How to Take Photos With Music On The Phone

Colorful slideshow for the phone. This is a great way to present your photo archive. You can make a slide show of photos the most diverse subjects. Travel story, slide show about your child, wedding slide show, autobiography, holiday slide show, family photo album. This is just a short list of topics that can be used to create a movie from photos.

You can store the finished slide show on your computer, send it by e-mail, but it’s even easier and more convenient to create slide show for your phone! You can demonstrate such a clip from photographs to your friends and relatives at any time, wherever you are. If you go on a long trip or just for a walk with friends, a bright slide show for your phone will always remind you of the pleasant moments of your life and will cause positive emotions.

How to make slide shows for your phone? Very simple! You must have beautiful photos to display, as well as high-quality slide show program. We recommend using the editor. Photo Show from AMS Software, which allows you to easily and quickly create a spectacular slide show for your phone with music and design. The program allows you to add an unlimited number of images, has an extensive catalog of animated transition effects between slides, as well as templates for decorating photographs of various subjects. If you decide to create a slide show for your phone, use high-quality music when preparing the. PhotoSHOW uses popular audio formats MP3, WMA, WAV, which allows you to create slide shows for a high quality phone. In addition to music, you can use audio files with voice recording. The program supports the creation of high-definition, and you can watch HD on the big screen.

PhotoShow Editor allows you to create original slide shows for smartphones, communicators, iPhone, iPod, PSP, players, PSP etc. Most models of modern phones are supported: Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, etc. The program allows you to create slide shows for your phone in the format MPEG4 with permission 176144, 320240, 640360.

Turning a prepared project into a slide show for your phone is easy enough. You select the menu section File Burn to Create for devices. Next, you need to select the type of mobile device, and the clip is ready!

Whether on the road or at a boring lecture at the university, you will always have at hand a fascinating slide show of your favorite photos. Bright slide show for your phone. This is the easiest and most affordable way to demonstrate a clip of photos at any time, in any setting.

Features of the program:

PhotoSHOW is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10; Win XP, Vista. The size. 63 Mb.

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PhotosHOW. Program for creating slide shows © 2017 AMS Software

Before we start telling you how to make a clip of photos with music, let’s try to determine what it is and how it differs from a regular slide show. In the classic sense of the slide show. This is a of successive photos with music and design. Over, compliance with the last two conditions is not necessary at all. If you decide to make a clip of photos with music, these components become most important. After all, any music is, by definition, an illustration for a song. So, the photographs or clips used in it should be bright and expertly selected.

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In this article we will tell you how to make a clip of photos with music in the PhotoShow editor. It is universal slide show program professional quality. With the help of PhotoSHOW you can prepare a beautiful multimedia album, a spectacular holiday greetings, and, of course, make a clip of photos with music. The program allows you to use an unlimited number of pictures, add music, contains a rich catalog of transition effects, interesting options for designing slides, and there is also the ability to record.

So, how to make a clip of photos with music in the PhotoShow editor? First of all, you need to decide on the theme for the clip. Your may be dedicated to any memorable event. Wedding, anniversary, etc. Or, for example, tell about your trip to the sea. There are no restrictions in choosing a theme, it all depends on your imagination and the availability of pictures.

How to Take Photos With Music On The Phone

Now about the photos themselves. If you decide to make a clip of photos with music, select those pictures that will best reflect the theme of your. Photos should be high-quality, at least six hundred pixels wide, since when you record a later, their quality will inevitably be lost.

A rather original idea of ​​a clip from photographs is to create a movie from sequentially taken pictures. With proper installation, the characters begin to move and literally come to life on the screen! It seems that you are watching a camera recording, and not a slide show of photographs at all. You can do such an experiment in the editor of PhotoSHOW. To do this, you will first need to make a sufficiently large number of shots. Over, as professionals say, all movements and displacements of an object must be thoroughly thought out in advance. If you want smooth motion, use multi-shots of nine frames per second. Perfect as a transition effect “dissolution” (the first in the catalog of the effects of Photoshop).

If you are faced with the task of making a clip of photos with music, correctly think over the storyline. After all, any clip. It is a whole story about an event, phenomenon, or person. Do not forget that the audience should understand the plot of your, it must be easily perceived and make a good impression.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of musical accompaniment. Music should correspond to the photos within the meaning and create a special emotional background. In doing so, you should know where to download music for slide shows. To make a clip of photos with music, choose a melody that maximally conveys the emotions and feelings that you want to convey to the audience in your slide show.

Complete the slides with original captions and colorful design, and your clip from photos is ready! Such a can be posted on a social network or sent to friends by e-mail, and they will surely appreciate your directorial abilities!

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Try the program “Photo Show” right now!

Features of the program:

PhotoSHOW is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10; Win XP, Vista. The size. 63 Mb.

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Each person has their favorite and memorable photos: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other significant events. But from these photos you can make a full-fledged slide show, which can be viewed on TV or downloaded to the social. Network (show your friends and acquaintances).

If 15 years ago, in order to create a high-quality slide show, you had to have a decent “baggage” of knowledge, nowadays it’s enough to know and be able to handle a couple of programs. In this article, I will walk you through the steps of creating a slide show from photos and music. So, let’s get started.

What you need for a slide show:

  1. Naturally, the photographs with which we will work;
  2. Music (both background and just cool sounds that can be inserted when certain photos appear);
  3. Specialist. Utility for creating slide shows (I recommend staying at the Bolide Slideshow Creator, a link to it below in the article);
  4. A little time to deal with all this economy.

B olide Slideshow Creator

Why did I decide to focus on this utility? Everything is simple:

  1. The program is completely free (there are no hidden toolbars, ads of other “good” in it);
  2. Creating a slide show is simple and quick (a great focus on a novice user, but at the same time decent functionality is combined);
  3. Supported by all popular versions of Windows: Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10;
  4. Completely in Russian.

Although I can’t help but answer that you can create a slide show in a regular editor (for example, here I touched on several editors in Russian: https://pcpro100.Info/videoredaktor-na-russkom/).

Create slide show

(In my example, I used just a photo for one of my articles. They are not of the best quality, but they will clearly and clearly illustrate the work with the program)

STEP 1: add photos to the project

I think that installing and running the application should not cause problems (everything is standard, as in any other Windows program).

After starting, the first thing to do is add a photo to your project (see. Fig. 1). There is a special for this. Button on the toolbar in the “Photo”. You can add everything, even that in the future, perhaps, will be deleted from the project.

Fig. 1. Adding photos to the project.

STEP 2: arrangement of photos

Now the important point: all the added photos need to be arranged in the order they are displayed in the slide show. This is done quite easily: just drag the photo into the frame, which is located at the bottom of the window (see. Fig. 2).

You need to arrange all the photos that will be displayed in your finished version.

Fig. 2. Transfer photos to the project.

STEP 3: select transitions between photos

The photos on the screen when viewing a slide show change, after a certain time, one replaces the other. But they can do this in different ways, for example: slide from top to bottom, appear from the center, disappear and appear with random cubes, etc.

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To select a specific transition between two photos, you need to click on the corresponding frame at the bottom of the window, and then select the transition (see carefully in Fig. 3).

By the way, the program has a lot of transitions and choosing the right one is not difficult. In addition, the program will immediately immediately demonstrate what a particular transition looks like.

Fig. 3. Transitions between slides (selection of patterns).

STEP 4: add music

Next to the “Photo”There is a tab”Audio files”(See the red arrow in Fig. 4). To add music to the project, you need to open this tab and add the necessary audio files.

Then simply transfer the music under the slides to the bottom of the window (see Fig. 4 on the yellow arrow).

Fig. 4. Adding music to the project (Audio files).

STEP 5: Add Text to Slides

Probably without added text (comments to appearing photos) in a slide show. It can turn out “a little dry”(And some thoughts may be forgotten over time and become incomprehensible to many who watch the recording).

Therefore, in the program you can easily add text to the right place: for this, simply click the “T“, Under the slide show screen. In my example, I just added the name of the site.

Fig. 5. Adding text to slides.

STEP 6: save the resulting slide show

When everything is adjusted and everything you need is added, it remains only to save the result. To do this, click the “Save” button (see Fig. 6, this will turn into a slide show).

Fig. 6. Saving (slide show).

STEP 7: format selection and storage location

The last step is to indicate in what format and where to save the slide show. The formats presented in the program are quite popular. In principle, you can choose any.

The only moment. Your system may not have codecs, then if you select the wrong format, the program will give an error. I recommend updating codecs, a good choice is presented in one of my articles: https://pcpro100.Info/luchshie-kodeki-dlya-video-i-audio-na-windows-7-8/

Fig. 7. Select format and save location.

STEP 8: checking the finished slide show

Actually, the slide show is ready! Now it can be viewed in any player, on TV, players, tablets, etc. (example in Fig. 8). As it turned out, there is nothing beyond the complexity of this process!

Fig. 8. The slide show is done! Playing in a standard Windows 10 player.

At the end of the sim article. Despite the certain “clumsiness” of this method of creating a slide show, I have no doubt that for most users (who are not versed in creating and processings), it will cause a storm of emotions and delight after watching it.

For additions on the topic of the article I will be grateful, successful work with the!