How to set up your email on your Android phone

Setting up corporate email on your phone. How to use your corporate email address on your mobile device. Email settings on your Android phone

Few people today can do without their email account. It is mandatory for many games or serious software on the phone, as well as for registration on any site. And it is easier to send a message with files via email. Therefore, everyone who uses the Internet in any way should know how to configure e-mail on Adroid.

Application used

Outlook on Android is the ability to connect your corporate email to your mobile device. It is linked to a Microsoft account, and therefore will give you access to your computer files, as well as synchronize calendars and contacts. To work with this service, one of the following programs must be installed on the gadget:

The last one can be downloaded from Play Market, and absolutely free.

Setup process

If you set up through Android‘s native program, the prerequisite is a mismatch of addresses, t.е. Your Microsoft account cannot be registered to an address that is a Google account. If the condition is met, it will be enough just to enter your data, i.e.е. address and password from it and you’re good to go.

If you use a special utility, the algorithm is as follows:

  • Go to Settings and find “Add e-mail account”.
  • Type in the full address.
  • Now you must enter your password, and then you can press “Login”.
  • Allow syncing.
  • We can use.

Initially at the given service instant synchronization is adjusted, because of what at once at receipt of new messages the notice on phone will come. This and many other parameters can be set in the “Parameters” item of the program.

.2.5.1. Setting up your Gmail client (Android/iOS)

Here are screenshots from Android. Setting up the app on iOS is similar.

Gmail may not connect to your inbox on some iOS devices. The problem is with the application itself, not with the mailbox, the connection settings or the network. If you run into this situation, use another app, like Mail or Spark.

Open the application menu by swiping to the right or by pressing the menu button:

At the bottom of the menu, click “Settings”:

Click “Add account”:

Select the “Other” email service:

Enter the full name of the mailbox and click “FURTHER”:

Select the account type “Personal (IMAP)”:

Specify the password from the mail box and press “FURTHER”:

In the inbox server settings, check that the name of the mailbox and its password are correct, in the “Server” field specify and press “FURTHER”:

In the settings of the outgoing message server also check the correct name of the mail box and its password, specify mail in the “SMTP server” and press “Next”:

If necessary, select the desired synchronization frequency (it and other parameters need not be changed) and click “FURTHER”:

Specify the name of the account under which it will appear in the list of accounts in Gmail, and the name that will appear in the emails you send, and click “FURTHER”:

How to configure mail on android

Obviously, e-mail has many advantages compared to SMS, so whenever possible you should use exactly e-mail. Chances are, if you own a smartphone, the first thing you want to know how to set up mail for Android. This is done using the standard Android mail client:

  • launch the application “Mail” (in the English version of mail). For different phones, the interface of this program may be different. For example, on smartphones with HTC Sense, the mail client knows the parameters of some mail servers and the process of setting up mail for Android is a little easier;
  • If you do not have any mailboxes configured, the app will propose you to create a new one. Otherwise go to [Menu]. Accounts. [Menu]. Add an account;
  • enter your username and password;
  • Select the server communication protocol. Most likely, POP3 will do;
  • Next, enter any additional settings for receiving messages. The name of your POP3 server usually looks like this. pop. if your mail is on ; if you need to set up yandex mail on Android; for mail to for gmail. In the latter case you can also use the special gmail app for Android. Also in additional options set connection encryption SSL or TLS;
  • after that you should specify your message sending settings. To do this, you need to know the name of the SMTP server. smtp. for ; if you need to set up yandex mail on Android; for Remember to switch the security type to SSL or TLS.

If everything is done correctly the app will download the last messages from the specified mailbox. Just in case you need to set up another email, bookmark this page so you can always find out how to set up your email on Android.

To set up Gmail is simple enough

Since the Android operating system itself is created by the same developer. The platform and the application correspond to each other as closely as possible and the setting is often done automatically.

Otherwise it is necessary to switch on protocol ІМАР in options of the app that will allow it to work with Outlook Express and Apple Mail and others.

And it will be possible to synchronize actions in different mail applications. You can continue by pressing the Home key and opening Gmail.

You can view your accounts by pressing Your accounts and Next.

After logging in (or registering), you need to make sure that the configuration data in the appropriate boxes:

  • port: 993
  • Security type: SSL (always)
  • Outgoing mail server:
  • Port: 465
  • Security type: SSL (always)

If everything is correct, the application will work like clockwork, allowing you to access your mailbox via your mobile device, as long as it is connected to the Internet.

Search for your email settings

Login to your Hostinger account. Then go to Mail. Mail Accounts.

All the necessary information about your email account hosted at Hostinger can be found here.

If you don’t already have an email address, you can create one under “Create a new email account”. When you’re done, click “Create.”.


Application used

In this case, setting up your emails is usually much easier, t.е. automatically. The thing is, Android and Gmail share a common developer. Usually, without connecting to their account, the user cannot even access the basic services and features of their device.

If it didn’t, you will have to enter the settings manually, and you will need the Gmail app on your phone or tablet.

Setup process

Below are the parameters you’ll need to enter when the account doesn’t connect and sync on its own:

  • server.;
  • port. 993;
  • security type. SSL (always);
  • server for outgoing mail.;
  • port. 465;
  • Type. the same.

At first, you may not even create a new account, but just check the settings of the already added.

Setting up your email in Gmail on Android

Add and set up a new account

The “Gmail” mail client, pre-installed on Android phones, can be used to collect emails from various mail services, except those that do not support third-party applications, like the heavily protected ProtonMail and Tutanota. By default, it only collects emails addressed to the Google account linked to your device.

To connect another email account to the Gmail client, do the following:

  • Launch the app. In case anyone doesn’t know, its label is a white envelope with a red “M” on it.
  • Tap the “hamburger” button and open the side menu. To access the account management section, tap the triangle circled in the screenshot.
  • Select the mail service you want to connect. For example, if the domain name of the server where your mailbox is located is or, choose Yandex; if gmail.Choose from: com, Google, etc. д. If your desired service is not on the list, your choice is ‘Other’. Let’s further analyze on the example of the last option.
  • Enter your email address. Click “Next” to set it to the default settings. If you want to specify your own settings, tap the “Manual” button.
  • If you select manual configuration, you will be prompted to select one of three account types. For personal mail these are POP3 or IMAP protocols (what to choose, you can find out from the user manual of your mail service). For mail on the corporate server. Exchange, unless otherwise used.
  • In the next step, specify the inbox server. If the program did not find it, you will have to refer to the manual of your mail service once again.
  • Then write down the address of the server of outgoing messages and optionally enable automatic login. Then you will not have to enter the password every time you access your mailbox.
  • The basic configuration is almost done. All you need to do is allow or disallow synchronization of the program with the mail server. If you allowed. set the frequency of synchronizations (the default is 15 minutes), and also enable or disable the notification about new e-mails and auto-loading of attachments when your phone connects to Wi-Fi network.
  • Account is added. On the last step you may change your name, which will be shown in the mails you send. By default the account login is specified instead of the name.

You can end there, but if you want to configure your new mailbox more finely, open the side menu again in the app, scroll down and tap the “Settings” button.

Select the account you want to edit.

The following options are available to change:

  • Account name (email address).
  • Your name (account name by default).
  • Signature in your email.
  • Link your address to another Gmail account.
  • Request to show images in your messages (if you have a slow or limited Internet connection and pay by bandwidth, you should turn it on).
  • Synchronization with a mail server and its periodicity (high frequency of synchronizations increases traffic volume and accelerates discharge of the phone battery).
  • Automatically download email attachments when you connect to Wi-Fi.
  • New email notifications.
  • Sorting incoming mail by category (unsorted emails, social networks, forums, promotions and notifications). Not supported by all email services.
  • Automatically reply to incoming emails. Not supported by all email services.
  • Auto-set Quick Answers. Not all email services support.
  • Select a ringtone to alert you to incoming messages.
  • Adding shortcuts.
  • Vibro ringtone to notify you when an email is received.
  • Incoming and outgoing mail servers (username, address, port and encryption type) and more.

Use the same method for adding other email accounts to Gmail. No limit on number. Using manual settings, as described above, is usually not necessary, except for connecting corporate accounts or some exotic mail. Otherwise, the application selects the best default settings.

How to change and delete your Gmail account

Gmail displays only one account’s mail, currently active, by default. To check another account’s mail, you must make it active.

All connected accounts are displayed in the top field of the app’s main menu (hidden behind the “hamburger” button). Tap the label you want to switch between them. And to download messages from all your mailboxes at the same time, select “All Mailboxes” from the list of options.

Hardware requirements:

  • Registered mailbox on a public server;
  • Smartphone with Internet access set up;
  • SIM-card with activated data service.

Enter e-mail address and password, press Next. If mail server settings are not automatically detected, tap Manual.

Settings for popular email services

If you still have questions, which were not answered by the instruction, you can contact a specialist of our technical support by phone (495) 514-12-12

No mail arrives Either your email client isn’t set up correctly or you don’t have an internet connection. Check the mail client settings again. If they are correct, try going online with the app’s built-in browser. If your internet connection works, there may be a problem with the mail server. Wait until it starts functioning normally again. If the Internet connection does not work, it may be that it is not properly configured, or that there is no money on your account. In any of our store you can set up the Internet and accept the payment on the personal account of any operator of cellular communication in Moscow without a commission. Check encryption settings of the data channel. to do this, go to the help section of the mail server (on the site) and check if you entered all the settings correctly, including SSL encryption.

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Setting up a mailbox through the application “Mail

To create mail on another server on devices with the Android operating system, there is a special standard application “Mail.

In the market you can also download other programs, which are set up in the same way as the standard.

If the box already exists and you need to install it on your Android phone, you need to follow the following instructions.

  • To begin, you’ll need to enter your email address and click the “Manual setup” button
  • In the second step, the system will offer to choose the type of account. It selects depending on the domain on which the box is registered.In the case of work with it is necessary to choose “Personal(IMaP)” when there are no accounts in the system or Personal(RORZ) for those smartphones on which you have previously created accounts.
  • After that you need to configure the mail server and enter or replace the following data for “Personal(IMaP)
  • IMAP server. imap.;
  • Security type. SSL/TLS;
  • Port. 993

Important to know! If you cannot connect in the server settings, you must replace it with

Tip! If you use several accounts on one device, it is recommended to give them distinctive names.

You may be interested in this:

So, you can set up email to any address, changing only the name of the server and some other data.

How to set up email on Android

In this video you will see how to set up email on Android.

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