Mi TV Stick does not connect the remote control. How to broadcast the phone screen on Mi TV Stick?

How to connect a remote control to Xiaomi TV

Xiaomi TVs are one of the most modern and technological. For their management, remote controls are used. However, when buying a new TV, the remote control that comes with it, in some cases will not work immediately. It must be correctly configured to work on this TV Xiaomi TV. Therefore, in this story, we will try to show in detail how to connect and configure the remote control.

After all, the Bluetooth remote control works from anywhere, because it is not IK and there is no need to direct it towards TV. Connection occurs through Bluetooth technology. Most models contain the Netflix, Prime Video, KinoPoisk, Okko, IVI for quick access to data streaming services.

First of all, you need to insert new battery into it. Usually in them are already included, but you can use more others that in your opinion are more reliable.After you have installed batteries, we proceed to the conjugation of the devices.

First inclusion

For connecting via Bluetooth system, which acts in the range of 20 meters. To do this, you need to click on the buttons indicated above.Press the buttons at the same time and you will hear the sound, after which you can let the buttons on the remote control. Then you will hear two beeps, it will mean successful completion of the conjugation of devices.

If it is not possible to bring the remote control closer to TV and repeat the operation.

Mi TV Stick Employment

Mi TV Stick comes in a small orange box. The kit includes:

  • Device
  • Bluetooth remote control with the function of voice control, works on two AAA power elements (there are no included)
  • Power supply 5V, 1a
  • Micro-USB wire
  • HDMI extension cord

Judging by earlier reviews and reviews, the extension cord of HDMI in the first sets was not. Perhaps in Xiaomi they quickly understood their deficiency and subsequent deliveries began to be equipped with this extension cord. The presence of Micro-USB in the device seems to be a kind of greetings from the past, it seems that in Chinese warehouses, reserves of such wires and connectors are still far from exhausted. And. batteries will have to stock up on immediately, they are not in the remote control.


Processor: Amlogic S805Y (Quad-Core Cortex-A53) GP: Mali-450 RAM: 1GB. Flash memory: 8GB (user is available ~ 5GB.) Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Dual-Band 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ. Bluetooth: 4.2 OS: Android TV 9 dimensions: 92.4×30.2×15.2 mm. Weight: 28g. Additionally: Chromecast support

Maximum resolution 1920×1080 (FullHD). One USB connector used only to connect power.

What to do if Mi TV Stick cannot find a Wi-Fi network?

1) On the remote control, click the power button and reboot Mi TV Stick, if it is not possible to do it through the bullet, then just turn off the power from Mi TV Stick for several seconds, then connect it back.2) Create a Wi-Fi access point on your smartphone. If Mi TV Stick sees an access point from the phone, reboot your router. If Mi TV Stick still cannot find an access point, please: a) make a reset of the Mi TV Stick settings (go to the “Device Settings” “Reset” “Reset to the Factory Data”) b) If the steps described above have not helped, contact in service center.

The Android TV system supports Bluetooth conjugation with any devices except phones. If you have problems with the conjugation of both devices, restart both devices and repeat the attempt.

What to do if there is no sound or extraneous noise

The audio signal is transmitted from Mi TV Stick to TV via HDMI. If you hear that “no sound” or “noise” in the background, check if Mi TV Stick is connected correctly, try connecting Mi TV Stick to another HDMI nest.

Go to the “Device Settings” “Reset” “Reset to the factory data”. Then wait for the operation.

How to use Google Gast C Mi TV Stick?1) Cast and Mi TV Stick support devices should be connected to one Wi-Fi network.2) Launch any application that supports Cast, for example YouTube.3) click on the video “Broadcast” button.

TV prefix Xiaomi Mi TV Stick and Mi Box S does not see the Wi-Fi network

These were general recommendations. Now it will move on to more specific examples. Let’s start with the situation where the Xiaomi Mi Box S (Mi TV Stick) prefix does not see a single Wi-Fi network at all. Do not forget that in Android you can forcibly turn off the wireless module. Therefore, before taking any actions, make sure that Wi-Fi is included in the prefix in the settings.

If you exclude the breakdown of the device, then try to drop it again to the factory settings.

The prefix Android Smart TV does not catch Wi-Fi well and does not connect to the router

In the event that the prefix sees neighboring Wi-Fi, but does not catch it poorly or cannot discover specifically your network, then the problem is most likely in the settings of the router.

Hidden network

First of all, check whether it will retire the invisible network when the name Wi-Fi connection is not visible to other devices. This setting is often practiced to ensure additional protection Wi-Fi from unauthorized connection.

How to Use Xiaomi TV Stick 4K Without Control ️

If this is your case, then the SSID and password must be entered manually. To do this, in the section “Network and the Internet” on the TV prefix, you need to click on “Add network”

And indicate the name Wi-Fi and the password for Connect


If the network is not hidden, then be sure to check the Wi-Fi channel. Most often, by default, its configuration is set at “Auto”. As a result, conflicts may arise in the interaction between devices, and they do not see each other. The solution is to establish a specific channel, for example “1”.


Another probable reason is the set devices filtering parameters for Mac or IP address on the router.

To protect the network from extraneous connections, maybe earlier you or the system administrator created a specific “white” list of devices that are allowed to connect with the router and gain Internet access. As a result, all newly connected devices will simply not be allowed to the local network. All that is needed is to add a MAC address to the category of allowed devices. Either fix the static IP for the TV prefix and also add it to this list.

Mi TV Stick Management with one remote control?

To do this, it is necessary that the TV supports HDMI CEC technology, as well as in the HDMI CEC TV settings to be activated. Next, you need to configure Mi TV Stick, go to the “settings” “Settings of the device” “HDMI CEC”, activate the necessary parameters.

How to manage Mi TV Stick from the phone?

If there is a desire to control the Mi TV Stick media player from the phone. switching and navigation, print text or copy prepared text data, such as sslyki, on the console, then you need to install Android TV Remote Control:

If the stick does not see the 5 GHz Wi-Fi network, then change the channel on the router, or rather cut to 44 channels. The fact is that Xiaomi for some reason blocked channels over 44 channels for Ukraine and therefore it is necessary either to change the region to China / USA, or establish a restriction of up to 44 channels. After which Mi TV Stick will see a wireless network.

Setting Mi TV Stick

After turning on the prefix, you will be invited to perform primary settings:

  • Take the remote control from the device and click on the “Home” and “Applications” button.
  • Follow the recommendations on the TV display. Indicate the language, region, then find your Wi-Fi in the list and connect to it.
  • In the next window, the system will offer to log in to the Google Account. Click “Enter” and select the authorization method: using a phone or from a remote control. Google account is needed for the full use of the capabilities of the prefix. Further, the system will propose to switch to the specified page and enter a six.digit code from the TV screen.
  • Click “Continue”, select the account and click Sign in. Accept the conditions of use and provide access to your geodan.

How to fix not pairing remote on Mi TV Stick

After entering the Google Account, you will go to the application installation menu to Mi TV Stick.

Installation of applications

Mi TV Style allows you to download applications both through an official store and from third.party services. We will analyze each of the ways.

How to install through Google Play

On the main screen of TV, find the Google Play icon and click on it. Next, follow the instructions:

  • In the search bar, enter the name of the application you want to download.
  • Select the desired program and click on the download button.
  • Wait for the completion of download, after which the application will display in the TV menu next to other utilities.

How to install APK

If you are not ready to put up with a limited selection of applications in Play Market, then you can always download them from third.party resources in APK format.

To install such files, a file manager is required. “From the box” in the TV set there is no, so you need to open the Play Market and download the X-Plore File Manager utility (you can download other software).

Now download on your computer or smartphone and save the application in the cloud storage, which you plan to install in APK format on the TV. Next, on TV, open the previously installed utility and follow the instructions:

  • Give him access to files in the “Cloud disks” section.
  • Click “Add the server”, select the cloud and enter the entrance.
  • Find a downloaded file in the cloud storage and click on it.
  • A message will be displayed on the screen about the installation of unknown sources. Here select “Settings” and opposite the X-Plore button move the slider. Otherwise, the installation will not begin.

If there is an offer to update the application, then agree with it.

Keep in mind that TV is not applied to the class of powerful media players. He may not pull heavy games and programs. Therefore, in order to avoid problems in the work of TV stick, we recommend not installing resource.intensive applications.

Installation HD VideoBox

HD Videobox is a popular program for watching movies, TV shows and other multimedia content. Through this application, users can watch videos at the same time from several resources, including Kinokong, HDGO, Filmix, Tivio and others. HD Videobox is not in the official application store, so we will download the service through APK. Download HD VideoBox from the 4PDA service through a smartphone/computer and place in a cloud. Next on the TV, open the X-PLORE manager and install HD VideoBox according to the instructions above.

Ready. You have installed a third.party application.

How to install Yandex Browser on Mi TV Stick

Yandex Browser is a popular Internet navigator with a large number of interesting chips: voice assistant, actual Protect protection technology, advertising blocking function, etc. D.

To install Yandex Browser, do the following:

  • Go to Google Play on TV.
  • In the search bar, enter the name of the browser.
  • The next page will display all programs with that name. Select the first.
  • Click “install” and wait for the completion of download.

If Google Play does not work on the TV, you can download Yandex Browser in APK format from the 4PDA forum.

Why the Mi-Pult does not work: ways to solve the problem


If you are faced with the problem that the Xiaomi Mi or television set.top box is not working from the TV, that is, two options for solving the problem. The first is to try to find the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it, the second is to buy a new remote control.

In the event that you do not want to spend money, you should allocate a little time to search for problems. First of all, it is worth cleaning the device of dust, because the problem can be hidden in the clogged IR module, which simply does not miss infrared rays.

Then you should clean the PEEL Mi Remote and Mi Remote application cache cache. Please note that both programs usually work. One of them ensures the performance of the gadget itself, and the other allows you to take the control buttons to the desktop. Accordingly, both utilities will need the cache cleaning.

To do this, you need to go to the settings, where to choose the line “Applications”. “All applications”. Here you need to find the line “remote” and click on the program that appeared. In the lower part of the screen is the “Clean” button and then “Clean the cache”.

Similarly, the PEEL Mi Remote program cache is cleaned. After that, it is advisable to reload the phone.

In the event that after rebooting the smartphone, the Xiaomi TV is still not working, then you should go back to the program settings and select the “Clean everything” item.

It happens that these actions do not bring the desired result. The solution lies in the removal of the “Mi-Pult” utility and its re-installation.

Когда ни один из вышеописанных способов не помогает, а Mi-пульт не работает все равно, то стоит попробовать его отнести в сервисный центр или приобрести новый девайс.

The reasons

Before repairing the device, you need to determine the cause. Why does Mi Box not see the remote control? The main problems:

  • damage to contacts inside the headset;
  • external interference from other equipment;
  • discharged batteries;
  • Light indicator failure;
  • broken buttons;
  • Problems with Bluetooth connection.

Next, we tell in detail what to do with it.

What to do if the problem is with the remote control?

Before carrying out any actions to eliminate the failure, take out the batteries from the PD. In a few minutes insert back. be careful! Do not confuse polarity. If the remote control does not work due to a breakdown of contacts, then it can be fixed. Masters will connect the broken wires in a few minutes. Without experience and a special tool, it is difficult to do it. During disassembly, act carefully. Give the batteries, after moving to fasteners. Remove the screws with a small screwdriver. Next, take the knife and carefully remove the upper body. View the integrity of the board. If it is broken, it is necessary to replace it. Wipe the details with a cotton wool. Use alcohol solution and delicately walk along them.

In addition, bright sunlight affects the work of PDD. They are interfering with a signal. Another option is a malfunction of the diode indicator.

Cleaning Kesha

System updates do not pass without errors. In the case of homemade electronics and a mi-gun, you have to establish a connection of the firmware and IR port, otherwise the user encounters unfortunate problems:

  • the remote control is often dismantled;
  • The TV does not respond to keystrokes;
  • The application freezes when starting;
  • a mistake Peel Mi Remote appears.

Advanced users often try to clean the cache programs on their own, which stopped working correctly in order to return TU to duty. The thought is excellent, but the meaning of actions is lost if you clean the data of only one application-Mi Remote (Mi-Pult).

Please note that the system uses two applications to control devices without a physical remote control. The Mi Remote system application is used to emulate the remote control of the remote control. The second, Peel Mi Remote, takes a convenient widget with working buttons to the desktop. By turning off only one utility, you can not achieve a positive effect.

  • Go to the general settings of the smartphone;
  • Go to the “Applications” section and further in “All applications”;
  • By searching or scrolling, find one of the programs;
  • to the bottom of the opening window, slip through the “Clean” button and check the choice “Clean the cache”;
  • Repeat the actions for the second program.

After it is advisable to restart the smartphone. In the case when the TV or the console from the remote control does not turn on again, return to the program settings and select the “Clean All” action.

Reinstalling the program

If the previous actions did not lead to a positive result, we will move on to the radical method. to remove applications and their re.installation.

Will have to remove both tools developed Xiaomi. We do this in any familiar way: in Google Play on the page of the utility, click “Delete” or go to the “Appendix” section in the settings of the device and open the Peel Mi Remote and Mi-remote windows, as the article was done in the previous paragraph.

Now you will need to re.install Mi Remote Control from the Play Market, GetApps store or a third.party proven source. Download, set up and check whether the connection has returned with TV.

The Mi-Pulto voice control does not support. Therefore, if the Xiaomi TV search on the TV does not work, the reason may be in the microphone of the standard DU, poor radio signal or the absence of a language package. The resolution of the problem, respectively, will not affect the work with the Mi Remote Control application.

We tested the above solutions, and the TV does not work on the actions of the Xiaomi remote control? Contact the service center, where the specialist will identify all errors and malfunctions and set up the remote application for further use.