How to turn off silent on your iPhone

How to disable silent mode on your iPhone

To turn off silent mode and return your iPhone to ring mode, you can either use your phone’s physical switch or use a setting in the Settings app. We’ll show you both ways to disable silent mode.

The easiest way to disable silent mode is to use the physical “Ring/Mute” switch. If this switch is broken or malfunctioning, use the setting in the Settings app to disable silent mode. In case your phone’s physical switch is stuck in silent mode, the Settings option will override this and return you to ring mode.

How to turn iPhone’s silent mode on

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To silence the sounds, vibrations, and lights on your iPhone, activate silent mode or “do not disturb” mode. Silent mode changes the sound alert to vibration, while “Do Not Disturb” mode temporarily blocks all alerts (including vibration and light alerts). Customize your iPhone to get exactly what you want from it.

  • Note: The alarm that you set in the Clock app will ignore the silent mode and ring at the designated time. Alarm clocks set in other apps may not ring. [2] X Source of information
  • The “up” position means that the sound is on in the phone.
  • If you go into silent mode and look at your phone’s screen, you’ll see a notification. “Silent”.

Mute on the keypad. If you can still hear the keyboard keys making noise, mute them by going to “Settings” “Sounds”. Set the “keypad press” switch from green (On) to white (Off).

Turn off “Lock sound”. When locking or unlocking, your phone will beep whether it is in silent mode or not. To turn this sound off, go to “Settings” “Sounds”, and at the bottom of the menu, find “Lock Sound”. Put the switch from green (On) to white (Off) to mute all locking sounds.

How to turn on silent mode on your iPhone

Your iPhone may not only alert you to an incoming call with a ringtone, but also with vibration. When someone calls you, you won’t hear the ringtone, but you will feel the vibration.

You can set the vibration in Settings Sounds and Vibrations (or Sounds).

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You may accidentally turn on the sound switch. When you put your iPhone in your. you may accidentally press the volume buttons.

Why does my iPhone 6 switch from ringing to silent and back again?

This usually happens because there is dust or lint stuck in the slots of the silencer switch.

How to turn off silence when iPhone is locked?

The only way to disable silence when your phone is locked. Do not lock your phone. Otherwise, if you set a lock time, you’re stuck with the “always” or “when locked” option.

After reading this page, you can easily fix an iPhone stuck on silence issue whether you’re using the new iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR or an older iPhone 6 / 7 / SE. In fact, even if you encounter other iOS problems, you can rely on the recommended iOS System Recovery to easily fix them. Leave us a message in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you still have questions.

Turn off silent mode on your iPhone with the switch

On the left side of your iPhone is a small switch that you can use to toggle between call mode and silent mode.

If your iPhone is currently in silent mode, you’ll see an orange color behind this switch.

To disable silent mode and enable ringing mode, press this switch once to no longer see orange.

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How to disable Do Not Disturb mode for calls from a specific contact on your iPhone

Open the Phone or Contacts app.

Select the entry you want (i.e.е. The contact of the person who should have access to you even if Do Not Disturb is turned on.).

Tap Edit in the upper-right corner of the screen.

For SMS and iMessage messages, you must activate this setting separately.

Why the mode switch button doesn’t work?

The simplest option is a faulty button. It can glitch due to dust or liquids, as well as normal mechanical wear and tear. In the first case it is enough to wash and clean the button, but in the second case you will need to replace it.

The cable is a bit more complicated to deal with. On the one hand it can be a simple defect (loose or oxidized contacts), but on the other hand it can be a broken wire inside the cable.

Failure of the vibration motor is uncommon, but it can also fail due to trapped liquid or impact after a fall. The vibration mode will not work. In this case, you need to replace the vibration motor with a new one. But the most complicated one is a burned-out chip. If it’s easy to replace the button or cable, then the chip has to be unsoldered.

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