How to update the payment system on the iPhone

“We’ll go back to scratch cards”: how Apple Pay will be shut down in Russia

Apple has already restricted Apple Pay service in Russia because of the “military special operation” in Ukraine. Leaving the Russian market, which generates about a percent of global revenues, will not significantly affect the company’s financial performance, experts say. They fear that Apple may ban Russians from updating and downloading apps from the App Store in the future

On the evening of March 2, the Apple corporation announced the suspension of sales of all products in Russia due to Russia’s “military special operation” in Ukraine. The company also reported that it stops exporting products in the country and restricts the use of other services, including Apple Pay. Whether it is about the restrictions for the cards of the banks hit by the sanctions, or for all Apple Pay users in Russia, the company has not yet clarified.

“Inteax”, citing sources among Russian retailers, reported that Apple has frozen sales and halted deliveries to all Russian stores for an indefinite period, but retailers have not yet received any official letters from the corporation.

Problems with Apple Pay, as well as with Google Pay, began in Russia on February 26. Several Russian retailers and IT-services warned users of the possible problems with payment by this method because of the sanctions against Russian banks. Among them were “Dixy” and “Magnit”, the cab service “Citimobile”, the failures also affected the subway terminals. acquiring their operations is the bank VTB, which came under the blocking sanctions of the United States. Google has not yet announced any restrictions on the use of Google Pay in Russia.

Why Apple rejects the payment method?

If there is arrears on the App Store or iTunes Store, one of the following messages may appear. “There is a problem with paying for a previous purchase. To resolve the issue, make changes to your payment information.”.

Make sure you can add your card

Find out if Apple Pay is supported in your country or region. Make sure you are using a compatible device. Update to the latest version of iOS, watchOS, or macOS. Make sure you’re using a supported card from an enabled issuer.

How to link the card

It can be dangerous to post your card information online. You may run into crooks who will use it for their own nefarious purposes. For convenience and security, Apple has created payment cards called the “iTunes Card”.

It’s not uncommon for Apple phone owners to wonder how to unlink their card from the App Store. Changing the payment information causes some difficulties for people. If you have the right approach to solving the problem, you can fix it in a few minutes. Here is how you can delete or change your App Store credit card information? What about the process every owner of devices from the company Apple must necessarily know?

Bank cards can now be stored not only in your wallet, but also in your smartphone. over, they can be used to pay for purchases in the App Store, as well as in stores where contactless payment is available.

To add or remove a card from your iPhone, you need to do a few simple steps either in the settings of the device itself, or with the help of a standard program on your computer. The steps will also differ depending on whether you are using Apple ID or Apple Pay to tether and untether.

If a person has an iPhone, then it is already through him to change the data for the profile. This is relevant in cases where there is already attached plastic, but it is no longer the preferred. It would be wise to change your payment card in your iPhone so that you don’t have trouble making purchases.

  • It is necessary to open the App Store and select the “View Apple ID” section.
  • This is where one can change the payment method. Of the available methods, you can see two types of plastic, such as Visa and MasterCard. Naturally, the attached card must be of the right kind.
  • As soon as the person selects the option, details will have to be entered. They must be entered accurately, otherwise the anchoring will not be performed. When a person doubts the information, it is worth making sure that it is correct.
  • Just click “Done” to confirm and save the changes.
  • After checking, if everything is correct, the card will be assigned to your profile.

It is recommended to immediately check whether it is possible to buy using the selected method. Again, if there are any problems, it is worth contacting the support service. On your own it is rare enough to solve the existing difficulty.

Mobile device

First of all let’s study the most common approach. We are talking about working with the “apple” device. How to unlink your card from the App Store using your phone?

To do this, you will need to have an Internet connection and follow a certain algorithm. Which one? It boils down to the following manipulations:

  • Turn on iPhone/iPad. Wait until the operating system is fully loaded. If your phone is on, quit any apps that are already running.
  • Enter the main menu of the device. Locate and visit the “Settings” section.
  • Scroll down the list displayed until you reach the iTunesStore and App Store. Tap on this menu item.
  • Click on App Store ID. Authorize in the system if required by your mobile device.
  • Press on “View AppleID”.
  • Go to “Payment information”.
  • Set “No” in the corresponding window.
  • Save changes. You will need to click on the “Done” button.

That’s it. Now it is clear how to unlink the card from the App Store on the iPhone. This task can be done in just a few minutes. But this is only one of several possible solutions. How else the owner of mobile devices from the company “Apple” can act?

Shopping on Google Play

Open your card to pay online

Your card is originally closed for online payments and has a zero internet limit.

An online limit is the amount you cannot spend more than that on your card in a calendar month. On the first day of each month the limit will be updated, and you will be able to pay the specified amount again.

You can open your card to pay online and set an online limit as follows:

  • In Privat24 under “My accounts” select the desired card.
  • In the “Card Management” menu, select “Enable online payment”.
  • In the “Monthly limit” field set the amount you want to pay online.

If you wish you can change or zero out the internet limit on your card at any time in the same way!

Method 1.

  • In your Google account, go to the “” menu. “Wallet”.
  • Then select “Payment method”. “Add a credit/debit card.”.
  • In the next window, specify your card data, your coordinates and press “Save” button.

Method 2.

  • Go to the Google Play app on your phone or tablet.
  • Select the app you want to buy and click on the price rectangle.
  • In the next window, click “Buy” and confirm your Google account password.
  • Next, to add a payment method, click “Continue,” enter your card information, your coordinates, and click “Save. The card is added.
  • Now click “Buy” again. and the app will download to your smartphone.

Set up the currency and country of your purchases

Google Play sets the currency of the country where your SIM card is issued. If your device does not include a SIM card, your country and currency information may be taken from location data or linked to the device’s IP address. It is not possible to change the country and currency in the Google Play settings.

If you change your residence or temporarily stay in another country, the local payment settings will automatically change according to your location.

What you can pay with your Apple ID?

Changing the region using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap your name, then tap “Media and Shopping”.
  • Press View.
  • Tap “Country/Region.
  • Tap “Change Country or Region”.
  • Select your new country or region, then view terms and conditions.

How to permanently unlink your bank card in the App Store

To permanently unlink your bank card in the App Store, you must first unlink it from your Apple ID, as the two systems are in an ongoing relationship. If the user only wants to unlink one of the cards in one of the systems, this simply will not work, because the App Store is directly dependent on the Apple ID.

This is why it is not possible to unlink in one of the systems. Unlinking in one is 100% likely to result in elimination in the other. Thus the following algorithm must be carried out if the user wants to permanently unlink his bank card:

  • To begin with, you need to go to the settings, which are located on the main screen and resemble a gear wheel on a gray background;
  • Go there and look for the “iTunes Store and Apple Store” section. Go to this section;
  • The user id indicator will appear. Click on “View” and enter the password requested by the system;
  • Next, you need to select the section about payment information. After entering it, the person automatically gets to the settings of their own cards. Select “None” in the list.

In many versions of iPhone this section is decorated in English. In it it looks like “None”.

After such manipulations it will be impossible to make payments. If the user does not have such a negative button, then he has a problem, which we will talk about further.

Instructions for changing the card in the App Store

To change the payment details from the device itself, go to its settings, and from there go to the store menu. Now select your ID and view it. You may also need to log in to your account (the email address you used to register your Apple ID). The next step is the “Payment Information” menu. Here you can start changing necessary data and requisites. Select “None” to completely remove all payment methods; this will allow you to use the store without a credit card and download only free apps. If the last option is missing, it’s quite possible that the “Family Access” feature is activated. When everything is done, confirm your actions by pressing the “Done” button.

How to change your map in the App Store from your computer? Regardless of whether we are using a Windows PC or a Mac, open the iTunes app and log in with your ID. Now click on your name, bringing up the drop-down list. Select “Account information” and, if necessary, authorize again. To update the payment information, select “Edit”. By the way, you can preview everything that is available in the “Payment Methods” menu. In the end press “Done” to confirm your actions.

How to get rid of the “Update payment information” error

update, payment, system, iphone

This error occurs when the payment period for the next subscription to any of Apple’s services or subscriptions to any of the applications available on the smartphone comes due. Tied bank cards, as you know, no longer allow you to make payments in the App Store and Google Play. Accordingly, when you try to automatically write off the required amount of money, the gadget is rejected.

To view the subscription in need of payment, go to Settings. Apple ID Account. Subscriptions or Settings. Apple ID Account. iCloud. Storage Management. Change storage plan (for iCloud subscriptions). So you will see an active subscription, which could not be renewed in automatic mode.

Next, you have two choices: cancel the subscription, or pay for it using the last known method.

It’s easy to cancel a subscription, so in the same Settings. Apple ID. Subscriptions menu, find the subscription you want, open its options, and select Cancel subscription.

To connect a working payment method, do the following:

details on how this payment method works and possible problems we’ve already told in this instruction.

Go to Settings. Apple ID. Payment and Delivery.

Click Add payment method.

In the Phone Number field, add a valid phone number from whose account you want to pay for the subscription.

Attention! At this moment this method works for Beeline, MegaFon and MTS. Besides, payment from mobile account may be unavailable in some tariff plans.

Go back to the list of available payment methods, click Change and drag the added payment method from mobile account to the top of the list.

Correct setting will result in Mobile phone in the Payment and delivery field.

After that, auto-renewal of expired subscription should be performed. If not, go to Settings. Apple ID Account. Subscriptions and cancel the desired subscription and reactivate it.


After disabling international payments for Visa and Mastercard cards of Russian banks, many users started facing an error and notification on their iPhones and iPads about the need to update their payment information. Such warning appears in the main menu of iOS settings and is accompanied by a red badge on the Settings app icon. How to get rid of the “Update payment information” error This error occurs.