfully make a video call.

Mobile applications

Most often, it is in the case of smartphones due to sensitivity of the sensor that the microphone in WhatsApp is accidentally turned off. As soon as you notice that the interlocutor does not hear you, perform actions according to the instructions that is suitable for everyone regardless of the phone model and the operating system.

    As soon as you start a conversation, a line with various options will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. The microphone is turned on and off with pressing the button indicated in the screenshot.

PC version

If you are sure that the desktop version of the WhatsApp messenger has access to the microphone through the settings, but they will not hear you, check if the desired parameter is turned off precisely in the call window. In particularly rare cases, the reason for the lack of sound can also be hidden in the driver’s malfunction. In such a situation, we recommend reinstalling WhatsApp to PC.

During the conversation, turn on or disconnect the microphone by pressing the corresponding button.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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Check WhatsApp resolutions.

Moving further, you must also confirm that WhatsApp has the necessary permits for sending voice messages on your device. Refusal of some permits can lead to a loss of certain WhatsApp functions. If WhatsApp voice messages do not work, this may be due to the fact that the application does not have access to your phone or microphone memory.

Check the WhatsApp resolution on Android

Follow these actions to provide WhatsApp access to the microphone and storage of your Android smartphone.

This will redirect you to the WhatsApp settings page. Another way is to switch to “settings” “Applications and notifications” “All applications” “WhatsApp”. These actions may vary depending on the brand and operating system of your Android device.

For iPad and iPhone users: follow the following actions to provide WhatsApp necessary permission (for example, access to the microphone) necessary for the exchange of voice messages.

Return to WhatsApp and check if you can now play and send voice messages.

Check the available storage.

The voice messages that you receive in WhatsApp are automatically loaded and stored on your device. Make sure that WhatsApp has enough space for storing voice messages and other multimedia files.

If your phone has little storage space, WhatsApp may not load or play voice messages. To fix this, delete temporary unnecessary files on your device, reduce the use of the WhatsApp storage or use third.party cleaning applications to free up space occupied by unused files and applications.

How to include sound in WhatsApp with incoming challenges

In the settings of my smartphone, the sound is turned on, but when calling in the messenger I always see on the screen only the name of the caller. The melody is not heard. How to configure the sound of incoming calls in WhatsApp?

Messenger users can choose the sound of calls from a standard set of smartphone melodies. If you do not hear challenges only in WhatsApp, then this option is disabled in the chat settings or in the application settings.

If the sound was disconnected in one chat, next to the name of this conversation in the list of chats you will see an icon in the form of a crossed out speaker.

To include sound in WhatsApp on Android, enter the Chat tab. Set your finger to the name of the desired conversation and do not let go of a couple of seconds. When a menu appears above the page, click on the “speaker” icon in it.

To turn on the sound on the iPhone, conduct by the name of the conversation from right to left and click “”.

In the new window, click on the line “Turn on the sound”.

If there are no sounds on the smartphone with android in Vatsap with all the calls, after entering the messenger, click on three points in the corner of the screen and follow the path of “Settings” = “Notifications”.

In the “Calls” block, click on the line “Melody”.

On the next page, select the composition that will sound when calls in WhatsApp.

On the iPhone, when challenges in the messenger, the composition installed on calls in the smartphone settings. If the sound in WhatsApp is gone, you need to change the focusing parameters. To do this, go into the “settings” of the smartphone, then go to the “Focus” tab = “Do not bother”.

On this page you can specify the time to turn on and disconnect sound notifications. If you want the melody to be heard when calls in the messenger, click on the “Applications” line in the “allowed notifications” block.

Why is the microphone in WhatsApp on the phone does not work

Often the interlocutor says: “You are not heard” or vice versa. People begin to worry, rush around breakdowns of sound recording devices causes a lot of inconvenience. It will not be possible to communicate with people, colleagues. this will affect your work, study, and other activities. Check the functionality of the following installations for serviceability:

  • Whether the navigator works. Influence on the work of the microphone by navigator. a special case. Alas, you will have to check the application.
  • Conjugation of programs using sound. Old and new phones are not able to quickly switch from one program to another, a quick change of applications affects the state of sound.
  • Applications updates. You can find out about the elimination of problems further by reading our article.
  • Microphone. Try to make a record with a voice recorder. If the voice is heard, the breakdown is in another place.
  • Reload the device. Sound settings fly due to ordinary overload and first try the reboot.

If all of the above is in order, the breakdown has occurred on a different reason, you need to find out the reason. The reasons for the lack of sound are very different:

Large load on the device

Sometimes a mobile phone performs too cumbersome work, perhaps several applications, tabs, browsers (businessmen, workaholics have long been accustomed to a similar order of things) are opened at the same time). The device does not cope with the task: the processor begins to overheat, the result is the interference of the programs. Try to close the extra tabs, clean the system. There is an “assistant” to clean information garbage, capable of helping a smartphone clutching, cooling the processor, and accelerating the operation of the system. Follow the number of programs used, remove unused labels.

The microphone is disabled

This usually happens with just bought gadgets, but old devices are also summarized: the settings are lost, the VOTSAP microphone is buggy, even if you hold the icon. This means that the mobile phone did not receive your permission to use his own voice and has no right to record it, even when calling, calling someone. With the microphone disconnected, you can not record voice messages, call. This can happen after the repair, purchase, overload of the smartphone, but terrible consequences are excluded. To normalize, you need to rummage a little in the “settings”. Specific actions are set forth in the article.

Outdated version of the OS or application

Many users ignore notifications of the standard update of the operating system, proposals to establish a new version of the application. The device is the old version of WhatsApp. it is likely that in the video call of the votsap, the sound of sound is violated. To avoid violations, it is better to periodically update the application version. This can be done in Play Market by opening a list of installed mobile programs and by pressing the WhatsApp “Update”. Also go to the program settings, start the update there, will be even faster than through the Play Market.

Application conflict

Sometimes it happens that the phone contains incompatible applications. Panic immediately begins, for: “They do not hear me at the nesting, a disaster has come”. Android users are more difficult, because the conflict of applications is not tracked here, unlike the iPhone. The iPhone is configured to calculate the problem in the settings, and the owners of the Android will have to think about the reason (most often they are other messengers and installations affecting the work of WhatsApp).

Sound pollution

It happens that a person is not heard in WhatsApp, although the microphone works.The soundwriter is usually located in the lower part of the case and is a small hole for catching sound waves. If dust or dirt is clogged into it, the sound of another person can be with interference or at all. The elimination of the problem requires accurately cleaning the sound capacitor: first blow into the recess, get all the dust using a toothpick of wire, another device. Sometimes the interlocutor is not heard by the reasons for the same sounding soundwriter.

Physical impact

There are frequent cases when the phone fell, hit, then the sound disappeared on it. The blow of the smartphone can lead to damage to the speakers. To do this, the gadget must be handed over to the service center, where professionals will replace the part.

The device will refuse to work if there is water inside, cleaning was done incorrectly. Do not try to repair everything yourself. Give the gadget for flashing. a good option. When the microphone suffered from a blow or fall, it is quite possible to replace the new.

Solving a problem with a microphone in WhatsApp

Suppose for some reason the sound disappeared on the gadget, but the problem can always be solved. Sometimes the method of restoring the microphone in the original state depends on the phone model.

On the iPhone

If the microphone in WhatsApp on the iPhone does not work, this is an occasion to look into the “Settings”. It is necessary to find the “Sound Parameters” department, click on the “voice activation” in the menu, and then remove the box from this point. Then check the sound.

Another way to restore sound: go to “Settings” to the “Privacy” department. A window opens, in the menu of which you will need to choose a “microphone”, then find a votsap in the list and click on the toggle switch so that it lights up green.

According to statistics, the iPhone SE line has problems with the loss of sound, specifically. the iPhone 6 model. If there is a desire to change the smartphone, take into account that the sound of these models disappears much more often.

On Android

One of the options is to update the Play Market. We must enter the program, click the “My Applications” tab, then “My applications and games”, then “installed”. Find votsap, click on him. The main page will be released on which you need to click the “update” button.

The second option is to look into the “Settings”. Nandroid does not have a system for tracking the incompatibility of applications, so you need to find the “application resolution” or “application”, find the “microphone” in the list and press it. Find WhatsApp in the list and put a checkmate or toggle cover opposite it. At the end go to the application and check the availability of the problem.

Now you know a little more about your phone. We hope that the problem of the loss of sound will no longer cause inconvenience, and you will quickly solve it. First, carefully examine the phone, analyze for what reasons the sound could be absent, then start eliminating. If the breakdown is problematic for you to fix yourself. it is better to contact the master of the service center, he certainly will not advise bad. We remind you: the problem of loss of sound recording is characteristic not only of phones, but also to other devices (laptops, tablets), so most points are suitable for them. We wish you all the best, let the electronics serve without breakdowns durable.

How to configure sound for WhatsApp

An obstacle in the application of the application is some functions that were blocked during its installation on the phone. WhatsApp messenger needs to open access to all points required for stable operation.

  • On the smartphone screen, press the settings icon;
  • Select the “All Applications” items in the settings list;

When these settings are included, go to the voice post in WhatsApp. It is necessary to start its playback and select the microphone icon in the player. It will be possible to change the volume. If the voice message is played quietly in WhatsApp, you can increase the level of this way.

During the reproduction of the message, it may be quiet due to the fact that you closed the area on the phone to release the sound with your hand. In the phones, the speaker is placed at the bottom, on the side, on the back cover below. The volume in the application is responsible for the adjustment buttons on the phone case. When listening, select the button and hold to the maximum level. You can also check the work of the speaker with the help of other applications in which there is an built.in audio player.

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Dust Microphone Cleaning

The quiet sound in WhatsApp and while listening to other audio may indicate that it was time to clean the speaker of the phone. New phone models have already acquired a system application for cleaning the device from dust. They work due to the device inside, which is responsible for vibration. During the inclusion of a small electric motor, it includes the continuous operation of the vibrator, due to which dirt particles lag behind the surface of the dynamics and other holes. This function can be found through the settings.

In the smartphone, write the word “cleaning” in the search bar and select this function as a result. Turn it on and wait until the vibration process is completed. Low.frequency sounds can be involved in the application, which also helps to remove dust from the body. If there is no such option on your phone, use YouTube videos or music tracks with low sound frequencies with full volume. Do not rely only on the application, find the dynamics hole in the phone and clean it with any thin wooden object. An ordinary toothpick is well suited for this.

Sound pollution

Soundwear. this is a small hole in the lower part of the smartphone housing. It captures the sound of the voice and transfers it to the microphone. Thanks to this, the interlocutor hears the speaker. If the hole is clogged with a lot of dust, the audibility worsens or can there be a gap in general.

The soundwriter can be cleaned independently without disassembling the gadget. First you should blow the hole. If this did not help, then you can remove dust with a needle, thin wire or toothpick. But you need to do this carefully, without pressing. Otherwise you can damage the sound device. If there are doubts about your abilities, it is better to entrust this business to a specialist.

Physical impact

The blow of the phone on a hard surface, another mechanical effect or fluid entering inward can lead to damage to the microphone. In this case, the gadget must be given to the service center. If the phone model is new, then with a high degree of probability the part will be replaced.

If the interlocutor is not heard, then it should be recommended to do all the listed manipulations. But if this is observed in all messengers and when communicating through a cellular connection, then the dynamics are most likely broken.

If the indicated methods have not helped, and the microphone in WhatsApp also does not work, then the system is rolling off or a phone flashing is carried out.

The pumping of the system implies the reset of settings to factory. It can be carried out independently through special utilities and PC. Before this, you need to save all personal data by loading it into a cloud or to an external drive.

Flashing is reinstalling the OS. It can be carried out using a smartphone (through the Recovery menu) or a home computer and a processing program. But doing this is not recommended on your own. Here it is required to know the instructions for installing software and all the subtleties of firmware of a particular smartphone model.

whatsapp, audio, recording, heard, iphone

If there is no understanding of how these manipulations are carried out, and there are no appropriate skills, it is better not to even try, but to immediately entrust this work to a service center specialist. Otherwise you can damage the device irrevocably.