How to turn on the flash on an Android phone call

How to turn on flash on call on Android like on iPhone

Not everyone knows, but it is possible to make so that in addition to the ringtone and vibration, and flash flashed: and it can do this not only with an incoming call, but also with other notifications, such as receiving SMS or messages in messengers.

In this manual, details about how to activate the flash on your Android phone ringer. The first part is for Samsung Galaxy phones, where it’s a built-in feature, and the second part is general for any smartphone, describing the free applications that allow you to put the flash on the phone. Also might be useful: Flash for iPhone ringtone.

How to activate the flash on call on the Samsung Galaxy

Modern models of Samsung Galaxy phones have a built-in feature that allows you to make the flash flash when you call or receive notifications. To activate it, just follow these simple steps:

That’s all. If you wish, in the same section you can turn on the option “Screen flash“. Flashing the screen at the same events, which can be useful when the phone is lying on the table with the screen up.

Advantage of the method: there is no need to use third-party applications, which require a variety of permissions. A possible disadvantage of the built-in flash on call feature is the lack of any additional settings: you can’t change the flash frequency, turn on the flash for calls, but turn it off for notifications.

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Enabling the function on the iPhone

Some iPhone owners do not know how to turn on the flash. You can activate the option by

  • Enter the iPhone settings;
  • In the settings section, select “Basic”, then “Universal access”;
  • Scrolling down to the bottom of the window, click on the “Notification flash” section;
  • Move the slider from “Off” to “On” to activate the option.

LED-signal is activated on incoming messages or notifications from multi-user sites. In case the option is not activated to confirm the set parameters, restart the device by pressing the button in the upper corner of the smartphone.

Smartphone settings

Below we look at methods to turn on the flash when calling on smartphones made by Chinese firms Meizu and Xiaomi, as well as South Korean manufacturers:

    – Here you need to enter the window with tools for configuring the system. There, the section “system applications” is indicated, the item “calls” is pressed and the option “Incoming calls” is selected. Next, you find the “Flash Notifications” option, and the lever next to it is set to the activity position The method under consideration only works on some models of smartphones from this manufacturer from South Korea. A window inviting you to change the configuration of the operating system with the help of options is opened. Here you find the section called “General” where you choose the “Special Features” option. Next, opposite the “Flashing warnings” checkbox that activates this function The inclusion of a flash on incoming calls is available on devices with a version greater than Flume 5.1. Clicking on the corresponding item opens the “Phone” window. Next, you need to select the “Settings” window with tools for configuring Android. Among the items on the list are found and activated “flash flicker.

Disabling the flash

If you can easily activate the flash, then if necessary, you can easily turn off the flashlight. The operation is performed by moving the slider in the application or phone settings to the “Off.”. Act in accordance with the instructions given earlier in the material. The only difference will be only in moving the slider to the opposite position.

In the case of third-party software applies an alternative method of deactivation. Complete removal of the program. However, when reinstalling it, the function will not be activated automatically. It will have to be re-enabled manually through the application settings.

Not all Android smartphones are equipped with special LEDs that notify you of different events. As a rule, on cheap smartphones, which make up most of the devices on this platform, there are no such indicators. Most smartphones have a camera flash which can also be used for this purpose.

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Tap Continue, then select whether the flash will flash only for calls or also for incoming messages and notifications. The duration of the flash can be adjusted here.

After this setting, the flash will notify you of selected events. You can also use the app to make your smartphone’s screen turn on whenever you receive a notification from an app.

If the app doesn’t work, go to your smartphone’s system settings and allow it to access notifications and flash. You can access the desired menu from the “Flash on other Notifications” setting in the app itself.

Additionally in the settings of CallFlash you can specify, for which applications notifications you have to be notified and in what period of time you should not be disturbed.

The purpose of the flash during an incoming call

A feature originally invented for hearing-impaired phone owners. But now it is liked by people who do not have such problems. Bright glow of the indicator attracts attention, but does not interfere with work or study. Often the option gives the opportunity to answer the call in time when you are in a dark room. It is also useful if a person spends time in noisy company when a normal call cannot be heard.

In winter, the light signal is helpful for waking up early if the day is short. The function allows one to wake up early without waking others. Notification in the form of a light indicator is convenient to use in a nightclub, where it is always dark and noisy. Because in such an environment one does not hear the usual melody and does not feel the vibration. And the blinking indicator light draws attention if the phone is lying down with the screen down.

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How to set the flash on the Honor and Huawei

Given the usefulness of the considered system of notifications, many are interested in how to activate. Currently, there are two options that allow you to enable the option. The first involves using the settings, and the second involves downloading and installing the program.

Through settings

How to make a flash on Huawei and Honor when calling:

  • Go to settings.
  • Find the “Special Features” tab.
  • Enter the “Hearing” section.
  • Then go to the appropriate section and drag the slider to the “On.”.

Special application

Not all devices provide this feature. For example, with older models that don’t support new Android updates, you probably won’t find the right setting. Then you will have to download the program from Google Play. One popular solution is Call Flash.

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Enter the name of the program in the search box and download it. Launch the application and click on Test Flash, which will run a test mode and allow you to check the notifications. Then click on the “Continue” button and mark the events at which the notification will start. This way you can set the notification not only for phone calls, but also for incoming SMS, etc.Д.

The call notification function with LED indicator is very practical and convenient. It will be useful in a situation where you need a silent mode, and you can not miss an important call in any way.In this instruction we will tell you how to turn on the flash when calling on Huawei smartphones.

  • The first thing you need to find in the phone settings and find the tab “Special. Features”. Sometimes to open it, you first need to click on “Advanced” in the “System and Devices” section;
  • Open the “Hearing” subsection;
  • Check the “Flash alerts” box.

One of the most popular programs for installing flash on a call in Huawei is Call Flash.

Call aate hi flashlight on in Samsung device Samsung device only

  • Download and install this app on Google Play;
  • Test the flash by clicking Test Flash;
  • Click Continue and check the boxes next to the events you want the flash to flash for.

You can set up a notification indicator for SMS only or for calls only. You can also configure the events in which the flash will not flash.

As you see, everything is simple. If you have any questions. Ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.