iPhone x percentage charge how to do

How to make a percentage charge on your iPhone

In recent models of iPhone the percentage charge level display is no longer available. This is due to the development of a new design in which the top information field takes up less space. It is designed in connection with the appearance of a larger screen “from edge to edge” and the desire of the creators to minimize the information field. As a result, there is no space left to show how much interest the battery has.

All iPhone models, both old and new, let you know how much charge the battery has. The difference is that apple smartphones X, XR, XS XS Max will not be able to show data all the time. For the sake of ergonomics, in order not to clutter the space on the screen, the information has been “hidden” in the control center curtain. You can only get data in the new models from there.

The user will have to invoke an additional menu through the control item, which disappears after use. In the settings it was enough to turn on the function “Active percentage“.

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The ability to see the percentage of charge has a psychological effect. As soon as the number becomes less than 50, the desire to find an outlet and charger increases significantly. After all, this means that the smartphone has only a few hours of power left. According to the results of the latest tests, 49% means about 5 hours of operation of the mobile device. Keep in mind that we are talking about a new phone with a battery that has not been damaged by careless use.

Iphone XS Max stuck on 0% remaining while charging!0% remaining battery solution.

If your phone is running out of power quickly and charging slowly, try changing your charger. It is necessary to use original products, otherwise there is a risk that the battery will quickly fall into disrepair again. If replacing the charger does not work, you will need to replace the battery. It’s not cheap, but it’s a better way to save your iPhone than buying a new one.

Iphone X battery capacity

With the release of the updated “Apple” flagship improved key parameters, including the battery capacity on the iPhone 10. Redesigned hardware configuration provided a result of 2716 mAh. For Apple phones this is a high level indicator. Users didn’t like the numbers on the box. Competitors running on the Android platform claim increased battery capacity. In reality, it turns out that the smartphone is optimized and works in battery mode as well as competitors.

There are smartphones on the market with powerful and average batteries, but among Apple smartphones, the “ten” showed excellent results due to the dual battery configuration. 60 hours of listening to music using the Internet, 12 hours of active seing, 21 hours of talking. This is enough for everyday use. Especially since the iPhone X battery supports fast wireless charging of 50 percent in 20 minutes.

How to turn on the charging percentage display on the iPhone 12, 11, XS and XR

Unfortunately, on iPhones with a notch at the top of the screen to put the display of the current battery charge as a percentage in the top line is not available.

Nevertheless, we can pick up one of two options in this case as well:

  • The easiest way to do this is to open the “Control Panel” by pulling down from the top right edge of the screen, which will display the percentage of charging in the status bar.
  • The second feature became available with the release of iOS 14. We can now place a widget showing the battery level, including on the home screen (or in the widget area on the left):
  • Tap and hold your finger in a blank space on the home screen, and when it goes into edit mode, tap the “Plus” button at the top left.
  • A list of widgets will open, look for “Battery” in the list.
  • Choose the appropriate percentage widget option and add it to your home screen.
  • As a result, you’ll always have the current charge percentage shown, although it takes up more space than necessary, in my opinion.

Maybe in the future Apple will offer a different way of showing the percentage of charge on these models of iPhone, but for now it’s just this.

How to view the battery level of iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X in percent on the home screen

Tap and hold your finger on an empty space on the iPhone home screen.

Press the ” ” button that appears in the upper left-hand corner.

Swipe down to the bottom of the widgets screen and select Battery.

Select the type of widget display and press Add widget.

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Move the widget to the spot you want on the screen and tap Done in the upper right corner of the home screen to apply the settings.

To view the percentage of battery charge remaining

Here’s how to set the charging percentage on iPhone X. Previously, you could go through “Settings” = “Battery” to display them and get the desired result: the main screen would constantly display the battery information. This feature was also activated by turning on power save mode, which allowed for rational use of the device when the charge level on the iPhone was low.

If we talk about this feature on the iPhone X, as a full analogue in previous versions or phones of other popular brands, you will not find it here. But it is possible to achieve the display of this information by following the sequence of actions:

  • Touch the upper right side of the screen.
  • Swipe down. This will bring up the “Control Panel” menu.
  • In the upper right corner will appear the necessary icon, which contains information about the battery level.
  • To return to the previous screen, swipe up.
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Iphone X/XR/XS: How to Show Battery Percentage Sign (3 Ways)

How to make a percentage charge on your iPhone

Since Apple has released a large number of devices, the method of activating percentages on smartphones differs slightly between each other, but we have reviewed the options for all versions, so that you can enable the display of percentages on the iPhone in any device.

The procedure here is primitive and is done through the settings of the device:

Here it is also important to understand which values are different in color. For example:

Warning! If you have “Power Saving” mode activated on your iPhone, you cannot change the appearance of the battery display until you turn it off. Simply this item will not be active in the “Battery” section.

How to find out the percentage of charge on the iPhone X-family?

1) Open the control panel. On X’s it is enough to swipe down from the upper right corner. You will see the battery percentage in the upper right corner. Yes, it’s that simple.

2) The second option. Just ask Siri. The voice assistant will answer the question about the battery level in percent.

3) You can also swipe from left to right on the lock screen or the home screen. You’ll also see the percentage charge under the current date.

4) Finally, the percentage of charge is shown when one of the “XR” is connected to the charger.

And, yes, surely this instruction will also be relevant for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max, which are expected to launch in September 2019.

How to turn on percentages on the iPhone XR, X, XS and XS Max. Correct display of the charge

Earlier iPhone models had a full-featured display of the battery charge scale in %. However, in the X model, the top-to-bottom display was implemented. Because of the new design, iOS developers chose to change the content of the main status bar on the screen. And one of the components they abandoned was the “Charge Percentage” option. Directly through the settings it is not possible to activate it. Still, there is a way to turn on percentages on the iPhone XR, as well as the other models in the line. The X, XS and XS Max.

Turn on charging percentages on the iPhone XR. Order of action

The first option is to do it through the Control Panel:

  • Touch your finger to the area at the top right of the screen where the battery indicator is.
  • Swipe down to open the Control Panel.
  • In the upper right corner, you will see an icon that shows your battery %;
  • Close the Dashboard by swiping up.

In fact, nothing difficult, all manipulations are done in just a couple of movements.

The second option on how to turn on the percentage on the iPhone XR (this includes all models of the X line and iPhone 11) is to do it through a widget:

  • Swipe from left to right on the main screen of your smartphone;
  • Select Edit from the list of widgets;
  • Click the ” ” sign (green) next to the Batteries widget. After this action, the widget will appear in the upper part of the display, but with the designation “-” (red shade);
  • Next, through the widgets screen, you can monitor your iPhone‘s % charge indicator by bringing up the widget list in a similar way (swipe from left to right).

Iphone XR charge percentage. How to turn on all screens

The answer is clear. This option is not available. All because of the same “long ears” that are present in the design of the iPhone X, XS and XR. The updated look of the “apple” smartphone has forced Apple engineers to remove some options from the main screen. Perhaps an alternative option, how to turn on the default percentages on the iPhone XR, will be available in subsequent versions of the gadget. But for now it remains to use one of the aforementioned ways.

By the way, in unofficial statements Apple representatives said that the display % charge was removed including the concern for the user. According to the manufacturer, many users are already rushing to plug in their smartphone when the indicator drops to 39% or lower. Although in fact it is enough for a few more hours of operation without excessive loads. So that the gadget is not charged as often, it was decided to abandon the charge indicator as a percentage.

How to enable percentages on iPhone 11. The battery charge indicator. Ways to activate

In the past, on almost all iPhones, you could easily turn on the battery charge display in %, in the status bar. To do this, you just had to go to Settings. Battery and activate the corresponding option. But in smartphone versions with the TrueDepth camera system (iPhone 11, 11 Pro, iPhone X, XS and XR) this feature has been eliminated. And yet there’s an alternative way to turn on the percentages on iPhone 11 and similar models. We will tell you about it today.

iphone, percentage, charge

The easiest way. Your procedure:

  • Touch the right “ear” at the top of the display (where the charge indicator is located);
  • Swipe down and select Control Point;
  • At the top right, you will start to see an icon that shows your battery charge in %. You can close the control panel.
  • Swipe from left to right on the iPhone‘s main display;
  • Click on the Edit command in the widgets screen that opens;
  • Tap the “” (green) icon next to the Power Elements widget. The widget itself should show up in the top section of the screen, with a red “-” icon;
  • Swipe from left to right on the main display again, bringing up the widget screen. Use the Elements widget to see your iPhone’s current battery charge in %.

Another frequent user question “Percentage of charge on iPhone 11. How to turn on all screens?”. The answer will disappoint many. It’s not possible in principle. Maybe the developers will soon fix this, but today the “ears” in this model do not allow you to display the charge in %.

The built-in Siri assistant is another option for how to turn on charging percentages on iPhone 11. Call the voice assistant by saying “Hey, Siri” or by pressing the side Power key repeatedly. When the voice assistant starts up, ask it to “Show battery percentage”.

“iPhone 11 battery percentage. How to enable?”. A popular question, but, according to Apple engineers, not really relevant. Initially the option was removed because the battery capacity of iPhone 11 was increased compared to previous models. While the display of % is necessary in the first place (so think Apple engineers) for those people who are actively using a smartphone and battery drains. The opinion is controversial, but the fact remains that the options, how to turn on the interest on the iPhone, comes down only to the above methods, any other alternatives are absent. We hope that the mentioned methods will be enough for your tasks.