What does it mean to synchronize in the phone

What is sync in the Android phone?

Most modern smartphones run the Android operating system, which occupies a large part of the market. By the way, its main developer is the Internet giant Google.

The system can be tied to an account, with Gmail as the account.com, which also belongs to Google. Very convenient: you make one account, which you can use in a variety of services Google, including your Android device. You can even use one account across multiple devices. Anyway, you need the account, among other things, to be able to download applications from Google Play Market, as well as to synchronize data. Let’s talk about the last point in more detail.

What is syncing

Synchronization should be understood as the process of copying information from the phone to the remote storage. Data copying provides quick access to the information on another device and also facilitates the process of data recovery in case of loss or damage of the mobile device.

The process is performed manually or automatically. In the first case synchronization is activated by necessity. In the second case the data copying is performed without user’s participation. The settings allow you to select the type of data that will be transmitted to the server. It’s worth noting that synchronization consumes a certain amount of battery and Internet traffic, so users often disable the function in order to save money.

Other ways

It is worth noting that you can copy data to all your devices in other ways.

For the original shell

Almost all manufacturers of smartphones use on their gadgets branded Android shell (add-on). Some of them have a synchronization feature for your own profile.

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Note! For example, I used Meizu with the Flyme shell, which provides Meizu-account. The custom profile may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, or may not exist at all.

Similar actions for Mi-account and others.

Third-party applications

You will find many applications in the Play Store that allow you to back up your data and sync it to another device. Let’s look at an example of one of the most popular programs. G Cloud.

  • Install and run the application.[appbox googleplay com.genie9.gcloudbackup]
  • Click “Don’t have an account yet.

To install the data on another phone, just install the application on the second device → log into the same account.

Synchronizing with a PC

You can access items on your smartphone through your computer with MyPhoneExplorer.

How to set up synchronization in your phone with the app

There are a lot of programs for synchronization. one of them is “Mobile Master”. It allows you to manage synchronization in your cell phone (Siemens, Samsung, Sony, Nokia and other phones).

To do this, start the program, connect to your computer and select “Connect phone“. You can choose between cable, Bluetooth and infrared. When the program detects your device, select it in the list and click continue.

Now you can decide how to synchronize your contacts. using Outlook, Windows Live Mail or a text file.

Next, select which data are more important. the ones stored in your phone or on your computer and press “Done”.

Now press “Synchronize“. You’ll see a list where you can synchronize different data at the same time.

If you want to use the program only for transferring files from your phone to your PC, use Phone = Computer option. Good luck.

Why do I need to synchronize my phone?

Synchronization is needed to store important data and files, and have remote access to them. On a synchronized gadget you can restore the necessary settings and materials in real time without losses. Synchronization is necessary for several options in the device:

Backup. Copies in the cloud are created by syncing your device to a server on the Internet. Thanks to backups, a person will be able to quickly restore the information he or she needs;

Access to materials from the Internet. For example, you synchronized your contact list from your phone, and now you can look it up in Google Contacts;

Working across multiple devices. Convenient for those who use more than one device. It is enough to synchronize them, and all the information will be available on each device.

Why do you need to synchronize data on your phone?

You may have a quite natural question, why do you need to synchronize all this data, why upload it somewhere to the Internet? In fact, the synchronization of data on the phone solves several problems that you probably have faced.

Backup Synchronizing your data provides you with a backup copy of your data, which is stored on a server on the Internet. This allows you to quickly restore everything in case your phone is broken or lost. Also this backup allows you to quickly transfer all your data in case you buy a new device.
Access from the Internet In most cases, data that has been synchronized can be accessed through the. For example, if you’ve synced your contact list on your Android, you can view it using a browser on a website.google.com.
Working with more than one phone If you use more than one Android phone, synchronization allows you to have the same data on all devices. For example, the same contact list, the same notes, memos, reminders, etc.д.

What happens if you don’t back up

Synchronization is a useful option that helps to save data, as well as unload them via the Internet to other devices. But what happens if you disable it?

If we’re talking about synchronizing content directly on your phone (OS backup), you’ll have more space on your smartphone. Each copy of the data created occupies a certain space. Also in case of rollback of the operating system it will not be possible to restore quickly the settings and information on the device.

If you refuse to synchronize through a web service like Google Account, nothing bad will happen. The user simply will not be able to quickly upload and transfer data over the Internet from one “machine” to another. In the case of loss of data on the smartphone you’ll have to restore it manually, if the relevant materials have been saved to any media beforehand. Otherwise, information will be irretrievably deleted.

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