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When buying a PS4 game console (PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro), many are faced with choosing the right TV or monitor. We will not talk about monitors today, since the topic is very extensive and there is something to discuss separately, but you can uncover the topic about TVs. It should be noted right away that for the PS4 Slim it is definitely worth taking a FullHD TV, since on 4K the picture will be too soapy and the prefix will not stretch such a load. But, we also cannot recommend a TV for purchase from 1920×1080 pixels at the end of 2018, since this is already an outdated resolution. It is worth taking a TV with 4K and HDR, as these technologies are already actively used.

In addition, when choosing a TV, you need to pay attention to a whole bunch of characteristics and details that are important for the final result. We decided that it would be too inconvenient to paint everything separately, so in this article we will simply introduce the top five TVs for PS4, which we can recommend, and you yourself will choose the product that suits your budget. And, of course, we will comment on our choice. Why it is important, but it is not very. Sit back, now there will be a lot of interesting information.

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Digma DM-LED50U403BS2S

LG Tv Setup For

The first TV in our selection will be a product from Digma, which received a very long and very strange name. In this model, the display diagonal is 50 inches and this is enough to play games from two or three meters and get a lot of positive emotions from this process. You can also play at a greater distance, but I don’t advise sitting closer anymore. Your eyes will just get tired. The resolution in this case is 4K (3840 by 2160 pixels), aspect ratio 16: 9, refresh rate 60 Hz. That is, this is an ideal set of characteristics for playing on the console. All games are optimized for this screen format and works at 30-60 FPS.

Lg 43UK6450

In this model from LG, the name is already much easier to pronounce, plus you can understand from the name that here the diagonal is 43 inches. Precisely, 42.5 inches. Is this enough for games? Quite. If you play not from five to ten meters, then at 43 inches the picture looks very clear and detailed, you can calmly examine small enemies in the distance or read the text of the dialogs. The resolution in this case is 3840 by 2160 pixels, so the pixel density is even higher and the picture should be clearer.

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Philips 50PUT6023

One of the newest models, which just went on sale in 2018. The device is interesting precisely because in its development the manufacturer used all the most modern technologies and this allows you to enjoy high quality images. The diagonal of the display is 50 inches, the resolution reaches 3840 by 2160 pixels. The matrix is ​​built on IPS technology with wide viewing angles, which is especially nice. There will be no fading of the image vertically. The aspect ratio, of course, is also 16: 9. Classic features for a good gaming TV.

Sony KD-43XE7005

Sony has also become incredibly popular for a long time thanks to its TVs. It is strange that the Japanese have not yet begun to advertise their own TVs as an ideal solution for their own game console. This model has HDR technology, which really works and makes the picture more attractive and saturated. You can play any games and get great graphics even in the darkest scenes, where on other TVs the picture looks like a dark mess of pixels. Already for this TV is worth praising and recommending.

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Samsung UE58NU7100U

The most attractive TV for gamers who want to enjoy the PS4 is the Samsung UE58NU7100U. Of course, we do not take into account models that cost from 100 thousand rubles and higher. There are several cool products there, but these are sky-high and we can not recommend them. This model with a diagonal of 58 inches costs only 52 thousand rubles, which, with its characteristics, seems more than justified. The resolution here is honest 4K, there is an advanced HDR technology that really works and makes the picture more beautiful and interesting.