How to set up face ID on iPhone

Keep your distance

Face ID works best when the distance from your face to the iPhone is 25-50 centimeters. If the device is placed closer or further, the likelihood of incorrect system behavior increases significantly. Also, problems arise when it is necessary to unlock a smartphone that is lying on the table: in most cases, you have to take it in your hands.

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Check the display

A dirty display, case, or protective glass can interfere with Face ID. Dirt or improperly used accessories block the infrared rays of the TrueDepth system. She is unable to scan her face, and the owner is forced to enter a passcode. To prevent this from happening, from time to time wipe the display with a soft cloth or napkin, and also check if the cover and glass are not covered by the sensors on the “monobrow”.

Disable Demand Attention for Face ID

The requirement to look at the iPhone reduces the chances of unlocking the device without your presence, for example, from a photo. If you turn off the feature, Face ID will respond faster and more often. On the other hand, stealing your smartphone will make it a little easier for attackers to gain access to your sensitive data.

To disable the feature, go to Settings. Face ID & Passcode and move the slider opposite the Require Attention for Face ID option to the left.

ways to make Face ID work better on iPhone

The Face ID face scanner on iPhone X and later is a great alternative to the fingerprint scanner. However, even such an advanced system sometimes does not work, and the user has to enter a password code. Today UiPservice Shows How To Improve Face ID On iPhone.

Add a second face shot

To speed up face recognition, you can add a second photo of it. This is useful if, for example, you often wear glasses or decide to run a beard. When scanning a face, Face ID will check the appearance with two pictures at once and be triggered in more cases.

Go to Settings. Face ID & Passcode. Enter your passcode, select the Alternate Appearance menu and add another face shot.

Reset Face ID

If the tips above didn’t work and face recognition still isn’t working well, reset Face ID. This will remove all added snapshots and roll back the settings to their defaults.

Go to Settings> Face ID & Passcode and click the red Reset Face ID button. After that, configure the system again.

Face ID problems can also be caused by faulty hardware components. In this case, careful diagnostics and repairs will be required. We advise you to contact only trusted service centers, for example, UiPservice. You can sign up for service from our managers in and Telegram.

Face ID Not Working (Not Available). How To Fix It!

How to set up Face ID on iPhone X

Face ID is Apple’s latest lock and key feature. It’s only available on the iPhone X and users already love Touch ID. It’s extremely accurate, and Apple has built-in focus enhancement to make it even more impressive. Here’s how you can set up Face ID on iPhone X.

Set up Face ID

Open the Settings app and tap Face ID & Password. Click Set Up Face ID. Face ID can recognize you in low or bright lighting, however, when you set it up, it’s recommended to sit in a well-lit room. When you see the face frame, click the “Start” button.

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Place your head, not just your face, in the camera’s viewfinder and wait for it to detect your face. Once this happens, you will see a round frame. Make sure your head is fully visible and start moving it so the camera can capture you from all angles. Give him the right pose on the left and right and do your best for selfies. White stripes around the edge of the frame will turn green to show how much of your face has been captured.

When all of the line along one side, for example on the left, turns green, the camera has captured the left side of your face. This is the first scan. The second scan is more accurate. Click the “Continue” button.

Again, let the camera scan your face from all angles. This second scan will take longer. When you’re done, you will see the “Face ID is now set up” screen. Click Finish and you’re done. If you’re having trouble unlocking your iPhone X with it, you can set up Face ID to be more accurate.

Feature of attention

People are worried about the security of Face ID. For example, someone might pick up your phone, point it in your face as you sit at a desk, and unlock it. This is a reasonable problem, but Apple already has a solution in the form of Attention Awareness. If you turn it on, and you have to, it will only unlock your phone with Face ID if it detects that you really pay attention to it. A side glance or a quick glance will not unlock the phone. It does this by analyzing your facial expression, which is quite impressive. Aside from limiting when your iPhone X is unlocked with Face ID, it can also limit the amount of time your phone stays unlocked. If it detects that you are no longer paying attention to your unlocked device, i.e. you unlocked it and put it aside, it will lock the device again.

How to turn off Face ID on your iPhone X

There are situations when you may need to temporarily disable Face ID, this can happen for various reasons. In order not to lose your information and not block your phone, follow the instructions below.

Several other options to disable Face ID on iPhone X

There are a few more options with which you can turn off Face ID on your device.

Go to Application Settings → Face ID and Passcode and turn it off.

Make five unsuccessful attempts to unlock your iPhone.

What devices does Face ID support??

So far, only the iPhone X is planned to implement Face ID. It will also be in new phones or even Apple’s iPad.

How to Unlock iPhone X Using Face ID

You need to activate the screen of your device.

Now look at the screen. Be sure to keep your eyes open when unlocking your device.

Is Face ID secure?

Apple says there is a 1 in 50,000 chance of someone else’s fingerprint unlocking an iPhone with Touch ID. Apple claims a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of unlocking an iPhone with Face ID. But what about your twins??

Apple’s senior vice president of marketing Phil Schiller said during the iPhone X presentation: “The statistics are lower if the person is close in genetics.” Simply put, the chance of unlocking your iPhone is higher if it is your relative (Brother, sister). Apple clarified this in its whitepaper, noting that the accuracy is “Different” for twins, siblings. If you have an evil twin, you should probably be careful with Face ID.

They also said that children under the age of 13 had a higher false-match rate, although the company did not provide numbers because the various facial features were not fully developed. Face ID is not suitable for children under the age of 13, as their faces are constantly changing (Children are actively growing).

How Face ID works, disassemble on the fingers

Apple uses a combination of an infrared emitter and sensor (called TrueDepth) to draw and track 30,000 points of infrared light around your face, and capture flat or 2D infrared images. Reflection is measured for points, which allows you to calculate the depth and angle from the camera for each point and build a depth map.

The information collected for the depth map in Face ID is used by Apple’s new Animoji feature. (You can become a fun cocoa)

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How to set up Face ID

How to set up Face ID, full setup on iPhone X

Face ID is a form of biometric authentication. Instead of a password, security key or Touch-ID to protect (from unwanted viewing of your data), biometrics is your unique identifier (Unique fingerprint or face snapshot). Fingerprint recognition is also biometric. How to set up Face ID on iPhone X?

Open up. to quickly find the material you need!

How to set up Face ID correctly on iPhone, set up Face ID?

Face ID uses a “Registration” process just like Touch ID.

First go to “Settings” “Face ID and Password” and click “Save”.

The iPhone will then turn on the front camera, displaying your face in a circle with green marks surrounding it. Registration software will overlay 3D markings on the screen to show your line of eyes and face.

You need to roll your head in a circle for Face ID to scan your face.

How to set up Face ID

After your face is successfully captured, you will be asked to set a backup access code if you haven’t already, so follow the instructions to take care of this.

When you’re done, you can unlock your iPhone using your face. To get started, turn on the device by pressing the side button. Then just look directly at the device with your eyes wide open. If you follow the instructions correctly, your iPhone X will be unlocked. You can now freely go to the home screen.

Setting up multiple faces for face ID in iOS 12

Note: I tried the following method on my iPhone X with iOS 12.0 Beta and this method worked just fine.

First of all, go to Settings. Face ID and Password. Configuring Face ID.

Now follow the onscreen instructions to set up your first Face ID.

Once you add your first person to your Face ID, you will be taken back to the settings page. Now let’s add the second face. Click on “Set up an alternate appearance”.

Now just follow the onscreen instructions to add a second person to your device.

And it’s all. Your second face has been added to your iPhone X’s Face ID.

Note. It is worth mentioning that you cannot delete just one face after you set up Face ID. Instead, you will need to reset the entire Face Face section, that is, both faces will be removed.

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How to set up multiple faces for Face ID in iOS 12

After much speculation, Apple finally unveiled many new features for its devices at the main WWDC 2018, with most of the features being part of the iOS 12 update. The iOS 12 update contains many new changes, including ARKit 2, tools to promote digital health, more Animoji (and Memoji if you want an animated version of yourself), Siri Shortcuts, Group FaceTime, and more. But beyond all that, another great feature that the Cupertino giant introduced in iOS 12. is the ability to add multiple faces to its Face ID feature on the iPhone X. Yes, that’s right, you can now add an extra face to your face. Well, if you want to know how to do that, read on as we show you how to set up multiple faces for Face ID in iOS 12:

Use multiple faces to identify a face

Well, that was pretty much like adding a second person to your iPhone X’s Face ID. While Apple clearly states in its statement that the “alternate look” is meant to improve the lifelong learning experience of Face ID, it also supports adding another face. Whether this is a bug or not remains to be seen. In the meantime, why don’t you try it on your iPhone X and share your experience with us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

Face ID not working on iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple engineers pay special attention to all kinds of innovative ideas and creative developments. That is why iPhones often outperform numerous competitors in a number of aspects and criteria. Among one of the most popular new products, the Face ID technology stands out, which is designed to protect the smartphone from unauthorized access by scanning and recognizing the face of its owner. The development has many supporters, but many users point out its shortcomings directly. Why isn’t Face ID working on iPhone 12 Pro Max, how can I troubleshoot it, and what do I need to keep in mind? Let’s talk about all this in more detail and in detail.

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How to set up Face ID for accessory issues?

Very often, it is because of the settings that the Face ID function stops working normally. To begin with, you can simply check and correct them. To do this, find the necessary options in the corresponding section of the iPhone 12 Pro Max menu and make sure that they are active.

If the problem is not solved even after that, then a complete reset of the operating parameters is required. How to set up the sensor after that? We follow this algorithm of actions:

iPhone X Face ID Setup and Testing!

  • Select a block in the catalog with access to the recognition scanner;
  • We agree to the reset and confirm our decision by entering the password;
  • We re-configure Face ID, take into account all the recommendations on the display and wait for the message on the completion of the procedure to appear on the screen.

In some situations, wearing glasses or a mask can also lead to certain problems. If the module stops working for this reason, the system may ask you to raise or lower the phone. Although to no avail. The best option for the development of events is to set up an alternative view. For this:

  • In the iPhone 12 Pro Max menu, specify the required section and enter the password (can be requested by the system);
  • We configure the additional view in accordance with the prompts received;
  • We complete the procedure and receive a notification about the successful change of parameters.

If Face ID has become unavailable due to the use of a non-original case or poorly glued glass, then it is better to refuse such accessories. Even if the True Depth camera is partially overlapped, it will completely block its operation. Replacing with original counterparts allows you to get rid of this problem.

Face ID stopped working due to moisture or sensor breakage

Preventing mechanical damage to the phone and its components is extremely problematic. Very often, the Face ID sensor fails due to the user’s carelessness. Shocks, falls and other physical influences can completely damage the module. At the same time, the camera ceases to function fully, and when shooting portrait photos, there is no blurring of the background.

Users complain about moisture problems just as often. The easiest way to get it inside the iPhone 12 Pro Max is through the earpiece mesh. In this case, problems with contacts arise, and a short circuit occurs.

If you have any of these problems, you should not hesitate to contact the masters. Only qualified diagnostics will allow you to accurately localize existing breakdowns and eliminate them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why Face ID Doesn’t Work. iPhone 12 Pro Max Software Crashes

The first occurrence of a Face ID error notification shouldn’t be taken seriously. To get rid of it is quite simple. you just need to reboot the iPhone 12 Pro Max and re-go through the recognition procedure. Often the scanner will operate normally.

Be sure to check the status of the system. After all, an outdated version of the software can affect the operation of the infrared sensor. After updating the OS, this problem is solved by itself.

The dot projector does not work due to unqualified repairs

But when choosing a service, you should be extremely careful. After all, dot projector repair requires a special approach and utmost attention. You should not trust his masters of dubious qualifications. After all, they often make one rather unpleasant oversight. This is a battery left in place. In this situation, even with a slight touch to the Face ID sensor, its breakdown by static electricity occurs. Such inattention brings a lot of harm, and considerable efforts will have to be made to eliminate this breakdown.

Why isn’t Face ID scanner working on iPhone 12 Pro Max? We have received the main answers to this question. Although other, less common breakdowns and malfunctions are possible. There is no need to hesitate in eliminating them. in the Apple SC you will find qualified service, a professional approach to work and an acceptable pricing policy for all services. We supplement it with a 100-day guarantee for any work performed.