The Internet does not work on iPad via SIM

Why the Internet does not work on the iPhone: reasons and solutions

Hello! Today we will analyze the next problem when the iPhone does not work or does not work well (disappears, does not catch) mobile Internet. A lot of nonsense on this topic is written on the Internet, so we will analyze only the most effective ways. If you use Wi-Fi as an Internet, then come here. If you have any difficulties in reading, or the problem will not be solved-write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will help with what I can. Go!

The instruction is suitable for all iPhone: 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5C, 6, 6S, SE, 7, 8, 10, XS, 11, 11PRO, 12 and older versions. As well as for all operators: MTS, Beeline, Tele2, Yota, Megafon and others.

The Internet does not work via wi-fi. What to do?

First you need to understand the problem in your iPhone/iPad or not. Connect another device to Wi-Fi (your computer, friend’s phone, mother-in-law smartphone, etc.P.).

  • If there is no Internet either, then the problem needs to be sought in the router. Go to the second step.
  • If there are Internet on other devices, then go to step 3.

Go into the settings of the router. Put your router into the address bar of the IP browser (often IP is written on the router itself). This is usually: 192.168.One.One. Go login/password from the router (they also often write on it). This is usually: admin/admin.

internet, does, work, ipad

In the settings of the router, look for a item with the condition of the Internet connection. You can safely climb the tabs. It makes no sense to give screenshots, because there are a great many rauters and the settings may look different. There it is often easy to understand if you have a connection. Another way is to just look at the bulbs on the router and read their decryption from the instructions for the device.

If you, in principle, do not rummage in routers and do not want to understand, then it is difficult to help something with something. In general, your task is to see if the Internet works for you. If not, I recommend calling the provider technical support and clarify what happened to your Internet.

As a rule, if the Internet on the iPhone and iPad disappeared suddenly-this is a temporary problem due to the provider.

How To Fix Mobile Data Not Working On ANY iPhone!

If the Internet is not exclusively on iPhone or iPad, and other devices work perfectly, I recommend that you do the following actions:

  • Check if you have aircraft resistance. (Aprili settings). It should not be turned on.
  • Check if you are connected to the Wi-Fi network. (Settings-Wi-Fi). If so, try to drop the network and connect it again. Poke along the icon “i” opposite the connection. In the new window, select “Forget this network”. After that, we connect to it again (the password from Wi-Fi, I hope you know?!).
  • If it does not help, then go into the settings-axles-sketches. And there, click “Reset the network settings”. After that, connect to Wi-Fi again.

As a rule, the above actions are enough to solve the problem of the absence of the Internet via Wi-Fi on iPad and iPhone. And if you do not decide, then at least understand what is happening and doing some actions. But there are all kinds of cases when even these steps did not help. I will give a couple of examples of solving problems.

internet, does, work, ipad

My iPad somehow did not connect to the Wi-Fi network. It turned out that he did not support the WEP protection protocol (in the settings of the router where the Wi-Fi settings). I changed the WPA2-PSK protocol to a more reliable protocol. It was either on iOS 3, or 4. I don’t know how the situation is now, but it may make sense to change the protocol and password to Wi-Fi. You never know-maybe someone has connected to your network and loads the entire Internet.

We make a full reset of network settings on iOS device

Another solution that completely removes all network settings on the iPhone and allows you to get rid of many malfunctions related to the Internet connection and restore Wi-Fi work.

In the settings, we open the section “Basic”. “reset” and click on “Reset network settings”. Then we confirm the reset.

After that, you can try to connect your iPad, iPhone to Wi-Fi network. If the problem remains, and he will not want to connect, then most likely the matter is in the settings of the router (which, I hope, you have already rebooted).

Resetting network parameters to iPhone

Universal decision. I advise you to use it for any Internet problems on iPhones and iPads.

Go to the settings, to the “Basic” section. Further “reset” and select “reset the network settings”.

After rebooting the device, we again try to connect your phone to the wireless network, with which there used to be problems.

Update: try to remove the VPN profile

Go to the settings and go to the “General” section. “VPN”.

If there is some kind of profile (or several). Then remove them. You need to click on the button (i), then on “Delete VPN”.

If nothing helps, I advise you to check how another device will work with this network. Maybe the reason on the side of the access point.

Ipad writes “no network”: what to do

First, make sure that you use a serviceable SIM card. Inspect it for damage, scratches and dents. If the card has recently been circumcised, and after cutting the network disappeared, most likely the reason is this. To check, try to insert it into another mobile device with a similar slot, and see if there are problems with the connection.

Another possible explanation is incorrectly set settings. They can be lost when uploading software updating or flashing the gadget. For recovery, go for a few seconds to aircraft mode, and then turn it off: the device should automatically connect to the network. Make sure that the APN settings are correctly displayed: you can check them by calling your mobile operator.

Reload the device. Check if there are software updates: sometimes internal errors can be eliminated by simply updating the system. Before loading updates, make sure that the device is charged: interruptions can lead to new errors.

If nothing helps, the reason is in the hardware malfunction. The details of the tablet that participate in the reception of the cellular signal are sensitive to mechanical damage. They can break with a strong blow, pressure or fall of the gadget from a height. Also, metal components and contacts are sensitive to moisture.

If you fail to repair the tablet yourself, you should contact the service. No need to try to reflash it or open it yourself: this can lead to more serious breakdowns and the final failure. In a specialized center, the engineer will conduct diagnostics, determine the causes of the malfunction and eliminate them.

Ipad Not Connecting To WiFi? Here’s The Real Fix.

Repair on your eyes in 15-30 minutes. Without a margin.

Repair on your eyes in 15-30 minutes. Without a margin.

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Step one: SIM card

The appearance of tablets with 3G/4G module and without

To begin with, we will make sure that your tablet has a 3G module in which you can insert a SIM card to go to the Internet. It is important at the same time, do you have a suitable SIM card? Since a tablet with a SIM card together, as a rule, is not sold, you should find a card that you will use. SIM cards in phones and portable devices are used by two types:

This version uses a micro-card micro-a newer and reduced model to determine the subscriber on mobile devices. If you have a regular (mini SIM) SIM card of any desired operator, you can go to the nearest customer service center, and at your request you will be re-released in Micro-SIM version. Or you can get a Micro SIM card from a regular card (Mini SIM) independently by cutting a plastic case, since, despite the different size, contact plate and an exchange integration, they almost always have the same.

IMPORTANT! If you still decide to cut SIM for the tablet themselves:

The Internet does not work on iPad

Hello. IOS updated and I renewed on the top ten and after that I stopped catching Wi-Fi from the length 301. I have a length of the length 301 and Huawei 8245. There were no problems before, and the bridge worked fine. The problem itself is so. I connect to the network to the length and after a seconds of 5 a connection disappears and then on the iPad writes an error of connection. Android is all good. Change the router? Sitting with Huavea is not an option, he is far from the room where I am sitting with iPad. The restart did the long.Range, changed channels on both routers, nothing helps. What to do?

Hello. You have not written the main thing, the iPad normally connects and works with other networks?

I think it can help change the name of the Wi-Fi network in the D-Link settings.



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Extreme cases

If none of the methods described above helped, only the extreme method remains:

We are resetting the tablet settings for factory! After this action, all the data will be deleted, so do not forget to save yourself separately everything is most important.

If this does not help in any way, it remains to suspect only hardware breakdown. Either the train flew, or the module burned down. This happens infrequently, but it happens. The solution is to carry it to the service or run behind a new tablet.

I finish the article on this. I really hope that it was useful for you! But if suddenly and what. Our Комментарии и мнения владельцев are always open.