Program For Iphone Listen To Music Without Internet

A person who has his playlist in VK wants to listen to music on iPhone from VKontakte and better offline (listening without the Internet). For example, you can pump music at home via Wi-Fi and listen to music from a VC without the Internet.

Now it is available right on your own iPhone, using special music apps. There are countless applications for music (its creation, listening), but it is very difficult to find those that really appeal to their design and functions.

What applications will allow you to listen to music on iPhone from Vkontakte.

Among the countless musical resources, there are few applications that can really surprise you with their functions, features and a nice view. This article contains some of the best applications for listening to music and not only:

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Yandex Music

  • 1) Still quite a bit and it would seem the VK Administration will completely block all programs that previously successfully worked and coped with downloading music to iPhone.
    But there was a legal application, Yandex Music. It works as always offline, it uses the Vkontakte login and again, you just have to enjoy it. Very convenient login through the VK mobile application. If you are authorized, the program works easily and without hangs on iPhone 5 / 5s and 6, 7 newer models.

Kasseta (Good app, stopped working)

Download and install on iPhone (Stopped working since October 2017)

Program For Iphone Listen To Music Without Internet

  • 2) Kasseta. a working application, downloading music from Vkontakte. Subsequent playback in offline mode, even without the Internet. You can find music of interest by hashtag or topic. (Verified yourself! Works 100% on August 2017).Very fun features such as a custom equalizer with preset genres and a sleep timer. The only thing that can alert you is that to download music, you need to enter your login information 1 time for VK. I think it will not be superfluous, after downloading music, to change the password to a new one.
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  • 3) Glazba. A free application that can not be found in the Appstore, only through a search engine. It works offline, with support for Vkontakte music. You can also add music from iTunes, create your own playlists.


  • 4) The following application, which also works offline and completely free, is XMusic. it is also with VKontakte music support. Everything is according to the standard scheme: download the application, log in to Vkontakte account and enjoy music.

Music fan Offline

  • 5) And here is the last application on our list, but not by value. Music fan Offline. A resource that supports Vkontakte, free and works offline! Find, upload to the cloud and listen to your favorite music offline on your iPhone.

Now downloading music will not take up a lot of time, as it was before. All these applications will allow you to enjoy music to the maximum! Most of them specialize in audio recordings together with Vkontakte, and some allow you to download and listen to music on iPhone. Add music from absolutely any other music site or application! The choice of a specific program depends only on the desires and preferences of the user.

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Vkontakte on iOS without limit and restriction

Since October 2017, VK began to limit listening in the background, offering to issue a paid subscription. There is an opportunity to circumvent such an innovation and listen to music on the iPhone; there are several ways to do this (see. How to bypass the VK music restriction).

By the way for phones on Android, we now have our own theme (See Top 5 music apps from VK to Android Phone).