Installing A Fork Of The Player On The Samsung

How to install ForkPlayer on Smart TV (for example LG and Samsung)

If you know how to install ForkPlayer, you can access a huge number of movie sites and other useful services for free from a SmartTV-enabled TV.

Installing A Fork Of The Player On The Samsung

The order of installing ForkPlayer differs depending on the manufacturer, model and even the series of the TV. We cannot consider all possible options, so we will focus on the general procedure for adding ForkPlayer to devices from LG and Samsung.

Installation on LG

When adding the ForkPlayer app, take into account the device’s year of manufacture and the system installed on it. For LG TVs released since 2010 with webOS or Netcast OS, the following instruction is suitable:

  1. Open the main menu.
  2. Go to the settings for connecting Smart TV to the Internet.
  3. Select “DNS Server”.
  4. Enter the value
  5. Save the configuration.

If after entering this DNS ForkPlayer does not appear in the list of applications, try turning off SmartTV and then turning it back on. Or enter a different address:

  • 79.190.156;
  • 36.222.114;
  • 36.218.194;
  • 36.220.208;
  • 101.118.43;

If you are setting up ForkPlayer on LG TVs with webOS or Netcast 2.0-4.5, then follow these steps:

  1. Open the TV settings and go to the “Network Connection” tab.
  2. Select the method used to connect the device to the Internet.
  3. Select an access point or network from the list.
  4. Click on the “Advanced Settings” button.
  5. Go to the manual DNS entry tab.
  6. Enter

An error message may appear on the screen when connecting to DNS. Do not worry. Wait a few minutes and reconnect. If the error pops up again, turn off your Smart TV and turn it back on. To launch the application after a connection is established, open the Premium tab and select the vTuner widget, Russia TV or First Automotive.

Forkplayer can also be installed on LG from a flash drive, but in this case its capabilities will be significantly limited, and to expand them you will have to install the RemoteFork program and then activate it on the TV.

Since you have decided to expand your multimedia library on Smart TV, see what other free applications you can install: we have carefully prepared a selection.

Installation on Samsung

Owners of Samsung Smart TVs can also take advantage of the ForkPlayer app to add free multimedia entertainment. For this:

  1. Press the red button “A” on the remote control to bring up the authorization window.
  2. Type the account name “develop”. The password should appear automatically. Select “Login”.
  3. Press the “Tools” button on the remote. Go to the “Settings”.
  4. Open the item “Development”.
  5. Accept the terms of the agreement.
  6. Select an IP address setting.
  7. For synchronization, enter the address (or
  8. Click “OK” and wait until the application is synchronized.

After the synchronization is complete, you need to close Smart TV and turn it back on after a while. When you turn it back on, you will see several ForkPlayer apps below. After launching it, you will be taken to the list of sites and services from which you can play for free on TV.

For clarity, here’s one that will help you figure out where to click and what to choose.

The application installation method may vary depending on the series and even the Samsung TV models. For example, on a Samsung UE40D6100SW, the password is not automatically added when the account name is “develop”. If you encounter this situation, try entering the value “111111” in the password field.

On other models, instead of the “Tools” button, you need to press the blue “D” button, then go to the “Development” section and then follow the steps of the above instructions. In the 2017 M series of TVs, the procedure generally received a different procedure.

  1. Open the TV menu.
  2. Go to “Settings”.
  3. Press the up button on the remote and select “Network Status”.
  4. Move the cursor to the left and open “IP Settings”.
  5. Set to obtain an IP address automatically. If this option is initially selected, do not change it.
  6. Go down to DNS settings and select “Enter manually”.
  7. Enter the address Press the right arrow between numbers to move to the next block.
  8. Click “Ok”. Wait for the reconnection to complete.

Important: this method does not work on wired routers provided by providers. In addition, your service provider may be blocking DNS changes so that you cannot perform this operation. But usually there are no problems with the setup.

To get into ForkPlayer, you need to launch the DivanTV application. By default, the icons for most sites are off. To add them:

  1. Press the red button “A” on the remote.
  2. Go to “Settings”.
  3. Select “Start Menu Settings”.
  4. Click on widgets to display them on the start screen.
  5. Go back and select any app to test ForkPlayer.
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For understanding. Another one in which the user shows that this method works.

If none of the above instructions helped you, write about the problem in the comments indicating the exact model. Let’s figure out how else Samsung is trying to prevent us from enjoying all the possibilities of Smart TV.

How to Install Fork Player for LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV owners can install the Forkplayer on them in several ways:

  • By changing the DNS;
  • Using developer IDE;
  • Via USB stick.

Let’s take a deeper look at each of them.

Application features version 2.5

The media player developers improve it and periodically release new, improved updates. The latest released version is 2.5. Its main innovations are:

  1. Saving tab information. Thanks to this, the user can create a tab, save the information stored on the site and, on subsequent logins, get hassle-free access to it. To activate the function, you must enter the settings, select the “Initial group” section and click on “Continue work from the desired place”.
  2. Ability to view the status of the information search process. When the required file is found, the search can be easily stopped by pressing a special button.
  3. Improved navigation bar. Those who have already been able to evaluate the firmware noted the additional convenience after the introduction of the “Back” function, which allows you to quickly return to the previous section.
  4. The appearance of a green bar helps to track the download process, navigate its speed.
  5. Adjusting the brightness to the needs of the user, changing the background and color scheme. Give the application comfort and convenience.

In addition, the Fork player for LG Smart TV is convenient for its ease of navigation, you do not need to additionally connect a mouse or a touch screen to the TV to browse sites on the Internet, the program makes it possible to use the most minimal resource for this. A regular remote control. It’s enough to view the pages, execute the necessary commands.

Installing ForkPlayer App Using DNS

This one is considered to be the simplest possibility, which includes DNS substitution. It can be used by all owners of LG Smart TVs released after 2010, running Netcast Web or WebOS operating systems.

Installation methods

The first method is suitable for all TVs produced after 2010. Consists of a specific sequence:

In fact, all the values ​​of the codes are the same, the main thing is to set up your TV correctly.

The second method is suitable for those users who have Smart TV operating systems versions 2.0-4.5. The installation consists of the following algorithm of actions:

  • You need to open the menu, enter the “Network Connections”;
  • Click on the method of connecting your device to the Internet (wired or wireless);
  • Select the section “Advanced settings”;
  • In the window that opens, manually enter the DNS code:;
  • If the connection is through a router, you may need a password from it. It is better to prepare it in advance;
  • If everything went right, click “Finish”.

Sometimes it happens that when all the data is specified, the system may crash and give information about the formation of an error. In this case, you need to repeat the steps again, but before that, wait a few minutes. This usually helps, loading is fast and hassle-free.

Launching Fork Player from a flash drive

You can install the program by another alternative method. Using a removable storage device. This scheme is not very complicated (unlike the previous ones), but the result will depend on a successful workaround of some restrictions.

To do all the actions correctly, you need a computer and follow the specified algorithm:

If you cannot start the player in this way, you can try to find it in the LG Store in the “Purchased Apps” section. And in order for it to work correctly, you need to do a few more manipulations:

  • Install the Remote program on your smartphone or PC,
  • Activate the Remote Fork function and link the gadget with LG Smart TV.

Fork player for LG Smart TV

If you successfully install the Fork player on your TV, you will be able to combine a lot of functions and advantages in one place, because its duties include:

  • Getting free access to the media library, which includes: a huge number of television channels, playback of any films (both downloaded and located on removable media), as well as listening to music (online or from a flash drive), opening other files;
  • Switching from one application to another, being only in this program.

DNS numbers for ForkPlayer

When installing ForkPlayer through changing DNS, which numbers will be used depends largely on the manufacturer of the Smart TV.

DNS addresses for Samsung Smart TV:


DNS addresses for LG Smart TV:


Outdated DNS (not recommended):


For Smart TVs from other manufacturers, DNS will have to be selected, but most often the same addresses are suitable for this as for LG.

Forkplayer DNS setup and errors

The ForkPlayer program, which is installed on TVs with the Smart TV function, is quite popular among people today. This is not surprising, because it is quite easy and convenient to use. Thanks to ForkPlayer, you can watch a huge number of Russian and foreign channels for free, watch from the Internet, as well as watch movies and TV series online. In addition, you can listen to your favorite music over the Internet or access files stored on a computer, flash drive or other portable device. In addition, you can create playlists yourself and add what you like to them. If desired, you can install an additional widget on your computer, which will facilitate the process of creating and editing a playlist. And this is not all the advantages of this widget.

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However, in the process of installing and configuring the ForkPlayer widget, some people may have problems. This is primarily due to the fact that the process of setting up and installing the application is not so simple, and everyone can make a mistake when entering data. In addition, there are many different DNS IP addresses and it is not always possible to guess which one you personally need the first time. In addition, errors can appear as a result of problems with access to the Internet or problems with other programs that prohibit visiting some sites or launching an application.

All these problems can be solved. To do this, you just need to be careful when connecting and configuring ForkPlayer, as well as know some secrets and features, which we will tell you about in this article.

Samsung Smart TV J Series

Installing ForkPlayer from a USB flash drive and accessing playlists with your favorites is quite simple. For this:

  1. Create a folder on the USB flash drive called “userwidget” and transfer the widget archive to it without unpacking it.
  2. Insert the flash drive into the TV and wait for the application to install.
  3. After it is installed, remove the drive so that the program is not reinstalled when you turn on the Smart TV.

LG Smart TV

Installing the ForkPlayer widget on LG Smart TVs does not cause any particular difficulties.

  • Download the archive with the installation files of the ForkPlayer widget and unpack it to the root of the flash drive;
  • Go to the LG Smart TV Store by entering your username and password;
  • Insert the USB flash drive and go to “My Applications” to find it, or click on the button with the house image to find it in the strip located at the bottom of the main screen;
  • After installing the application, you will have access to the main categories. To add lists for playing favorites, you will need to activate the RemoteFork option on Smart TV and run the Remote ForkPlayer program on your tablet, smartphone or computer. Also, with the help of these applications, you can create and independently edit your playlists.

Installing from a USB stick

The installation process for the ForkPlayer application from a USB flash drive can be different. It all depends on what brand of TV it is installed on, as well as on some other points. Let’s consider the main ones.

Installation via changing DNS

Setting up ForkPlayer through changing DNS is the easiest and fastest way to install this widget on your Smart TV. The only thing you need for this is the TV connection to the Internet and the correct IP address.

Why you need ForkPlayer

Forkplayer is a tool for collecting information from open sources on the web. The application itself does not provide access to content, but collects links to movies, TV shows and others, converting them for easy viewing on TVs with Smart function. In other words, it allows you to view almost any content for free.

Some users may notice that sites accessed by ForkPlayer can also be opened through the built-in browser. This is true, but in most cases, the Internet browser is not able to normally play the films presented on the pages. They will slow down, desync or the application will crash.

You can achieve a much higher performance of the TV only by launching a in the player, having previously received a link to it. Actually this is what ForkPlayer does, providing access to content on such well-known resources as:

  • Filmix.Me;
  • Kinokrad;
  • Kinokong;
  • Fex.Net etc.

The possibilities of the program cannot fail to interest, therefore, below we will provide instructions for installing ForkPlayer on Samsung and LG Smart TV. The methodology differs for different series of devices, therefore it will be given separately.

Installation on Samsung

To get ForkPlayer into use on a Samsung TV, you first need to find out its model and, based on the information received, select the appropriate instructions. If you implement all the recommendations step by step, then even an uninitiated beginner can complete the task.

Installing from a USB stick

  • Download the archive from the link: http://forkplayer.Tv/apps/lg_forkplayer2.57.Zip. Unzip the contents to the root of a USB drive, connect it to the TV.
  • The app will appear in My Apps (for Netcast) or on the home screen, in the bottom bar (for WebOS).

If the displayed shortcuts are not active (you cannot click on them), you need to proceed as follows:

  • Open the settings, in the “General” section go to the “Account Management” item.
  • Register a profile by entering the required data.

Now shortcuts can be clicked.

At each subsequent start of the TV, you will have to open the menu and go to the “Account Management” item, while waiting for the system to download the information. After that, you can go to the home screen and use the application.

Install and configure forkplayer for all popular smart TV models

Consumers choose Smart TVs because it transforms the device into a mini-computer for playing content over the Internet. Apps created by developers open up access to huge catalogs of films, TV series and programs, but you have to pay for services.

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Forkplayer collects information from open resources and transforms it for easy viewing on TV, as well as plays user-created playlists. In the article below we will describe how to install ForkPlayer for LG and Samsung Smart TV, carry out the initial configuration of the application settings.

Manual for M / MU / NU / Q series

The sequence of steps for installing ForkPlayer on M / MU / NU / Q series TVs will be as follows:

  • Go to Smart TV settings, select the “General” section, then “Network” and “Network Status”.
  • After the system conducts an automatic check, options for actions will appear under the window. Select “IP Settings”.
  • In the line “DNS settings” select the option “Enter manually”.
  • Now the line “DNS Server” will become active at the bottom, click on it and enter the following parameters: Click on the “OK” button.
  • The system will apply the new settings and report a successful Internet connection. You can close the tab and go to the main Smart TV window.
  • Open “APPS”. Using the catalog search, find the application “Russian Music”. This will be a disguised Fork Player for Samsung Smart TV.

This completes the installation.

Manual for H series

On H series TVs you will need:

  • Open the Smart TV menu, go to the “Smart Hub” section, then “Account. Samsung record “.
  • If necessary, log out, then repeat the path and press “Login”.
  • In the new window, tap on the square with the inscription “Enter”. In the line “ID” enter “develop”, click “OK”. Usually a password is not needed, but in some cases you need to enter “123456”.

The installation is complete. How to set up Fork Player for Samsung, let’s talk below.

Forkplayer official site

Forkplayer official website is located at http://forkplayer.Tv/

The site contains 8 sections, which we will now briefly talk about.

Home page

On the main page you can find an overview of the ForkPlayer app for Smart TV, which briefly describes and shows how it works.

The ForkPlayerWiki section contains information about the browser, its installation, questions about common problems and much more.

List widget generator for Samsung Smart TV 2010-2014 release is located in the Widget Generator section. In addition, it contains instructions for installing ForkPlayer on Samsung Tizen. In this section you can also download applications:

  • Forkplayer 2.57m
  • Xsmart
  • OVP
  • Nstreamlmod 3.0

You can enter your personal account by clicking on the section Personal account. If you are not registered yet, be sure to do it.

The Forum section speaks for itself. That is, in this section, users ask various questions about the ForkPlayer browser. Experts and users answer questions.

The Statistics section contains information about statistics of the number of viewed content and the number of unique users.

In the Donate! You can support the developers of the application by sending them any amount for further development.

Forkplayer for Smart TV free download and install

Forkplayer 2.5 Browser
Brief instructions for installation on Samsung Tizen Smart TV 2015-2018 years in TV memory:

If during installation it says Target directory is not valid, you will need to create the C: \ tizen-studio folder yourself. Next, hover over the folder and right-click, select Properties / Access / Sharing and select Everyone. Then close the Tizen Studio installer and launch it again.

3. In Tizen Studio Package manager install Tizen SDK Tools.

4. Launch Tizen Studio, Click File / Import

  • Select Tizen Project Screenshot
  • Check Archive File and select the previously downloaded file http://forkplayer.Tv/apps/tForkPlayer257N_v5n.Wgt
  • Select Profile tv-samsung Screenshot 2

5. Turn on Develop MODE on the TV

  • Open APPS
  • Press on the remote control in turn 1 2 3 4 5
  • Set Developer mode On
  • In the Host PC IP field, enter the local ip of your computer. You can find it out in Windows like this: press search, enter cmd, in the command line, enter ipconfig and the required IP will be in the IPv4 line, an example in the screenshot
  • IP address

  • Turn off the TV by long pressing the Power button on the remote
  • 6. Open Device manager

    Device Manager

      Click Scan device

    Screenshot 3 Opposite the found device in Connection, set On Screenshot 4

    7. In Tizen Studio, select our TV in the list and launch our project on TV

    Screenshot 5

  • Installation on Samsung Tizen Smart TV by changing DNS (not recommended). Change DNS to Launch via IVI.
  • Read about how to set up Smart TV on Sony, Samsung and Algie TVs here

    Fork Player for Smart TV

    Forkplayer is a browser adapted for your device for viewing sites and XML, M3U (IPTV) playlists created by you. Content taken from the internet is processed and converted to ForkPlayer’s proprietary format.

    Content can be uploaded by users themselves. You can download the playlist in your personal account.

    Management is easy enough. Possibility to control a pointer, mouse or remote control.


    If you want to remove the device binding to forkplayer.Tv and do not know how to do it, we will help you.

    It is very easy and quick to do this.

    If it is not possible to log into your account http://forkplayer.Tv/mylist/, then to remove the device from the site, open ForkPlayer / External bookmarks there, click Menu / Remove device.

    Everything is very simple. Now look