How to Transfer Money From Phone Without Commission

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How to Transfer Money From Phone Without Commission

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The need for urgent replenishment of the balance of a mobile phone can arise at any time, but there are times when it is not possible to perform a replenishment procedure. It is for such situations that there is a money transfer service from MTS to MTS, i.E. Balance replenishment methods in the absence of financial capabilities or balance replenishment means.

Transferring funds from one subscriber to another is called “Direct Transfer”. This service will help replenish the balance at any time of the day and anywhere. Over, “Direct Transfer” can be configured automatically, i.E. Funds will be regularly debited from your phone and transferred to another subscriber. This procedure is very popular, as it is convenient, for example, when replenishing the balance of your child. The service will automatically replenish the balance and your child will always be in touch with you. A commission is charged for one procedure, which is 7 rubles. If you want to set up automatic replenishment of another subscriber’s account, adding funds to the base of automatic transfers on the balance sheet will also amount to 7 rubles at a time, i.E. For other transfers, no commission is charged.

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Money transfer from MTS to MTS: “Direct transfer”

To use the service of transferring your balance to another subscriber, you must have a minimum balance of money in your account, otherwise you will not be able to transfer. After you send part of the funds to another subscriber, your balance should not be less than 90 rubles.

There are also restrictions on the transfer of funds to MTS subscribers. There is a daily limit of 1,500 rubles per day for both one and several users. Those. You can make a direct transfer of funds to another subscriber several times a day, but without exceeding the established limit. A one-time transfer cannot be more than 300 rubles.

Also, restrictions apply to the receiving side, i.E. The subscriber’s number to which funds are transferred cannot be replenished in this way by more than 3000 rubles per day from different subscribers.

In order to transfer funds and replenish the balance, both parties must conclude an agreement and have a specific tariff plan. The numbers connected to the Super Zero, Super MTS, MTS Connect tariffs cannot participate in the transfer of funds from one subscriber to another. This also includes subscribers using corporate rates.

Users who want to transfer money can do this both with the help of the SMS command and the USSD command. You can carry out the procedure through the user’s personal account on the MTS official website.

Transfer money from MTS to MTS using SMS commands

This method is very simple and convenient. The user needs to send an SMS with the text # transfer amount, instead of “amount” the transferred amount of money from your balance is indicated. SMS is sent to the number of the subscriber to whom the transfer is made. Next, you will receive an SMS confirming the operation. In the received SMS message the instruction will be indicated, according to which you need to follow to complete the transfer.

You want to transfer to another subscriber the amount of 250 rubles. You send the user an SMS message with the following text # transfer 250. The message contains only one space between the word “transfer” and the amount. The message is written without quotes and sent to the selected MTS subscriber.

Money transfer from MTS to MTS using your personal account

You can also top up the balance of another subscriber through your personal account. To do this, you need to enter your personal account, then open the “Mobile Phone” and select the “Transfer” option. Then you need to fill in the data in the form that appears and confirm the procedure. After the transaction, you will receive an SMS notification of the transfer results. If the SMS indicates that the procedure could not be completed, check your balance. If there is no money left on it after the operation, then change the amount down.

Making a one-time transfer of funds to the MTS number

For a one-time transfer of funds, you need to use USSD. A team that looks like this: 112 subscriber number amount #. Then click on the “call” button. Where the number is written, the subscriber’s phone number is indicated, and where the “amount” is the amount of money for transfer indicated in the symbols, but not more than “300”.

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You want to transfer to another subscriber with number 89315623121 the amount of 250 rubles. You dial 112 89315623121 250 #. The message does not put spaces between characters and numbers. The message is sent without quotation marks. After typing a command, “Call” is pressed. In the near future you will receive an SMS with a code. The code must be sent with a similar USSD. Command 112 code #. Where the word “code” indicates the numbers received in the SMS. Confirmation message. Repeated USSD. The command is also written without spaces and quotes. Funds are transferred to the MTS subscriber.

Automatic transfer of funds to a MTS subscriber

To set up constant and automatic replenishment of the balance of another MTS subscriber due to your balance, you need to dial USSD. Command 114 subscriber number periodicity code amount #. Where the “frequency code” indicates the regularity of the translation. The frequency of the team is as follows: 1. Every day, 2. Every week, 3. Every month.

You want to transfer to another subscriber with number 89315623121 the amount of 200 rubles every month. You type the command 114 89315623121 3 200 #. The message does not put spaces between characters and numbers. The message is sent without quotation marks. In the near future you will receive an SMS confirmation with a code. The code must be sent with a similar USSD. Command 112 code #. Where the word “code” indicates the numbers received in the SMS. Confirmation message. Repeated USSD. The command is also written without spaces and quotes. Funds are transferred to the MTS subscriber.

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It is often necessary to withdraw cash from a mobile account or transfer it to electronic money. How to withdraw money from the phone there are several ways. Before you withdraw money from your phone, you must obtain the consent of the person who pays. But each operation is subject to commission. From the phone number you can transfer money to an electronic wallet. The most common wallet. Webmoney. In this case, you need to make sure that the mobile operator supports the transfer function. How to withdraw money from the phone in cash? You can withdraw if the mobile operator is Beeline. The operation is carried out only in those cities in which there is a company “Unistream”. Further it is worth familiarizing yourself with information about restrictions.

To make a transfer, you must send an SMS. Message to number 7878. The contents of SMS. The message should include: name, full name, full name, amount indicated in rubles. Up to the amount last name, first name, middle name must belong to the sender. And after the amount, the specified last name, first name, middle name belongs to the recipient. The surname, first name and patronymic must exactly match the name in the recipient’s passport. If the recipient and the sender are the same person, then the combinations are taken the same. Then an SMS will come in response. A message with the entered data, you need to carefully check everything and confirm the answer with the number one. Next, the amount of money will be automatically debited from the mobile account. Another SMS will appear. A message in which the code will be written. It must be recorded and with a passport go to the Unistream department.

In the department it is necessary to give the surname, first name, middle name of the sender and the code that was in the SMS message. After that they will give the money back. In the same way, you can withdraw money from your phone online or transfer money to a bank card. Beeline on this account has a whole service. Megaphone also has such a service. But most people use the Beeline operator. Webmoney. This is the most reliable wallet. To do this, go to the Webmoney website and register. Registration is free. Next, the operator is selected, from which the amount will be debited. Then the country is selected and the wallet number is entered. Then the button is pressed. Continue. Then SMS will come. A message with a code that must be entered. This code must be entered in an empty window.

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The amount will come to the wallet within nine days. However, there is a condition that only 2,700 rubles can be transferred within an hour, and 5,400 rubles per day. There is another way to transfer funds from a mobile phone. You just need to come to the company of this operator. And terminate the contract with them. The entire amount that is available on the SIM card, operators must return. But not everyone decides to use this method. But the refund is carried out without a commission. Unlike other ways in which a fee is charged. Another reliable electronic wallet is Yandex money. The meaning is very simple. If your friends or friends run out of money or run out of money, then they can be replenished through the Yandex money system. And then the money is returned in cash.

True, this can be done with small operations. It is unlikely that someone will need 5,000 rubles on the account. To do this, go to the Yandex money website and register. Then you need to choose an operator. If this is not available, then you can find it in the mobile communications section. There, using the example of MTS, it will be shown how to carry out this operation. It is not necessary to enter the surname, first name, middle name, hardly anyone will check. You will need to enter the desired amount of money and click the “pay” button. Next, a password is entered to confirm the operation. You will need to enter the password every time you need to make transfers. If a person already uses the Yandex money system, then naturally he will know the password, as it is given during registration.

Then you need to click the “pay” button, after which a report on the operation is received. Another little trick. If parents pay for the Internet, then you can pay for it with electronic money, and take cash from your parents. This, of course, is not fair in relation to parents, but you can get cash. All these methods really work in life. Everyone can choose a suitable method for withdrawing money from the phone. It is worth recalling that the commission is not charged only in one case, if you terminate the contract with mobile operators.

In other cases, a commission must be paid for the service. In conclusion, we can say that the withdrawal of funds from a mobile phone, although a common way, but it is better to have electronic money. So at least there will be fewer problems with the withdrawal of funds. In addition, money is not transferred instantly, but you need to wait a few days, or even a week, for it to arrive.