How to View Deleted SMS On Phone

How to View Deleted SMS On Phone

Read if it is possible to recover deleted SMS on an Android phone. All ways to see messages if deleted. And cases when it is impossible to do it! Many smartphone users regularly clear the message list. In this case, important data may be lost. In this case, the question arises, how to restore SMS. There are several ways to do this, we will choose the most effective ones.

Is it always possible to recover deleted SMS on an Android phone?

After deletion, all messages remain in the internal memory, not being deleted immediately to the end. They can be restored using special programs. The probability of recovery in this case depends on how much information and messages were recorded over the deleted ones.

There are several ways to prevent data loss and SMS:

  1. Backup There are special applications that save all incoming messages to a memory card. In this case, even after a system failure, you can restore the necessary information. There are also several applications that can “pull” messages from a backup of the operating system: Titanium Backup, SMS Backup Restore If you are not used to creating a recovery point, then these applications are able to create a backup of the necessary information on the memory card.
  2. Save data to the cloud. Many manufacturers added cloud synchronization to their devices by default. It allows you to save all important data. contacts, photos, messages and others on a remote server. You can access it from a computer or the device itself. In this case, getting back the list of messages back is easy. just open the cloud service and find the folder you need.
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If you did not install a backup in any of the above ways, then it will take a little time to restore the data. Otherwise, to solve the problem of how to restore SMS on Android after removal, you will have to use third-party programs.

Programs for Android to recover deleted SMS

There are several applications that can help you recover lost data. All of them act on a single principle. Before restoring SMS on the phone, it is best not to write new data to it. Parts of programs for work require superuser rights, they will have to be obtained. Here is an overview of the best Android apps that can recover messages.

    MiniTool Mobile Recovery It requires Root privileges to work and does not go into very deep directories in search of the necessary files. Its interface is somewhat confusing, to restore messages you need to open one of two modules. Recover from Phone. When choosing a scanning speed, choose the Deep option. The advantage of the application is that it restores deleted dialogs in instant messengers. The free version offers the ability to recover, but not more than 10 messages.

Undeleterrestores files only from the internal memory of the device. This application is most useful for solving the problem of how to recover SMS after deletion. It has a convenient window for viewing data, the ability to upload results to one of the popular cloud storages. This application has only one drawback. messages can be restored only for a fee.

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As you can see, all programs have a common drawback. they are only shareware. To complete the recovery, you must pay.

Programs for PC to recover deleted SMS on the phone

There are several utilities that will help those who deleted SMS. We will tell you how to recover messages later, but now we’ll list the applications:

    Dr. Fone. This program has a simple interface. The trial version is free, you can assess the chance of restoring the necessary data and only then purchase the full version. Using this utility, you can restore not only messages, but also contacts, photos and other necessary files. Sometimes an application requires Root rights.

  • Coolmuster Android SMSContacts Recovery in the interface contains only the Start button. The disadvantage of the program is that you still have to install the program on your PC to synchronize the smartphone with it. In the evaluation version, messages will be opened in reading mode, which allows you to pay a fee for the application only if the necessary information is restored.
  • Mobkin doctor is a convenient program with a clear interface. Before using it, it is recommended to update all drivers on the computer, as problems may occur with the application. To restore only messages, select the Messages item on the left side of the screen, mark all types of messages that interest you and start the recovery procedure.
  • As you can see, there are several ways to solve the problem of how to recover deleted SMS.

    Instructions on how to restore SMS on the phone using Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery

    Here is the action algorithm for Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery. Immediately after starting this utility, you will see that you need to connect the phone with a cable to the PC. Then test the program to see if it detects the phone. Enable the option “USB debugging” on the device in the system settings.

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    Then stick to the following algorithm:

    • in the program window, click on the Next button;
    • select the type of materials to restore;
    • specify the mode: advanced or standard;
    • scanning will start, which will take a long time;
    • wait for the completion of the procedure;
    • you will see a list of active and deleted information, messages that have been deleted will be highlighted in red.

    Now you just have to mark the necessary options, and then click the Recover button to start the recovery. Materials will be saved in the computer memory in TXT format. This is a convenient option, since you can open them even without an office software package, using standard utilities. If necessary, transfer messages to your mobile.

    If the information is very important to you, it is best to backup it to the cloud. Android users are most comfortable using Google Drive, which can be accessed from a PC using the proprietary Google Chrome browser.

    Now, if a system error deleted SMS, you know how to restore Android messages. This operation does not take you much time, and most utilities load as quickly as possible. If you liked the article, share it with your friends. You can ask questions about message recovery in the comments.