How to set up the access point on your Samsung phone

What is an access point in your phone

Smart phones are rarely suitable for viewing and editing documents, spreadsheets, but are ideal for use as a wireless modem to set up an access point and distribute Internet traffic to other devices.

An access point is a station that provides access to the wireless Internet. Any device located within the coverage area can connect to it. A wide variety of equipment can be used as an access point, such as modems, routers, laptops, tablets. But ideally suited for this purpose smartphones.

To distribute traffic can be different ways, the main thing is to correctly configure the mode and ensure protection of the connection. The main requirements for the mobile device is the presence of a Wi-Fi module and GSM/3G. If your smartphone does not support these types of connections, but works with OTG technology, and is able to detect flash drives connected to it, you can connect a USB modem to it, and also use it to distribute the Internet.

Turning your smartphone into an access point, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Connected devices will consume mobile traffic. If the rate is not unlimited, it is necessary to monitor the balance after the session is over.
  • Some operators charge an additional fee for the use of the mode, so it is advisable to clarify this point in advance.
  • Activation of the access point increases the charge of the battery. Charge the battery before activating mode.

Using a smartphone as an access point is relevant in many situations. For example, a person is in a cafe with no Wi-Fi network. If he needs to connect a laptop to the Internet, a smartphone will come in handy.

Connecting to the Internet via phone is also advisable in the case where there is a Wi-Fi network in the institution, but it is distributed without a password. Because it is accessible to everyone, there is a risk of losing confidential data or valuable information. It is better to be secured and to set up an access point on your gadget.

Ways to connect to the Internet on your Samsung phone

Both options are suitable for configuring the Internet on Samsung. Most owners of devices prefer the automatic mode, the second version is more suitable for those for whom the automatic mode refuses to work.

Automatic setup

Wi-Fi handing out from your smartphone

Before setting up an access point on your smartphone, you need to consider several factors:

  • The networks of the mobile operator will be used to access the Internet. Check the remaining traffic on your tariff and conserve it.
  • Some operators block the distribution of Wi-Fi.
  • Additionally they can reduce the speed, offer full access for a fee. This policy is followed by Yota.
  • When using a smartphone in modem mode, the power consumption of the device increases significantly.
  • Due to the active use of the mobile module and the rapid discharge of the battery, the device may overheat. Such a problem is acute in the summertime, when working with a smartphone outside.
  • Computers and laptops use more traffic.

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How to give out internet from your phone via Bluetooth

If your laptop or PC has built-in Bluetooth and the Samsung mobile device has the same function, then you don’t need to use a USB adapter at all. All you need to do is activate Bluetooth megabyte transfer mode on your smartphone, and change the basic settings in your computer settings. Beginners can use the following tips.

  • Open “Settings”;
  • Select the “Connections” category (“”, “Extras”);
  • Open the tab “Modem and Access point” (“Modem mode”);
  • Activate the “Bluetooth modem” mode by moving the slider to the right.
  • Reapply to the settings of the smartphone and expand the tab “Bluetooth”;
  • Update the list of devices available at the moment;
  • Locate the computer name and tap on the line;
  • On the screen of the phone and PC should appear a numerical code: if it matches, confirm the pairing by clicking on “Yes” or “Okay.

On the task bar, click on the “Bluetooth” icon and in the list select “Connect to private network (PAN).

Further it will be only necessary to click on the line, where the phone model is specified, and from the list of options to choose “Access point“.

Mobile hotspot

Use your device as a mobile hotspot to give other devices access to your device’s mobile connection.

1 From the Settings screen, select Connections → Mobile hotspot and modem → Mobile hotspot.

2 Tap the switch to enable the corresponding function. The icon appears on the status bar. The name of your device will appear on other devices in the list of Wi-Fi networks. To set a password to connect to the mobile hotspot, tap → Access Point Setting and select the desired security level. Then enter the password and select Save.

3 Find and select your device in the list of Wi-Fi networks on the other device. To connect without entering a password, tap and scan the QR code with the other device.

If no mobile hotspot is found, on your device, tap → Access Point Setting and deselect Hide Device.

4 Use mobile data transfer to access the Internet on the connected device.

How to Activate Portable Hotspot on SAMSUNG Galaxy F22 – Network Access Point

Samsung as a USB modem

The first thing you do is to connect your smartphone with a USB cable to your computer or laptop.

Choose “Mobile hotspot and modem”.

Already here, you turn on the USB modem as shown below.

Now the mobile Internet on your PC or laptop should be available.

If the item “USB-modem” is not active (can not be turned on or off), then you simply have not connected your smartphone to your computer or laptop.

What is the hotspot function

The access point on your smartphone is a feature that allows you to “share” mobile Internet with other devices. Such as TV, computer or laptop, tablet or smartphone. The main thing that this device must have a built-in W-Fi-Module. If your TV or computer does not have a built-in module, you can connect using a special adapter.

In this mode the smartphone will access the network at the speed and within the limits defined by your mobile operator.

About the properties of Wi-Fi networks

Information about the used network and its characteristics is always available. All you need to do is to click on the line where the wireless connection is specified. The following information is usually available:


  • The speed of the network, measured in megabits;
  • The security or type of encryption used;
  • The IP address of the device in relation to the local network. Usually the router selects this parameter automatically, but you can assign the properties manually by visiting your personal account to manage the device;
  • IP address to control your router.

Phones and tablets automatically remember all networks previously used by the device owner. You can disable or enable the automatic connection function when the first network information appears.

Notice! Using the WPS buttons on routers provides a simplified connection scheme. Thanks to this function, the system does everything automatically, no additional action is required of the user. Connection according to this scheme takes no more than 1 minute.

If Wi-Fi is not used, it is better to turn off the network to save battery power on the device. Some models from “Samsung” provide switching networks to sleep mode. To do this, go into the advanced network settings to enable the appropriate option.

Now you can connect to the World Wide Web immediately after purchasing the device. Some errors can only occur if the user is in a hurry, not following the instructions. The main thing is to remember the operating system and the model. The process remains about the same for all models, but there may be some differences, although they are not significant.

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