How To Take An Iphone Quality Photo

Follow the rule of thirds

I already told you in a separate article about the rule of thirds. It almost always works, so I advise you to read about it and enable the Grid in Settings to make it easier to follow.

Use Burst Mode for Moving Subjects

If you are photographing children, animals, or athletes while playing, be sure to turn on Burst Mode (available starting with iPhone 5s). Just press the shutter button (or volume button) and hold until you see fit. Forgetting about such a simple rule, you risk being left with only blurry pictures.

How To Take An Iphone Quality Photo

Experiment with third-party apps

On the pages of MacRadar, we constantly talk about various third-party photo applications. In them, you can experiment with focus, exposure, ISO and shutter speed, apply various filters and add interesting effects. Apps include Stay Focused, MIX, Manual Camera, Looksery, VSCOcam, Snapseed and many more.

Use the volume button to take a photo

Sometimes it is inconvenient to take a picture by tapping on the iPhone screen. It’s easier to turn it over and at the right moment, like on a camera, press the button on top. Its function during photography is performed by buttons responsible for adjusting the volume.


When there is a lot of contrast in the lighting in your shots, it’s a good idea to use HDR. This function allows you to combine pictures with different metering, resulting in more natural looking shots. But when using HDR, you need to firmly hold the iPhone, and moving objects should not be caught in the frame, otherwise part of the photo will be blurred.

Lock focus

When shooting with an iPhone, especially macro, be sure to lock the focus! To do this, you just need to click on the screen on the desired object and hold it for a couple of seconds.

Without white borders

If earlier it was impossible to post full-format content without borders on Instagram, today this problem is in the past. How to post a photo on Instagram without cropping and without borders is described above. But in order to use this instruction, you must first make sure that the phone supports the options and allows you to use the latest software update.

No loss of quality

It is almost impossible to post content without changing the initial parameters and sizes, since the social network publishes records only after endowing them with its own characteristics. Accordingly, the positive properties of photographs begin to suffer from this. This can be seen especially clearly when magnified. It is only possible to save the situation and minimize losses using the built-in Instagram settings. The service application technology is also described above.

How to post a photo on Instagram without losing quality and without borders

How to post a photo on Instagram without losing quality? Unfortunately, this issue remains relevant for active users of social networks, despite the fact that the developers eliminate many inconveniences with each new application update. So, it is not always possible to load a picture while maintaining the original size or quality characteristics. But there are methods by which it is still possible to take a photo in good quality.

How to prevent Instagram from spoiling photo quality

Recent software updates no longer force users to post only cropped versions of posts. Today it has two main cutting modes: “portrait” and “landscape”. Any of them can be applied by direct publication of the post. To do this, just press the button “” for processing. These options will allow you to get rid of the previously practiced white squares.

In addition to changing the publishing mode, you need to pay attention to the settings of the software itself. With their help it is also possible to adjust the current aspect ratio and its quality. This will require:

  1. Go directly to application settings.
  2. Open tab “Advanced settings”.
  3. Open image processing mode in high quality preservation mode. To do this, just put a tick in front of the corresponding item.

Not everything will depend on the settings of the social network. Everything that you post should also be checked beforehand. To do this, you must use the following recommendations:

  • Practice shows that it is best for publications to send pictures from programs for iPhones;
  • The loss of quality can be minimized by first changing / not changing the extension (JPG, BMP, PNG, etc.) of the image, in this respect it is recommended to experiment on your own;
  • Despite the fact that Instagram reduces the image, it is recommended to upload only high-quality content at least 1080×1080.
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Many people are interested in how to post a photo on Instagram without cropping and margins in an easy-to-view format. If the above scheme and recommendations do not give the desired effect, an excellent way to preserve the original characteristics can be a photo on an open Instagram. In this case, the program itself will select the appropriate size and quality characteristics that will not require replacement.

Note: If you post a product of obviously poor quality and with white margins, it is possible that after publication it will turn out to be bad. Therefore, it is recommended in advance to set the best settings and select the best content.

Why Instagram cuts photos when posting a lot

Many netizens complain that the software has cropped a lot of uploaded photos and degraded their performance. This happens for the following reasons:

  • Original dimensions do not fit within the scope of placement;
  • The user initially set the image processing properties in the software that were inconvenient for publishing;
  • The amount of memory occupied by the photo is too large (especially if it is closely related to the size of the post).

In other cases, users can independently select the width and height of the post directly during posting. All of this is especially true for iOS. But how to upload a photo to Instagram without cropping it for android? The post preparation scheme in this case looks almost the same. First, you need to make sure all the Instagram settings are suitable for publication.

For iPhone

Most of the specialized programs and options for the iPhone allow you to get high-quality content without specialized editing skills. Among the best ones are:

  1. CLRZR. The software is provided free of charge and has an easy-to-edit interface. It will not only help to preserve the original quality without cropping, but also improve an already damaged image.
  2. Prisma. The software is also provided free of charge. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it helps to change not only the quality, but also the artistic component of the composition, it can turn the picture into a work of art. Cropping and editing is also possible here if needed.
  3. Trigraphy. The high quality of the picture can be achieved here not only by mechanical means. Special effects additionally load the content, visually making it look more “dear” and interesting.

It is not necessary to use special applications to enhance your photos. This can be done by setting the camera presets. To do this, you will need to change the parameters to more acceptable ones at your discretion, after clicking the corresponding menu item.

To change the resolution of an already finished picture, you need to go to its settings. This will require:

  • Open app “Photo” and choose a photo of interest.
  • Press the button “change”.
  • Make the necessary changes (add text, crop, enlarge, rotate, etc.).
  • Click on the stick icon shown in the upper right corner to compare the old photo and the already changed painting. Save changes.

The original photo is also saved for the convenience of the user, so in the future you can choose the most suitable option for publishing and viewing.

Online converters

Owners of older versions of Windows will have to use converters. The simplest option is online tools that do not require additional software installation. A popular resource is Heictojpg.

At one time, you can upload up to 50 photos in the new format to the service for free and get converted to JPG files. No settings need to be made, the service will optimize and convert automatically. All you have to do is download the result.

The resource CloudConvert will help you to convert.Heic not only to JPG, but also to other formats.

What are HEIF, HEIC and why are they better than JPG (JPEG)?

The very abbreviation HEIF literally means High Efficiency Image Front or high efficiency image format. In fact, it is a version of the new HEVC or H.265 compression format developed by the MPEG group in 2013-2015. Apple didn’t invent anything, it just moved on to more advanced graphics storage technology. Only the 7th generation iPhone and subsequent smartphones of the company, iPad Pro and newer models of Apple tablets can shoot and store photos in HEIF format. The rest of the devices working with iOS 11 will be able to view the photos taken in the new format and only after decoding. With a high degree of probability, it can be argued that HEIF will soon replace the outdated JPEG.

The list of HEIF (HEIC) advantages over JPG (JPEG) is really impressive:

Half the size with the same quality;
the ability to store several images in one heic-container at once (may be required in Live photos);
support for transparency, similar to GIF format;
support for 16-bit colors, not 8-bit like JPEG;
saving image changes (cropping, rotating) and the ability to cancel operations;
the ability to store data in one container with or without compression.

How to open and convert HEIC photo on Windows computer?

Windows does not understand this format by default. Popular graphics editors for this OS, including the famous Adobe Photoshop, do not support it either. Plugins and updates are yet to come out. In the meantime, double-clicking on the file with the.Heic extension will display a prompt for selecting an application.

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Heic files will then open like other graphics in compatible applications. Yes, and thumbnails of images will appear in Explorer.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG Directly on iPhone and iPad?

You can convert captured photos to HEIC directly on your iPhone or iPad. There are several options to do this right on your mobile device.

1. Photo editor. Photo editors on iOS like Adobe Lightroom CC support the HEIC format. They can export photos to JPG or any other supported format.

2. Sending images by Email. The built-in Mail app in iOS automatically converts embedded HEIC photos to JPG even if the quality option is Actual.

3. Upload to Dropbox. Many users prefer not to store photos on their device, but immediately upload them to the cloud. One of the popular solutions is the Dropbox service, where pictures can be uploaded automatically. When uploading a photo to the Dropbox cloud, the application will ask the user about the required format.

The selected option (HEIC or JPG) can always be changed in the application along the path Account → Loading from camera → Save HEIC photos as:.

4. Upload to OneDrive. Similarly, Dropbox can convert HEIC files to JPG and the OneDrive app before uploading. But you do not need to configure anything in it, this option is set by default.

Windows Apps

The free CopyTrans HEIC codec program will also be a useful tool for Windows.

After installing it, Windows will receive support for the.Heic format and will allow you to easily convert HEIC to the usual JPEG. To do this, just right-click on the picture and select the desired menu.

On the other hand, iMazing HEIC Converter only offers conversion functions. The app is free, but it allows you to convert HEIC not only to JPG, but also to PNG. You just need to drag the files into the working window and click the Convert button.

How to open a HEIC photo from an iPhone on a computer: what it is and how to make back photography in JPG?

There are many graphic formats, but there are not so many popular ones. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, differences in compression algorithms. So, TIFF is suitable for storing raster graphics or images with a high color depth, PDF allows using the capabilities of the PostScript language, and JPG (JPEG) is most often used for storing photographs (detail).

However, this format, used by most camera devices, was developed back in 1991. Better alternatives have emerged since then. But their implementation was still a difficult task. How to convince many manufacturers to work with the new format? A bold step was taken by Apple, which, starting with iOS 11, proposed using the new HEIF format for storing photos. The container format for such data became HEIC, and photos in Apple devices also received such an extension (iPhone and iPad began to shoot in HEIC format instead of the usual JPG).

Is it possible to find out who saved your photos on Instagram

Looking through the publications, a person stops his gaze on the most attractive ones. The era of likes for the sake of likes has passed. Users prefer to mark with hearts only those photos that they really like. Useful tips, creating hairstyles, bouquets of flowers, recipes, various life hacks, many save just in case. Man is a curious creature. When you run a personal blog or page, you always wonder who and how many times viewed the post. And also how to see on Instagram who saved my photo.

Tracking your audience’s needs allows you to create useful content. This attracts new subscribers. The coverage and page traffic increases. To make a deep analysis of the page, you need statistics. She shows us important information. Pay attention to the screenshot. Here we see how many people saved and looked at my photo.

The photo network allows you to create three types of profiles on your open spaces:

  • Personal;
  • Business;
  • Copyright.

The last two are lucky they see statistics under each of their publications. So the first thing to do is to translate the page into the desired format. For those who initially have a business or author account, nothing needs to be changed.

So how to do it.

  1. Go to profile.
  2. We are looking for the settings item at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the account column and click there “switch to profile”.
  4. Choosing the right one and voila. Statistics are now available to you.

Posts added before conversion will not show data. But the new ones will be fully calculated by the network service.

How to see who viewed the photo

Previously, you could only see photos of people who liked. The chagrin of users following the promotion was heard. But partially. An option appeared in the application “STORYES”. Stories are recognized to show the momentary life of account holders. They are interesting for their novelty and naturalness. Attracted by the opportunity to look behind the screen, to spy on someone else’s life. It is a great business tool. And most importantly, not only bare numbers are visible. You can see people who have watched the story. The information is available for only a day, then it disappears. It is a sin not to use this feature if you want to know who is viewing your page. Let’s analyze in more detail.

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How many people have saved my photo on Instagram?

If you need Facebook when you detail your profile, then it’s easy to find out the number of people who saw it. The cherished numbers are in front of our eyes. It is enough to expand the link under the publication. Scrolling down, you will see coverage. He explains how many people could potentially see the content. The higher it is, the better. Further views are visible. They represent those who actually watched. The last icon is an inverted flag. He then tells us about the preservation of the publication. The numbers below it represent the number of users who have added content to their saved.

On iPhone

The ios operating system is highly sophisticated. There is no difference for the photo app. Daily highlights are added using the add story button. It’s easy to find out who was watching. Click on the little eye at the bottom of the screen in the Stories tab. A list of people will be displayed. They are the ones who are most interested in you.

On android

Gadgets on the android platform, first of all, should be checked for whether their profile is closed from prying eyes.

  1. We go into the settings by clicking on the gear at the bottom of the screen.
  2. We are looking for the item account confidentiality.
  3. Check if it is closed. If yes, open.

After these elementary actions, we can safely add our stories. Just like with iPhones, you can look at those who looked by name.

How to see on Instagram who saved my photo on the phone

How to see who saved the photo on Instagram is an important question. The social network is popular. The number of users is growing every day. Therefore, developers come up with new features and program capabilities. For convenient page management, statistics were invented. What is it and what they eat, let’s try to figure it out.

What is needed?

Transferring data from iPhone internal memory to PC is actually quite a simple task. The fact is that the internal memory of the iPhone (as opposed to an Android device) is immediately recognized by Windows as a portable device, such as a digital camera. Therefore, you can safely open it using Windows Explorer and copy the image files.

To transfer photos from iPhone to Windows computer, you need:

  • USB cable for iPhone (Lightning-to-USB);
  • An active Wi-Fi connection to which the PC and iPhone are connected;
  • Itunes software version 12.5.1 or later.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer using Windows?

In order to transfer your photo gallery from iPhone to computer, you can use standard Windows tools. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Unlock iPhone screen with passcode (if installed).

2. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Optional: after that you can open iTunes, select your device in the tree on the left and in the settings check the Synchronize device via Wi-Fi checkbox. Then you can later not use a cable, but connect to Windows via a wireless connection.

3. The device may display a Trust this computer dialog box. Click Trust or Allow.

Further steps depend on your version of Windows:

  • Windows 7: In the AutoPlay dialog box, select Import Pictures and using Windows and in the window that appears, mark the photos you want to import (this is optional). You can make the system always import when a device is connected: to do this, select the Always execute for next device check box. Photos will be copied to the Pictures folder.

Windows 7: In the autorun window, select import images.

Windows 8: Open the Photo Album app. Right-click in the program window and select Import. Specify iPhone as the device from which the photos will be copied, mark the desired images and click Continue Import. Photos will be saved in the Pictures folder and a subfolder named after the current date.

The Photos application is responsible for transferring photos from iPhone to Windows 8.