Recover Apple ID password if you forgot your email

Recovering iCloud password and Apple ID?

Before the recovery process, it is necessary to understand in which situations it is necessary. If you bought the gadget from hand, and the former owner did not disable the device search function, now you will not be able to log out of iCloud, since a password is required.

A user may have received an iPhone as a gift with an already registered account. You did not activate the gadget, and the necessary information was not provided. Or, in a third situation, the user created the account himself and simply does not remember the secret code.

Restore Apple ID (forgotten iCloud password) can be restored in different ways, for example, by giving answers to the control questions or by using the registered email address. You can also get access back in a situation where two-step verification is activated.

Restoring a forgotten Apple ID

The Apple ID matches the user’s email address that was used when registering the account with Apple. So, owners of a single email won’t have to guess for long. But this situation is quite rare. To avoid getting into such a difficult situation, you need to save your Apple ID and password in a safe place when registering the device, as well as record all the additional data used to create an account. When handling this type of information, you should always be aware of its confidentiality and not allow unauthorized persons to read it.

It happens that the registration is conducted by employees of the store or point of sale, which makes it imperative that all registration information must be memorized (written down) and taken with you. It is worth paying attention to the fact that various copies, drafts, notes and other registration information did not remain with the seller (including in his garbage cans).

Recovering Apple ID password

Solving the problem mentioned in the title of the article is a procedure that in most cases can be quite difficult, and in some cases even futile. It’s much easier to recover your Apple ID password not through iTunes, but through any other Apple device. Iphone, iPad, iPod, or Mac. And it can be yours personally or belong to another (but still not someone else’s, trusted) user. But first things first.


In fact, Apple ID password recovery will be performed not in iTunes, but in a browser, but you will still need to start this procedure via a proprietary program.

    Launch iTunes, click on the Account tab, and select Sign In.

Iphone, iPad, iPod, Mac

The procedure of recovering the Apple ID password via iTunes and a browser, which is the subject of our today’s article, can not be called convenient, much less guaranteed to be effective. This is much easier if you have access to an Apple mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod), macOS-based computer or laptop, whether you own it or someone else’s. The “Locator” feature, formerly called “Find iPhone,” will help, and if that doesn’t help, you’ll need to contact Technical Support. You can learn more about each of the above methods from the article below.

Recovering a password if your Apple ID is locked

If you haven’t lost your Apple account password, but can’t access it because it’s locked, you should follow a slightly different algorithm than the ones discussed above. However, in general terms, it boils down to all the same methods. Password recovery, using the “Apple” device previously associated with the account, as well as, in the most extreme case, appealing to Support. We also previously wrote about all of this in a separate article.

Viewing a forgotten password and/or Apple ID

In some cases, when the password to the account has been forgotten or lost, it is not recovered, but simply learned without the reset procedure that all the methods we have discussed above imply. There is a good chance that it was saved in the browser on your computer. If the problem is not the password at all, but the Apple ID (forgotten or lost, it does not matter), it can also be viewed, for example, in the App Store, iTunes Store, iPhone settings, the app “Locator” or the iTunes program for PC. The following instructions explain how each of the possible options for viewing such important information is implemented.

Via iTunes

You can also go to the recovery page through the iTunes program installed on your computer.

    Launch iTunes. Click the “Account” tab in the header. If you are logged into your account, you will need to log out by clicking on the appropriate button.

If you have access to your email account or know exactly the answers to the control questions, then you won’t have any trouble recovering your password.

Method no.” 3: Two-step verification

If trying to solve the question of how to restore the code from a personal account in iCloud, the user, going to the account page, receives a request to enter the code-key, then during registration he set the two-step verification. To restore iCloud password, proceed as follows:

  • Enter ID you got when you created your account for the first time. If you cannot remember, you should check your e-mail, in case there are some ID’s references there.
  • Go to menu with reset access code.
  • Press “Continue.
  • Specify a device that is trusted.
  • Wait for key to arrive.
  • Enter confirmation code.
  • Enter and activate a new iCloud pin code for the account.
  • Select the “Reset” menu.

As soon as the new password appears in the system, use it to log in to the cabinet again. It may have to be updated in the “Settings” as well.

Important! If the device you trust has been lost or is not working, i.E. You have nowhere to send the confirmation code, you will not be able to reset and change your iCloud password.

Using Find iPhone app

If for whatever reason you can’t use your gadgets, you can do a data recovery via your mate’s iPhone or iPad. The simple instruction will help you to restore your account within a minute.

Important! The Apple ID field must be blank. If you have any data in the box, delete itYou forgot your Apple ID or password

How To Reset your Apple ID Password || If you Forgot Your Apple ID Password ||

To restore your account if you have trivially forgotten your passwords or accidentally locked your gadget is easy enough. If these steps didn’t yield the desired result, Apple Support quickly resolves such user issues, but only if you are the rightful and lawful owner of the gadget.

How do I know my Apple ID on a locked iPhone?

To save yourself from these problems, keep in mind that there are three ways you can easily restore your Apple ID.

recover, apple, password, forgot, your, email
  • If the ID was used to download games, music, etc. Using iMessage, iCloud, FaceTime apps.
  • Through the computer, Apple ID can be found when the iPhone or iPad is locked or disabled.
  • Developer support will restore your ID if you have a receipt for the purchase of the gadget.

Let’s look at each case of restoring a forgotten Apple ID and answer the question of how to remember and never forget the restored ID

Features of the Apple ID

When you initially register your account, your email, which was used to bind your gadget, will act as your login, t.Е. This is the Apple ID.

When the device is activated, the login is displayed in encrypted form. The user does not see their full ID, you can see the whole set of data on the PC, on the activated iPad and iPhone.

recover, apple, password, forgot, your, email

Apple ID password recovery

Apple ID password recovery and reset with extended authentication enabled can be performed from any device connected to the account. If you can’t use a trusted gadget, you can use any Apple device.

Resuming access on iPhone

You can reset your account password on any version of your Mac operating system.

If you encounter difficulties, it is recommended to check iCloud authorization and repeat the suggested steps

Resume access on your Mac laptop

When working with your notebook, go to the Apple Settings section and perform the following manipulations:

If iCloud is not authorized, click on “Forgot your Passwords or Apple ID” and follow the onscreen instructions

Using a recovery key on your Mac

On devices with the latest versions of the operating system, an extended authentication creates a key that can be used to reset or create a new code. Use your Apple ID and cipher to know your password to regain access.

  • Reboot your device.
  • Click on the desired account.
  • Click on the question mark next to the field for entering the code and select the line “Reset using the recovery key”.
  • Enter key into suggested window and follow system recommendations.
recover, apple, password, forgot, your, email

If you don’t have a key, you will not be able to use this method

Forgot Apple ID Password? Top 3 Ways to Reset Apple ID Password without Phone Number

Resuming access with a recovery key on your iPhone or iPad

You can regain access to Apple ID on your iPhone only if you have a recovery key and a trusted gadget.

If the system prompted you to reset your phone number during the steps described above, you should enter the requested data and follow the recommendations on the screen.

After deleting old code, you will be asked to log in with new password on all devices.

Resuming access from a third-party Apple device

If you don’t have access to trusted gadgets and can’t remember the code, any iPhone or iPad will do.

Please note! If the login window does not appear, you should log out of the activated account and perform the actions described above

Restore identifier if you cannot reset the code

If you cannot restore access using the methods suggested above:

The detailed instructions on the site will tell you everything you need to do and what you need to enter. It can take days from application to password recovery.

Restore access using email

If the user doesn’t know how to remember the password from the account, you can resume access via email or with the help of control questions. To do this:

  • Go to Apple ID accounts, click “Forgot your username or password” and enter your Apple ID.
  • Go to “Reset Password”.
  • Select the necessary way to restore the access and follow the instructions.
recover, apple, password, forgot, your, email

After all these actions, the system will offer to log in to the account using a new password.

Important:! On all devices in use, you will need to update the password through the “Settings” menu

How to restore the Apple ID without a login?

It happens that people forget not only the password, but also their own Apple ID login, without which it is not even possible to reset the password.

First, you must check all available mailboxes for letters from the technical support service Apple: if there are any, then this mail is your login from the account.

Another way to remember your username is to ask your friends what mail was displayed in the correspondence through iMessage. Often the service uses your Apple ID when sending messages as an identifier instead of your phone number.

Probably, when you sent SMS to people on iMessage, your contact was displayed as an email address, which in turn is a login to the system.