What Is Included In The Sony Playstation Package

New emotions from your favorite games on PS4 Pro

Many developers have improved their designs specifically for PlayStation 4 Pro. Spider-Man, God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2 and many other exclusives now feel completely different. detailed graphics, smoother gameplay and faster loading give new emotions from playing games. Each texture is striking in its naturalness and realism.


Compared to the Sony PlayStation 4, the console’s performance has increased significantly: the GPU has become twice as powerful, and the processor operates at an increased frequency. Now you can enjoy your favorite games in the best quality and with a noticeable increase in the frame rate per second. The gameplay has become even smoother, and loading in games is almost invisible. The increased capacity of the 1TB hard drive will allow you not to save space on the console and play even the most demanding projects. The PS4 Pro design has also undergone changes: the console received another “layer”, its weight increased to 3.3 kg, and the dimensions are 327x295x55 mm.

Affected by the changes and the amount of GDDR5 memory. It, as before, is 8 GB, but the bandwidth has increased from 176 GB / s to 218 GB / s. The complete set of the console consists of the PS4 Pro itself, one Dualshock 4 wireless controller, a power cord, a mono headset, documentation, as well as an improved HDMI (2.0 premium) and USB cable.

FPS and immersion with PS4 Pro

Enjoy your favorite console exclusives with high and consistent FPS. The gaming experience is taken to a completely different level: the game world seems truly realistic, and the characters can see every hair and dirt on their clothes. The sense of depth in PS4 Pro is now even greater: even at a great distance, you can easily see the clear shadows of objects. The GPU delivers a stable 60 frames per second, which only adds dynamics to games, making what is happening on the screen continuous and fast.

What Is Included In The Sony Playstation Package

Favorite games and entertainment in 4K

4K TV owners can now enjoy vivid and detailed pictures. The skin tones of the characters look incredibly realistic, warmer, and the game worlds surprise with their detail and detail. Low-resolution games console upscales up to 2160p for maximum 4K resolution.

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Sony Playstation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro)

Better, more powerful and more amazing. This is what the PS4 Pro, an improved version of the PlayStation 4, made of itself during its release in the fall of 2016. The novelty received support for 4K resolution and excellent potential for any games.

Vivid graphics in HDR mode

Non-4K TV owners will be able to enjoy detailed images with enhanced HDR support. To convey sharper corners and smoother lines, the supersampling (improved anti-aliasing) mode is used. It offers the best picture quality using additional data in some games. Thanks to this, you will get a detailed picture even on TVs that do not support Ultra HD technology. The affordable price for Sony PS4 Pro, as well as constant discounts and promotions on it, will help you choose the console and accessories that you like.

Take your game to another level

Join a global online community of players and enjoy exclusive features and benefits for PS Plus members.

Play in a new way

Advantageous set

You save 0 UAH

Game console Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 1Tb (Black) 3-month subscription PSPlus 3 games (Detroit, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Of Us) 9926009

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Key Features. Their lives, your decisions

Determine how an incredible story will unfold, where your actions will affect not only the fate of the three main characters, but also the future of Detroit.

How you control Kara, Connor and Marcus will affect the lives of many of the characters around you. And if any of them decide to pay the highest price and sacrifice themselves, the story will continue.

Game console Sony PlayStation 3 80 GB

Additional functions and capabilities of the Sony PlayStation 3 game console:

  • Audio: Dolby 5.1, sound processing is done by the central processor
  • Subsystem: GPU RSX (joint development of NVIDIA and SONY)

An article on the advisability of purchasing a Sony PlayStation 3 can be found here.

The table of the main differences between PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3 Slim and PlayStation 3 Super Slim:


When purchasing a Sony PlayStation 3, it is important to know that a set-top box with a 20 GB hard drive differs not only in a reduced storage capacity, but also in the absence of a card reader and a Wi-Fi module. It is also useful to know that the hard drive of the set-top box is easily changed, and the case does not need to be disassembled. To do this, you just need to remove the special cover located on the side.

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The attachment is available in a glossy black body with an insert of chrome parts. The front panel houses 4 USB ports and a slotted (swallowing) BluRay drive. A card reader is also installed on the front panel (not available in the 20 GB version), hidden under a special cover. The rear panel houses an HDMI port, one digital output, one AV output and a power switch. There is a cover on the left side, opening which you can access the hard drive.

You can expand the PS3’s capabilities by purchasing additional accessories. For example, for the convenience of using the console as a media player, you can purchase a special remote control (of course, you can use a joystick instead, but this is not so convenient). For communication via the Internet, it makes sense to purchase a web-camera. The number of accessories created for the console is slowly but surely increasing.

Console capabilities

The capabilities of Play Station 3 are its main trump card, which Sony does not hesitate to constantly use. The overall system performance for floating point calculations is 2 teraflops. Powered by the Cell processor (co-developed by Sony, Toshiba and IBM), the console is capable of delivering truly excellent results that will keep it “on par” even as its competitors become outdated. However, there is a nuance: creating games for the PS3 is an expensive and extremely difficult process from a programming point of view, which makes new games for the console appear very slowly. However, thanks to backward compatibility, PS3 allows you to run almost all games created for PS2.

We should not forget about the presence of a BluRay drive capable of working with almost all disc formats existing today:

  • Playstation CD-ROM
  • Playstation 2 CD-ROM
  • Playstation 2 DVD-ROM
  • Playstation 3 DVD-ROM
  • Playstation 3 BD-ROM
  • CD
  • CD-DA
  • CD-DA (ROM)
  • CD-R / RW
  • SACD Hybrid (CD layer)
  • Dual Disc (audio side / DVD side)
  • DVD-R / R
  • DVD-RW / RW
  • Blu-ray Disc (BD)
  • BD-ROM

Graphic arts

In order to get the most out of the gameplay, it makes sense to use the console in conjunction with modern HDTVs. Full HDTV support (480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p) is provided.


  • One wireless controller (seven can be connected at the same time)
  • USB cable for charging controller
  • Composite cable with two analog stereo outputs
  • LAN cable
  • Power cord

Unfortunately, there is no HDMI cable included.

Playstation 4 truly brings players together

Before the premiere of the new consoles, there was a lot of talk about their sociality, the combination of players. In two months of working with the device, it really succeeded. A new PSN account was created to test the PS4, and today it has gathered many good players around it, having appeared during the game in multiplayer.

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To integrate and interact with other people, you need to open a table that displays the latest player actions and news in the PlayStation world. The tab is located on the main console menu, and the information flows into Facebook. And only what is necessary for the players. All the products currently being played, the latest trophies received or news on the PS Store, there is everything that might interest you. Unfortunately, there is still no way to comment on other players’ achievements, which is another hardware flaw that hasn’t been addressed with updates.

Another form of integration with players is to observe other people playing around the world. With one window, you can watch the game streamed via Twitch and Ustream. Interestingly, some of them are interactive. Other users, thanks to the support of the developer, can broadcast and drive their hero using a vote, as it happens in Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition. Of course, nothing prevents a wide audience from commenting on someone else’s game using the built-in chat.

Sony PlayStation 4. Trailer

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Hardware filling

Along with the transition to 4K resolution, the PlayStation 4 Pro received more powerful hardware.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to launch exclusive products

Neither the new Killzone, nor even more so Knackowi could win my heart. I admit, Guerilla Games’ first-person shooter is the most beautiful action I’ve ever seen on a console, even with an Xbox One exclusive production. Knack, on the other hand, has almost nothing to offer, being monotonous and repetitive. If it were not for the possibility of movement in this game in cooperation with another person, he would have been gathering dust on my shelf long ago. In the most anticipated DriveClub I couldn’t get to the start line, the races gave up easily in Forzy Motorsport.

Most anticipated exclusives such as the sequel to InFamous and The Order 1886 didn’t show their face until this year. From this point of view, I’m very happy that Sony has such good relations with small studios and independent companies.

4K gaming

Play the latest games in stunning 4K clarity; skin tones become warmer, objects take on more realistic textures, and the environment looks unusually alive.

Playstation 4 Pro. Review from “M.”