How To Turn Off Get Contact Premium On An Iphone

How to enable 3G on iPhone

Today the Internet has become an integral part of the modern world. It is an affordable and inexpensive method for finding information, participating in social communities, communicating, watchings, movies, listening to audio tracks, and finally, accessing news feeds. Simply put, the Internet today is a powerful media, and you can use it both on a PC and on a smartphone.

What is mobile Internet access for? The thing is that usually a wireless hotspot with WiFi access is used at home or in the office. But sometimes there is no such connection possibility, but there is a confident coverage area of ​​the cellular operator, in which case you can turn on the mobile Internet and fully use the smartphone. In order to understand how to enable 3G on an iPhone 6 or earlier, you need to understand what subtypes of networks exist. Three types are popular today:

How To Turn Off Get Contact Premium On An Iphone

  • 2G. The earliest and longest existing, today it is used to ensure the transmission of voice data, access to the Internet with its help is impossible, since the speed is calculated at a maximum of tens of kilobits per second;
  • 3G is also one of the oldest, but still used, types of mobile networks at an average speed: up to megabits per second. This is enough to satisfy the needs of the smartphone user;
  • 4G (LTE) and 4G. The most modern standards providing access to the global network at speeds up to 100 megabits per second, can be used not only on smartphones, but also to organize shared access to multiple devices.

So, below is an instruction on how to switch an iPhone to a 3G cellular standard, for this you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Open the settings menu (“Settings”) and go to the “Cellular” section;
  2. Click on the line “Voice” (by default it should have the value “2G”) and set the type of 3G network;
  3. After that you can activate the trigger “Cellular data” all in the same section “Cellular”.

Now the Internet is available on the smartphone via 3G cellular networks. You can verify this if you look at the signal quality level indicator, a corresponding 3G icon should appear next to it.

Why exactly the “Voice” submenu includes 3G

The fact is that early iOS, up to the 7th version, had only the “Communication” section in their settings, where the only trigger with the name “3G” was located. Today, as mentioned above, there are more standards, and therefore Apple has improved its OS by making the menu for selecting the type of cellular network universal. Compared to Android OS, this action is similar to turning on the preferred Network on which the smartphone will work. The answer to the question why the Voice menu is simple: the choice made is responsible for the quality of communication.

Note! This function is convenient, especially when it is necessary to forcibly change the type of Network. This can happen when, for example, 4G is present, but the quality is 1 division. Nevertheless, preference will be given to him, while 3G has a full set of “divisions”.

Steps to set up iPhone to connect to 3G

This section will cover a step-by-step description of how to put 3G on an iPhone:

  1. You need to open the settings section by clicking the “Settings” button on the main desktop;
  2. In the menu that opens, go through the chain of tabs “Basic”. “Network”;
  3. For the lines “Enable 3G” and “Cellular data”, you must set the switches to the active state (one).

Note! For some cellular operators, the smartphone may not have settings for connecting to third generation networks. In this case, you need to contact the nearest office of communication services and enter the necessary data in the section “Cellular data transmission network”.

How to switch mobile Internet to 3G mode

Sometimes it is necessary to leave only 3G on the iPhone for mobile data transfer. This is done through the menu “Settings”. “Cellular”. “Cellular settings”. “Voice and communication”. In this section, select the 3G value. After that, the smartphone for the Internet will use this type of networks.

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It’s important to know! If 3G is not in use, it is better to turn it off, since the application of this standard even in standby mode requires large battery resources, which leads to its rapid discharge.

Enabling 3G on iPhone without LTE support

You can also enable cellular data transmission without LTE support, the instructions on how to disable 4G on an iPhone will be as follows:

  • Just like in the previous section, you must open the section “Settings”. “Cellular”. “Cellular settings”;
  • Click on the line with the name “Voice and communication” (“Voice”);
  • Select the preferred Network for mobile data transmission (if LTE is disabled, only 2G and 3G remain.

Important to remember! Despite the fact that mobile operators still use 2G and 3G, these standards are more designed for making calls and sending short text messages. In this regard, there are such cases that the icon opposite the communication divisions shows 3G or even LTE, but there is no connection to the World Wide Web.

Enabling 3G on an LTE-enabled iPhone

In order to enable the Internet via 3G cellular networks with LTE support, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the “Settings” section by clicking on the gear-shaped icon, which is located on the main desktop of the smartphone;
  2. Select the section “Cellular”, which is highlighted by the icon in the form of a cell tower;
  3. Then select the “Cellular data options” menu;
  4. The toggle switch opposite the line “Enable LTE” must be switched to an active state;

Note! If you specify the “Data only” item in the settings, then the preferred network for Internet access will be LTE, and for calls and short messages. 2G or 3G. If you activate the line “Voice and data”, then the latest generation network will be used for all functions.

Turn off Wi-Fi

The wireless network can be deactivated in two ways:

1. In the settings menu, tap “Wi-Fi”. In the column of the same name, turn off the option.

2. Use a bottom-up swipe to bring up the Control Center. Place your finger on the wireless icon. It will darken, the wireless connection will assume the “off” status.

Change network settings

1. On the mobile home screen, tap the “Settings” icon.

2. Go to the “Cellular” section.

3. To turn off the Internet on the iPhone (in whole or in part), deactivate the corresponding options:

“Cellular data”. Complete disconnection of mobile Internet with the exception of Wi-Fi (it will be possible to connect wirelessly).

Enable 3G. Disconnecting the network connection in 3G mode will lead to the fact that the connection will be rebuilt in 2G format (speed no more than 474 Kbps in 1 second).

“Data roaming”. Turn off the Internet in roaming when the user is abroad. And on the home network, the connection will be (if other network options are enabled).

How to turn off the Internet on an iPhone

  • Change network settings
  • Restricting access to the web in applications
  • Turn off Wi-Fi
  • Refusal of operator’s network services

Internet disconnected on iPhone is sometimes more beneficial than Internet connected. At first glance: how is it without the Network? However, no one says that the great communication technology of the 21st century must be completely renounced. It’s about something else. About smart connection management. When to enable, when to disable mobile Internet on iPhone.

It is this selective approach that gives significant advantages in operation: saving battery power, traffic and money on the account. The Internet is connected in the device when needed.

Below, we’ll take a look at general guides to disable iPhone connectivity. The principle of their implementation on iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 is similar, with only a few differences (depending on the iOS version).

Restricting access to the web in applications

Many programs and games installed on a smartphone make network requests, which means they also consume traffic. But some of them can work correctly without going online. To prevent such applications from using network resources, do the following:

1. Go to the panel: Settings → Cellular → Cellular data for software.

2. In the list, in the line of applications whose network connections you want to disable, move the slider to the “off” position.

3. Confirm the setting change.

Refusal of operator’s network services

For those who do not like to “poke around” in the phone settings or do not know how to do it at all, the Internet can be turned off directly in the connected tariff package. The procedure for refusing to use the Network is carried out through a special USSD command (you can find it on the company’s office) or through the service department (you need to contact the operator with a request).

If access to the Internet needs to be removed on your child’s phone in order to provide parental control, it makes sense to use specialized operator services. For example, in Megafon it is “Children’s package”, in MTS. “Children’s Internet”. And in Beeline it is possible to connect a content filter to provide access to web resources with age restrictions.

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Get the correct network settings configuration on your iPhone! You will spend 5 minutes setting up a connection, but you will get a hundred times more. Use your mobile resources correctly!

How to copy contacts from iPhone to SIM card?

In order to transfer phone numbers from a SIM card to an iPhone, the user will not experience any problems. Apple devices have a very convenient service for importing contacts. But in the opposite direction. From iPhone to SIM. It is quite difficult to transfer the numbers: the famous “closedness” of the iOS operating system affects. However, you should not despair: if you connect your imagination and some additional programs to the case, the task becomes doable.

How to transfer contacts to a SIM card from a jailbroken iPhone?

If your iPhone is jailbroken, you should use the SIManager utility available in the BeYoIp repository to copy contacts.

We advise you to download version 1.7, as it can boast stable work.

The tweak is intuitive. Any user who has managed to jailbreak will deal with it without any problems. Copying contacts is done in just two steps:

Step 1. On the main screen, click the “Write To SIM” button in the lower right corner.

Step 2. In the menu that appears, click “Copy iPhone To SIM”.

The SIManager application is free, but the user will have to put up with ads (which, however, does not really interfere).

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM using additional programs?

The owner of an iPhone without jailbreak will have to use another mobile device. With an Android operating system. And a utility called My Backup Contacts. You can download the program in the AppStore at this link. The application is distributed completely free of charge.

How to copy numbers through My Backup Contacts?

Step 1. First of all, give the utility access to the “Contacts” application. Click “Allow”.

Step 2. When the program recounts the contacts on the gadget, click on “Backup”.

Step 3. The utility will generate a vcf file. It must be sent by e-mail. The application itself will recommend doing this.

Click on the “Email” button.

Step 4. In the form of an e-mail in the “To” column, enter your email address, then click “Send”.

Step 5. Open the letter on your mobile device with Android operating system. From a vcf file on a gadget with an open OS, you can easily transfer numbers to a SIM card.

The way to copy contacts to a SIM card through My Backup Contacts, alas, cannot be called convenient, but there are no simpler methods now. Previously, the Yandex.Move program was recommended to users, but now it is not available either in the AppStore or in Google Play.

How to copy contacts from iPhone to SIM card via computer?

You can use a PC as an intermediary to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM. The procedure in this case again comes down to the formation of backups and their subsequent processing on an Android device.

To copy contacts to SIM via a computer, we will use iTunes. You need to proceed as follows:

Step 1. Launch iTunes and go to the device control menu by clicking on the button with the smartphone image.

Step 2. In the “Settings” section, select the “Information” section.

Step 3. Check the box next to “Synchronize contacts with:” and select one of the options. “Windows Contacts” or “Outlook”.

It is recommended to choose “Windows Contacts”. Numbers saved in this application are easier to transfer to a mobile device.

Step 4. Press the “Synchronize” button. This will start the process of data exchange between the PC and the mobile device.

Step 5. Upon completion of synchronization on the PC, click on the “Start” button and follow the path “Username”. “Contacts”.

The folder “Contacts” will contain cards with the extension contact.

These cards should be copied to a mobile device with an Android operating system. From the Android background, the numbers can be easily transferred to the SIM memory.

Many sites dedicated to mobile technology suggest using the iFunBox desktop utility to transfer contacts from the iPhone. Now this method is irrelevant: the latest version of iFunBox (3.0) does not allow access to the directory of numbers.


Users who believe that the “omnipotent” iPhone is capable of performing any operation are greatly surprised when they find out that it is impossible to transfer contacts from an Apple gadget to a SIM. There is no talk about the flaw of Apple engineers in this case. The iPhone was conceived as a “closed” device.

It is possible to overcome the obstacles in the exchange of data that Apple fixes, but for this you will have to connect additional software and gadgets that are less sensitive to information confidentiality. Users who need to constantly copy data from an iPhone are better off jailbreak, but they should remember that after a “jailbreak” the device is removed from the warranty.

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Turn off WiFi

There are two options to turn off the network:

  1. Click on the WiFi icon in the menu, move the slider to the off state.
  2. Calling the control center. To do this, slide your finger upward. It remains to touch the icon depicting the wireless network. After that, everything will darken, the specified service will have a message about the corresponding status. Turning off a function this way is sometimes as easy as shelling pears.

Reset network settings

Resetting the settings over the network rebooting helps to solve a large number of problems with which the phone is used. The main disadvantage is that all saved parameters are erased. Network passwords are also erased.

The actions themselves are performed in the following sequence.

  1. Visit the section with settings.
  2. Go to the item “Basic”. The reset function is then activated.
  3. After that, the owner of the device confirms and completes his actions.
  4. Settings close, devices restart.

Note! After the next turn-on, it is enough to launch an application using a cell phone and check if the Internet is working again.

Disable mobile internet while roaming abroad

When choosing one of the ways to solve the problem, the user will definitely not lose his money. These methods are relevant for those who often travel abroad.

  • Purchase of a local SIM card. Then you can forget about roaming from your operator. Calls and messages to your home country will require additional costs. But Internet access will cease to be a serious cost item.
  • You can register a tariff plan of a partner operator if a SIM card is installed on the tablet, which is designated as APPLE Sim. It remains to choose the provider and the tariff plan in the settings, which will be the most convenient for the user. When the tariff ceases to be needed, it is easy to suspend it at any time, deactivate it for good.
  • You can contact the operator in advance to find the tariff that best combines with international roaming. It is enough to enable the corresponding functions available from the operator during servicing. Disconnection is also not a problem.

Note! In the iPhone settings, you need to select the section of a particular operator in order to change the network and related settings. You can choose the appropriate options manually, sometimes it happens automatically.

Restricting access to the web in applications

Many programs and applications installed on modern smartphones use network requests. This means that these tools are also involved in traffic consumption. But it is possible to ensure correct operation without going online, in some cases, at least. So that network resources are no longer used, the following actions are performed:

  • Go to the panel by Settings, to the section of cellular communication. And then. To the item on Cellular data for software.
  • The slider is moved to the off position in the application bar. This is done with all programs that require additional resources in this regard.
  • Changes to settings require additional confirmation.

Iphone 6: mute features

The use of this feature on the 6 model is different from what the owners of the previous models do. The steps in this case have the following sequence:

  1. Look for the item “Basic” in the phone settings.
  2. Then go to the Web.
  3. Here you need to set the settings that meet the current needs of the client.

Note! Packet data roaming, if necessary, is completely disabled through the same section. Reverse the procedure if access to the Network needs to be restored.

At the bottom, they usually restrict Internet access for individual applications. But not always, before launching programs, users are notified that in connection with their use they are charged an additional fee.

Refusal of operator’s network services

You can turn off the Internet directly in the tariff plan to which this or that user is connected. This option is relevant if you do not want to deal with all the settings on your own. To refuse the corresponding service, use special USSD commands.

Information on the required combination is easy to find out by visiting the official website on the Internet. The service department also helps in this case, but an additional call to the operator is required. Its employees will tell you how to turn off the Internet on an iPhone abroad.

Note! It is imperative to inform that it is not the unlimited Internet package that is disconnected, but the entire network. Otherwise, problems and inconsistencies arise.

Many operators offer specialized parental control services for those who restrict Internet access to children only. Each company has its own version, which should be familiarized with in advance. Some operators allow the use of special filters to ensure access to resources with certain age restrictions.