Throw a photo from one iPhone to another

Data transfer from the old iOS device to new iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using the Fast beginning function

You can create a backup copy of information through iCloud or using iTunes on a computer. Later, a corresponding copy will be used to transfer data.

How to make a backup iCloud

  • Open the “settings” on the iPhone and click on the icon of your account.
  • Go to the ICLOUD → “Reserve Copy” section.
  • Turn on the cupcore of the same name and click “Create a backup”.

How to make a backup copy of iTunes

  • Install the latest version of iTunes and connect the iPhone to the computer cable.
  • Allow access on a smartphone.
  • Select the iPhone in the ITUNES devices menu.
  • If you want to save the data “Health” and “Activity” programs, put a checkplace opposite the “Add Reserve Copy” item and set the password. Do not forget the code, otherwise it will be impossible to restore the information!
  • Click “Create a copy now” and wait for the end of the process.

What you need for direct data transfer

▪️ IPhone with iOS 12.4 or a newer version of the mobile OS

▪️ USB. Lightning from a kit from any iPhone

▪️ Apple Lightning.0 to directly connect one smartphone to another.

You can carry without wires, but it will take more time and it will take an affordable Wi-Fi network.

How to transfer photos from android to iPhone via PC

When using PC, file transfer is possible after installing iTunes and icloud. These applications are designed to work with Apple products. Android does not require additional software, so the instructions for using iTunes are as follows:

  • Mobile device is connected to a computer.
  • Open the conductor, the list should be the name of the mobile device.
  • There is a folder with a photo, it is copied to a computer disk.
  • After the copy is completed, the device is disconnected.
  • Iphone is connected and the function is selected to trust.
  • In the application installed on the PC, the mobile device icon is pressed.
  • The settings and tab “Photo” opens.
  • A checkbox is placed near the point synchronize.
  • The drop.Down list indicates the folder that must be transmitted.
  • The key is pressed to synchronize.

After completing the procedure, all photos will appear in the gallery.

With iCloud the instruction looks a little different. The instruction is as follows:

  • File transfer from Android by wired method is carried out.
  • Apple’s website is entered into a personal account.
  • Authorization requires Apple ID.
  • The photo tab opens.
  • The load is indicated into the cloud, all the necessary photos are indicated.
  • The loading process will take some time.

How to Share Photos from iPhone to iPhone WITHOUT Internet

After that, the entrance is entered through the iPhone and the files are transferred to the mobile device.

throw, photo, iphone, another

Both Apple tools work stably, there are all the necessary functions. For authorization, information that is indicated during registration will be required.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to macbook

After completing copying, click on “my albums” and look at the copied photos.

In addition to the above methods, you can transfer photos and videos from the iPhone using accessories-drives. There are many flash drives for iphone on sale. They differ only in appearance. They will need to install a special application for their work.

Saving on the icloud service

Internet service for storing data iCloud is provided free of charge to all iPhone users. To transfer the photo from one to another phone you need:

After that, in order to get images for the new iPhone, you will only need to go into the storage using the same Apple ID as on the old device.

Of the features of this method, it should be noted:

  • A small volume available for storing information (5 GB is given for free);
  • Synchronization is possible only using the Internet connection.

Using cloud storage facilities

Another method of transferring photos and iPhone to the iPhone includes the use of cloud storages. This process is quite simple, especially for those devices that use one cloud account.

The user needs to transfer the image to the cloud, and this process is performed using official client applications. Then synchronization is carried out and you can “pick” the pictures on another device.

The following cloud storage facilities can be used:

throw, photo, iphone, another

If you have chosen Yandex disk, then you can make such a settings that all the photos taken will immediately load on the cloud. The user can only provide public access to the necessary files directly from the iPhone application.

If you need to transfer content to a device that is connected to another cloud account, then you can apply direct links.

To search for the desired link, it is enough to select the required picture in the official cloud client and open the “Share” item.

When the link to the selected photo will be copied to the clipboard, it must be sent to the recipient for the device in the most convenient way. To do this, you can use SMS, social networks, messengers and other methods.

It is also worth mentioning about icloud service. This apple function provides the owners of several devices from the Apple brand. The opportunity to gain access to their own collection of media files on Mac, iPad, iPhone. All new videos and photos will automatically be loaded in the cloud, and then users get access to their viewing and editing on any of the devices.

We throw a photo from the old iPhone to a new one using a backup copy

Often the need to copy photos is due to the fact that the user “moves” from the old iPhone to a new. In such a situation, it will be extremely inconvenient to deal with the sending pictures manually. Therefore, as the only true option, it is worth considering a backup copy.

To create a backup on the old iPhone, follow the following actions:

Pinch to Copy & Paste between iOS devices!

Now that the backup file, which includes all the photos, is created, you can start transferring the backup to the new device.

As a rule, when the new iPhone is first turned on, the user proposes to restore the backup file file. To do this, you just need to log in to the previously used Apple ID, to which ICLOD is attached. If such an operation was not performed, you will need to act in a different way:

throw, photo, iphone, another

In the process of recovery, all files that were previously saved on the new iPhone will be deleted. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to perform a preparatory operation before restoration:

It is this option that will not allow you to erase previously saved files. The operation should undergo without consequences, and on the new iPhone you will see all the photos that were taken on the old device.