How To Unlock A Samsung J1 Phone

Locking the screen with a graphic key, password or PIN code significantly increases the security of the phone. This protection will not allow an attacker to gain access to your files, photos, crack passwords and find out bank card numbers. But sometimes the lock turns against the owner of the gadget. Below are a few ways to unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone. Methods work with the company’s tablets.

How to Unlock a Samsung J1 Phone

Unlocking your Samsung smartphone with an incorrect PIN code

After 6 incorrect pin codes, the gadget blocks the entry of new data for 30 seconds. After this time, the user has a chance to enter the cherished numbers again.

Therefore, the first method of unlocking Samsung is simply to wait until the timeout expires after the PIN code is entered incorrectly and try another combination.

How to unlock samsung phone remotely

This method is useful in two cases:

  • The user has forgotten the graphic password or pin code on the phone and cannot unlock the gadget’s screen.
  • The user wants to provide access to the smartphone to another person without informing the secret combination of numbers or a graphic password on the Samsung phone. For example, so that the child can play games on the tablet that you left at home.

The branded remote unlocker service Find My Mobile will require access to the gadget. Before using this method for the first time, you should prepare your phone for remote control.

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We go to the Samsung website and log in to the Samsung account. In the search box we write “find phone“. The system will transfer the user to the FindMyMobile service.

How to prepare your Samsung phone for remote control

Select a device from the list of gadgets you own and click the Prepare button.

The user is informed of the steps by completing which he can prepare the gadget for remote control. The main point is that in the Settings menu in the Lock screen and protection section, the Search for phone item should be open.

In the options menu, you must set the Remote control flag.

Items relating to the transfer of the location of the gadget are secondary and do not have a direct relationship to the ability to lock / unlock the device.

How to unlock the screen on Samsung

Select your phone from the list. A menu of available actions appears on the right. You can make them without direct access to the phone.

Select the Unlock item and wait for the result. At this point, the Internet service will unlock the screen. The success of the operation is confirmed by changing the color of the item in the menu on the site.

This method allows you to unlock the pin code, pattern, or password. In this way, all modern Samsung smartphones are controlled, including duos, Samsung Galaxy J1, J3, mini, A5 and others running the Android operating system.

How to unlock Samsung via safe mode

If the lock is not removed in the usual way, perhaps some malicious applications have blocked the phone. This does not necessarily mean viral activity, but this fact deserves close attention.

  1. To get started, try rebooting the gadget in safe mode. To do this, completely turn off the smartphone. When turning on, hold down the volume down button.
  2. The inscription Safe Mode in the lower left corner will indicate successful completion of the procedure. Unlock the device in the usual way: by entering the PIN unlock code or graphic password.
  3. In safe mode, third-party programs are blocked. Only system applications that come with Android are working. Perhaps the operation of the malicious program that caused the non-standard blocking will also be blocked.
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If the attempt is successful, analyze the latest installed applications and remove them from the gadget. When the operation is completed, restart the smartphone in the usual way.

How to remove a pattern or pin through data reset

If the user has forgotten the graphic key, but remote access through the Find My Mobile service is not available, he still has one more option to unlock it on Samsung. A full reset or Hard reset will solve the problem.

Reset data through Find My Mobile

Go to the website of the branded web service for searching for lost mobile phones and find your device in the list. Select Uninstall my device.

All data will be deleted and the phone will return to the factory state.

An important note for owners of modern phones running on Android 5.1 and later. To provide increased security for users, Google developers have provided protection against theft of gadgets.

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Hard reset with keys

What should I do if I forgot the password for a gadget that blocked without access to the network? Hard reset using buttons will help.

  • Turn off the phone completely.
  • We hold three buttons: power, volume higher and home.
  • When the Samsung logo image appears, release the food.
  • Not later than in 10-15 seconds the engineering menu will appear.
  • Select a menu item with the volume keys until the cursor moves to Wipe data / factory reset.
  • Press the power button to confirm your choice and wait for system instructions.

The method is suitable for older Samsung mini and duos phones and others.

Flashing from a computer

If after attempts to unlock the graphic key or an unsuccessful data reset led to violations of the boot mode, the last resort remains. flashing from the computer.

This process requires a special program, a USB cable, and a firmware version downloaded from the manufacturer’s website for the model of the device. This firmware method requires a certain amount of preparation from the user and is fraught with risks of loss of warranty in the service center.

A detailed description of the procedure, which is carried out at the user’s own risk, can be found on special forums.

What else to try

If none of the above methods helped to solve the problem, refer to specialized forums where the owners of your gadget model are present.

Contacting the service is usually considered the last resort to solving problems with unlocking. But few users know that when presenting documents to the phone and checks from the outlet that sold it, they can count on quick professional help. In certain cases, work is free.