Huawei P8 Lite Does Not Work One Speaker

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In the spring, HUAWEI showed the flagship smartphone P8, and with it two more devices. P8 Lite and P8 MAX. If the prospects for the appearance of the latter are vague, then the first two still got to our market. Today we’ll try to figure out what kind of beast such a HUAWEI P8 Lite is.


The smartphone comes in a narrow but tall box. The smartphone inside is in an unusual position, namely, it stands on the sidewall. On the sides of it are two boxes of different sizes. In a large located charger, microUSB cable, headphones and a clip. In the smaller. paper documentation.

Design, usability

Externally, the P8 Lite is similar to the older brother. P8, especially if you evaluate them from the pictures. But everything falls into place after the first touch.

In the younger model, they saved on metal. Here you will not find a single metal element. The frame that borders the sides of the case is plastic. The non-removable back cover is also plastic, although it tries to seem metallic. Despite all this, in appearance you can’t say that the device is plastic.

The screen covers the protective glass. It is slightly recessed into the body. In the upper part there is an LED indicator, proximity and lighting sensor, earpiece and front camera. Only the manufacturer’s logo is located under the screen.

Huawei P8 Lite Does Not Work One Speaker

At the top of the back there is a small glass patch under which the camera and flash are hidden.

A 3.5 mm audio jack and an optional microphone are located on the upper sidewall. A microphone, microUSB and a multimedia speaker are on the bottom.

The left side is empty, and on the right are all the main controls. volume rocker, power key and two slots. In the first, you can insert either a memory card or nanoSIM, in the second only a micro-SIM format SIM card.

The dimensions of the smartphone turned out to be average. 141 × 70.6 × 7.7 mm, and weight 131 grams. Nevertheless, the device could be smaller in height. The reason is the large indents above and below the screen. This can not be said that this greatly interferes with the work, but I would like to see smaller sizes. In the hands of the phone it feels good.

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It should be remembered that in addition to the black version that came to us for the test, there is also a white one.


The HUAWEI P8 Lite is equipped with a 5-inch IPS screen with HD resolution (1280 × 720). PPI is 294. There is an automatic brightness control and an offleophobic coating. The quality of the coating is average. The maximum brightness is 316 cd / m² and the minimum is 9.7 cd / m². The contrast is 1 to 505. Under direct sunlight, working with the phone is quite difficult. a small brightness and contrast affect it.

Screen measurements showed the following. The color temperature is even and is at 6500K, which is a reference value. From other graphs it is seen that the green color prevails over the rest.

As a result, the screen has no obvious flaws. A little contrast and brightness spoils the picture, but in this price range it is not so critical. It must be remembered that in the menu of screen settings there is an item “Color Temperature”, which allows you to adjust the temperature of the screen for yourself. This is very convenient, as some people like colder colors, while others want to see warm colors. In this regard, HUAWEI decided not to restrict the user, which is correct.

Hardware platform

The HUAWEI P8 Lite came to us in the modification of ALE-L21. It is built on the basis of a proprietary 64-bit platform HiSilicon Kirin 620. It consists of 8 Cortex-A53 cores operating at a frequency of 1.2 GHz and a Mali-T450 MP4 accelerator. The amount of RAM is 2 GB, and the built-in memory is 16 GB. The user has access to about 1.2 GB of RAM, and the built-in. 10.49 GB with the possibility of expansion due to the microSD memory card.

According to the characteristics and benchmark results, the HiSilicon Kirin 620 processor is on a par with the MediaTek MT6752 and is slightly ahead of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615. Its performance is enough for all everyday tasks. Even demanding games will produce a decent amount of fps. The recently released Need for Speed ​​No Limits will not make the smartphone slow down. Yes, the graphics settings are not the highest, but it’s very comfortable and pleasant to play. It is also worth noting that the interface works smoothly and quickly.

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Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n only works at 2.4 GHz. Declared support for NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. Location is also good. There are GPS, A-GPS and Glonass for this. For none of the above parameters during testing questions arose.

Work with two SIM-cards is implemented traditionally. In the settings of SIM-cards, you can set default priorities, which is very convenient. It is important to note that 3G / 4G is only available from the first card.

The volume of the multimedia speaker is high. It produces high-quality sound. The only drawback is its location (at the bottom), since it easily overlaps during the game. The speaker transmits speech without extraneous noise. The volume is sufficient. The microphone is also good. During use, the interlocutors did not complain about the quality of voice transmission. The sound quality in the headphones is good. My Xiaomi Piston 2 allows you to comfortably listen to music in the subway at the level of 60-70%, so with the volume margin, everything is also good.

Operating system and shell

The shell role is used by EMUI 3.1, at the moment this is the latest version. The operating system is Android 5.0. An upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow is expected next year.

The EMUI 3.1 shell is very similar to MIUI and Flyme. In it, all applications are on the desktops. As such, there is no application menu. It is possible to create folders, change the effect of turning over desktops and a grid of shortcuts.

The interface is interesting. For some, the drawback will be that the system’s shortcuts for popular applications do not look like Google Play, but it’s more a matter of habit. But the ability to change the location of the on-screen keys turned out to be a very useful feature. There is an application “Themes”. Most of them have a cartoon style. They change not only the wallpaper, but also the shortcuts, the dialer style and unlock. Unfortunately, we could not find a theme in the style of Marshmallow or Lollipop.

Among the useful features, it is worth highlighting the “Motion” settings item. There are several tabs. They allow you to configure mute the incoming call by flipping the phone screen down, as well as mute the alarm and timers. You can also turn on the screen wake up with double tap.

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The smartphone is equipped with two cameras. the main one at 13 megapixels and the front one at 5 megapixels. The main camera is the well-known Sony IMX 214 sensor. It has already been seen in the HUAWEI Mate 7, HUAWEI P7. The phone can shoot with dignity, especially in skilled hands. There are many settings. Even an experienced user can get lost in them. The main camera can shoot HDR, a series of photos and panoramas. It is possible to make an audio note, post-focus (Focus mode) and set a watermark. In the setting item is the adjustment of ISO, white balance and much more. Both cameras have a decoration mode. In it, the camera will cover up all your acne and remove skin blemishes.

Photos in good lighting are not bad. Of course, at 100% magnification, oversharp is clearly visible. In the dark, you’ll have to freeze for a few seconds to get a more or less clear frame, but you won’t have to blush for these photos. The front camera has a wide viewing angle. The smartphone records in Full HD resolution.

You can rate photos ands using examples.

Photos taken on the main camera:

Photos taken on the front camera:

example (main camera):


The smartphone is equipped with a non-removable battery capacity of 2200 mAh. You should not expect a long operating time from such a modest battery; practice has confirmed our fears.

If desired, and heavy loads in the form of games, watchings and surfing the 3G network, the device will last a day. If you moderate the ardor, then you can count on a day of battery life.


HUAWEI P8 Lite is a mid-range smartphone with a simple design, good cameras and a good screen. A short battery life is the main disadvantage of the device. HUAWEI managed to make the P8 Lite very similar in appearance to the older model. At the same time, the cost of the youngest is UAH 5,999, which puts it on a par with competitors, including Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual, Xiaomi mi4i and the very popular Samsung A500H Galaxy A5.


EMUI 3.1 interface with many settings, the expected update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

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Smartphone for review provided by HUAWEI