Ipad Won’T Turn On Lit Apple

The cause of the problem

Before proceeding with self-repair, you need to understand the reason why the tablet does not start. Among the most common reasons are:

  • Discharging the battery to zero. In this case, iPad boots up to apple and then turns off.
  • Operating system problems. If the screen lights up, but the tablet does not work, try to return it to a working state by a forced reboot or flashing.
  • Hardware problems caused by mechanical stress, moisture ingress or other negative factors.

Ipad Won'T Turn On Lit Apple

What to do if the Aypad does not turn on after mechanical impact, or the screen goes out constantly after turning on? It is recommended to contact the service center. Hardware problems can be very different:

  • Defective power button. Find the breakage easily. Connect the charger to the device. If the indicator lights up, then the power button is faulty.
  • Short circuit with damaged components. It is not possible to identify the damaged area on your own.
  • Liquid penetration into the housing.

Self-repair will lead to the fact that the iPad will be removed from the warranty, if it still exists. In addition, you can damage other components by adding new problems to existing ones.

Ipad won’t turn on beyond the apple logo

If the Aypad does not turn on, the apple is on, then the reason for this may be serious hardware problems. However, sometimes the problem occurs due to software errors and other malfunctions that can be fixed without contacting a service center.

Eliminate software errors

If the tablet does not boot due to hardware problems, then there is a high probability that the user will immediately understand this. The device will be completely inoperative, so even before loading an apple it will not come. If your Aypad does not turn on, but only an apple is on, then try to fix the problem yourself. What to do:

  • Force restart the tablet.
  • Update or Flash iPad via iTunes.

To force restart the device, press the Power and Home buttons. Keep them pressed for 8-10 seconds until the tablet turns off completely. Then release the keys and wait for the system to boot. This method helps, even if the system is frozen tightly, or when turned on, the apple is on and the screen goes out.

What if, after a forced restart, the system stalled again during the boot phase? Try to update the system via iTunes while saving the data:

  1. Connect iPad to Computer with iTunes.
  2. Perform a forced restart by holding the keys until the recovery window appears in iTunes.
  3. Select the “Update” option.

The program will automatically download the latest version of iOS and install it on the tablet without touching the user’s personal data. If for some reason the update process takes more than 15 minutes, the tablet will exit recovery mode. In this case, repeat the procedure.

Ipad firmware

If after updating the problem is not resolved, the option remains with a flashing through iTunes. This operation will erase the user’s personal data from the iPad, so make sure you have an iTunes or iCloud backup.

  1. Download the file with the latest iOS version for your model.
  2. Connect your tablet to iTunes.
  3. Open the device sync page.
  4. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click “Restore”.
  5. Specify the path to the firmware file and confirm the restore request.

Itunes will delete the content that was stored on the tablet and download the new firmware to the internal memory. The settings will be reset to the factory state, so that all software problems will no longer interfere with the normal operation of the device.

If you can’t restore iPad in normal mode, you can try the same steps in DFU mode. To convert your tablet to DFU:

  1. Connect iPad to iTunes.
  2. Turn off your tablet.
  3. Hold Power, after 3 seconds hold Home.
  4. Release Power after 10 seconds while continuing to hold Home.

You need to keep Home until iTunes reports that the device is in recovery mode. Then you can start flashing iPad.

Reboot the device

Another way to restore any Apple smartphones, when the iPad does not turn on, the “apple” lights up and goes out “, is to reboot the device. This is done in three steps:

  • Press the Home and Sleep keys at the same time
  • Hold them for 10-15 minutes until the “apple” logo appears on the display
  • Wait for the tablet to reboot

This reboot method restores almost all Apple gadgets in case of any software failure. This method is often used after installing a tweak from Cydia or a jailbreak, after which the iPad freezes quite often.

Flashing the gadget via iTunes

This is a rather aggressive way to deal with software bugs, but if the iPad “hangs on the apple” and stubbornly does not turn on, then flashing is the last thing you can try at home. The method is bad in that you risk erasing all or part of the data on your device after updating the iPad. This will happen if you have not backed up iPad in iTunes in the recent past.

Re-flashing in situations where the iPads freeze when turned on is performed in several stages:

  • Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer
  • Connect the iPad to the PC, which turns off or constantly reboots on the “apple”
  • Select the appropriate device type in the program settings and wait for the program to download the latest software version for it
  • Simultaneously hold down the power and Home buttons on the iPad. An “apple” will appear on the iPad screen, which will go out
  • Follow the instructions in the iTunes dialog that will launch on the PC screen

The program will prompt you to configure an iPad that is frozen and does not turn on as brand new (with a return to factory settings and a complete loss of all data) or restore the last backup.

Ipad won’t turn on, apple is on and off

If you are faced with a situation where your beloved iPad does not turn on, the “apple” is on and off, do not rush to carry the device to the service center. There are several ways in which it is possible to restore the tablet to work at home.

Charging check

The very first thing that needs to be done, if the Aypad does not turn on, the “apple” lights up, then goes out, is to check the state of charge of the device. It is possible that you missed the signal on the iPad screen that its battery is in a low state. At the same time, the charging icon itself may not blink. Aypad will react to a full discharge with a completely black display, on which the apple logo will appear for only a second. Even if the tablet “hangs on an apple”, the cause of the malfunction may be the same.

Your actions in this case:

  • Connect an iPad, which has an “apple” on and then turns off, to a “native” charger (chargers from phones, iPad mini and other Apple gadgets are not suitable)
  • Wait at least 20 minutes
  • Start iPad again

The use of the “native” charger is extremely important. Analog chargers are capable of overheating the iPad while it is connected to the network, which leads to various problems in its operation. Incorrectly used iPads freeze when turned on and stop charging at all. Iphone and iPod freeze in the same way.

If after charging your iPad still does not turn on, also check that the charging cable and outlet are working properly. Connect some other phone or smartphone to them and make sure they are charging. If gadgets work with this cable and outlet, please go to other iPad recovery methods.

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Repair for mechanical damage

All described methods are suitable for home DIY repair of an iPad that is frozen and will not turn on, provided that the damage to the device was not mechanical. If your tablet has turned off and no longer boots after it fell, then the reason for the constant reboot of the device may be a broken cable.

Additional signs of this are the following interference:

  • When turned on, the screen lights up and flashes
  • There are streaks and other imperfections in the image before it fades
  • The appearing “apple” has a fuzzy white color

If your iPad goes out due to mechanical damage, do not repair the device yourself. Try rebooting your tablet or charging it as described above, then flashing the device. If none of the methods helped, and the iPad reboots and goes dead, take it to the service center.

The most profitable option is to entrust the repair of a non-bootable iPad to the Yuda executors. They will restore the tablet, which does not turn on and does not charge, as quickly as possible right at your home:

  • Solder the dangling cable
  • Replace the broken glass of the screen
  • Carry out professional software installation

How to fix problems

All faults are traditionally divided into hardware and software problems. To fix software errors, we need a USB cable and a computer.

For iron treatment, the list will be much wider:

Why iPhone does not turn on: we make a diagnosis

Outwardly similar symptoms can be the result of completely different malfunctions. The correct diagnosis is 90% success, so below we will analyze in detail the possible options for breakdowns.

Power button does not work

The power button consists of two elements: a foil switch and a plastic pusher, it is he who sticks out of the case and you press on it with your finger. When enough dirt accumulates between the pusher and the button, the pusher cannot reach the button and the iPhone will not turn on. First, we will try to wash away the accumulation of dirt with alcohol, medical grade or isopropyl. In no case do not take vodka, toilet water, glass cleaner for this operation. In addition to alcohol, these liquids contain a fair share of water, it will remain inside the device and cause corrosion.

  1. Pour alcohol into a syringe (5 ml is enough) and putting a needle on it, drip onto the power button. After 8-10 drops have seeped under the button, press it several times, vigorously but not roughly. Dripping alcohol again. Repeat the procedure three to four times. If the reason for the inoperability of the button was contamination, it will begin to respond to pressing after the first call.
  2. If manipulations with alcohol did not help, the membrane switch itself is faulty and must be changed.
  3. Disassemble the iPhone as in the instructions above. In the upper part of the case, unscrew the screws that secure the headphone jack, power button, volume rocker and mute switch.

Why the iPhone does not turn on: what to do when the apple burns and goes out

For the owner of an “apple” device, the biggest nuisance is an “apple” that is always glowing on the display or, in general, a “black screen”. The device entered an infinite boot cycle or does not turn on at all. Often this is a consequence of a malfunction of the motherboard of the gadget and only a service center can help.

So, let’s figure out what problems can be when the iPhone or iPad itself turns off, why the apple burns and goes out on models 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, what to do in such cases.

The cable connector does not work

The cause of this malfunction may be either dirt in the connector or damage to the contacts in it. To fix the problem, you need to do the following:

  1. Using a syringe, moisten the connector liberally with alcohol and leave for a few minutes.
  2. Re-wet the connector and use a medium-hard brush or toothbrush to remove any dirt.

Deep discharge of the battery

The battery controller blocked as a result of an extreme discharge will not allow charging it by standard methods.

Therefore, to fix the problem, you will need to open the device, dismantle the battery, check it. If the battery is in good working order, charge it with a universal charger. How to do this, let’s try to figure it out on the example of the third generation iPhone, since it is with them that the most work will be.

  1. Removing the SIM card tray
  2. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the two screws, to the right and left of the cable connector.

Second option

If the first method did not work. The iPad still does not load, the apple is on, you can try the second method. This method is considered more literate, but it is a little more difficult for new users of Apple devices:

  1. We connect the device to the PC and launch iTunes.
  2. Turn off the device and wait until the shutdown process ends correctly.
  3. We press on the “Power” button, and after three seconds. “Home”. Hold the keys simultaneously.
  4. After 10 seconds, release the power button, but continue to hold “Home”.

At the end of the procedure for entering the special mode, a message will appear in the iTunes application that the program has found your device in a recovery state. However, you will need to restore your iPad before using it simultaneously with iTunes.

First option

The easiest way to enter a device into DFU is to simultaneously hold down the Home key and the power button for 10 seconds. Then you need to release the power key and continue to hold the Home button.

Apple Support Recommendations

If the iPad does not load for a long period of time during startup, the apple is on, you need to do the following:

  1. Connect the gadget to the PC and open iTunes.
  2. Perform a forced restart (press and hold the Sleep / Wake and Home keys at the same time).
  3. Under no circumstances release the keys after the company logo reappears on the display. The key combination must be held until the recovery mode screen appears.
  4. On the screen that appears prompting you to restore or start the update process, select the “Update” function. The app must reinstall iOS while saving data.

The Apple app must download the software for the device. If for any reason the procedure takes more than 15 minutes, the tablet will exit the recovery process, then you will need to repeat all the steps again.

The above tips will also come in handy for the owners of “apple” devices, which do not turn on the iPad 2, the apple is on the screen.

How to troubleshoot

There are the following ways to fix the problem when iPad won’t turn on, apple is on:

  1. Follow Apple Support Best Practices.
  2. Entering the device into DFU mode.

It’s better to use the first method to start. If there is no result, it is worth resorting to the second. It should be added that there are two options for entering iPad into special mode. At the end of the article we will consider how.

Switching to DFU mode

It is worth noting that this is a more extreme way out of the situation when the apple is on, but the iPad does not turn on. There are two methods for entering a gadget into a special mode.

Causes of the problem

Among the reasons for such failures are:

  • Interruptions during an iOS update;
  • Incorrect installation of programs;
  • Ingress of moisture into the device;
  • Processor malfunction.

Ipad won’t turn on. What to do?

Sooner or later, some part of iPad users are faced with such a problem. Their iPad won’t turn on. over, this attack does not bypass users of both the first tablet models and the newfangled iPad Air, iPad mini 2, etc. What to do in such cases? Let’s try to figure it out together.

To answer the question, we need to try to understand why this could happen.

1. The most commonplace reason. The iPad is discharged to zero (the battery has run out). As a rule, in such cases the iPad has enough charge to show you an empty battery (but sometimes we don’t even see that). In any case, if you only see a black screen, I advise you to connect your iPad to a power source and wait at least 5-10 minutes (Apple recommends charging at least 20 minutes) for it to charge at least a little. After that try to enable.

If a red battery appears on the screen, this is a sure reason that the iPad is low. Just charge it. If it does not charge, then try changing the power source (change the USB input, if you charge from a computer, change the outlet, change the wire, etc.)

2. The second most popular reason. Ipad won’t turn on after jailbreak (or installing some tweaks from Cydia). And the third reason is that some unforeseen glitch has occurred in the system (as a rule, this does not happen by itself, so this happens less often). This is often accompanied by the appearance of a white apple on the screen or a wire, hinting at the need to connect to iTunes.

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In both cases, I recommend the following algorithm of actions:

A) Hard restart iPad. To do this, press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously on the iPad. Wait about 10 seconds. Even if there was an apple (or any other image) on the screen at that moment, it will disappear. This means you have completely turned off the iPad.

Turn on iPad by the Power button.

B) If after a hard reset the iPad still does not turn on, then only restoring the iPad will help you. In other words, a complete flashing of the device. But do not rush to run to the service, this procedure can be done at home.

If you are not strong in this topic, then I recommend reading the articles:

These three articles are enough for you to feel confident and restore your iPad without any problems.

The only caveat is that after the restore, you will lose all your data if you don’t make a backup. Be sure to try making a backup in iTunes on your computer, if possible and the iPad allows you to do it (article on backups).

If iPad still won’t turn on

If all else fails, then you need to contact an Apple service center for a solution to the problem. Apparently, something serious has happened to your tablet. In this case, I can only wish you good luck.

Iphone, iPad won’t load. “White / Black Apple” or “Eternal Chamomile”

If you are a regular jailbreak user, then you should be familiar with the situation when a lonely apple is lit on the iPhone or iPad screen (on a black or white background, depending on the color of the iOS gadget’s body) or you see an endless “daisy”. Of course, users who have never used a jailbreak may face such problems, but the solution to this problem will be the same for everyone.

It is worth listing the most common causes of the “hanging apple” or spinning “chamomile” problem:

  • Changing the iOS file system;
  • Incompatibility of jailbreak tweaks from Cydia;
  • Custom firmware problems;
  • Defective hardware iPhone, iPad.

In fact, there is only one solution to this problem and it is universal. A complete flashing (restoration) of the iPhone, iPad. This procedure will not take you much time, so I recommend it, but if difficulties arose due to the installation of unstable jailbreak tweaks, then you can try to remove the latest tweaks through a third-party utility to access the file system or through the “Safe Mode” ( more on that below).

Reflash / Restore iPhone, iPad

In our case, the device is not functional, so you will need to enter it into DFU mode. The procedure is simple:

  • Connect iPhone / iPad to computer;
  • Hold down the Home and Power buttons and hold them for 10 seconds;
  • After exactly 10 seconds, release the Power button, but leave the Home button pressed;
  • The device screen will not turn on, but iTunes on the computer will detect the device.

You can start recovery, and after installing iOS, iTunes will offer you to restore the system from a backup or set up iPhone, iPad as new.

For those who are not looking for easy ways

First, you need to understand if the problem is Cydia tweaks. There is a way to download iPhone, iPad. Download without tweaks:

  • Turn off the device;
  • Hold down the volume up button “”;
  • Turn on the device and wait until iOS is fully loaded without releasing “”.

If the device has booted, then the problem is with the recently downloaded tweak. If so, go to Cydia and remove the problematic jailbreak tweak for you.

If the device did not boot:

  • Turn off the device and turn it on again;
  • After a while, try calling your iPhone or sending an iMessage for iPad;
  • If the message / phone call went through. You can access the file system, if not. Reflash / restore iPhone, iPad according to the instructions above.

And so, the device receives messages and this means only one thing. The error occurs at the final moment of loading iOS. Therefore, using iTools or iFunBox, you can access the device’s file system and try to restore problem files yourself. Of course, you can restore files only if you have backups, but if your iPhone or iPad demonstrates an “eternal apple”, then most likely you brought the device dripping into the file system and you should have backup copies of the files being changed.

Nothing helped?

If you didn’t find the answer to your question or something didn’t work out for you, and there is no suitable solution in the comments below, ask a question through our help form. It’s fast, simple, convenient and does not require registration. You will find answers to your own and other questions in this section.

Power button problems

It also happens that, for some reason, the button responsible for turning on the device fails. It is very simple to make sure that the cause of the malfunctions lies precisely in this. All you need to do is connect your iPad to the charger. If the charging indicator appears on the screen, then the problem lies precisely in the power button.

A fairly common reason why the iPad won’t turn on is moisture getting inside the device. Sometimes you can fix the situation by disassembling the gadget and drying all its parts for several days. However, it would be much more logical and safer to take it to a service center to clean the board. If this is not done in time, moisture can oxidize the board, and subsequent repairs will be much more expensive (perhaps the device will not be repairable at all).

Short circuits

Surprisingly, short circuits are often the reason why iPad won’t turn on. It would seem, how can they happen at all? Subject to all the rules for operating the gadget really nothing. However, say, when using a non-original charging device, an electrical impulse can hit several components at once. In this case, the only way out is to replace all damaged items at the service center.

The following situation is quite common. Ipad won’t turn on: apple is on and nothing else happens on the screen. The reasons for this can be different. The first and the simplest is software problems, which can be solved by flashing the gadget using iTunes. But it is also always possible that the reason for this behavior of the iPad is a malfunction of the internal elements of the device. In this case, again, you cannot do without the intervention of specialists.

Broken charging connector

Defining this problem is a little more difficult. If you have problems with the charger connector, nothing will happen when you connect a fully discharged iPad to it. True, there is a possibility that the connector is simply dirty, and this is what interferes with normal charging. Nevertheless, its cleaning should be entrusted to a specialist.

Why your iPad won’t turn on and what to do in these situations?

Fashionable “apple” technology has long won trust in the market and has become a kind of symbol of reliability. However, unfortunately, even expensive, thought-out gadgets produced by Apple are prone to breakdowns. Why iPad won’t turn on and how to deal with different types of problems?

This is one of the most common reasons why the iPad won’t turn on at all, or it turns on, but the screen doesn’t show any signs of life. The only way to deal with this situation is to reinstall the operating system, that is, to roll it back. Often, in order to rectify the situation, it is enough just to hold down the Power and Home buttons for a few seconds. If everything went well, the cherished apple will appear on the display, and soon the iPad will turn on.

Why iPad Mini doesn’t work?

The reasons why the iPad Mini does not turn on completely coincide with those that are typical for its “older brother”. Standard iPad. Therefore, the measures to be taken remain the same: an attempt to charge the device or restore the system using iTunes tools, or contact an Apple service center.

Method 1. Hard (forced) restart of the device.

The first thing to try whenever your iPhone crashes is to reboot your phone. If it is not possible to restart the iPhone in the standard way, then you should use the special keyboard shortcuts of the device to force restart the phone. Depending on the model, the methods for hard resetting your iPhone are slightly different. Let’s consider each of them.

    To restart iPhone 11, X, XS, XR, 8, and 8 Plus:

Step 1. Quickly press and release the volume up button.

Step 2. Repeat this procedure for the volume down button.

Step 3. Press the side button until the Apple logo appears on the phone screen.

To restart iPhone 7:

Step 1. Press the side button and the volume down button at the same time.

Step 2. Hold the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the phone screen.

To restart iPhone 6s and 6:

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Step 1. Press the side button and the Home button at the same time.

Step 2. Hold the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the phone screen.

To reset iPhone SE, 5s and earlier:

Step 1. Press the top button and the Home button at the same time.

Step 2. Hold the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the phone screen.

If restarting the device did not help, the “apple” is still on on the iPhone, and it does not turn on, you can try updating the operating system of the device or restoring it to factory settings using iTunes, which is available to every user of “apple” products.

Method 2. Update or Restore iPhone 11 via iTunes.

Using this method may delete data on your phone, so back up your iPhone if possible. If this is not possible at the moment, after restoring the phone, you can use only the last created backup, new files will be irretrievably lost. Before starting work, make sure that you have the latest version of the program installed. To update or restore iPhone using iTunes, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer. Connect USB cable to PC, but don’t connect iPhone itself yet.

Step 2. Put your iPhone into recovery mode. The methods will vary slightly depending on the model. Let’s consider each of them.

Iphone 8 or later: Hold down the side button and one of the volume buttons and wait for the Power off slider to appear on the screen. Move the slider to turn off your phone. While holding down the side button, connect your iPhone to the pre-connected USB cable. Do not release the side button until the recovery mode screen lights up.

Iphone 7 and 7 Plus: Hold down the side / top button of the device and wait until the Power off slider appears. Move the slider to turn off your phone. While holding down the volume down button, connect the iPhone to the pre-connected USB cable. Do not release the volume down button until the recovery mode screen lights up.

Iphone 6s or earlier: Hold down the Side / Top button and wait until the Power Off slider appears. Move the slider to turn off your phone. While holding down the Home button, connect your iPhone to the pre-connected USB cable. Do not release the Home button until the recovery mode screen lights up.

Step 3. After successfully putting the iPhone into recovery mode, wait until the device displays an offer to restore or update iPhone. Select the Update option to reinstall the operating system and save your phone data. If this option did not work, repeat the previous steps, and then select the “Restore” option. In this case, files and settings will be erased, and the iPhone itself after restarting will need to be restored from a previously created backup or set up as a new one.

If the above methods failed to help, and you do not know what to do if the iPhone does not turn on, but the “apple” hangs, then we offer you the easiest and most effective way to solve this problem.

What to do if the iPhone 11 does not turn on, the apple is on and off?

Smartphones have firmly entered the life of a modern person, we spend the whole day, periodically or for a long time looking at the screen of our iPhone. All information is loaded into the phone and is continuously used by us. Images, audio and recordings, contacts, text and voice messages, documents. All this is “securely” stored in our iPhone, with which we are inseparable. But if one system failure occurs, and all data is inaccessible, and even at risk of loss. What to do and where to run, if the iPhone does not turn on, the “apple” lights up on the screen, and then it turns off? In this article, we will look at the main reasons for the iPhone freezing on the Apple logo during boot, so that later you can avoid repeating this situation, and also offer top 3 ways to get out of it.

Why the iPhone 11 won’t turn on the apple is burning?

First, let’s analyze the possible reasons why the iPhone 11 does not turn on, and the “apple” is on the screen.

If the iPhone does not turn on, and at the same time the “apple” is lit on the screen and goes out, then, perhaps, the reason lies in the lack of battery power. To check this version, connect your phone to the charger and after a while try to turn on the iPhone again.

There is a power problem

If, while connecting the device to the charger, there was a power outage, a power surge, then this can cause device errors and cause the iPhone to hang on the “apple”.

Damaged power button

Sometimes during an “unauthorized” disassembly of the iPhone (by yourself, and not in a service center), some parts break down, in particular, the phone’s power button. Then the user may notice that the iPhone is rebooting on the “apple” or the “apple” is on on the iPhone, but it does not turn on. In this case, it is better to contact the service center for diagnostics and replacement of the part.

Damaged motherboard

In this case, the device may still work, but over time, the apple logo will appear on the screen more often, and will soon freeze on it, finally losing its functionality.

There is not enough free space on the phone

During the installation of updates on the iPhone, there may not be enough space available, then the restart cannot be carried out and the phone freezes at the logo.

If the reason is still not in the battery, and mechanical damage has nothing to do with it, you can try to solve this problem yourself. Undoubtedly, you can immediately contact the Apple service center in your city to repair your phone. However, this will most likely delete all of your iPhone’s data, so be sure to back up all files in your device beforehand. If you decide to fix the problem on your own. By choosing one of the methods outlined in this article, you can save both time and money, and also keep your device data safe and sound. So, there are several main ways to solve the problem “iPhone 11 is frozen on the” apple “.

General way to solve iphone 11 stuck on apple

Next, we will consider each of these methods individually, so that you can choose the one that suits you.

What to do if iPhone stuck on Apple logo

Tenorshare’s ReiBoot is a dedicated application designed to fix any operating system error or glitch on iOS devices. The unique advantage of the program is the minimum effort from the user: you just need to make a couple of clicks of the computer and the seemingly insoluble problem will already be eliminated from your iPhone.

So, let’s look at the very few clicks that you need to make in this program. First of all, download the program from the official Tenorshare website and install it on your computer. Next follow these steps.

Step 1 Run the utility on your PC. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and unlock it.

Step 2 In the program window, select the “Enter recovery mode” option. Wait until the iTunes icon appears on the screen of your iPhone.

Step 3 After that, in the program window, click on the option “Exit recovery mode” that has become available. After that, your iPhone will be rebooted normally and available for use.

As you can see, the instruction is extremely simple and does not require any special knowledge or special efforts. At the same time, the result cannot but please. 100% return of iPhone functionality in a matter of minutes. However, in addition to this function, the program has a number of other features that may interest you and encourage you to have this utility in your “desktop” programs.

  • The program supports all iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod, including recently released models such as iPhone 11.
  • The utility is compatible with all versions of iOS, on a computer it works with both Windows and Mac.
  • Can be used to fix a wide variety of iOS system crashes and errors: over 50 different system bugs in total.
  • A unique feature of the utility is the ability to fix the device’s system without losing the data stored on it. An indispensable feature in a situation where it is impossible to make a backup.
  • In addition to updating the system, the program allows the reverse operation. Downgrade system, just as quickly and efficiently.
  • The program can also help in case of problems with tvOS.
  • User-friendly interface, ease of use, tips accompanying the user in the process make the use of the utility pleasant and comfortable.
  • The availability of the program installation in Russian expands the circle of potential users.

Update 2020-05-21 / Update for iPhone 11